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why on earth is MMDA chair Tolentino and MMDA personnel wearing camouflage?

what is the point of this? why is MMDA chair Francis Tolentino and the  MMDA men wearing camouflage? we were shocked when we saw this on twitter. also dumbfounded as we can’t figure out what possible reason they may be doing this. for what purpose?

chair tolentino and the MMDA are doing a fantastic job at what they do. this one we think is the best MMDA and MMDA chairman Metro Manila ever had. they are always on the ball, proactive and takes criticism very well and adjusts very well to problems and criticism. they are always very reasonable and sensible.

for us, the camouflage is the first head scratching thing tolentino and the MMDA has done,.



chair Tolentino and the MMDA personnel are not members of the military and the MMDA is not a military organization. camouflage is worn by the military. and for sure there is some law that prohibits non-military personnel from wearing camouflage uniforms or even other military or police uniforms.

it will be very confusing for people seeing these men in camouflage uniforms in the streets – are those men from the Philippine military or are they a para-military group out to take the constitutional government out?

these men apparently are meant to do rescue work or rehabilitation work when Ruby hits the city. rescue workers usually wear loud, bright reflectorized colors as their uniform. they do that so that they can be seen easily in a storm where visibility gets limited due to the rain, dark clouds and very little sunlight, specially when rescuers are on the water. the bright colors they are wearing make it easy for them to be seen when they are floating or bobbing in and out of the water line. more importantly, you want the victims who they are rescuing to be able to see them, for the victims to know they are being saved and how far the rescuers are from them.

the camouflage does the exact opposite of what they should want – those wearing them make them disappear against the background. the camouflage is worn so that the soldiers cannot be seen by the enemy or at least very difficult to see. it is worn to hide them. it is the exact opposite of what rescuers want – they want to be seen, not hidden.

that leads us to another point – who is the “enemy” the MMDA are hiding from?

exuberance, determination and courage are good things. by a stretch, those are the only reasons why they are wearing this uniform. the camouflage uniform gives them a sense of courage and determination to save and help others. but there should be other ways to achieve that other than wearing camouflage we think does more harm and gets more confusing.

what is wrong with loud and screaming bright orange, red or yellow?



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