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Tekken 7 insults the Philippine national hero and Filipinos with a character named “Josie Rizal”

there is no doubt about it, Josie Rizal, a character in Tekken 7 is named after Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero. even its creator,  Katsuhiro Harada acknowledges that the character was meant to appeal to Filipino gamers. for the character to appeal to Filipinos mean using a familiar name to Filipinos make that easier.

we find this a blatant disrespect of the country’s national hero and filipinos as well.

Josie Rizal


Philippine Revolutionary and Poet, Jose Rizal Jose Rizal Monument rizal


Tekken creator to ‘delete’ Josie Rizal if NCCA pushes for name change

The creator and game director of Tekken has threatened to “delete” Josie Rizal, a new Filipino character in the globally famous franchise, if the government pushes for the name change.

In a tweet, Katsuhiro Harada said on Thursday he would delete the character from the game if the National Commission on Culture and the Arts would issue a statement forcing him to drop the character’s name.

Responding to a tweet by Chris O. Easley (@Ulect) which said: “NCCA is just concerned about the name, the character should not be deleted just change the name!” Harada said: “No. If it happens, I’ll delete her.”

In an earlier statement, Harada said that Josie is special for the Filipino gaming community and if she does not get support from Filipinos, it is very easy for the gaming company to delete her.

“Josie [is] for (the) fighting game community. But Josie is very special for (the Philippine) gamer community.”

“If Josie can’t get supported in the Philippines, we give her up anytime. Tekken 7 arcade board has a network update system. We can change plan and change characters anytime and quickly,” he said.

Harada added that he got 90 percent positive feedback from fans and Filipino gamers on Josie Rizal.

Some netizens disapproved of the character’s name, saying that it tarnished the reputation of national hero Jose Rizal.

The NCCA said on Thursday that it had no official stand yet on the issue and that it would release an official statement after consulting with the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

Last March 29, Tekken introduced Josie Rizal as a new character in “Tekken 7,” a female kickboxer who specializes in eskrima (Filipino martial art). RC
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