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The NAWA Awards launched – the best communication materials of the 2016 Philippine Elections

we’re launching today the most awaited and most anticipated (by me) The Not A WAWAM Ad Awards  or its nickname The NAWA Awards. Please note the word “The” (pa important), and the word “advertising” appears twice and the nickname has an acronym in an acronym. we’re doing that to emphasize the emphasis and not just to repeat the repeated.

The NAWA Awards recognizes the best in creativity in concept, design, artwork, graphics, aesthetics  of all the communication materials  released by the candidates during the 2016 Presidential Election. it covers all forms of media from the traditional media to the internet from websites to social media and back.

the mentions were carefully chosen after a panel of judges looked at all the materials (it’s a 24/7 job) composed of me and me alone. and that can be too many depending on who you ask.

here goes and this is in no particular order, just based on whim:


powerful visual. it works because its simple and highly consistent with the persona that candidate Duterte is creating in the minds of  voters – masculine and tough. the picture selection was excellent. it presents Duterte as strong and the white backlight highlight is an inspired touch. this meme was well thought out.

the only problem of this ad is the content or the message. it is a distortion and a lie of what Duterte said in the video.


this one wins in all components of a great communication material. it is minimalist in design and copy. just one headline made up of 3 words and you actually get what it means. okay, that headline is 4 words. you have to count the 4th word in red, the acronym. the headline drips (pun intended) into the woman in black who is on her back who is dead or a corpse who appear to be naked. there is nothing that is wrong with this one. and in fact everything is right about this. very, very powerful. this meme  – you get what it means! this can win The NAWA Awards!

— more to come —



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