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the synonym of “magnanakaw” (thief) : The Not A WAWAM Ad Awards Post #4 #2016PHVote


the best powerful ads are the most simple ones but communicate  very well. there will be very few ads that will be as simple as this one the visuals work and yes you know the meaning of the text, it’s the synonym of “magnanakaw” (thief).


posted previously:

we’re launching today the most awaited and most anticipated (by me) The Not A WAWAM Ad Awards or its nickname The NAWA Awards. Please note the word “The” (pa important), and the word “advertising” appears twice and the nickname has an acronym in an acronym. we’re doing that to emphasize the emphasis and not just to repeat the repeated.

The NAWA Awards recognizes the best in creativity in concept, design, artwork, graphics, aesthetics of all the communication materials released by the candidates during the 2016 Presidential Election. it covers all forms of media from the traditional media to the internet from websites to social media and back.

the mentions were carefully chosen after a panel of judges looked at all the materials (it’s a 24/7 job) composed of me and me alone. and that can be too many depending on who you ask.

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