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poster for missing persons Alan Peter & Pia Cayetano and Koko Pimentel : Post #7 The NAWA Awards


Senator Pia Cayetano is a champion for women and women’s rights and the RH Law. her brother Senator Alan Peter Cayetano and Senator Kojo Pimentel are  champions against corruption. All three from what we can tell are very principled senators.

Pia would always speak out against things that are not right and will take on anyone, even the UAAP when she took the fight for student players unjustly prevented from going to the school of their choice and playing for the school because of residency requirements. She was the most visible champion for the RH Law.

Alan Peter and Pimentel were in the middle and yes leading the senate hearings during the corruption and plunder allegations against VP Jejomar Binay.

for some reason and maybe its the duct tapes on their mouths and perhaps they are victims of kidnapping. the three have been absent on  things that Rody Duterte had said and done during this campaign period that were directly and unabashedly against their stated principles and beliefs.

Pia has been uncharacteristically silent on women’s issues and there have been many, Duterte has said “women are spare cars”; he has been shown in pictures groping and kissing women in the campaign trail and the worst of them all – when Duterte who was in front of a corpse of girl who has been gang raped said he found the girl pretty and he as Mayor should have been first to rape her. Pia must have stuffed several rolls of duct tape into her mouth.

Alan Peter and Pimentel were the loud and unflinching champions on anti- corruption during the senate hearings on the plunder allegations against Jejomar Binay and the rest of the Binay family. they were the strong voices during those hearings and even stronger outside the senate  during media interviews. we admired them for that. but  for some reason, and we blame this on the duct tape just like in the case of Pia, they have been silent on the allegations made by Senator Trillanes on Rody Duterte’s bank accounts which Trillanes claims contain/contained P211M and P2.4B.

why have they been silent? why have they surrendered their principles to the duct tape? oh yes, they support Rudy Duterte’s candidacy. yes, it is that easy to surrender beliefs and principles for them. and Alan Peter is the VP running mate of Duterte.






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