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cory aquino’s honor guards, “the fantastic 4” now noynoy aquino’s presidential security

June 22, 2010 Leave a comment

these are the four honor guards who stood erect around cory’s casket as it made it;s snail pace way from the church to the burial place.  they started in the morning and reached the cemetery where cory was laid to rest in the evening. for more than 8 hours, they stood very much like the way they look in these pictures, with no drink, no food and not even time to relieve themselves on top of a moving van, through turns, bumps, inclines and declines through the sun and heat on them and rain as well.

they have volunteered to be noynoy aquino’s security team, the PSG and were promptly accepted.

congratulations and good luck to The Fantastic 4!

read here:

Cory Aquino honor guards volunteer to join PSG
By Gil C. Cabacungan Jr.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:08:00 06/12/2010

Filed Under: Benigno Aquino III, Security (general), Cory Aquino

MANILA, Philippines—The honor guards who escorted the late President Corazon Aquino in her nine-hour funeral procession have volunteered to join the security team of President-elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III in Malacañang.

“I understand seven of them [have] volunteered,” said Aquino in a text message to the Inquirer.

post your Goodbye Message to gloria and your Hello Message To Noynoy here

we are counting just days before gloria macapagal arroyo leaves office and noynoy aquino takes over. here is a place where you can tell gloria what you feel and think as she leaves the presidency and as noynoy takes office.

click  here:

manny villar jumps to 2nd in presidentiables poll who must not win in the 2010 presidential election

May 11, 2010 7 comments

choose 2 presidentiables who you think MUST NOT WIN the 2010 election

april 2, 2010; 9am – manny villar jumps to 2nd at 18% as the presidentiable who must  NOT win in the 2010 election. estrada retains lead at 24%. close to villar at 3rd is noynoy aquino at 16%. these top 3 are the leading presidentiables in this election.

december 2, 2009 – we are opening a fresh poll of presidentiables you think MUST NOT WIN  the 2010 presidential election. only official candidates are included here. you can select 2 presidentiables. you can only vote once.

to vote for the presidentiable you want to win, to vote click here –>  New 2010 Presidentiables Poll Opens, includes only the official candidates

to vote for the vice-presidentiable you want to win, to vote click here –> New 2010 Vice-Presidentibles Poll Opens – official candidates only

COMELEC’s precint finder is down, call hotline numbers instead

May 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Those who want to find their precincts may call the information technology (IT) department of the Comelec.

The hotlines are:

  •  527-0841

  •  527-2773

  • 527-2772

  • 527-0822

  • 526-7769

  • 526-7770


read more about this here: COMELEC website is down, precinct finder overwhelmed by hits, telephone numbers given

online exit poll now open – tell us who you voted for president and vice-president

May 10, 2010 Leave a comment

click here to cast your vote on the 2010 exit poll. tell us who you voted for president and vice-president. then find out who among the candidates are leading in todays election —>

complete list of 2010 presidentiables platforms of government – read here

find out if you are a registered voter and your precint number

May 2, 2010 4 comments

try this out,  confirm if you are a registered voter and find your precint number, click here:

The 2010 Presidentiables Blog quotes at Entrepreneur Philippines Magazine

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

quotations from The 2010 Presidentiables Blog are featured at the april 2010 of the Entrepreneur Philippines Magazine. check out the article entitled “Meet The Candidates” by jimbo owen b. gulle on pages 62 to 68.

the article picks out quotes on our views on the tv advertising aired by the presidentiables. next at The 2010 Presidentiables are our add ons to the quotes used in the magazine.

click to view The 2010 Presidentiales Blog here :

psych document on noynoy aquino is bogus

April 9, 2010 2 comments

what manny pangilinan and manny villar have in common and it’s not just the nickname

April 7, 2010 5 comments

at The 2010 Presidentiables Blog, a post on manny villar has been getting a lot of attention. the topic is the possibility of the manny villar campaign plagiarising a tv ad from argentina. it’s quite a coincidence.

click to read: did the manny villar campaign plagiarize a Cannes Lions award winning argentina tv ad?


this one posted at The 2010 Presidentiables Blog (click to view:

the post we have on this blog on the possibility of the manny villar campaign plagiarizing the tv ad of an award winning argentina tv ad is getting a lot of read. (click to read here: did the manny villar campaign plagiarize a Cannes Lions award winning argentina tv ad?)

it’s quite a coincidence that our other blog, WAWAM! after hours (click to view here: a very similar topic is also getting a lot of read.

there are two common denominators: (1) it involves two people with the same nickname, “manny” – manny villar in this blog and manny pangilinan in the other blog.; and (2) it

manny villar

 involves plagiarism.

many pangilinan in the other blog delivered at the the ateneo de manila university during it’s graduation commencement exercise for 2010 graduates a speech that was found out to have major parts of it plagiarized from other graduation speeches delivered by barack obama, oprah winfrey, conan o’brian and j. k. rowling.

manny pangilianan

manny, as in manny pangilinan, was outed at a facebook account for ateneans (Overheard At The Ateneo) where side by side comparison was made that showed what parts were plagiarized. in many instances the plagiarism was severe with the exact words copied.

pangilinan has offered to resign from his post at the ateneo because of the incident. but fr. nebres, president of the ateneo wants to think about it first.

is this a coincidence or what? manny and manny on the same plagiarism sin.


click to read : transcript of manny pangilinan’s speech at ateneo graduation rites and the plagiarized parts and links to original speeches

click to read all posts on the topic here:

who is afraid of presidential election polls and surveys?

April 2, 2010 Leave a comment

2010 election poll and surveys is the thing now these days. it’s the stuff of newspaper headlines and tv newscasts. we don’t  know if it is the thing in the minds of voters but it is for sure in media.

there is a marketing and research term used in analyzing research results – polarizing. and that ironically is also a good word to describe how people react to poll results. it is polarizing – some people like it and some people don’t.

for sure even the candidates feel the same way, candidates who suffer in the polls don’t like them while those leading in the polls talk about them and thank the people. those who suffer in them hurl stones on the research agencies who do them.

we like presidentiable polls.  we are a firm believer in research, consumer research in particular. throughout our marketing and advertising work, we have seen the magic of consumer research where the discovery of an insight has propelled brands into marketing and advertising success. we think it is the same in political polls like the ones SWS and Pulse Asia do for the presidentiables.

read about it presidentiables polls here.  read the results and analysis of what the numbers mean, click –>  surveys & polls

reason why gilbert teodoro will lose this election

March 30, 2010 Leave a comment

we think gilbert teodoro, the standard bearer of the admin and ruling party is set to lose this election. his campaign was doomed from the very beginning when he decided to to bolt NPC and join gloria macapagal arroyo’s political party. his campaign never really took off encountering problems from the start.

read here: why gilbert teodoro will lose the election

2010 presidentiables platform of government – read here

March 2, 2010 Leave a comment

noynoy aquino will lose election due to advertising campaign blunders

February 16, 2010 1 comment

getting a presidentiable to win an election is really no different from getting a  mass consumer product to succeed  in the market place. the  success of a presidentiable is  measured by the number of votes he/she gets, mass consumer products are measured by market share.  how to get there, political campaigns and brand management teams for mass consumer products use the same principles, apply the same strategies, in many cases execute the same tools and analyze very similar data and research.

the election just like mass consumer marketing is all about two major components – the product and it’s advertising.  in the case of political campaigns, the product is the presidentiable while it may be a shampoo or laundry product for a mass consumer product.

advertising is probably the most potent marketing tool for both. we have seen great tv ads for mass consumer products that were able to push the brands to market leadership. same way we have seen great tv ads launched by the presidentiables that pushed them to being at the top of the polls. this is clearly seen in the manny villar campaign where it is very clear that great advertising done since many months ago has pushed his poll  ratings from nothing to now a statistical tie with the dominant front runner, noynoy aquino.

market research, specifically consumer research is very important to both political campaigns and mass consumer marketing. mass consumer marketing and political campaigns both seek to persuade the target market, voters for presidentiables and consumers for marketers to buy their “products”. understanding the consumers minds, attitudes and sentiments is most key for both.

polls that SWS and Pulse Asia conduct are very similar to what mass consumer marketers use – they also have market share data, the equivalent of polls.   polls is very much like the product tracking research done by mass consumer products.

the aquino campaign we think have committed major blunders in its advertising campaign. they are so major that we think it will cost noynoy aquino to lose this election.  are they reversible? yes, they are reversible but that very much depends on the aquino advertising team knowing what went wrong and more importantly what to do about it. and equally important, do they have the smarts and the energy to something about it.

read the rest here:

poll that readers will not vote, do not want to win the 2010 election – closed

November 30, 2009 18 comments

we are closing this poll for now and will re-open on december 1 when the official list of presidentiables are available.

2010 presidentiables you will not vote

name 3 presidentiables who MUST NOT WIN the 2010 presidential election

we have either made up our minds or we are in the process of deciding which presidentiable we will vote in the 2010 elections.

on the other side of our brain, though, is a list of presidentiables who we know we will not vote, no matter what happens. in fact we have a list of presidentiables that we are convinced MUST NOT WIN the 2010 election. these are presidentiables that give us nightmares every time we think of the possibility they will win in the 2010 election. some describe the feeling that if a certain presidentiable wins, it will be time to move to a foreign country to migrate.

let us know who these presidentiables are who you think MUST NOT WIN THE 2010  ELECTION. you are allowed to vote 3 presidentiables. the program will not allow you to cast your votes more than once.

 please make a comment – let us know the reason behind your vote.

select 3 presidentiables
you WILL NOT  vote and MUST NOT WIN
the presidential election:

vote in Presidentiable Poll here: aquino moves up in 2010 Presidentiables Poll
vote in the Vice-Presidentiable Poll here: mar roxas takes commanding lead at 43% in 2010 Vice-Presidentiable Poll

november 7, 2009; 9pm
estrada continue to be  the top presidentiable who will not be voted and respondents do not want to win the 2010 election in this poll, at erap estrada leads in poll 23%.  aquino is gaining at 2nd with a close 21%. velarde jumped to 3rd at 16% behind a recent surge.  

november 3, 2009, 10pm
erap estrada leads all presidentiables readers will not vote and do not win the 2010 election with 25%. noynoy aquino follows at 2nd with 20%. mike velarde is 3rd at 13%, then jamby madrigal at 4th with 12%.

Read more…

view videos of all presidentiables during GMA7’s Isang Tanong Presidential Forum

November 24, 2009 Leave a comment

view all the videos of the presidentiables here.

Pulse Asia October 2009 presidentiables poll – aquino is dominant leader

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

watch out for presidentiable tv ads during pacquiao-cotto fight

November 14, 2009 Leave a comment

aside from the actual fight, the things to watch out for in tomorrow’s fight are the tv ads of the presidentiables and other political candidates. for sure the politicians will be airing their ads heavily if not air new tv ads. i would be very surprised if the presidentiables do not launch new tv ads during the fight.

the pacquiao-cotto fight is probably the closest the country comes to The Super Bowl in the US where practically all homes in the US tune in on the Super Bowl with many having parties and the US ad industry going crazy in airing their best and brightest. the Super Bowl brings in the audience, the ratings are always sky-high which allows the Super Bowl to price their tv spot at an amazing $3 Million per 30 second spot.

(read more on Super Bowl Ads here:

at that extremely high cost, the US ad industry kills itself in coming up with their best ads. ads aired in the Super Bowl has become an event in itself where the audience have come to expect and anticipate great ads. talks the day after at water coolers among the audience are not only on the game itself but also the ads they saw in the super bowl.

(view ads aired in the Super Bowl here:

careers and marketing success are made at the super bowl for ad people and ad agencies. apple was one and coca cola is another.

it will not be exactly what will happen in the pacquiao-cotto fight but we can expect presidentiables to air new ads tomorrow. the fight will most likely get the highest rating this year and the history of advertising in the country. while 30 second ad costs are expected to be extremely high, we think, just like at the super bowl, it is very much worth it.

gilbert teodoro did it during the pacquiao-hatton fight where he aired his disaster preparedness tv ad and introduced himself for the first time to the voters. (read here: gilbert who? introduces himself in tv ad) teodoro’s ad was aired in every commercial break in that fight.

let us just hope that the quality of the ads the politicians will air tomorrow will be as good as the ones aired in the super bowl.

here is a thought:

loren legarda said she will announce her plans for 2010 on november 15. hmm…… we wonder if legarda will do it via a new tv ad to be aired tomorrow during the fight?

(read here: drama queen senator loren legarda to announce 2010 plans within the week! oh, oh – here we go again!)

edu manzano is gilbert teodoro’s VP, mar roxas takes commanding lead in 2010 Vice Presidentiables Poll

November 14, 2009 1 comment

2010 Vice Presidentiables

click here to vote in the vice-presidentiables poll –>  mar roxas takes commanding lead at 43% in 2010 Vice-Presidentiable Poll

the long wait is over – at last someone has agreed to be gilbert teodoro’s VP runningmate – edu manzano. manzano is more know for being an actor/tv show host and the ex-husband of vilma santos. he used to be vice mayor of makati but his most recent government role is as chair of the Optical Media Board. we see him around town raiding stalls of pirated CDs and computer software.

read in full here: finally someone agrees to be gilbert teodoro’s VP running mate – edu manzano

“goose bumps” moment – viewer reactions to noynoy aquino’s new tv ad “hindi ka nag-iisa”

November 4, 2009 3 comments

“goose bumps” moment – that is the best way to describe viewer reactions to new tv ad of noynoy aquino.

read more comments here:


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