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Gravity by Sara Bareilles “you hold without touch, you keep me without chains”

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Something always brings me back to you.
It never takes too long.
No matter what I say or do I’ll still feel you here ’til the moment I’m gone.

You hold me without touch.
You keep me without chains.
I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love and not feel your rain.

Set me free, leave me be. I don’t want to fall another moment into your gravity.
Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I’m supposed to be.
But you’re on to me and all over me.

You loved me ’cause I’m fragile.
When I thought that I was strong.
But you touch me for a little while and all my fragile strength is gone.


I live here on my knees as I try to make you see that you’re everything I think I need here on the ground.
But you’re neither friend nor foe though I can’t seem to let you go.
The one thing that I still know is that you’re keeping me down
You’re on to me, on to me, and all over…
Something always brings me back to you.
It never takes too long.

why in the world nokia chose the wrong date to launch Lumia 900 in the US – on a day when AT&T and Microsoft stores are closed!

April 9, 2012 2 comments

nokia and even microsoft has been making a big deal out of the launch of their flagship cell phone in the US, the Lumia. they even had a pre-launch featuring nicki minaj in times square. the lumia  for both companies is a very important product t launch.

microsoft has launched their mobile phone platform windows but it has not really taken off in the US market with its market share still low even though it has gotten relatively good reviews. the lumia launch with their latest microsoft mobile OS is supposed to bring microsoft back into play in the smartphone market.

the lumia is even more important for nokia. nokia has lost a lot of market share in the past years when it decided to ignore the iphone and stuck with the dumbphone market. it’s key competitors samsung and lg did not ignore the iphone and went after it by coming out with touch phones of their own using the android platform. the result is that samsung and lg are the top two smartphone makers in the US, followed by the iphone. nokia on the other hand is a poor and far 6th or 7th in the market.

though few understood why it went with windows rather than android, the lumia 900 is supposed to give nokia its stage to get back to the smartphone market.

that is great, except that for another strange move nokia chose april 8, Easter Sunday to launch the lumia 900 in the US.

some news articles and bloggers reported that most AT&T and microsoft stores, the outlets who are supposed to sell the lumia 900  are closed for easter sunday.

On Release Date, Crucial Nokia Phone Is Hard to Buy in New York

AT&T said last month that when Nokia’s new Lumia 900 phone went on sale April 8, it would benefit from the company’s biggest product introduction ever, exceeding even the iPhone’s.

The big day is here. But nearly all 39 AT&T stores within proximity of Times Square in Manhattan were either closed for Easter Sunday or did not answer phone calls. The few that were open did not have the handset in stock.

When AT&T stores within five miles of Times Square were contacted around noon, 18 of them played an automated message saying they were closed for Easter. Nineteen stores that were authorized AT&T resellers did not answer the phone, and two AT&T resellers that were open said they did not have the Lumia 900 yet.

The stores that played the automated voice message also played a short advertisement for the iPhone 4S and made no mention of the Lumia 900. “Visit our store to see the exciting iPhone 4S and how only AT&T’s network lets your iPhone 4S download three times faster,” a female voice said.

There was some Lumia-related action in Times Square on Friday night, when Nokia sponsored a performance by the pop singer Nicki Minaj to spread the word about the phone. Nokia roped off a section of Times Square and blasted promotional messages on screens for the show, and even served free signature cocktails with names like “Lumia Light” and “Beautifully Different.” There was only a single table of Lumia 900 phones on display, ignored by most of the guests in attendance.

It’s odd that such a highly anticipated phone is so difficult to purchase in a store on its release date, at least in New York. Analysts and tech followers view the Lumia 900, priced at $100, as the make-it-or-break-it device for Microsoft and Nokia, two tech giants who are struggling to gain a foothold in the smartphone market. Nokia made the Lumia’s hardware, and Microsoft made its software, Windows Phone 7.…easter-sunday/

here is another article on the matter:

Why Is AT&T Releasing Nokia’s Big Phone on Easter?

AT&T has said that the release of the Nokia Lumia 900 will be its biggest product introduction ever. But the phone is coming out on Easter Sunday, when some AT&T stores won’t even be open.

Melissa Havel, a spokeswoman representing Microsoft, confirmed thatonly some AT&T stores carrying the Lumia 900 would be open on Sunday. And she said that “many but not all” of Microsoft’s own stores would be closed. The phone will also be available online.

Mark Siegel, an AT&T spokesman, said: “The Lumia has received tremendous product reviews and we have been taking pre-orders online and in our stores all week. We are already off to the races.”

The choice of date is a puzzling one. Many analysts and tech watchers view the Lumia 900 as the make-it-or-break-it product for Microsoft and Nokia, who teamed up to make Lumia handsets. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 mobile software, which had its debut in 2010, has barely gained any traction in the United States, and Nokia’s share of the phone market has been rapidly shrinking. The Lumia 900, a Nokia-made phone with Windows Phone 7, was supposed to be the “hero” device with the potential to turn things around for both companies.

It’s difficult to imagine that American shoppers will scout for an AT&T store that’s open on Easter just to try a Lumia 900. And for companies, day one sales are important, because they can serve as a measure of the public’s excitement about a product and determine how it will sell over all.

New models of the iPhone, which is the best-selling handset for AT&T, are typically released on Fridays, giving shoppers a full weekend to line up at an Apple store and buy the phone. And these product introductions consistently turn in big numbers. For instance, first-weekend sales for the the iPhone 4S last year topped four million, according to Apple.…ia-900-easter/

first day,  first weekend and first week sales and internet pre-orders are important milestones to cellphones. actually its apple who has started this trend. apple would make a big deal about how much they have sold and whether records have been broken by their first day, first week-end, first week and pre-order sales on their gadgets. even the length of the lines in front of apple stores during the first day sale has become some kind of measure for the success of its new products.  analysts, techies and consumers apparently have learned to look for these numbers to judge whether a gadget is a success or not.

it’s really just for brownie points and bragging rights,   but as anything apple does, it has become an important yardstick of success.

it drives us nuts to think the marketing team of nokia missed out on the fact that they picked a day 1 launch for their most important new product on a day when most of their retail stores are closed. distribution and sales . specially pipelining sales is one of the most important things you worry about in launching a product into the market. every brand manager makes sure his pipelining sales or month 1 sales is a huge success.  choosing day 1 when the stores are closed is a really dumb idea.

we’re wondering why easter sunday was chosen. it really does not make sense that nokia will choose a launch date when most of its retail stores are closed.

we can only make a guess – the marketing director or whoever it is that chose the date must probably be a christian or catholic. easter is one of the most important dates for chritians and catholics. it is the day when Christ rises from the is like a new beginning , a restart and the glorious resurrection of Christ from death.

that must be have been the  thought behind the choice for the date. the lumia 900 is meant to resurrect nokia from the grave. launching it on easter sunday totally echoed that sentiment and hope,.

the religious undertone and meaning  is a great idea but it is the same religion that has  kept customers from buying the nokia lumia. stores are closed, not even a religious miracle can save the day for nokia.

Breaking news – must watch video on the other half of the Christopher Lao vs the flood water story

August 6, 2011 2 comments

christopher lao is the UP student who became a viral video sensation when GMA7’s news video of his battle with the  floods  in metro manila streets was posted in you tube and the social media networks in the internet posted and made him a sensation in twitter, his  name went top 10 trending worldwide while in  facebook, an FB  page was also created which immediately got thousands of readers.

christopher lao’s line in the interview “i should have been informed” immediately became the line of the week.

this is the news video aired by GMA7 on the challenege christopher lao faced.

as in all other stories, the story shown in the GMA7 news video apparently is only half the story. we have here a breaking video (as in breaking news) that shows the other half of the story on the exploits of christopher lao.

christopher is a UP graduate,  from the university’s Law School. the UP Law School is one of the country’s top law schools whose graduates usually take up spots in the top 10 law bar exams. many graduates of the UP Law School also become excellent lawyers, many of them gaining national prominence and fame.

christopher apparently has the distinction of having a summa cum laude honors from UP and is set to take the bar exams soon.

that background gives a very good perspective on the other half of the story. please view the video.

lufthansa offers gray powell a free vacation to germany – what luck! a brilliant marketing move!

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we can’t say enough good things about this excellent PR move of lufthansa – offering gray powell, the guy who lost the iPhone 4G prototype in a german bar in california a trip to germany, on business class to taste german beer in germany itself!

they also did the brilliant move of doing this on twitter, the world’s largest social networking phenom in the internet. that guarantees a worldwide audience of staggering numbers almost immediately.

it’s interesting that this dumb-fantastic  incident has taken a turn for fun and light hearted.  come on, let’s be honest here – it’s pretty dumb for an employee to lose the prototype phone of one of the most popular cell phone handsets in a bar.

first of all, why in the world would you take out top secret prototype product out of  your office? things like these you know you cannot take out of the lab.

granted that apple allows its engineers to take them out of the lab, wouldn’t you the employee be so paranoid about losing it in a bar? you as an engineer know what you have in your possession. this is a top secret product with your company’s top secret technologies in it – you will NOT let it get out of your sight.

it’s fantastic because because all of a sudden the tech world and the real world have exploded on news of the iPhone 4G. that is simply media mileage to the max. apple should be happy about that.

what apple might be sad about is – their latest technology secrets are out in the open.

this move by lifthansa gives the whole event a nice twist to it. it now becomes something that gives you a smile. it gives an air of good vibes. and lufthansa gains a hell lot of goowill with this effort. lufthansa is a big winner here!

brilliant move!

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why did gray powell lose the iPhone 4th generation prototype?

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questions to ask yourself before buying an apple iPad

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hayden kho charged in court for secretly filming sex act with katrina halili

October 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Dr. Hayden Kho

the wheels are rolling on this one. the key here is to prove that halili did not know their sex acts were being filmed. the moment that is proven halili knew about it or there was consent, then the whole thing becomes just one of the sex acts that  two consenting adults do. 

Cosmetic doctor charged for secretly filming sex videos 

 By Dona Pazzibugan
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 21:14:00 10/22/2009

MANILA, Philippines–Doctor-turned-show business personality Hayden Kho is now facing criminal charges in the Pasig Regional Trial Court in connection with a sex video scandal involving him, actress Katrina Halili and other women whom he secretly filmed during their trysts.

Government prosecutors charged Kho Thursday with violation of Republic Act 9262, or the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004, for secretly videotaping his tryst with Halili and later causing her “mental distress and anguish” when the video came out in public.

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PUFF! the crazy japanese upskirt iphone/touch app

October 14, 2009 5 comments

we like japanese humor – they are well, humorous! we can’t have enough of all of those inventive, crazy and entertaining japanese tv shows that make the contestants do some ridiculous but awesome stuff on tv.

then there is their obsession with pretty young women doing all sorts of things in their videos and mangga. mangga is full of near naked and naked voluptuous women with impossible curves, kilometer long legs and cup xxx breasts that seem to want to spill out that are only possible in drawings.

we think this iphone/touch app is a combination of both. in this app, you blow into your iphone and the skirt of the girl in the picture goes into an upskirt. remember marlyn monroe’s classic upskirt? just have an ipod touch? using your fingers will do.

its a very imaginative app, just don’t show it to the ladies. i think this can be the beginning of similar apps for the iphone. can’t wait to see more.

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