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3 dumb questions BPI Customer Service Call Center Agents ask

June 24, 2016 Leave a comment

i called BPI Customer Service 89-100 today to ask them to reverse an annual membership fee charge on my credit card. i have had my BPI Credit Card for many years, decades and they have not charged me this fee. also, all other competitive credit cards from other banks no longer charge annual membership fees.

the call center agent told me she will check if their system is back online already.

and that is another issue with BPI – their computer / internet system seem to be offline often and this has been happening for many years. there have been times when you try to transact something at their physical branches and you can encounter their systems to be offline and you can’t transact anything with the bank that you are asked to return. if it happens at the physical bank, then it also happens on their telephone service which was what i encountered today.

i don’t understand why BPI, the country’s second largest bank have not fixed this problem of their computer / internet system being off-line from time to time. i would think being the second largest bank in the country gives them enough smarts and resources to fix this.

not only that, BPI is an Ayala – owned company, the Ayalas also own Globe Telecoms, the country’s second largest cellphone and internet service provider. for sure they are using Globe Telecoms. why wouldn’t Globe make sure BPI has internet service on a 24/7 basis?

unless of course these Ayala companies, BPI and Globe are both incompetent.

and true enough after a few seconds, the call center agent tells me their system is offline. she asked me why i called and i told her about the annual membership fee charge.

these were the 3 stupid things the BPI call center agent said:

  1. she asked me to call back 89-100 since their system is down – i objected to this and told her the problem is with their company, their system is down that is why she was  unable to help me with my problems, i asked why was she inconveniencing their customer by asking me to call back when the problem is with them?  i also told her it is not easy to call 89-100. lines tend to be busy and how will i know when the system will be back online for me to call at the right time? she agreed with me it was not right for her to ask me to call back. so she said she will be the one to call me. and that is when she said the 2nd stupid thing.
  2. she asked me what was the most convenient time for her to call me – this got me really ticked. so i asked her the question – if i told you the most convenient time for me for  you to call me, will you be able to call me at the time i identify? it was 11:30 am at the time of our conversation so as a theory, i asked her –  if i told you 2:00 pm is convenient, can you guarantee to me all has been fixed by then and will you call me at 2 pm? she answered – no sir, i can’t promise to call you at that time. i asked her why are you not sure if you can make that call? she answered – because sir i do not know what time the system will be back on line. i told her, do you now realize you asked me a stupid question? her reply – yes, sir. and from there, it led her to ask a 3rd stupid question.
  3. she asked : will you accept my call after i fix the matter, sir?  that almost made me drop the telephone. i asked her:  miss – why will i not accept your call when you call me? i called you to fix something for me, i gave you my cell number and agreed for you to call me when it’s done, why will i not accept your call?  miss, that’s another stupid thing to say. her reply – sorry, sir. i will just call you after we’re back on-line.

i just couldn’t stand it so i gave her advise  and told her to stop solely relying on the script they were asked to deliver and start thinking first before saying anything. i told her understand what’s happening in the conversation and respond to it accordingly, don’t just parrot what’s on the script.

that was not the first time i have encountered such conversations with BPI customer service call center personnel and that is why i am sure it was part of the script they are being asked to deliver to their customers.

it is probably the fault of the heads of the call center company that BPI uses and BPI itself for coming up with such an inane script for their customer service personnel to deliver.

there are several problems here that the call center company and BPI have created:

  1. they have asked their customer service call center agents NOT TO THINK, not to use their brains in talking to customers
  2. instead of asking them to think and process things on their own, they have asked their call center agents to deliver by rote, like robots a fixed script to customers. this is the rule : do not think, just deliver the script
  3. lastly, whoever developed the script these call center agents are delivering is an idiot. he/she developed a script that does not correctly predict what happens during calls and these are really  lines that make their call center agents sound stupid.

on the bright side, what this means is that the call center agent who attended to me (Mylie Mendoza ID #183xxx) strictly follows the script she was asked to deliver. the only problem is that she did not process the situation at all. but then, i think the rule given to her by her superiors at the call center was for her not to think, just deliver the prepared script.

and this is from the second largest bank in the country!

the power of social media – violent man in Makati’s mono bloc incident identified

July 2, 2015 Leave a comment

as many have been, we watched the videos of Mayor Junjun Binay supporters “defending” and assaulting policemen in horror. it was a very violent video of Binay supporters throwing mono bloc chairs at the policemen who stood firm and just covered themselves with their shields from the assault.

there was one man who stood out in that video footage. this man went at it over and over again, picking up the plastic chairs and with all his might struck the police behind their shields. if the policemen did not put up their shields, this man would have inflicted serious injuries to the policemen.

we wondered about two things – who was this man was and when will he get arrested. there were many more men who did what he did, but this man stood out.

to answer those questions, we posted this over twitter.

we did not know who he was. all we got were the pictures that were being posted on social media. traditional media and social media as far as we knew were not asking the question we were asking.

we were surprised that after awhile, this post was made :

as far as we can tell, the man in the pictures i posted is Jose “Monoy” Lazaro. we were shocked that in just a short period of time an unidentified man in a random picture can be identified by name at twitter.

other pictures of Lazaro surfaced. he apparently has a Facebook account and voraciously posts pictures on it.  he seem to be a barangay official of Barangay Olympia.


from this experience, we made a few conclusions:

  • social media, twitter in particular is very powerful – it has the ability to identify, get the actual name of people in pictures. we do not how it was done, but the experience has clearly shown it.
  • being active in social media makes it easier for you to be identified by others. lazaro by the looks of it is very active in Facebook, his numerous posts in Facebook has made it easy for others to get his name and even the things he does.
  • we sometimes think the internet is anonymous, it is not entirely correct in this case.
  • a  public misbehavior can be attached to all your previous good behavior. for sure lazaro has been posting in Facebook to herald his good deeds. but this one misbehavior with the mono block chairs puts the rest in question.

we do not know what the action is of the police authorities on lazaro. but to us it is clear they need to take action on lazaro. letting him get away with this without any consequences will embolden others to take similar actions against the police. the police needs to assert their authority.

if the arrest is made, has social media helped the police?



costly blooper in Price Is Right TV show – model accidentally gives away a car!

April 3, 2015 Leave a comment

Tekken 7 insults the Philippine national hero and Filipinos with a character named “Josie Rizal”

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there is no doubt about it, Josie Rizal, a character in Tekken 7 is named after Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero. even its creator,  Katsuhiro Harada acknowledges that the character was meant to appeal to Filipino gamers. for the character to appeal to Filipinos mean using a familiar name to Filipinos make that easier.

we find this a blatant disrespect of the country’s national hero and filipinos as well.

Josie Rizal


Philippine Revolutionary and Poet, Jose Rizal Jose Rizal Monument rizal


Tekken creator to ‘delete’ Josie Rizal if NCCA pushes for name change

The creator and game director of Tekken has threatened to “delete” Josie Rizal, a new Filipino character in the globally famous franchise, if the government pushes for the name change.

In a tweet, Katsuhiro Harada said on Thursday he would delete the character from the game if the National Commission on Culture and the Arts would issue a statement forcing him to drop the character’s name.

Responding to a tweet by Chris O. Easley (@Ulect) which said: “NCCA is just concerned about the name, the character should not be deleted just change the name!” Harada said: “No. If it happens, I’ll delete her.”

In an earlier statement, Harada said that Josie is special for the Filipino gaming community and if she does not get support from Filipinos, it is very easy for the gaming company to delete her.

“Josie [is] for (the) fighting game community. But Josie is very special for (the Philippine) gamer community.”

“If Josie can’t get supported in the Philippines, we give her up anytime. Tekken 7 arcade board has a network update system. We can change plan and change characters anytime and quickly,” he said.

Harada added that he got 90 percent positive feedback from fans and Filipino gamers on Josie Rizal.

Some netizens disapproved of the character’s name, saying that it tarnished the reputation of national hero Jose Rizal.

The NCCA said on Thursday that it had no official stand yet on the issue and that it would release an official statement after consulting with the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

Last March 29, Tekken introduced Josie Rizal as a new character in “Tekken 7,” a female kickboxer who specializes in eskrima (Filipino martial art). RC
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Krisel Mallari’s speech stopped by Sto. Niño Parochial School officials – karma

April 1, 2015 Leave a comment

this is one of the sharpest definitions of “karma” on the internet. kirsel mallari is the salutatorian of the Sto. Nino Parochial school and she gave a welcome speech during the graduation rites of her school. just after she started her speech, school officials stopped her from giving her speech. the idea of stopping her was to prevent the students and the guests to hear what she had to say. we would think there would be a few hundred people during the graduation rites.

someone was video-taping the whole thing and posted it at youtube. the news programs picked up on the story and the video became viral. an hour or so after the event was covered by TV, the youtube post had around 350,000 views. the next day, when more people on social media talked about it, the views jumped to 1,500,000 views. that was just overnight.

it was karma that the school’s  effort to stop a few hundred people from hearing Krisel’s speech during the graduation rites have resulted to 1.5 Million people reading about it and the video seen by as many people.

transcript of the speech by Krisel Mallari’s speech.

A pleasant morning to my fellow batchmates, to my teachers, guests, welcome to the 13th Commencement Exercises. Sa okasyong ito ay pinipili kong magsiwalat sa wika na aking kinagisnan, ang wikang Filipino o wikang Tagalog. Taong 2004 ng una akong umapak sa silid-aralan ng eskwelahang ito, upang mag-aral. Ngayon, makalipas ang labing isang taon, ay narito ko sa inyong harapan upang ibahagi ang aking karanasan at magbigay-aral. Sa bawat taon na lumipas ay puspusan ang pag-aaral na ginawa ko sa eskwela, naniwala ko sa patas na labanan. Sa pagtatapos ng school year na ito’y isang hakbang nalang ang layo ko sa finish line, ngunit sa pagdating ko rito’y naglaho ang pulang tali na sisimbolo sana sa aking tagumpay, naglaho nga ba o sadyang kinuha?

Maraming tao ang nagbulag-bulagan sa isang sistemang marumi at kaduda-duda. Ngunit di ko ito tinuluran, ipinaglaban ko ang sa tingin ko’y tama, nanindigan ako bilang isang Pilipino na palaban at may takot sa Diyos. Chismis, isang piyesta ng chismis ang inabot ko ng pinagmukha nila akong masama. Ganun talaga minsan, pag umayon ka sa kung alin ang tama, ikaw pa ang lumalabas na mali. Di na nga nila pinakinggan ang iyong hinaing, nakuha ka pa nilang laitin. Kung sinasabi niyong wala akong acceptance, marami ako niyan, pero pano kong tatanggapin ang isang bagay na di naaayon sa katotohanan. Para san pa ang aking dedikasyon sa pag-aaral at hustisya kung di ko naman ito ipaglalaban. Sa kabila ng nangyari ay masaya padin ako, tulad nga ng laging sinasabi sa teleseryeng Dream Dad, “Maganda ang buhay”, kaya bakit ako mag-aaksaya ng oras sa kanila kung mas maraming mas kapaki-pakinabang na bagay ang pwede kong gawin. Ngayon ay may piling indibidwal akong gustong pasalamatan, ito yung mga tao na sumuporta sakin sa kabila ng eskandalo na idinulot ng ipaglaban ko kung ano ang sa tingin ko ay tama.

Una sa lahat, gusto kong pasalamatan ang Diyos, isa siyang ama, kapatid, kaibigan na naging sandigan ko sa lahat ng pagkakataon, sa hirap at ginhawa. Sa aking ama, dad salamat, salamat kasi ni minsan ay di mo kami sinukuan, salamat kasi naniwala ka sa kakayanan ko, salamat kasi ipinaglaban mo ko kahit pa sumama ang tingin sayo ng iba, salamat kasi ikaw si Ernesto Mallari, ang haligi ng tahanan na nakukuha paring magpatawa kahit alam ko na sa loob niya ay nahihirapan na siya. Sabi nga sa isang pelikula ni Robin Williams, “You are the world’s greatest dad”. Sa aking ina, isang napakalaking thank you, siguro nga’y madalas akong makulitan sa’yo dahil sa madalas mong pangangaral, paulit-ulit nga siguro ang mga sinasabi mo, pero ma, yan ang tunay na dahilan kung bakit the best ka, dahil di ka tumitigil na pangaralan kami pag alam mong naliligaw kami ng landas.

Talaga ngang totoo yung kataga na “Mother knows best”. Sa pinakamaganda kong ate, Ate Kat, salamat kasi ikaw ang pinaka nakakaintindi sa mga hilig at pinagdadaanan ko bilang isang babae, ikaw ang aking selfie buddy, church buddy, at shopping buddy na pinagkakatiwalaan ko ng mga sikreto. Sa napakatalino kong kuya, Kuya Kerwin mainitin ang ulo mo, medyo mayabang ka nga siguro, at medyo tamad mag-aral; pero ang di alam ng marami, busilak ang puso mo, salamat kuya, sa pagturo sakin na manindigan pag alam kong ako ang nasa tama. Sa napaka-cute kong kapatid, salamat Kristine, ikaw na siguro ang pinakamatuturing kong tunay na BFF.

Julia, Clang, Katrina, Faye, Dane, Nico at sa iba pa, napatunayan niyo sakin na tama ang katagang “quality over quantity”, siguro nga’y di kayo karamihan, pero alam ko na bawat isa sa inyo ay maaasahan at mapagkakatiwalaan ko, kaya salamat! Sa mga teachers na napalapit na sa aking puso, Ma’am Factora, Mam Calanoga, Mam Amil, Mam Garcia, Mam Restor, Mam Castillo, Mam Acacio at Sir Francis, nagsilbi po kayong pangalawang magulang ko, salamat po. At siyempre pa, sa mga taong bumabatikos at nagbibigay ng negatibong komento sa akin, isang napakalaking thank you, kayo ang dahilan kaya’t mas pinagbubuti ko pa ang pag-aaral, tulad nga ng sinabi ng basketbolistang si Dwyane Wade, “My belief is stronger than your doubt”. Panibagong kabanata ang aking haharapin, bilang isang accountancy student sa University of Santo Tomas. Panibagong hamon na nakangiti kong haharapin. At para sa ating lahat mga kapwa ko graduates, ito’y isang mahalagang kabanata kung saan natin gagawin ang pinakamahalagang mga desisyon sa ating buhay. Kaya naman good luck sa inyo, at good luck din para sa kinabukasan ng paaralang ito.

Let me finish this in style and say my last words in the vernacular language of the world. I am Krisel Mallari, a Filipino citizen who would rather choose to fail with honor, than win by cheating. Adios!

the 6 unfinished businesses on the slaughtered 44 PNP SAF commandos that will make you scratch your head

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the fallen 44 PNP SAF commandos

this is truly a shocking time for the Philippines – just a few days after the visit of Pope Francis to the country where 7 million went to Luneta to hear Pope Francis say mass and all 100 million of us were transformed and united  by the words of the pope and of God, we were shocked out of our wits by 44 faces of these young men of the PNP’s SAF unit who were all slaughtered in Maguindanao.

there should be some kind of irony that they died in the hands of the MILF and BIFF soldiers who we assume are Muslim and belong to the faith of Islam just a few days after the head of the Catholic faith was in the country  but we will not discuss that now. maybe for another day,

we sat in shock after more information were given on the incident that involved the 44 SAF personnel and how they died. we were brought into deeper shock when we heard the speeches delivered by government officials that listed what they will do and not do. from that shock, we are listing here things that we find and we put this mildly as unfinished businesses. and not putting it mildly, things that made us scratch our head.

in no particular order:

1. president aquino in his speeches defined ‘justice fpr the SAF 44″ as ‘the government will ctach Usman”, not as “catch the murderers of the 44 SAF men“. Usman is the other terrorist that the SAF was supposed to serve a warrant of arrest to.  the other one is international terrorist Marwan who according to the PNP was killed in the encounter.  Usman and Marwan were together, in separate huts but very near each other during the encounter.

we fail to see how catching Usman gives justice to the slaughtered 44 SAF men. the 44 SAF were slaughtered, they were murdered while doing their duties, the rule of law says murder is a crime in the Philippines and it is punishable. the president of the country not saying anything even remotely near that is at minimum disturbing and very disappointing.

we know that often times Noynoy Aquino has logic that only he understands but this one is one of the extremes. defining “justice” in that way seem to show he jumped several, actually many logic gaps that he did not bother to explain to us.

we are not even mentioning the fact that it took Aquino 3 days before he spoke about the massacre. he delivered 2 speeches on the matter and we listened intently to those two speeches. we listened as we wanted to hear from him that the government will pursue the killers. it was not mentioned in his first speech. it was also not mentioned in the second speech but it was there where he gave that strange definition of justice.

i scratched my head for the longest time on this one.

unlike president aquino, DOJ sec De Lima had made a statement that gives the proper definition of “justice for SAF 44”. De Lima shoulod be elected president! 

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima issued a statement assuring the families of the justice department’s commitment to pursue justice for the fallen Special Action Force men.

“But we need to first ascertain the full facts surrounding the whole incident, including the identification of perpetrators,” De Lima said.

She added: “We’re looking at criminal liabilities for various offenses, such as multiple murder, homicide, serious physical injuries, direct assault, illegal possession of firearms … obstruction of justice and others.”

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2. aquino seem to be giving the criminals among the MILF and BIFF a free pass on the crime they committed. it is ironic that the 44 SAF men died to uphold and execute the law and yet aquino seem to have given a free pass to those who broke the law and killed the 44 SAF men. justice, rule of law and even common sense were mangled to unrecognizable bits and pieces here.

3. according to news reports, 392 SAF men, a whole battalion was mobilized for the operation – how was it that the officers in the PNP chain of command didn’t know that a whole battalion of  men were being mobilized?  DILG chief  Mar Roxas and the PNP OIC both claim they did not know about the operation and these two gentlemen are part of the chain of command. the chain of command must have a long list of officers down the line but none of them noticed the mobilization or if they did, none of them reported the matter to higher ups?

the SAF men are stationed in many different parts of the country. to assemble 392 men in one place will mean small and big groups of men will be travelling from different places to go to one central location. aside from men preparing and leaving, equipment, arms and transport of all sorts would have been mobilized. surely, officers in the chain of command would have noticed the large amount of people and logistics are getting moved.

if the PNP chain of command did not notice the mobilization of 392 men, one battalion, it can mean the national government is susceptible to a coup detat and they will not even know  a battalion sized army with arms are already assembled and have commenced the attack on the government.

really, they did not know?

4. president Noynoy Aquino knew about the operation. aquino said he was told of the operation. it is not clear who was telling hin of the operation. the question here is this – why is a captain or even a major or colonel talking directly to the president? are we supposed to believe that? aquino as president knows by practice and i suppose in some handbook somewhere that men with the rank of general are the ones who have access to him. and these are not ordinary generals, they are usually 4-star or 5-star generals, the chiefs of the forces, not some middle level military or police officer. the military and the police are totally anal about procedure and the chain of command. protecting and upholding the chain of command is very critical in any military and police organization.

aquino says he knew about the operation, so what is this a captain or a major in the SAF who led the operation is a textmate of aquino? unlitext? or unlicall?

5. general Alan Purisima, the former PNP chief who has been suspended from office by the ombudsman was apparently in control of the operation and presdient Aquino knew it. we’re not questioning the skills and knowledge of Purisima but why was he actively involved and in fact the lead in this operation when getting suspended means he is not supposed to perform the function that he was supposed to be performing?  in simple terms, a suspension means “you do not perform your function” but that was violated here. since he performed his function contrary to the order of the ombudsman, is Purisima now liable to be jailed?

the other head scratching moment here is that president aquino was a party here. Aquino admitted he was talking to Purisima about  the SAF operation. in other words, the president was a party in violating the suspension order of the ombudsman.

6. terrorists Usman and Marwan have been in the MILF territory apparently for years – the MILF has been coddling international terrorists?  it is not like these two just dropped by at the MILF territory. they had houses in the area. their wives and family were there too. the MILF know who they were and they allowed them to stay in their territory without reporting it to the police or the army. the MILF coddled and harbored the international terrorists. they are bomb makers and they have killed a lot of people in Mindanao and in the case of Marwan also in Bali, Indonesia.

we are not a lawyer. we do not claim any knowledge of the law. and we are not looking at these items from the point of view of the law but just from the eyes of a citizen using common sense. none of these things can be explained by anything close to common sense.

#IamCharlie – the cartoons and images after

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why on earth is MMDA chair Tolentino and MMDA personnel wearing camouflage?

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what is the point of this? why is MMDA chair Francis Tolentino and the  MMDA men wearing camouflage? we were shocked when we saw this on twitter. also dumbfounded as we can’t figure out what possible reason they may be doing this. for what purpose?

chair tolentino and the MMDA are doing a fantastic job at what they do. this one we think is the best MMDA and MMDA chairman Metro Manila ever had. they are always on the ball, proactive and takes criticism very well and adjusts very well to problems and criticism. they are always very reasonable and sensible.

for us, the camouflage is the first head scratching thing tolentino and the MMDA has done,.



chair Tolentino and the MMDA personnel are not members of the military and the MMDA is not a military organization. camouflage is worn by the military. and for sure there is some law that prohibits non-military personnel from wearing camouflage uniforms or even other military or police uniforms.

it will be very confusing for people seeing these men in camouflage uniforms in the streets – are those men from the Philippine military or are they a para-military group out to take the constitutional government out?

these men apparently are meant to do rescue work or rehabilitation work when Ruby hits the city. rescue workers usually wear loud, bright reflectorized colors as their uniform. they do that so that they can be seen easily in a storm where visibility gets limited due to the rain, dark clouds and very little sunlight, specially when rescuers are on the water. the bright colors they are wearing make it easy for them to be seen when they are floating or bobbing in and out of the water line. more importantly, you want the victims who they are rescuing to be able to see them, for the victims to know they are being saved and how far the rescuers are from them.

the camouflage does the exact opposite of what they should want – those wearing them make them disappear against the background. the camouflage is worn so that the soldiers cannot be seen by the enemy or at least very difficult to see. it is worn to hide them. it is the exact opposite of what rescuers want – they want to be seen, not hidden.

that leads us to another point – who is the “enemy” the MMDA are hiding from?

exuberance, determination and courage are good things. by a stretch, those are the only reasons why they are wearing this uniform. the camouflage uniform gives them a sense of courage and determination to save and help others. but there should be other ways to achieve that other than wearing camouflage we think does more harm and gets more confusing.

what is wrong with loud and screaming bright orange, red or yellow?



the spam text epidemic among Globe Telecom subscribers and Globe’s anti-Globe-subscriber red tape non-solution

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there is an epidemic of spam texts that has been infecting Globe Telecom subscribers, both post-paid and pre-paid subscribers. you know the epidemic exists because you are a victim yourself, you read about the complaints to Globe on Twitter and in fact if you read any of the Globe accounts on twitter like the @Talk2Globe account, you can read that most of the complaints are on spam text.

there are now two kinds of spam texts that have been hounding Globe subscribers.

the first one is the “Ad & Services Spam Text“. these are texts that sell you something – a product or service. the products are mostly condo units, some kind of insurance or medical service.  the most rampant ones are sent by Ayala Land and Megaword, two of the country’s biggest property developers. insurance and medical services were mostly sent by Caritas. In fact Caritas was even featured in Philippine news as apparently it sent the most number of spam that some lawsuit  or complaint with the government agencies have been filed against Caritas.  globe spam text

the second spam text is the more dangerous one for Globe subscribers as this one is criminal – this is the “Scam Spam Text” . this is not just dangerous, this kind of spam text can be very costly to subscribers, it is a scam where the sender intends to fool the Globe subscriber to send the scammer through Globe’s “pasa load” facility. “pasa load” is the facility where one can send a cash value to another subscriber. that cash value is charged or added to the sender’s cellphone bill and the recipient in effect receives a cash value that can be used to pay for cellphone consumption. it is like a money transfer from one’s bank account to another bank account.

this kind of spam text goes over beyond the inconvenience of getting unwanted text from someone who wants to sell you something. this one is an attempt to steal money from you.

ans example of this is this one:

the Scam Spam Text has several components :

  • the text sender pretends to be from Globe Telecoms or the text was sent by Globe itself, from “Globe Postpaid”. this is to make the text appear as legitimate.
  • the text claims the receiver or intended Globe subscriber victim of the scam was incorrectly charged of something by Globe like an LTE service, an overcharging on roaming or something else
  • to stop or get reimbursed of the incorrect charge by Globe, the intended victim is asked to quickly send a reply text to a number
  • there is an instruction how to send the reply text.  this instruction in truth is the code text Globe subscribers use to be able to do a pasa-load. in the above example, 300 means a P300.00 cash value will be sent to the number indicated on the number
  • the number that it will be sent to is a different number from the one that sent the scam spam text to the intended Globe sub victim
  • once sent, the Globe subscriber victim is charged that amount while the same amount is added to the recipient’s load

we got tired of getting these spam texts. the spam texts are sent at no particular time and some of them even at times when we are resting or in meetings. because we receive the text, some effort is made to get our phone and at least look at who sent the text. that is inconvenient and irritating on its own and it gets worse when you receive a lot of it. they also occupy some memory on our phones. memory is a precious commodity to cellphones. a lot of memory occupied means the phone can lag or slow down. aside from the need to look at the text, it consumes time and effort to delete the spam texts and tag the number of the spam send sender as spam.

tagging the cellphone number as spam effectively blocks that number from sending you text or calling your number. you will not even notice you receive a text or call from the block numbers as they are their calls are automatically blocked or their text automatically and silently sent to the spam folder.

we wanted to do more than just block the numbers of the spammers from our cellphone with the use of the blocking function, we wanted Globe Telecom to do something about it so that the practice is stopped at their system itself. we also knew that there were many more Globe subscribers who are being victimized by the spammers. to do that, we have taken our cause on Twitter (@wawam).

we have been sending screen caps of the offending spam text to the @Talk2Globe twitter account and asking Globe to “disable” the cell phone numbers of the spammers.

at the start of the spam epidemic at Globe, the twitter account handlers of Globe didn’t know how to handle the complaints. we suppose no guidelines were yet set at the start. sometime after, the Globe twitter accounts were asking for proof and netizens started sending them screen caps of the spam text. based on our own experience, Globe twitter account handlers said they will handle it and even said they will be sending warning messages to the spammers.

we sent our tweets that contain the screen caps of the spam text with the hash tag #StopSpamText . we noticed that at some point in time other twitter account users with Globe accounts also used the same hash tag that we started.

recently, we found out that there was a new policy at globe :

globe spam scam

we thought this new policy was all wrong, violates the privacy of the victims of spam texts, makes it extra difficult to file a complaint and get action from Globe and tends to favor the offenders, the spam senders and disadvantages the victims. Globe was supposed to protect its subscribers, instead it protects the spammers.

Globe wants the victims of spam text to :

  • give Globe through twitter the spam victim’s cell phone number
  • for the spam victim to agree for Globe to give their cellphone number to the text spammers the victim’s cellphone number once the spammers dispute Globe’s action on the spammers

we feel the last requirement was the most damaging of them all.

  • it violates the privacy of the spam victim. people do not like their cellphone numbers to be given to just anyone and everyone. we only give our cellphone numbers to people we know and only if we like to.
  • Globe giving our cellphone numbers to the spammers opens up the possibility of the spam victims being harassed by the spammers. if Globe gives the victim’s cellphone numbers to the spammers, it will be a cycle of harassment and even more spam to be sent by other numbers that the spammers  can use after the old one has been disabled by Globe

we do not see how that requirement will help Globe subscribers who are being victimized by the spammers. Globe fails to see that those who receive spam are actually the victims. the victims are asking help from Globe, for Globe to stop the spammers from further victimizing legitimate subscribers and Globe seem not to be up to helping its subscribers with their problems. instead of helping their subscribers from being victimized by spammers, they are protecting the spammers and in effect allowing the spammers to continue their spamming efforts.

if the spam victimized Globe subscriber does not give his cellphone number to Globe and not agree to allow Globe to give their cellphone number to spammers in case of disputes, Globe will drop the case and not pursue any action on the spammer. that means the spammer in question is left by Globe to continue victimizing Globe subscribers.

FullSizeRender (1)we do not understand why Globe is not taking action against the spammers.

  • first, the spammers are claiming to be from Globe. that alone should give Globe enough reason to disable these accounts. they are illegally using the Globe brand name and Globe corporate name. it is misrepresentation and misuse of the Globe brand and company name. it is patently illegal.
  • not only are the spammers illegally using the Globe brand  and corporate names, they are damaging the brand image of the company and the brand.
  • the screen caps of the spam texts is a visual proof of these efforts.
  • for sure, Globe has a way to find out in their system if a certain number is sending spam texts to others. Globe should have a record of the texts each number sends. a quick access to the text records of the spammers would show the spam texts.
  • even if Globe does not keep a record of the actual texts sent by their subscribers, they can for sure know how many texts each subscriber sends out in a given day. a very high number of outgoing texts at any one time is a clear indication that that number is being used to send spam text
  • these are spammers, they send hundreds or thousands of texts to other subscribers in a given day, for sure other legitimate Globe subscribers who are victimized by the spammers do not want to receive spam texts. once a number is reported by at least two (2) Globe subcriber victims, that should be enough for Globe to scrutinize the cellphone number if it is sending out spam texts
  • there can be some kind of a computer program that they can develop to do this kind of investigation and analysis. all of this can be automated.

why should Globe eliminate spammers and disable their numbers?

  1. they are illegally using the Globe brand name and corporate name, this is illegal.
  2. they are not just spammers, they are scammers, they are doing illegal activities. legitimate globe subscribers are being victimized.
  3. with rampant text spammers, it makes the Globe experience unpleasant and irritating for their legitimate subscribers. a bad brand experience leads users to transfer to other mobile service providers.

Globe has adapted a very strange policy on spam text. rather than help and fix the problems their subscribers are bringing to them, it is making it difficult for their own subscribers, asks information and agreement from their subscribers that put their subscribers at risk of more harassment and in effect protect and help the spammers who in the first place are doing illegal and irritating activities.


AFP and DOH makes a mockery and violates the quarantine they imposed on PHL soldiers who came from Liberia

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this is the meaning of “quarantine” (from the internet):

  • “a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed.”
  • “impose isolation on (a person, animal, or place); put in quarantine”.

and quarantine was the what the government wanted to do to the Philippine soldiers and policemen who served as UN peacekeepers in Liberia.

we were surprised when the government announced this action on the Philippine peacekeepers. we have been reading what the US has been doing to American medical personnel who have served in Ebola countries and they have not imposed forced quarantine on them. certainly not something like this where a government isolated a group of people were directly brought into an island straight from the airport upon arrival.

when they announced the mandatory quarantine on an inhabited island, i thought that didn’t match with any of the guidelines set out by international health agencies and prevailing current practice in other countries. so i thought, the Philippine government is doing this as it wants to take the Ebola scare very seriously and is exercising an over abundance of care and safety.

in the US, only those who exhibit Ebola-like symptoms are quarantined and brought to the hospital for observation and treatment. a nurse who had not exhibited symptoms but served in an Ebola-plagued country was not quarantined although on her own she decided on a self-imposed quarantine, promising she will not go to crowded places. she stayed in her home, not brought to an inhabited island.

we were surprised over the weekend when we read in the papers that officials of the DOH itself and the AFP actually went to Caballo Island to visit the soldiers.


the visitors to Carballo island where the Philippine peacekeepers from Libera are supposed to the quarantined – DOH and AFP officials

Top AFP, DoH officials visit Pinoy peacekeepers on Caballo Island

source :

that to us to say the least was very confusing – we thought the soldiers were being quarantined, why were they allowed to receive visitors from Metro Manila?

not only were they allowed to receive visitors, the visitors were  from top DOH and AFP officials which we thought was obviously a violation of the quarantine that they themselves forcibly imposed on the soldiers. you cannot get higher than the chief of staff himself, General Catapang and acting DOH chief Garin.

not only that, pictures show the visiting tourists from the DOH and AFP did not wear any protective gear. we saw a picture of the soldiers on a boat on the way to the island. in that picture the three (3) personnel manning the boat wore full protective gear. why didn’t the AFP and DOH officials wear the same protective gear?


the boat handlers wearing full protective gear

in news articles today, some mentioned that in this visit, the “elbow bump” was instituted as they were not allowed to shake hands. also in a Facebook post, AFP spokesman Major Harold Cabunoc posted “Bawal nga lang makipagkamay…” (“Handshakes are not allowed.”)

the “elbow bump” and the “no hand-shake” policy is directly contradictory to the picture of the three (3) boat handlers wearing full protective gear. all of a sudden in this visit to the island by the DPH and AFP officials, things about the Ebola and the extra ordinary effort of care and seriousness  Ebola was given disappeared and reduced to something as trivial as “elbow bumps” are allowed and “let’s not just do handshakes”.

Catapang and Garin mingled with the peacekeepers, who are now allowed to roam around the island, only four days after they arrived there.

Garin said that she and the AFP updated the peacekeepers about the condition of their fellow peacekeeper who was evacuated to the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) after developing fever on the second day of quarantine period.

“General Catapang and I visited our troops there (Caballo Island) and firstly we told them about the status of their fellow peacekeeper, and at the same time, we wanted to ensure they are all healthy,” said Garin.

For his part, Catapang said they mingled with the troops and developed a new way to greet each other –elbow to elbow.

the contradiction, inconsistency and reduction from dead seriousness to something very cavalier and trivial to us is shocking.

we also wondered that since these officials were allowed to visit the soldiers in the island, does that mean they will permit visits of this sort from relatives and friends of the soldiers? if the military and health officials found it safe for them to go to the island, why wouldn’t the relatives and friends of the soldiers be able to do the same as long as they do only what the officials did – elbow bumps to say hello.

we are searching for answers on why they went to the island. for what purpose?

“We are happy that (we visited them) together with Secretary Garin to show that worrying sometimes is difficult to douse from the people’s mind but if they see us mingling, talking and joking around, sharing happy moment there,” Catapang said.

Garin echoed Catapang’s call not to “isolate” the peacekeepers, who served an extended 11-month tour of duty in Liberia.

“We should not stigmatize or ostracize them,” Garin said.

we do not understand that. the “stigmatizing and ostracizing” is coming from where? if that is happening to them, then it is the AFP and DOH’s fault – they were the ones who imposed the forced quarantine on an inhabited island. the soldiers did not ask for that neither did the public. their action of quarantining them in the island is the one that is giving others reason to “stigmatize and ostracize them”.

we are very confused on the kinds of messages both the DOH and AFP are sending with what they have been doing with the soldiers. the messages are not only mixed, they are directly contradictory against each other. they want to show that they are very serious about taking precautions on the spread of Ebola by sending them to an island and yet the officials visit them. they will not allow contact or visits from relatives and friends of the soldiers and yet they themselves went there. staff who are helping them like the boat people wore full protective gear and yet they were in close contact with the soldiers, were “elbow to elbow” and did elbow bumps without protective gear.

are we turning schizophrenic here?


posted November 19, 2014:

this issue has become controversial since the time we first posted this here last november 17.

EDITORIAL – Irresponsible


If the government is 100 percent sure that the soldiers are virus-free, what’s the point of placing them under 21-day quarantine on an island?

That’s the question being asked after the acting secretary of health and the chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines dropped in on Caballo Island, wearing no hazmat suits to protect them from possible infection, ostensibly to cheer up the soldiers who are undergoing a 21-day quarantine against the Ebola virus.

Perhaps the soldiers were cheered up, but the public was not. AFP chief Gregorio Catapang Jr. explained that his visit was meant to show that the soldiers were not supposed to be stigmatized. But who said they are?

Putting people under health quarantine is not meant to humiliate them or violate their rights. It is a precautionary measure to protect public health. That includes the health of those dear to the individuals being quarantined.

The government took the unusual measure in the case of 133 Filipino soldiers returning from United Nations peacekeeping duties in Ebola-hit Liberia because of the virulence of the disease. It’s no overreaction. Of the 5,177 confirmed deaths from the world’s worst Ebola outbreak, 2,812 were recorded in Liberia.

more to read here :



Biazon blasts Garin for breaking Ebola quarantine

Posted at 11/18/2014 7:47 PM | Updated as of 11/18/2014 7:47 PM

MANILA – Muntinlupa Rep. Rodolfo Biazon on Tuesday criticized the visit of Department of Health (DOH) officer-in-charge Janette Garin and other top government officials to the quarantined peacekeepers from Ebola-hit Liberia.

Biazon, at the weekly “Ugnayan sa Batasan,” said, “I think the visit of these high officials of the government was to say the least a misjudgment. Misjudgment not only in the actions that they did there but what they projected to the public.”

“We have a protocol and there is no reason why protocols should be violated. We are endangering the people. The soldiers there know and understand why they have to be quarantined and I think the families know why the husbands, or sons or brothers will have to be quarantined because what is being safeguarded first are their families, their friends, the communities where they will be and probably the whole country so we cannot compromise the implementation of the protocol. There is no reason why the protocol may be violated,” he said.

more here :

the two pictures we have posted here is a stark and obvious visualization of the  confusion and contradictory protocol of the DOH and AFP’s quarantine of the soldiers:

picture on the left shows four (4) boat handlers wearing full protective gears as they take the soldiers to the island. picture on the right is a stark contrast where DOH Sec Garin, General Catapang and other military visitors were not only not wearing protective gears, they were quite near the quarantined soldiers.

we know that Ebola starts to be contagious when the patients are already showing symptoms but the point we are saying here is that there is an obvious breach of the protocol. we assume the boat handlers wearing the protective gear was part of the protocol and yet that same protocol was not followed in the picture on the right.




Pia Cayetano won’t shake hand of Garin

Posted at 11/19/2014 4:43 PM | Updated as of 11/19/2014 4:43 PM

MANILA – Senator Pia Cayetano said she will give Acting Health Secretary Janette Garin the “Ebola greeting” instead of a hand shake when she sees her during the budget deliberations of the department.

She said the Ebola greeting – placing one’s fist on the heart – is now a symbolic gesture in West Africa following the spread of the virus there.

She said the gesture is not really unusual since it can only mean “sorry, I can’t shake your hand or kiss you today.”

Garin is being criticized for allegedly breaking the 21-day protocol when she and other military officials visited the troops in Caballo Island where they were brought after coming from their duties in Ebola-affected Liberia.

Cayetano said she is still unfamiliar with the protocols, which is why an “Ebola greeting” would be safe.

source :

the above – someone not shaking the hand of someone who may have had contact with a potential Ebola victim is both sad and ironical. in the press interview, DOH sec Garin explained that one of the reasons they went to the island was to send a message that the soldiers should not have a  “stigmatized  and ostracized”. well the statement of senator Cayetano does exactly that. and that occurred only because Sec Garin broke protocol and went to the island.

neastea’s layers upon layers of leap of logic TV ad that fails – “say yes”

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we think the intent of this ad is to be cute and amusing, then after that to be memorable to build a brand image for nestea. but on the road to achieving those goals, we stopped way ahead of it – we didn’t understand the TV ad.

we did not get the ad after seeing the ad once for the first time. it took us a few more times watching it to understand what was going on in the ad.

ads that you don’t get on the first time you watch it are weak ads. good ads work even after seeing it only once. that didn’t happen for us on this ad. and even after seeing the ad several times more and being able to finally get what the ad is all about, we still didn’t get the ad.

there was too much leap of logic in the ad. layers and upon layers of them.

what we didn’t understand was why did  the male lead who was making the presentation break into song on top the table after the boss who was seated at the end of the table saw a picture of his daughter with the male lead on the screen?

we got it that the male lead mistakenly showed a picture of himself and a girl on the screen who turned out to be the daughter of the big boss.

why did the male lead break out into a “say yes” song? and even the people around the conference table also broke out into song?

nestea a tea drink positioned here as having the ability to cool things off in “hot situations” apparently led the male lead to sing.

forcing ourselves to understand the tv ad, we think the story in the ad was that to save himself from the embarrassment of   accidentally showing a picture of himself and the daughter of the big boss, the male lead led him to propose marriage.

yes, propose marriage not to the big boss who was a male but to the daughter of the big boss who was in the picture with him. but the daughter was not in the conference room, just the dad and his office mates. since the girl was not in the room, to whom was he proposing marriage to? the song had the lyrics “say yes” which we are thinking it meant “say yes to my marriage proposal”. marriage proposal to whom? the dad? nope. to the daughter. but she is not in the room.

the above explains why we did not get the TV ad. the ad has layers and layers of leap of logic.  the ad is asking the audience to accept too many things and not only that, to make their own conclusions not only once but many times about the story in the ad.

TV ads are usually just 30 seconds. it is such a short time that effective  ads are those that deliver the story of the ad, the message in a memorable way and finally to impress or capture the audience in just 30 seconds. this ad fails right at the very first stage of the process.

we are wondering if this ad was tested. we think this ad will fail miserably on understandability and recall. it will probably come at par or score close to likeability but its over-all score will be bad.

the likeability score will be its best score because of the song. while the production value of the song is poor, it’s obvious the male lead was not singing the song, the melody is interesting enough to make it okay on likeability,

we also think the ad was made because of the song. we are guessing the creatives and the client liked the song a lot, and when they fell in love with the song, they somehow convinced themselves it is a good ad.

and then propose marriage just to save yourself from embarassment of showing a picture with the girl? come on! they were not even naked in the picture!


it is not a good ad. it is a WAWAM! (what a waste of ad money)


~~mindscape landmark ~~
carlo arvisu

things you might not know about Rex Vincent Tecson, twitter user who gave Jim Paredes a death threat

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we saw this the other day at twitter – Jim Paredes, popular singer and composer from the Apo fame tweeted that he got a death threat from a certain Rex Vincent Tecson. the death threat was relayed to him, of all places via a tweet.jim paredes threat

first we found it strange and well, ill-advised to issue a death threat to anyone over twitter. twitter is one of the most public medium one can issue a death threat on. of course the object of the death threat can read it but it can also be read by the rest of the multiple millions of twitter users. aside from being very public, it also allows for screen capture, taking an electronic picture of the tweet which in turn can be used as evidence against the issuer of the death threat. those are two most significant problems we have with what Tecson did but let’s leave it at that for now as we digress too much.

read article on death threat here :

curious about Tecson, we back read his tweets. we wanted to know what kind of a person Tecson is. this guy must be an avid fan of VP Jojo Binay that he brazenly issues a death threat against those who disagree and criticize Binay. we thought wow, this person must be some kind of military hunk  who has the means and the courage to very publicly threaten someone with death over twitter.

this is what we found out based on his tweets :

  1. Tecson is an avid fan of KC Concepcion, the actress and showbiz personality and daughter of Sharon Cuneta. he is in love with KC.
  2. Tecson declares himself to be the “Prime MInister Of The Socialist Republic Of The Philippines”

no, those two (2) things are no jokes. he did tweet them.

Tecson keeps a running tweet to KC, it sounds very much  like he knows her personally. his tweets is like a running and ongoing conversation with KC. it is like a twitter exchange one will have with close friends or in this case, between lovers.

of course the thing here is that it is a one-way conversation. Tecson tweets KC but we do not see KC tweeting back to him and being in the conversation.




Tecson based on his tweets to KC seem to be a very affectionate man and a very sweet one, at least to KC – he calls KC as “hon” (short for “honey”) and “honey”, the full version of the word too.  the words are inserted in sentences where he shows caring and concern towards KC.






that tweet above is Tecson’s most affectionate and we can say “loving” tweet for KC – he says the magic words “I love you” to KC and some more – “pahalik sa lips”. this is just what we have to say on that one – it is just a kiss on the lips, it is not sexual, its affection. we do not know how KC responded to that tweet. we were unable to find a reply to it on KC’s timeline.

now, to the second point – Tecson claims to be the “Prime Minister Of The Socialist Republic Of The Philippines”.  that is contained in his profile description, together with his picture. we assume the dude in the picture is him.




we back read his tweets and nowhere in his tweets did we find where the location of the “Socialist Republic Of The Philippines”. we were hoping we will find a map or something like that. not finding one in his tweets, we were tempted to use google maps for it but we did not do it.  internet connection at the time of writing is very slow, google maps might not be of help.

we read more of his tweets as we were a little bit confused, his profile description on twitter listed “Regensburg, Germany” as his location and not the Philippines or the SRotP (Socialist Republic Of The Philippines). we were going to be impressed if he was residing in Germany. but then we wondered how he can be a “prime minister” of a country called Philippines when he resides in Germany. we were really getting confused and wants some clarification.

not only is this “prime minister” designation on his profile write-up, he also tweets about it. he apparently takes himself seriously.

IMG_2429.PNGhe considers Jim Paredes, the guy he gave a death threat to as under him, like a subject. we do not know if Jim Paredes knows that Tecson is his prime minister. we also do not know if Tecson is our prime minister. from what we know, Noynoy Aquino is the president of the Philippines, and the Philippines is where we live. (makes us wonder if to Tecson, Aquino is under him or if as prime minister he is under Aquino.)

the other confusing part is that Jim Paredes in a succeeding tweet of his said some people had tweeted him that Tecson works for some engineering department at the city government of Makati, so that makes us wonder – what is his day job? is his day job being prime minister or as a city engineer at Makati? his office mates at makati should feel very, very honored that they have a “prime minister” in their office.

we are not a psychologist, so we do not know what to make out of this, we are also not a spy so we really do not have the ability to get to the bottom of the real identity of Tecson. we are just limited to what we read over twitter.

as an ordinary human, we are wondering :  what is more scary – being jim paredes who got a death threat from Tecson or KC Concepcion to whom Tecson said “I love you” to and keeps a running conversation with her, even though unrequited?

so far this is what Tecson is – a prime minister and a lover of KC Conception.

right, honey?

note : these are all screen caps. they are all real. he has deleted the death threat tweet he made to Jim Paredes but a few were able to screen cap the death threat and were given to Jim Paredes. he has made other death threats, to noynoy aquino and sen tg guingona. he has also deleted those tweets. but he has not deleted his tweets to KC Concepcion. he probably will delete them too after he gets to read this.



comments from twitter:


public safety & preparedness campaign asks drivers to tweet, putting safety at risk

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before 6 am of april 2, saw this tweet by @IMReadyPH of GMA News & Public Affairs of the country’s largest TV network GMA 7. it was asking those who were commuting and driving to tweet the traffic situation on the roads they were travelling.




traffic is an on-going problem in metro manila. social media has also been a popular way to get information for many in the city. but the problem was @IMReadyPH was asking those driving to send tweets. driving and texting at the same time is a very dangerous thing to do. tweeting, getting your cellphone and looking at it and spending time, even just seconds to send a tweet can cause major accidents for the driver and those around the person sending the tweet. it means the driver is distracting himself, taking off his concentration from the road and a much bigger risk, the driver takes his eye off the road.

we replied to that tweet of @IMReadyPH and called its attention to what it did with its tweet – asking drivers to tweet is like inviting road accidents to happen. the twitter account did not reply to us. instead, we saw another twitter account replying with a traffic situation where he was. to that, @IMReadyPH advised the twitter account to “be careful”.



reading what the twitter account @IMReadyPh is all about, we were shocked to read that it is “the official public safety and preparedness campaign of GMA News & Public Affairs – for safe and convenient living“. (underscoring ours)

it is ironical or maybe a real failure for this “public safety” twitter account of GMA7 to tweet and ask people to be unsafe by asking them to tweet and drive at the same time.

at around the same time, i encountered on twitter some statistics from the US on the real risks of texting and driving. the data is sobering and clearly states the high risk that driving and texting has. we sent the same infographics to @IMReadyPH but we did not get any response. i thought being a “public safety” twitter account, it will acknowledge the infographics, retweet it to its followers and even apologize for what it had sent out in twitter earlier. none of that happened.



social media, specially a twitter account is very popular among philippine media. twitter has immediacy, you can send out news bits in practically real time plus it has a very wide reach among pinoys. in fact many pinoys get news on on-going news events from twitter at times faster and definitely much better than the traditional media of TV and even radio.

but that should not stay there. media outlets should understand and have the competency on the twitter accounts they set up. this one was for “public safety”, it needs to understand what that means and apply its mandate in every tweet it does.

this one was obviously a failure, a big WAWAM!

dirty little tricks of call center agents for top US bank

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i encountered these dirty little tricks recently from a philippine call center agents for a top US bank:

  • putting you on hold for a long time to pretend he is trying to get more info and resolve the issues and get answers to your questions but coming back with nothing. bring up another issue and the same thing is done – put you on hold for a long time and when you call him back gives you nothing. this agent obviously does not know his job. he puts you on hold just to make you feel better.
  • when you ask the call center agent to talk to his supervisor to escalate the call and complain about his performance, the call center agent transfers you to another call center agent, not his supervisor. this new call center agent pretends to be a supervisor. this is done so that the call center agent avoidstheescalation. “escalation” in the call center industry is a bad thing. it means a customer is bring up a problem with the call center agent. agents who get an escalation diminishes his performance rating.

    this is a stock photo, not the agents written about here. source of photo :×194.jpg

  • you know the person you are talking to is not a supervisor because he told you so and his tone, demeanor and style of customer handling is not that of a supervisor.
  • the call center agent who transferred you to another agent  is obviously being very dishonest. in my view agents who do this should be fired from their jobs.
  • there is also collusion between the original call center agent and the other agent who took the escalation and pretended to be the supervisor of the original call center. this agent who colluded with the original agent should be fired from his job as well.
  • when asked to talk to the supervisor, the call center agent puts you on hold and says he will be looking for a supervisor. this hold time will be a long time, hoping the customer will get tired of waiting and no longer ask to talk to the supervisor. the call center agent will even go back to you and tell you his supervisor is busy and cannot take the call. this is just to tire the customer out.
  • call center agent gives a fake name when the customer asks for it. obviously nothing will happen when a customer who reports the fake name to his superiors, the person who gave the fake name cannot be traced.
  • call center refuses to give their ID number to customers who ask for them, saying they are not allowed to give their ID numbers to customers when many other call center agents from the same company give their ID numbers. the reason for refusing to give the ID numbers is to be able to hide from their superiors when the customer files a complaint about their performance.
  • call center agent gives a fake ID number. this becomes obvious when the ID number given to you is very different in format versus others from the same company who have given you their ID numbers. its easy to assume that the same company and specially if they belong to the same department will have the same alpha-numeric format for their ID numbers.
  • call center agent gives you answers to your questions and issues on a topic he has not been trained for, not his job and is unable to access the information on your account because he belongs to another department which does not have authorization to access your information.  you know this is so because he gives you wrong answers and theories and when you ask him can you see the details of your account on his computer and he answered “no”, it’s not on his screen because he is not authorized to see those.

after 4 long hours on the phone and talking to 5 different departments in the bank (fraud, credit card, personal checking and savings account, bill pay and online banking) and no resolution to the issues plus it is obvious the agents you are talking to are incompetent, you give in, exhausted and very frustrated and just give up and hang-up.

we took the matter to twitter, sending messages to the bank. the bank also emailed a survey form specific to the experience and we filled it up with very much what was written here plus names and ID numbers of the call center agents. to us at least 2 agents should be fired from their jobs and everyone on that call should be coached (“coached” means reprimanded and re-trained).

these are call center agents from one of the biggest banks in the US and in the world. we have called the same bank before over many years and it has never been as bad this latest experience. we think this bank probably changed call center companies in recent years, hence the change in quality of service.

we are also sure this call center is a philippine based call center. the accent of some of their agents betray that they are actually filipinos. that makes it really sad. the philippines is one of the leading if not the leading country in the call center business in the world and this kind of experience and quality of work does not speak well for the philippine call center industry.

and that is over and above the negative impression these call center agents create for the bank that they service. these agents are supposedly employees of the bank. we do not know the company name of their call center company, we only know the name of the bank they service. it creates a negative image for the bank.

at the end of the 4 hours of pain and frustration, we end up not liking the bank and philippine call center agents.


note : photo in this article is not the call center agent/s written about in this posting. source of photo :×194.jpg

woman takes selfies using stolen cellphone, owner of cellphone gets the selfies

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here is another one – this woman took a selfie using a stolen cellphone. it is the same story as the other one – a cellphone was stolen and some time after the cellphone owner’s dropbox account shows selfies of a woman taken by the stolen cellphone. apparently dropbox has this facility where pictures taken by the cellphone are automatically downloaded into the account and apparently it is done without the knowledge of the selfie taker.

we do not know if the woman in the selfie stole the cellphone but for sure she was in possession of the stolen cellphone.

note to selfie takers : make sure you own the cellphone you are using for the selfie.



sleaze in kataxpayer billboard that fails to sell or even make sense

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this is a billboard that is on that road where White Plains subdivision is in Quezon City.  we were of course driving when we first saw the billboard and two things caught my eyes – the mini-skirted legs of the woman and the words “tax accounting”.  as we were driving, we didn’t get the message of the billboard, did not have enough time to read all of it.

but just the same, as we drove past the billboard, we thought something was not making sense in that billboard. we were unable to connect in any way the woman’s mini-skirted legs and tax accounting. they were just unrelated even if we stretched the meaning and message of the ad with those visuals and words.

we drove really slow the next time we went past  it to be able to read the whole thing. our instinct was right, the billboard didn’t make sense. it used sleaze in a bad way and nothing in the ad made sense, nor does it make a sale.




this is a close up of the main visual and the headline in the billboard.





the visual is sleazy and totally appalling  – it shows a before and after situation where the mini-skirted woman in the before picture had her legs crossed and then spreads her legs apart after a man supposedly offers her an engagement ring. yes, the woman spreads her legs!

why would anyone put this kind of visual in an ad? it is insensitive and very offensive. the sexual meaning is blatantly disrespectful.

and the main visual  is just the beginning.  there is more on how this billboard totally fails.

the legs spread apart with an engagement ring has nothing to do with “tax accounting”.  the product being sold here is apparently a tax accounting seminar. legs being spread, sex and tax accounting seminar all don’t mix well and don’t make sense. there is no message there. the message is all lost and probably because of the obsession with sex and sleaze.

the sleaze in this billboard is heightened with the subhead “it works all the time”. like saying it’s a “sure thing” the legs will be spread.

there is a large chunk of unsaid message in that billboard – taking the tax accounting seminar is a “timely solution. important investment” that it will be most useful and will work all the time. but all that is actually unsaid because the ad has been so obsessed with the sleaze.

there are many more ways, more effective and more sensible to deliver that message than use the sleazy visuals. there is an attempt to be creative here but it is used badly and being used just for the sake of showing some sleaze.

aside from the advertising component failure of this billboard there is another one – the billboard is actually right beside the gate of St. Ignatius Subdivision where we can assume  families live there.  their young children see that billboard on a daily basis.

this is a WAWAM!

call these numbers to ask them to bring down this billboard : (998) 979-3922;  921-6107


barangay bel-air barangay captain nene lichauco speaks out on bel-air corruption articles

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there have been a 3 part series of articles published at the manila times to whicj lichauco has reacted to. click here to read them:

Lichauco: Celeb out to discredit me

August 30, 2013 9:25 pm

by By Beting Laygo Dolor, Managing Editor

Saying she and her fellow barangay officials in Bel Air, Makati City have passed every official audit on their use of their village’s funds, Constancia Lichauco blamed a local celebrity for making a mountain out of a molehill, resulting in a case filed against her before the Ombudsman.

The celebrity is one of the country’s former beauty queens who lives alone in the exclusive community, she said.

barangay bel-air barangay chairman nene lichauco. photo from PDI

“We used to play tennis together,” Lichauco said, adding that she had no idea why her former friend turned against her. Whenever they see each other at the weekend market in Salcedo Village, Lichauco waves or smiles at the celebrity, who simply ignores her.

Lichauco has been Punong Barangay of Barangay Bel Air for 18 years. In the six times that she ran for three-year terms, she has been challenged only twice, and on those occasions handily beat her opponents.

“I live, breathe and feel Bel Air,” she told The Manila Times. The 75-year-old widow said she devotes all her time to serving the village, where she has lived for more than four decades.

Lichauco first became barangay captain in 1989. She served three terms before taking a break, returning after her fellow Bel Air residents asked that she run again. She told The Times that she has not yet decided if she will seek reelection this October.

She said she was not surprised a case would be filed against her before the Ombudsman. Since the beauty queen had no chance of unseating her—“She has no friends in Bel Air,” according to Lichauco—the only way to remove her was to file the lawsuit using other conduits.

Unfortunately, according to the village chief, the Ombudsman files charges against government officials even in the absence of hard evidence. Sometimes, Lichauco added, charges are filed based on hearsay.

While Barangay Bel Air is indeed the richest village in the Philippines based on its annual income of P150 million, misusing its funds is all but impossible, she told The Times.

“People think that just because you have P150 million, you’re free to spend P150 million,” she said. This is not the case. The bulk of that money is already budgeted every year to specific expenses.

Line budgeting means that there is nothing in the amount that can be construed as the barangay equivalent of pork barrel, she said.

Besides the Commission on Audit (COA), they also have an internal auditor to make sure that their funds are spent wisely, and within legal bounds.

Since her barangay council is comprised of some of the most respected members of the business community, no form of hanky panky is possible, she said.

Lichauco said that her constituents will be her ultimate judge. The unnamed celebrity can run against her in October, if she wants, she added.

Lichauco belied reports (not in this newspaper) that she owned three condos in Rockwell in Makati. She said her house in Bel Air is the only real property she owned.

belair manila times 3

photo source :

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la salle and UST’s teng brothers very gay pic – topless shows a brand character failure

October 5, 2013 1 comment


we saw this picture of the teng brothers jeron and jeric posted at  twitter by sportscaster TJ Manotoc (@tjmanotoc) that accompanied an article posted at the  PhilStar website (Philippine Star), Lifestyle section. my initial reaction was – omg, what is the point of that picture? then i tweeted (@wawam) this :

teng brothers pic tweet

source of pic and the article here :

we thought there are so many things wrong with that picture:

it is a very gay picture of the Teng brothers. we have never seen a much more gay picture of two basketball players in philippine sports. while we have not seen all the  pictures of US basketball players, of those that we have seen on the internet and in sports magazines, this is the first time we have seen a picture of this sort even in feature articles like the one posted at philippine star. and even in sports magazines and in sports pages of philippine newspapers.

what of the picture are we talking about? well two men who are topless, showing lots of manly muscles, hands held  together in an “embrace” that way, with their bodies so close to each other. plus the bottoms not being shown makes you wonder if they were completely naked. although i have to admit, maybe the last point is taking it too far.

basketball players are always shown in their uniforms and if not in uniforms with clothes on, tops and bottoms included. seeing them topless and in this way is unheard of, also unseen. basketball is a sport of skill and mental prowess, it is not about muscles or brawn. in fact the shorts that basketball players now are very long (started by michael jordan) showing very little leg muscles. even the tops that basketball players wear show very little muscles. showing shirtless basketball players is a shock and very much way off.

a follower of ours in twitter, @econcepcion asked “where are the school colors?”. that is a very good point. basketball and most specially college basketball in the philippines and UAAP is all about the team colors – green is for la salle and yellow for UST. we see that all the time during the games. in fact it is the colors that people wear to watch the games that separate and identify the audience as to what school one supports.

shirtless means the teng brothers are not showing the school colors.

the article is published at the “lifestyle” section of the Philippine Star, not at the sports section. so that also makes you wonder what this picture and article is all about. reading the article though is about what happens to the brothers during and after the game, its about sports.

from a communications standpoint, this picture is very much off strategy and off-brand character in several levels. it is a very confused set of communication material where the visuals do not match with the content of the article,  most certainly the sports of basketball and most specially the basketball skills and talents of the teng brothers.

just like in advertising, pictures even in newspaper articles also tell a lot of the story that you read. this topless pic of the teng brothers  is way off and does not contribute to the story being told in the article. there is no way one can actually rationalize or defend that that picture should accompany the article.

we saw a picture from that is actually a perfect fit to this Philippine Star article. it is a picture of the teng brothers entangled in court during the first game with each of the teng brothers not allowing the other any room or advantage. we saw that play out on tv during the game and those few seconds on the court were totally intense but  it felt like it almost went on forever as each one fought the other for space and positioning. it was really beautiful basketball skills.

you appreciate the intensity and professionalism of the brothers even though they had their school colors on and not topless.


from what we know, writers and specially editors labor at choosing the pictures that accompany articles. they know that pictures that accompany articles does play an important role n the appreciation of the article. on this philippine star article, nothing of that sort happened.

aside from accompanying the article with a very gay picture of the teng brothers, this picture is way off strategy, way off brand character and does not make sense at all. it’s a WAWAM!

most stupid thing that happened in TV broadcast history – oakland TV station on the Asiana flight 214 crash

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this must be one of the most bizarre and most stupid thing to happen in the history of broadcast television in the world. this happens only in comedy skits on TV or in Hollywood movies but this one happened in real life and yes in the US where the internet is pervasive and information everywhere in an instant.

this is what happened:

SFO crash coverage: KTVU apologizes for major blunder

On Friday’s noon newscast, the Oakland station claimed it had “just learned the names of the four pilots on board” the jetliner that crashed at SFO last Saturday and ran the names on screen. However, it quickly became apparent that the names were wrong — somehow supplied by a devious prankster.

About 15 minutes later, the station corrected its mistake, but claimed an NTSB official had confirmed the names. A further apology was issued online by KTVU vice president and general manager Tom Raponi:

“We sincerely regret the error and took immediate action to apologize, both in the newscast where the mistake occurred, as well as on our website and social media sites. Nothing is more important to us than having the highest level of accuracy and integrity, and we are reviewing our procedures to ensure this type of error does not happen again.”

source :


the TV station aired the pilots names, above.

when i read that, i had to pause for a few seconds as i collected my jaw which dropped somewhere on the floor on my feet. then this question i asked myself – “really, nobody saw there was something, in fact 4 things wrong in those four names??!!”

these were the names of the pilots that they had on the tv screen :

  • captain something wrong
  • we too low
  • holy fuck
  • bang ding ouch

okay, i admit it took me two seconds to figure out the number 2 name, but the rest i immediately picked up on them. really – holy fuck (3rd name)? you can’t get that? the four names were even in their proper sequence of events during the crash, starting with something is wrong to end with the sounds of the crash.

the anchor woman who read them aloud was even very careful in reading them, delivering them much slower than usual which actually makes it easier to understand what they meant. for her not to get what the words she was saying is beyond me.

what were they thinking?

ans what the hell were they doing?


is TV5’s “Misibis Bay” tv series soft porn?

June 27, 2013 Leave a comment

there can be no more blatant way to use sex in selling TV shows to the audience than in TV5’s new TV show or the tease, a promise (?),  of showing off the body of  its sexy star lead actress. TV5 is set to launch a new TV series, “misibis bay”  and it is convincing the audience to watch the TV show not because of its plot, story, acting talents of its cast or production values but all and only on the basis that their lead actress has a sexy body, described even as  not just a “beauty” but more importantly “virginal ” and a not so subtle promise it will be enjoyed on the TV screens.


TV5’s website with the article showing the sexy body of their lead actress in a skimpy bikini to match the “virginal beauty” title of the article

source :

there is no mistake in what the article is trying to do – having the words “beauty”, “virginal” and “ravishing” in the same headline with a revealing bikini shot of the lead actress clearly states the intent. they did not ever bother to talk about what the TV series is all about – comedy, drama or action in the article. with these kinds of combination, we are guessing this will be some kind of a soft porn TV series.

we are wondering, is this a good representation of the state of philippine tv? we have seen many inane tv shows in the philippines – noontime and early prime time  variety shows that feature actresses who sing out of tune, “kembot girls” in various stages of undress gyrating in the background  and poorly written scripts obviously being read off an idiot board below the camera. there are also drama series with the 2 century old favorite pinoy storyline of rich boy-poor girl-wicked mom variety punctuated by face slapping and vilma santos type of screaming not acting.

this one is all out sex or as based on the theme of the article, the exhibition of the sexy body of the lead actress, ritz azul. in fact when you google for photos of the lead actress, you will see more photos of her with very little clothes on than pictures of her fully clothed.

that leads us to the next question – who is the target market of this tv show? the focus on the sexy body of the lead actress seem to imply the target audience of the tv show are men. that makes us wonder – do men watch drama series? if misibis bay is some kind of soft porn tv series, then they are spot on with their promotion strategy.

is this whole promotion strategy a winner or is it WAWAM?

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