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Know your rights: What every Pinoy should know

September 1, 2016 Leave a comment

source : ABS-CBN  http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/07/19/16/know-your-rights-what-every-pinoy-should-know

Know your rights: What every Pinoy should know

MANILA – A lawyers’ group is reminding the public to be knowledgeable of their rights amid the spate of extrajudicial killings and allegedly questionable police operations that resulted in deaths of drug suspects.
The Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) said Filipinos should keep in mind the following basic rights:

  • The right to life;
  • The right not to be tortured nor subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment;
  • The right not to be subjected to forced labor;
  • The right not to be imprisoned for non-payment of debt;
  • The right not to be punished for an act which was not yet a crime at the time of its commission;
  • The right to be recognized and treated as a person; and
  • The right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.

”These rights are absolute. Under no condition can their fulfillment or enjoyment be suspended. This is true even when martial law or any other state of emergency has been declared. These are non-derogable rights under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which the Philippines is a signatory,” FLAG said.
FLAG also listed down inalienable and inviolable rights:

The right not to have your house searched without a search warrant issued by a judge, and not to have anything seized which is not specified in the search warrant. However, if you are legally arrested, your person and immediate surroundings may be searched for dangerous weapons, and any evidence found on your person or immediate vicinity (only on your person and immediate vicinity) which may have been used to commit the crime for which you are being arrested may be seized.

The right to liberty and security of person. You can be deprived of liberty only on grounds and procedures established by the Constitution and existing law.

The right not to be arrested except on evidence that a crime has been committed and that you probably committed it. You may be arrested only on the strength of a warrant of arrest issued by a judge, except:
– When you have committed, are actually committing, or are attempting to commit an offense in the presence of the arresting officer;
– When an offense has been committed and the arresting office has probable cause to believe, based on personal knowledge of the facts and circumstance, that you committed the offense;
-When you have escaped from prison or detention or while being transferred from one confinement to another.

FLAG also reminded the public that the legality of one’s arrest must be determined in an inquest proceeding conducted by a civilian prosecutor.

The prosecutor, in a summary proceeding, can order, affirm the legality of one’s arrest and prepare the corresponding complaint or information with the trial court.

”Often the inquest prosecutor will ask the person arrested if s/he desires a preliminary investigation, in which case s/he will be asked to sign a waiver,” FLAG said.

”Do not sign the waiver without being fully informed of the nature and consequences of signing it. Signing the waiver may — and often does — mean that you are going to remain in detention, pending preliminary investigation. It may also mean that you are waiving your right to file cases against those who arrested you.”

FLAG said an arrested individual must take note of the following rights:

  • To be informed of your right to remain silent and other constitutional rights);
  • To have competent and independent counsel preferably of your own choice; and)
  • To be provided with counsel if you cannot afford one.
  • In all criminal prosecutions, FLAG said a defendant has the following rights:
  • Not to be compelled to testify against yourself;
  • To remain silent and to counsel;
  • To be informed of the nature and cause of the accusations against you;
  • To have a speedy, public, and impartial trial;
  • To appeal any conviction;
  • To be presumed innocent until the contrary is proved;
  • To be present and heard by yourself and counsel;
  • To avail yourself of court processes to secure the compulsory attendance of witnesses and the presentation of evidence in your defense;
  • To meet the witnesses face-to-face and to cross-examine them;
  • The right to a preliminary investigation;
  • The right against double jeopardy;
  • Before conviction, the right to bail except for capital offenses when evidence of guilt is strong);
  • The right to be treated with humanity and with respect for your personal dignity;
  • The right to liberty of abode and the right to travel.

FLAG chairman Jose Manuel Diokno earlier called out the administration of President Rodrigo

Duterte for the rising number of suspected drug criminals being killed either in police operations or by alleged vigilantes.


3 dumb questions BPI Customer Service Call Center Agents ask

June 24, 2016 Leave a comment

i called BPI Customer Service 89-100 today to ask them to reverse an annual membership fee charge on my credit card. i have had my BPI Credit Card for many years, decades and they have not charged me this fee. also, all other competitive credit cards from other banks no longer charge annual membership fees.

the call center agent told me she will check if their system is back online already.

and that is another issue with BPI – their computer / internet system seem to be offline often and this has been happening for many years. there have been times when you try to transact something at their physical branches and you can encounter their systems to be offline and you can’t transact anything with the bank that you are asked to return. if it happens at the physical bank, then it also happens on their telephone service which was what i encountered today.

i don’t understand why BPI, the country’s second largest bank have not fixed this problem of their computer / internet system being off-line from time to time. i would think being the second largest bank in the country gives them enough smarts and resources to fix this.

not only that, BPI is an Ayala – owned company, the Ayalas also own Globe Telecoms, the country’s second largest cellphone and internet service provider. for sure they are using Globe Telecoms. why wouldn’t Globe make sure BPI has internet service on a 24/7 basis?

unless of course these Ayala companies, BPI and Globe are both incompetent.

and true enough after a few seconds, the call center agent tells me their system is offline. she asked me why i called and i told her about the annual membership fee charge.

these were the 3 stupid things the BPI call center agent said:

  1. she asked me to call back 89-100 since their system is down – i objected to this and told her the problem is with their company, their system is down that is why she was  unable to help me with my problems, i asked why was she inconveniencing their customer by asking me to call back when the problem is with them?  i also told her it is not easy to call 89-100. lines tend to be busy and how will i know when the system will be back online for me to call at the right time? she agreed with me it was not right for her to ask me to call back. so she said she will be the one to call me. and that is when she said the 2nd stupid thing.
  2. she asked me what was the most convenient time for her to call me – this got me really ticked. so i asked her the question – if i told you the most convenient time for me for  you to call me, will you be able to call me at the time i identify? it was 11:30 am at the time of our conversation so as a theory, i asked her –  if i told you 2:00 pm is convenient, can you guarantee to me all has been fixed by then and will you call me at 2 pm? she answered – no sir, i can’t promise to call you at that time. i asked her why are you not sure if you can make that call? she answered – because sir i do not know what time the system will be back on line. i told her, do you now realize you asked me a stupid question? her reply – yes, sir. and from there, it led her to ask a 3rd stupid question.
  3. she asked : will you accept my call after i fix the matter, sir?  that almost made me drop the telephone. i asked her:  miss – why will i not accept your call when you call me? i called you to fix something for me, i gave you my cell number and agreed for you to call me when it’s done, why will i not accept your call?  miss, that’s another stupid thing to say. her reply – sorry, sir. i will just call you after we’re back on-line.

i just couldn’t stand it so i gave her advise  and told her to stop solely relying on the script they were asked to deliver and start thinking first before saying anything. i told her understand what’s happening in the conversation and respond to it accordingly, don’t just parrot what’s on the script.

that was not the first time i have encountered such conversations with BPI customer service call center personnel and that is why i am sure it was part of the script they are being asked to deliver to their customers.

it is probably the fault of the heads of the call center company that BPI uses and BPI itself for coming up with such an inane script for their customer service personnel to deliver.

there are several problems here that the call center company and BPI have created:

  1. they have asked their customer service call center agents NOT TO THINK, not to use their brains in talking to customers
  2. instead of asking them to think and process things on their own, they have asked their call center agents to deliver by rote, like robots a fixed script to customers. this is the rule : do not think, just deliver the script
  3. lastly, whoever developed the script these call center agents are delivering is an idiot. he/she developed a script that does not correctly predict what happens during calls and these are really  lines that make their call center agents sound stupid.

on the bright side, what this means is that the call center agent who attended to me (Mylie Mendoza ID #183xxx) strictly follows the script she was asked to deliver. the only problem is that she did not process the situation at all. but then, i think the rule given to her by her superiors at the call center was for her not to think, just deliver the prepared script.

and this is from the second largest bank in the country!

poster for missing persons Alan Peter & Pia Cayetano and Koko Pimentel : Post #7 The NAWA Awards

May 4, 2016 Leave a comment


Senator Pia Cayetano is a champion for women and women’s rights and the RH Law. her brother Senator Alan Peter Cayetano and Senator Kojo Pimentel are  champions against corruption. All three from what we can tell are very principled senators.

Pia would always speak out against things that are not right and will take on anyone, even the UAAP when she took the fight for student players unjustly prevented from going to the school of their choice and playing for the school because of residency requirements. She was the most visible champion for the RH Law.

Alan Peter and Pimentel were in the middle and yes leading the senate hearings during the corruption and plunder allegations against VP Jejomar Binay.

for some reason and maybe its the duct tapes on their mouths and perhaps they are victims of kidnapping. the three have been absent on  things that Rody Duterte had said and done during this campaign period that were directly and unabashedly against their stated principles and beliefs.

Pia has been uncharacteristically silent on women’s issues and there have been many, Duterte has said “women are spare cars”; he has been shown in pictures groping and kissing women in the campaign trail and the worst of them all – when Duterte who was in front of a corpse of girl who has been gang raped said he found the girl pretty and he as Mayor should have been first to rape her. Pia must have stuffed several rolls of duct tape into her mouth.

Alan Peter and Pimentel were the loud and unflinching champions on anti- corruption during the senate hearings on the plunder allegations against Jejomar Binay and the rest of the Binay family. they were the strong voices during those hearings and even stronger outside the senate  during media interviews. we admired them for that. but  for some reason, and we blame this on the duct tape just like in the case of Pia, they have been silent on the allegations made by Senator Trillanes on Rody Duterte’s bank accounts which Trillanes claims contain/contained P211M and P2.4B.

why have they been silent? why have they surrendered their principles to the duct tape? oh yes, they support Rudy Duterte’s candidacy. yes, it is that easy to surrender beliefs and principles for them. and Alan Peter is the VP running mate of Duterte.






Saint Noynoy Aquino in a picture : Post #6 The NAWA Awards

April 24, 2016 Leave a comment


we don’t know if the photographer intended this picture to be that or if the photographer realized this picture is that but this one looks like the portrait of Saint Noynoy Aquino.

never mind that it is highly unlikely that a saint will have the name Noynoy and even a bigger never mind that Noynoy is not a saint.

but the picture seem to say it – look at the heavenly glow around the head  of Noynoy Aquino!

i think this is how it will look like if you took a picture of a saint with a halo on the head. of course we all know that halos are just drawn around the head of saints.

when i saw this pic, i felt like saying a prayer…..



the tongue twister that goes to your brain – #5 Post The NAWA Awards

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there is a little bit of challenge to read the word, well 2 words, but when you’re able to say it well enough, the thing works. this is a kind of ad where you know what it means when you see it before you’re actually able to say it.

the synonym of “magnanakaw” (thief) : The Not A WAWAM Ad Awards Post #4 #2016PHVote

April 23, 2016 Leave a comment


the best powerful ads are the most simple ones but communicate  very well. there will be very few ads that will be as simple as this one the visuals work and yes you know the meaning of the text, it’s the synonym of “magnanakaw” (thief).


posted previously:

we’re launching today the most awaited and most anticipated (by me) The Not A WAWAM Ad Awards or its nickname The NAWA Awards. Please note the word “The” (pa important), and the word “advertising” appears twice and the nickname has an acronym in an acronym. we’re doing that to emphasize the emphasis and not just to repeat the repeated.

The NAWA Awards recognizes the best in creativity in concept, design, artwork, graphics, aesthetics of all the communication materials released by the candidates during the 2016 Presidential Election. it covers all forms of media from the traditional media to the internet from websites to social media and back.

the mentions were carefully chosen after a panel of judges looked at all the materials (it’s a 24/7 job) composed of me and me alone. and that can be too many depending on who you ask.

the ultimate selfie courtesy of Miriam Santiago – The NAWA Awards post #3

April 23, 2016 Leave a comment




we have all taken selfies but unlike Miriam Santiago, we have not taken a selfies with several thousand people behind us, all behaved, all looking at the camera and all posing for the pic. we are not Miriam. there can only be one Miriam Santiago.


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