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not enough parking spaces – the unsolved problem at AGS

July 12, 2009 6 comments

now that the new traffic scheme is in place and we have had a few weeks experience with it, my conclusion is that the key problem at the parking lot is that there is not enough parking spaces for all the cars that go to ateneo to pick up AGS students. and that problem may have caused the tragic accident at the AGS parking lot.

not having enough parking spaces for all the cars is as plain as ateneo is

photo by solar

photo by solar

 blue. parking at the drop off point where amiel was killed and beside the irwin theater are no longer allowed – all those cars that used to be parked there are now double/quadruple parked at the football fields and at the road beside katipunan road. 

these parking spaces are always full. on top of the cars that are parked inside  the white lines, are vehicles parked perpendicular to these cars on both sides of the road.  it has  now become more difficult and slower to pass through those roads. the double/quadruple parking now goes all the way past  near the pedestrian overpass that crosses katipunan road.

amiel was killed as he crossed that road to reach their car which was parked at the drop-off area. the van that killed him was also parked there. the death was caused as small boys and moving vehicles were mixed in the same space. boys then were allowed to cross that drop off area in between cars that were parked or moving.

having not enough parking spaces based on comments from parents on this blog have been a perennial problem. some parents here have said CPRs have been bringing up that problem with ateneo school officials but obviously no action has been taken.

that problem still remain.  i hope the ateneo admin know that. what this new traffic scheme did was it just moved the problem of lack of parking spaces from the old location to a new spot – from the drop off areas and beside irwin theater to the parking areas at the football fields and the road beside katipunan.

in other words and i hope it does not happen – what this new traffic scheme did is it removed the danger of an accident at the drop off areas but transferred it to the football field and road near katipunan parking areas.

AGS students do walk to those areas to ride into their cars. in that same area we still see AGS students mixed in the same space as moving vehicles, only in this space it is more crowded which makes it even worst.

we think there is unfinished business at the AGS parking lot.

on penny changes done on traffic scheme – “ateneo doesn’t care”

June 9, 2009 Leave a comment

comment posted here:

Despite our appeals to Ateneo to do something RADICAL, it looks like they have chosen to implement something MARGINAL.

I downloaded and studied the staggered dismissal schedules that Ateneo Grade School posted on their website. Loooks to me like there is a typographical error in the post, because my Grade 4 son commented that Grades 6 and 7 will spend less time in school than Grades 4 and 5. He commented that it was unfair to him that his brother in Grade 7 will get away with less hours in school.

Either he is right or the posted schedule is wrong. Taking a look at the schedule, it can only be correct if they removed the period either for Intramurals or Co-Curricular Activity from the schedule for Grades 6 and 7. Please validate.

Given that the success of the scheme is hinged on fetchers picking up the boys on a staggered basis, Ateneo has to ensure that fetchers know what the correct dismissal schedule is. Relaying unverified or inaccurate information will turn the entire Katipunan into a traffic nightware, don’t you think?

I am disaapointed in the solution being presented now. I had hoped for a better quality solution. It seems to me that the Multi-Stakeholder Committee created their solution in a vacuum, ignoring all the comments and suggestions of well-meaning parents.

Oh well . . . we won’t know anything until we give the scheme a try.

proposal: move AGS teachers parking lot and make it covered – aftermath of amiel alcantara’s death

May 30, 2009 8 comments

based on the latest traffic scheme released by the ateneo, the teachers’ reserved parking lot is still there and will not be moved elsewhere. that space could be used as exit for cars getting out of the congested parking lot. it will increase efficiency and safety for all.

removing that reserved parking lot and turning it to use for fetchers and students is also one of the unanimous suggestion of parents and even professionals/experts. we do not understand why ateneo is blind and insensitive to that improvement.

we think it is best to remove that reserved parking lot for teachers and transfer it to a much better location. transfer the reserved teachers parking lot behind irwin theater.

that area connects to the back of the AGS canteen and already has an existing passageway. it also puts it very close to the teachers dining are at the back of the canteen. walking distance for the teachers from their cars to the campus will be reduced dramatically making it easier and more convenient for teachers specially on rainy days.

ateneo should not stop at moving the parking area to the back of irwin theater which makes it very convenient and significantly helps traffic and safety at the AGS parking lot, ateneo should make the teacher’s parking lot at the back of  irwin theater covered by a roof  to protect their cars and the teachrs from the heat and rain. we think the teachers deserve to be treated better as well.

this suggestion is a win-win for everyone concerned – safer and more efficient for fetchers and students and more convenient for teachers.


we shared the above same suggestion in a yahoogroup of ateneo parents (234 members) and we got a reply from one of the ateneo parents:

yes!…. teachers come early in the earliest and leave last…. they are old
enough to cross the street or yes, they can take the back of Irwin theater for parking… a lot of parents i know feel the same way.

we thought that was an excellent point. we gave this reply:

you raise an excellent point – teachers  arrive  first and leave last. that is an excellent rationale for  moving the reserved parking spaces from where it is now, beside the blue eagle’s gym.

since they arrive first and leave last, they are actually obstructing the flow of vehicles owned by thousands of students/parents/drivers who can use that prime real estate to exit the already cramped parking lot. freeing that space up for use of the thousands of students/parents/drivers will decongest the parking lot even faster and in effect have better safety for all.

moving their reserved parking spaces behind the irwin theater will be much better for them as it will be closer to the campus. they will need to walk a much shorter distance and that is good given the load of school things they have to haul from their cars to the classrooms.

that space behind irwin theater is unused. its a good idea to put it into good use for better traffic effiiciency, safer for our kids and more convenient for the teachers.

we also think ateneo should build roofs over the parking area for teachers for the comfort and protection of the teachers and theirs cars from heat and rain.

ateneo implements penny changes at the AGS parking lot, the dangers remain

an ateneo mom sent us by email pictures of the changes that have been done and are being currently done at the ateneo parking lot at the grade school campus. the ateneo mom says her son took the pictures, a photo hobyist who studies at the ateneo high school. we like to thank the ateneo mom and her high school son for sending us the pictures.

these are pictures of 3 areas – the mcbo parking area for school buses, the parking lot by the side of the irwin theater and the main area where amiel was killed to death in a traffic car accident.

even if you add up all three – they are all penny improvements which we do not think amount to adding or improving safety in that parking lot. it does not cost a lot, that is obvious but neither does it amount to anything on improving safety in the AGS parking lot.

we understand and agree with the improvements at the parking area near mcbo. ateneo placed white cement line dividers to guide vehicles on how to park properly in that area. that is a good improvement.

that change will help improve safety for parked cars and will optimize use of space. it will also eliminate fights that sometimes erupts between drivers when vehicles are not parked improperly. however, from what we remember that area is mostly used by school buses. we are not sure how much that kind of change will enhance safety in that parking area. also, what about the other parking areas in the campus, those at beside the football fields?

mcbo_parking area AGS

parking area near mcbo

the other area that has been changed somewhat is the parking area beside the irwin theater. the picture shows workings digging holes on that area. the ateneo mom who sent us the picture wrote that she thinks they will do what has been done to the main parking area where amiel died – place poles and ropes along the lane nearest to the curb. it’s hard to tell what it is for from the picture. based on the picture, it looks like they just started that this week.

irwin theater parking lot

parking area in front of irwin theater

the change at the main parking area where amiel died is also minimal. the only change we see there is that the lane nearest to the curb now has a rope running across the parking lot.

we do not know exactly what that is for, but the inner single lane can fit one car. it is possible they will allow cars to pass through that to probably pick up students who wait at that curbside. if we are correct about this, we predict humongous traffic on that lane as cars cannot exit that roped area, they need to wait for the cars in front of them to move and get out of the lane.

more importantly, the parking situation that got amiel killed continue to be there. there are no changes done to that 4 to 5 lane roadway where cars used to park and wait for students, exactly the same situation that got amiel killed on the same spot.

this is a puzzle for us. well, actually all three changes to us is a big puzzle. given the astronomical tuition fees paid for by parents to ateneo and the gravity of the death of amiel in that parking lot, ateneo is implementing penny changes to that parking lot where amiel died.

we think with penny changes, the dangers that killed amiel last february still exist.

main parking area where amiel died

main parking area where amiel died

has ateneo not learned its lesson for amiel’s death? is ateneo that calous to ignore and be deaf and insensitive to the sentiments of parents who want major changes in that parking lot?

Amiel Alcantara: survey form released at AGS – too little, too late

April 27, 2009 Leave a comment

it’ s interesting that the ateneo is just now asking parents to fill up this survey form. the questions are very basic questions  – what car they use, what time their vehicles go the ateneo, etc.

they found the need to get these basic information with just 40 days to go till start of school and 60 days since the death of amiel — with such basic questions and this late, it’s a survey too little, too late.

they are basic data, you need these kinds data before you do any analysis and planning for any new traffic scheme. doing the survey now can can mean either the AGS has not done any new traffic scheme or they developed a new traffic scheme without the input of any relevant data.

it’s hard to decide where ateneo is at this time. there has been no changes at the main ateneo parking lot, so that means there will be no changes from last year. that seems to say its probable they are yet to develope a new traffic scheme. will that be operational by june?

the multi-stakeholder task force was formed some weeks ago, so we can assume they were doing something. let’s assume that they have been doing some work, even though we have not heard anything from them. if they have developed a new traffic scheme, that means they did so without the benefit of even these basic data the survey seeks to get. with no data input, that puts into question the quality of whatever new traffic scheme they have developed.

add to that the lack of changes at the parking lot, that goes back to the conclusion we made – with no relevant data, plus no changes at the parking lot, it can only mean the dangers and risks that got amiel killed in that parking lot remain.

from and ateneo mom:

Time surely flew by so fast, half of summer vacation is over. What I observed during the enrollment last week was the survey given out to the parents. The survey was drafted by the Multi-Stakeholder Committee and consisted of around 5 questions ( if I remember correctly). My impression of the survey was that it doesn’t really say anything about the physical improvements that should have been done by now. In fact that survey should have been done before the end of the schoolyear, for whatever purpose it will serve.

read in full here:


note: many thanks to an ateneo mom who scanned this, sent this to an atenneo dad who in turn sent us a copy.

amiel alcantara : may 8 – 74 days ago & 32 days to go, still no change at AGS parking lot

April 26, 2009 11 comments

we’re started a countdown,  as of may 8:

  • it has been  74  days since amiel alcantara’s tragic death at the ateneo parking lot
  • and just 32  days till start of the new school year 


and what do we have so far?

  • short survey – too little, too late
  • no updates or announcement on the work of the so called Multi-Stakeholder Committee that was supposed to develope safety measures at the parking lot
  • no infrastructure construction work has been done at the AGS parking lot
  • with no changes, the parking lot awaits it’s next victim

and yet at the ateneo grade school, our sons are automatically and quickly penalized if homeworks are not submitted on time or no homework is submitted. when our sons are late in submitting or do not submit homeworks, their grades for sure will suffer and can even get a failing mark.

AGS does not practice what it preaches? 

the AGS has not learned a lesson from amiel’s death?

ateneo inaction puts lives of children in danger : amiel alcantara tragedy

April 26, 2009 Leave a comment

parents who have gone to the ateneo for summer classes and enrollment have reported the chaos and dangers remain at the ateneo grade school parking lot. the parking scheme has not been changed, the parking lot is full of parked cars in whatever space they can find, children and adults cross wherever they want and there are too few security guards to control traffic and safeguard pedestrians.

the volume of cars are fewer than on regular school days but the dangers are still there. why is the ateneo not doing anything to safeguard the sdafety of pedestrians in the school? have they not learned their lesson from the february 24 incident?

parents also have said there are no changes in that parking lot – it looks exactly the same as it was before last school year. no construction of any sort, and no changes on flow. with no changes from before, that can only mean the same dangers and risks that got amiel killed in february continue to be there. that means, that parking lot is waiting for its next victim.

this situation should not be tolerated by parents. it is the lives of their children, the lives of your yayas and even parents themselves that are at risk. parents need to speak up, and speak up now.

amiel alcantara death – with no changes at AGS parking lot, it awaits it’s next victim

April 24, 2009 Leave a comment

if you find out you, your son or any family member of yours feel really sick. what do you do? if you think something is wrong in your health, like something about the heart. what do you do?

you see a doctor, in fact you see a doctor specialist. if it is your heart, you see a heart specialist. or if it is your child, a pediatrician.

if a grade 4 child dies in a vehicular accident at the parking lot of the school, what should school authorities do?

first, school authorities will want to know what happened in that accident and find out its causes. then you set out to find ways to improve safety at the parking lot.

it is common sense to conclude that since a grade 4 boy died at the parking lot of the school, there must be something wrong with the design of the parking lot and the traffic management scheme being implemented in the school.

or at the very least, you know you need to improve or make changes to the traffic scheme and design of the parking lot.

when it comes to designs of parking lots and traffic schemes, where do you go?

you go to architects, designers and engineers who are the experts on designing parking lots for safety.

did ateneo go to these specialists and professionals?

since no changes or improvements in terms of  infrastructure or design have been done on the AGS parking lot, that tells you ateneo has not consulted the proper experts on the matter. if they did, it is certain there will be changes on the infrastructure design of the parking lot.

an architect and engineer works with physical designs and structures. ask their expert opinion and they will give you suggestions on changes to the physical design and structure.

we do not think that when ateneo asked architects and engineers on how to improve safety at the parking lot,  they told the school just to apply fresh paint on the street crossings, conduct educational campaigns and re-write traffic rules and regulations in the school. the solutions architects and engineers think of are structural, physical in nature, not psychological and mental.

who did ateneo ask to develope ways to improve safety at the parking lot? priests? english teachers? school administrators? parents? will they be enough? are they the experts in the field of design for safety?

since ateneo DID NOT consult architects and engineers on how to improve safety at the ateneo and the parking lot looking exactly like what it was last school year,  it only means one thing – the dangers and reasons that killed amiel are still present in that parking lot! the ateneo parking lot is awaiting it’s next victim!  



Comment from an ateneo dad:

Well, it is still unfinished. But, we must impress on Ateneo and the multi-stakeholder committee that they need to work to implement the SAFEST plan and implement it now when they have the time to test and refine it before the real flood of students in June. Anything less would be abrogating their fiduciary responsibilities as 2nd parents to our children.

Let it not be that in their rush to “have something in time for June” that they forget the primary criteria of absolute child safety in any solution that materializes from the exercise that this committee has embarked on. Allowing for a less than 100% solution again would be abrogating their fiduciary responsibilities as 2nd parents to our children.

 As parents and therefore stakeholders of this school, we need to be alert and ready to rally against a slipshod solution that is sold to us as being short-term and temporary. Such measures tend to be more haphazard, hazardous, and ineffective.  And, in many cases, temporary solutions in systems tend to gain a life of their own and become dysfunctionally permanent.

This will bring us back to the same unsafe and possibly more hazardous conditions as where we are today. Ateneo should seriously hire and engage the proper professionals to develop the solution.

They cannot continue to use the reason that it will take too long to design and plan. This is well overdue and the execution of a proper plan should have been done as late as 10 years ago.

I believe parents andstakeholders are not just looking for any kind of solution. They want the Ateneo to do the right thing and to do it well especially in this case that it involves the life and safety of their children.

Nothing less would be the expectation from the school that teaches the way to HEROIC LEADERSHIP

reader comment posted here:

amiel alcantara : no changes at the AGS parking lot, the dangers remain

April 20, 2009 7 comments

summer enhancement classes started today at the ateneo grade school. that is the official start of a new season at the AGS. we once again see boys at the school grounds and the cars that bring them to the school. they are not as plenty compared to regular school days, but it’s a good reminder of what happens in school.

we wonder what has happened to the unfinished business at the ateneo?

we have not heard anything from the ateneo on what they intend to do when classes start in june. pronouncement from the school said they will implement changes and improvements on traffic management and safety at the school but the parking lot of the AGS still look the same as previous. from the looks of the parking lot, it looks like nothing will change.

that worries me. not doing any changes in that parking lot can only mean the same dangers that were there last february continue to exist. didn’t the school learn its lesson from the tragic death of young boy at the parking lot last february?

amiel alcantara tragic death: ateneo dad – hire safety engineer to study traffic flow

April 20, 2009 Leave a comment

from jonas:

ilipat yun parking area ng mga teacher…maglakad na lang sila ng konti…maski ilagay sa likod.. area will serve as an additional exit point…

Bawasan yun area para sa football field… aanhin mo ang football field na bihira mo gamitin… compare mo sa safe na area para sa pagsakay at pag baba ng mga bata… yun hindi ka pressured …. hind i ka nagmamadali…ok lang kung medyo malayo .. SOBRANG LAKI PA NG ATENEO…

ipagbawal yun temporary 4 lane loading and unloading zone 15 mins before dismissal time..pressured ang mga tao… na sumakay at umalis… nagmamadali… . cars and kids don’t mix….

lakihan yun mga sidewalks ..paglakarin yun mga bata… sa sidewalk… hindi sa gitna ng kalsada… train natin sila gumamit ng pedestrian lane… dapat may crossing monitor maski around dismissal time lang…

Mag hire ng safety engineer para pagaralan yun traffic flow sa loob…

Pustahan tayo… in 2 weeks bakasyon na… next school year.. nakalimutan na ito… balik na naman ulit yun impiyerno tuwing dismissal time…

wala silang paki alam sa safety ng mga bata… ok lang sa kanila makipag patintero ang ating mga anak sa mga sasakyan…

mas importante yun tuition fee increase …mas importante yun dalawang magandang football field .. take note dalawa pa ito… na bihira gamitin…mas importante yun malapit parking ng mga guro… bawal maglakad ng malayo ang ating mga guro… wawa naman sila…

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