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view videos of all presidentiables during GMA7’s Isang Tanong Presidential Forum

November 24, 2009 Leave a comment

view all the videos of the presidentiables here.

“goose bumps” moment – viewer reactions to noynoy aquino’s new tv ad “hindi ka nag-iisa”

November 4, 2009 3 comments

“goose bumps” moment – that is the best way to describe viewer reactions to new tv ad of noynoy aquino.

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the gentle giant is dead, so is chiz escudero’s run for president

October 29, 2009 1 comment
chiz escudero's presidential bid dead in the water

ironic that on the day PDI puts chiz escudero bolting NPC, on top of the headline is a picture of a dead "gentle giant", a whale shark. it very well could have described the gentle presidentiable's presidential bid as being dead in the water.

we like chiz escudero. we particularly like to hear him speak. he is the most eloquent of all the presidentiables specially in pilipino. you just have to bear and grin the monotone delivery and statue like poker face. but once you get past that this man makes a lot of sense. he also has his principles and priorities in the right place.

we are saddened that the NPC has abandoned chiz or that chiz abandoned the NPC. we think, as we have previously asked in this blog, chiz escudero’s run for the president is dead in the water with the most recent developments.

dead as it may be, we like to give him two options for a hail mary pass. one is a miracle, the other redemption.

read in full here: the 2 hail mary pass options for chiz escudero

we had  2  questions in our october 25 post in this blog  (click to read) –  will chiz escudero be orphaned? is his presidential bid dead in the water?.

the first question has been answered – he is now orphaned. on the second question, yes we think escudero’s run for the presidency is dead in the water.

read in full here: questions on chiz escudero answered. he is orphaned, leaves his political party NPC. is his presidential run dead in the water?


Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) headline : black in white house

November 6, 2008 Leave a comment

landslide win for Obama!

November 5, 2008 Leave a comment
  • pensylvania goes to obama
  • obama is performing much better than previous democratic presidential candidates across practically all states

the mccain losing marketing strategies, strategy #2 : sarah palin

November 4, 2008 Leave a comment


WAWAM! will be looking at exactly the same things that a political analyst or strategist will be looking at in analyzing the campaigns. but WAWAM! will look it at from the eyes of a marketing and advertising man. these strategies and analysis can be written into marketing plans of brands and it will make sense and most likely work.
or in this case not work.
we’re on strategy # 2 in mccain’s losing marketing strategies – srah palin.

US election guide for tuesday night

November 2, 2008 Leave a comment
double click image for larger view

double click image for larger view

obama’s winning marketing strategies, strategy # 3 : down home presence

November 2, 2008 Leave a comment

if obama was a consumer brand, we will describe strategy # 3 as excellent down-scale distribution where the brand is made available and sold in down-scale retail stores, those located right beside homes of consumers or mom and pop stores (sari-sari stores in the philippines).

obama is not a consumer brand, but the same marketing strategy has been applied here. read about it here:

2008 US Presidential Election : Obama’s November Surprise vs. Mccain’s November Surprise

October 30, 2008 Leave a comment

the US presidential elections has reached a now or never phase. the very last chance will be this week-end, while that time frame is most likely too late already, there are just one more thing that the obama campaing and the mccain campaign can do. for obama to seal the deal. and for mccain to shake up the race and fashion a come from behind win to upset the leader.

each has one last chance – a November Surprise for each. the question of course is can each pull it off. and if both do theirs, which will give them the win.

Obama’s November Surprise vs Mccain’s November Surprise at :

president barack obama : the winning marketing strategies. Strategy No. 1 : Change

October 27, 2008 Leave a comment

on october 15, we predicted in WAWAM!, senator barack obama will win the election on the strenght of a brilliant marketing effort by the obama campaign and blunders of the mccain campaign.

we will be looking at the whole thing from a marekting and advertising stand point and extracting the marketing strategies from this campaign. these are strategies and learnings that any brand manager can re-apply to his/her own marketing plans for his brands.

view it here : or read it here:

3rd debate aftermath – obama vs mccain : did not rock our world, obama on track to win election

October 16, 2008 Leave a comment

we outlined a short list of what can derail obama winning the election. this 3rd and last debate may be the last chance for mccain to reverse the trend and for obama to solidify his winning trend. well, the debate did not rock our world. read about how this debate stacks up to the points we raised here :

we think mccain did better, but obama wins just the same! obama continue to be on track to win this election.

obama-mccain 3rd debate : 2 very different acts

October 15, 2008 Leave a comment

in a few hours time, the 3rd debate will begin. obama and mccain will take two very different approaches but with the same objective – win this debate.

obama should just stay the course and avoid catastrophic blunders. mccain should clarify his message, so far voters are unclear on it. he is on a catch up and will need to be more aggressive. but it’s a tough balancing act – he needs to calibrate just how aggressive he can be. so far negatives they have hurled on obama have backfired.

read more here :

the denver democratic convention – the challenge of delivering messages on a multi-level stage

August 26, 2008 Leave a comment

this man gave the democratic convention a big push with his huge  heart, courage and determination. it’s an excellent example of how each person should be in the convention. the other hard part is the challenge of delivering messages on a multi-level stage. read it here :

source of picture :

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