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URC’s hunt’s pork & beans tv ad – what happens when an unusable “consumer insight” is used

June 30, 2008 Leave a comment

find out about it here :

there is a confusion on what is a “consumer finding” and what is a “consumer insight“. in this ad, that is not the only fatal flaw, find out what these are.

manny pacquiao’s nike tv commercial

June 27, 2008 Leave a comment

nike’s manny pacquaio’s tv commecrial is festured in WAWAM! view it here:

OgilvyOne Manila : PR 101- lesson #1 in public relations

June 27, 2008 Leave a comment

it’s a good idea to have your boss, the president of asia pacific to get press time. it gives exposure to the company and maybe get new accounts, build confidence of current clients and of course  build a closer relationship with your boss. the last one in particular is always a good thing.

the other part of it is – when you call a press conference featuring the president of asia pacific, your boss, you better make sure everything goes right. and making sure everything goes well begins with the most important and the first item in your to-do-list : CHOOSE THE TOPIC OR MESSAGE OF THE PRESS CONFERENCE VERY VERY WELL.

read about it here :

dilbert and dogbert on marketing and advertising

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read what dilbert and dogbert have to say on marketing and advertising here :

OgilvyOne Manila shoots itself in the foot, well both feet

June 26, 2008 Leave a comment

the president of asia pacific of OgilvyOne blew into manila. they called a press conference and a  press release was published. great! well, not really.

this press release turned out to be an april fool’s joke in june where OgilvyOne manila shot themselves not just in one foot, but both feet. check it out here :

i like this though:

is gma7, philippine television network teaching filipino audience the wrong habit?

June 25, 2008 2 comments

a tv station gets it’s revenues from tv advertising aired in it’s tv programs. and tv stations just like advertisers and advertising agencies like to have as many viewers possible. we want the audience to develop the habit of regurly watching tv programs and hopefully the tv ads we load into them. but with gma7’s commercial load, is this tv station teaching the tv audience the wrong habit? is the goose that’s laying the golden egg getting smothered to death?

find out at:

who wants a sad face on Jollibee?

June 24, 2008 Leave a comment

logos are very important to a brand, it’s the “face” of the brand  to consumers. we want them to remember how it looks like all the time and we don’t want them confused. also, the face of our brands, the logo, communicates our brand values. they stand for something and that something is the brand equity.

the jollibee logo has two parts – the name and the face of Jollibee. but who put a sad face to jollibee? and who wants a sad face on jollibee? read about it in WAWAM!

judy ann santos and meralco’s “system loss” tv commercial

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juday or judy ann santos’s now much talked about tv commercial for meralco explaining what “system loss” means is also in WAWAM! does juday’s system loss tv commercial work or not? read about it here:

hooters opens in manila! what a flat!

June 24, 2008 7 comments


 hooters just opened in manila and yes, even hooters has a brand equity. in fact they are holding them in this picture of hooter girls in the US. check out a serious marketing discussion on the hooters brand equities (yes, plural) here –>  

hooters manila, view it here (plus pictures!) :


view heidi klum  here:


angelica panganiban’s sexy body, or is it?

read more and view more pictures on angelica panganiban’s sexy body here: 

quick view of angelica panganiban’s sexy body here :

what about angelica panganiban’s sexy body? find out the truth about angelica’s sexy body here, look at the pictures:

philippine advertising and philippine marketing

June 24, 2008 Leave a comment

WAWAM! is all about advertising and marketing with a focus on the philippines. read about it and join the discussion at WAWAM! –>

hunt’s pork & beans philippines’ WAWAM!

June 24, 2008 1 comment


hunt’s pork & beans launched a new tv commercial in the philippines and it’s a WAWAM! check it out here –>

brain food – new section at WAWAM!

June 23, 2008 Leave a comment

there’s a new section in WAWAM! – brain food. brain food #2 is  “the 22 immutable laws of branding” by al ries and laura ries.  find out what “brain food” is all about and read the excerpts of these two books in WAWAM!, check them out at

condoms can be funny too

June 20, 2008 Leave a comment

this is an interesting print ad for a condom. there’s also a funny condom tv commercial in WAWAM! check it out here –>

i think it will be great to have a condom maker client. i agree that you need to inject humor into it, make it fun and light. you can’t talk blatantly about sex, but you know you need to imply it or touch on it ever so slightly and to do that, humor can be the panacea.

check out the funny tv commercial for durex here :


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Brain Food – new section at WAWAM!

June 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Brain Food is a new section in WAWAM! it has lots of sugar to push hyperactivity in the brain.

find out about titles on marketing and advertising as Brain Food.

featured first is a classic, al ries and jack trout’s “the 22 immutable laws of marketing”.

check out WAWAM! :

Tiger, The Impossible wins the 2008 US Open

June 17, 2008 Leave a comment

was there even a doubt that Tiger, The Impossible will win the 2008 US Open?

true to the WAWAM! tagline for brand tiger woods, Tiger, The Impossible won in a way only he knows how – making the impossible shots possible. oh, did i mention he was having a problem with one of his legs and in constant pain for every step he took?

brand tiger woods’ tagline!

June 16, 2008 Leave a comment

tiger woods is probably one of the most enduring, strongest brand name in all of sports history. and the beauty of it all is that he is just at his prime. he did it again today at the US Open and if he was a brand, i’d have the perfect tagline for brand tiger woods.

read it at:

photo from the Daily News.

senator mar roxas – mr. palengke goes labandera

June 15, 2008 Leave a comment

senator mar roxas

when elected senators appear in tv commercials of consumer products like tide detergent powder, is it an endorsement ad or is it a political ad?

the presidential election is 2 years away, in 2010 but we are already seeing a slew of tv ads for consumer products, some we use on a daily basis that feature elected senators like senator mar roxas.

in this tide detergent tv spot, mr. palengke goes labandera.

read about it in

why we love to hate the philippine daily inquirer

June 15, 2008 Leave a comment

when you think of hooters, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? did hooters manila deliver?

June 9, 2008 2 comments

why we hoot for the hooters girls

that’s not a trick question. it’s a legitimate marketing research question.

restaurants, even hooters have  brand equities, they have brand images. and it is that brand equity why we go to particular restaurants. we forever associate brand images to restaurants.

doughnuts – crispy creme. chicken – KFC. coffee – starbucks.

and hooters – ?

hooters = boobs!

what? boobs? is that food? well, boobs aren’t food (at least not edible) but let’s be honest here, when you say hooters, the first thing or first pair that comes to mind are female boobs. i don’t think anyone has ever said steak, ribs, soup or salad when you say the word hooters.

simply put, perhaps to annoy the feminists, big female boobs is what hooters is known for. and it is these pairs of reasons that hooter girls are famous for and most probably the most photographed waitresses in the whole world. just like the hooter girl on the picture, what she has in front of her, a pair that are proud and smart is what hooters is known for.

that’s really very hard to explain to my 10 year old son – “son, let’s have dinner at hooters, i want to look at some things.” but that’s a separate story all together.

don’t blame me, the hooters logo says the same thing, too. ok, so an owl hoots and that explains the image of the animal being there. sure, the eyes of owls are huge but the shape of the eyes and the two dots are conveniently placed in the middle of each eye and that tells us exactly what we are supposed to look at, well ok and to hoot at.


read in full about hooters and hooters manila here (also, view pictures)


watch video of hooters girls manila dance here:  or click here:


the hooters girls in manila - you hoot for other things that are big, unfortunately


angelica panganiban’s sexy body, or is it?

angelica panganiban's sexy body - the untruth in advertising about her sexy body. the before and the after courtesy of a lot of photoshop magic. same bathing suit, different bodies?

read more and view more pictures on angelica panganiban’s sexy body here: 

quick view of angelica panganiban’s sexy body here :

what about angelica panganiban’s sexy body? find out the truth about angelica’s sexy body here, look at the pictures:

angelica panganiban’s sexy body exposed or truth in advertising via photoshop (pictures here)

June 9, 2008 28 comments

what happened to truth in advertising? well, ok so the truth was removed not on the product that is being sold here, but we are all disappointed that the truth on angelica’s body was removed in this ad.

it is kinda confusing, really — are we disappointed on this ad because of the untruth we discovered about angelica’s body?

read about it and view MORE  revealing pictures, click  here  –>

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