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steve jobs video on the post-pc era

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RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif.–At the D8 conference here, Steve Jobs didn’t whip out the newest iPhone or tell us which category will be next to get an “i” before it, but his words offered a glimpse of where the iconic CEO thinks the industry is headed.

Speaking for an hour and a half at the D: All Things Digital confab, Jobs said the day is coming when only one out of every few people will need a traditional computer.

“When we were an agrarian nation, all cars were trucks because that’s what you needed on the farms.” Cars became more popular as cities rose, and things like power steering and automatic transmission became popular.

“PCs are going to be like trucks,” Jobs said. “They are still going to be around.” However, he said, only “one out of x people will need them.”

Jobs said advances in chips and software will allow tablet devices like the iPad to do tasks that today are really only suited for a traditional computer, things like video editing and graphic arts work.

The move, Jobs said, will make many PC veterans uneasy, “because the PC has taken us a long ways.”

“We like to talk about the post-PC era, but when it really starts to happen, it’s uncomfortable,” he said.

Jobs noted that people still laugh at him when he talks about the iPad as magical, and he tried to put that feeling into more concrete terms. “You have a much more direct and intimate relationship with the Internet and media and apps and your content,” Jobs said. “It’s like some intermediate thing has been removed and stripped away. Like that Claritin commercial where they strip away the film–it’s like that.”

Among the other big revelations that came out of the talk was the fact that Apple was actually working on a tablet like the iPad before the iPhone, but put the project on hold when it saw an opportunity to crack the phone market, which is far larger than even the PC business, in terms of units.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs at D8: The Full, Uncut Interview



steve jobs on microsoft and google

steve jobs said they never saw themselves in a platform war with microsoft. he said they were just concerned in selling the best products they can make.


jpegs of Steve Jobs in iHeaven

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Steve Jobs – technology and marketing genius bar none. 1955-2011

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not only did steve jobs launch successful products, each one changed and dominated industries.

steve jobs successfully read the needs and wants of consumers even before consumers knew they needed and wanted it.

steve jobs not only created gadgets that worked flawlessly all the time, they were also beautiful to look at and to hold.

we enjoyed every change  steve jobs did in our lives, at the same time looking forward to the next one.

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what becomes of Apple A.S.J. (After Steve Jobs)? – take the poll

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what will happen to apple  post steve jobs? that is probably the one question most people are asking.  it is not a morbid question, it is one of admiration and acknowledgement of the power and influence of steve jobs not only on apple but the rest of the technology world and yes our lives. that IS the impact of steve jobs to the company, to the industry and in our lives.

pundits and analysts are still out pondering on that question. in the meantime, take the poll:

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