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justice for amiel alcantara

May 31, 2009 1 comment

we are posting here a comment from a reader, solar.

we will be filling up this post with updates once we get them from any member of the alcantara family.

Thanks for the reply. Do you think Amiel’s uncle (Doc Martin ? ) who has posted notices in Wawam can be requested to give Wawam readers updates on the case the Alcantara family has filed against the driver of the van ? We also need to see justice for Amiel served from that end.

amiels urn garden_wawam

amiel's little corner of heaven at the garden

view more pictures here:

proposal: move AGS teachers parking lot and make it covered – aftermath of amiel alcantara’s death

May 30, 2009 8 comments

based on the latest traffic scheme released by the ateneo, the teachers’ reserved parking lot is still there and will not be moved elsewhere. that space could be used as exit for cars getting out of the congested parking lot. it will increase efficiency and safety for all.

removing that reserved parking lot and turning it to use for fetchers and students is also one of the unanimous suggestion of parents and even professionals/experts. we do not understand why ateneo is blind and insensitive to that improvement.

we think it is best to remove that reserved parking lot for teachers and transfer it to a much better location. transfer the reserved teachers parking lot behind irwin theater.

that area connects to the back of the AGS canteen and already has an existing passageway. it also puts it very close to the teachers dining are at the back of the canteen. walking distance for the teachers from their cars to the campus will be reduced dramatically making it easier and more convenient for teachers specially on rainy days.

ateneo should not stop at moving the parking area to the back of irwin theater which makes it very convenient and significantly helps traffic and safety at the AGS parking lot, ateneo should make the teacher’s parking lot at the back of  irwin theater covered by a roof  to protect their cars and the teachrs from the heat and rain. we think the teachers deserve to be treated better as well.

this suggestion is a win-win for everyone concerned – safer and more efficient for fetchers and students and more convenient for teachers.


we shared the above same suggestion in a yahoogroup of ateneo parents (234 members) and we got a reply from one of the ateneo parents:

yes!…. teachers come early in the earliest and leave last…. they are old
enough to cross the street or yes, they can take the back of Irwin theater for parking… a lot of parents i know feel the same way.

we thought that was an excellent point. we gave this reply:

you raise an excellent point – teachers  arrive  first and leave last. that is an excellent rationale for  moving the reserved parking spaces from where it is now, beside the blue eagle’s gym.

since they arrive first and leave last, they are actually obstructing the flow of vehicles owned by thousands of students/parents/drivers who can use that prime real estate to exit the already cramped parking lot. freeing that space up for use of the thousands of students/parents/drivers will decongest the parking lot even faster and in effect have better safety for all.

moving their reserved parking spaces behind the irwin theater will be much better for them as it will be closer to the campus. they will need to walk a much shorter distance and that is good given the load of school things they have to haul from their cars to the classrooms.

that space behind irwin theater is unused. its a good idea to put it into good use for better traffic effiiciency, safer for our kids and more convenient for the teachers.

we also think ateneo should build roofs over the parking area for teachers for the comfort and protection of the teachers and theirs cars from heat and rain.

senator enrile tells a lie and we love him for it

May 30, 2009 Leave a comment
senator juan ponce enrile

senator enrile was fuming mad  the other day. he said his cellphone’s load disappeared without him using any of it. and that is a crime of stealing.

we agree with senator enrile. it is also the same complaint we have been making and pouring complaints to cell phone company’s customer service call centers.
but let’s be honest here, senator enrile did tell a lie. perhaps done out of passion? we love enrile just the same for telling a lie. we forgive him for it.
read in full here:
from the news article:

he 85-year-old Senate chief said he had P387 load on the morning of May 25, but lost it in the evening without ever using it.

“Then yesterday, I loaded P600. I did not use my telephone. In the afternoon it’s already P519. This morning it went down to P445. Inuubos, aba’y ang galing naman na serbisyo publiko ito (It was lost. This is some public service),” he said.

new Ateneo Grade School traffic and safety scheme

May 28, 2009 9 comments

posted at the ateneo website ( with thanks to Dino who posted the link in this blog. it’s not easy to understand, but this is the scheme that will be implemented.

please post your comments and suggestions on this new traffic and safety scheme here and we will make sure it reaches ateneo admin.



After a two-month effort, the multi-stakeholder committee headed by the VP for Administration and Planning Dr. John Paul Vergara, came out with a comprehensive design which enables an ingress and egress system that utilizes safe passage for students and only curb side drop-off and pick-up.  Parents’ orientations, student walk throughs and driver’s dry run will be conducted.

An attempt to provide the pertinent features of the scheme is included below. This covers the various components of the scheme and to whom this applies to . You may wish toDownload  the vicinity map as a basic guide.

vicinity map

To WHOM does this apply to : ALL STUDENTS

Fundamental to the scheme is the reduction of vehicles at a given dismissal time.  A revised dismissal schedule now enables this ( Download a copy of the new Dismissal Schedules)


To WHOM does this apply to : ALL STUDENTS who go to their cars instead of wait to be picked up. To commuters

Another pertinent feature of the new scheme is the designation of pedestrian safety passages. (Download  a copy of the Pedestrian Walkpaths Map ) Evidently the principle behind this provision is to ascertain the safety of students regardless of whether they will be picked up at designated pick-up areas or whether they will go to their parked vehicles during dismissal time. The same safety consideration enables commuters to walk to leave the campus by passing through pedestrian paths.



To WHOM does this apply to :Drivers of all students

With the new scheme comes a rerouting of vehicles. Essentially, this rerouting will enable the vehicles to enter the inner driveway- an area that was once inaccessible  except during rains and the Irwin Theatre Curbside Area  .  Vehicles entering Gate 3 may still access the AGS via Masterson’s Drive or the  service road at Erunchun Footbal Field , facing Katipunan  Road . ( Download a copy of  the Drivers Route Map ).


To WHOM does this apply to : School Vehicle Riders and Drivers


In an effort to encourage the students to avail of school service vehicles, school service providers are provided with special parking spaces ( indicated in  the map as SP ) . This will enable the students to wait for the fetchers at a holding area located at the old prep.   (Download a copy of map showing the exit route of the students who take the school service )

exit route for students who take the school service

To WHOM does this apply to : All Prep and Grade 1 Students


Being the youngest among the AGS students, the Prep and Grade 1 students will continue to be accompanied by their teachers to designated waiting areas where fetchers will pick them up. Prep students will be picked up their fetchers at the old Prep Area . Grade 1 students will be picked up at the  Irwin Theatre Area. The inner driveway continues to be accessible to  the students and fetchers waiting for their vehicles. ( Download a copy of  the map showing the pick up routes of Prep and Grade 1 Students

pick up routes of prep and grade 1 students


To WHOM does this apply to : Drivers of Prep and Grade 1 students


Parking spaces will be made exclusive 1 hour before the dismissal time of PREP and GRADE 1 Students. For Prep, the Parking area is located at the Southwest Carpark for Grade 1, the space is at P7. Drivers are asked to display a duplicate of  the fetchers pass at the windshield of their cars for proper identification.


To WHOM does this apply to :Grade 2-7 students and their drivers


Although the grades 2-7 students will be coming from different areas during dismissal.  There are designated curbside areas where their vehicles  can drive and pick them up . ( Download a copy of the drive and Curbside loading of Grade 2-7 )


Because it is important  to gather valuable information about the effectiveness of  the new scheme,  we are banking on your utmost cooperation and compliance.  You and your drivers are enjoined to go through the Traffic Guidelines since the plan will be implemented soon as classes begin on June 8.

However, be assured that although, security and traffic personnel will enforce rules and call the attention of violators( for purposes of driver education and data gathering ) no sanction will yet be imposed until June 30 . We are in the process of recruiting parent volunteers who wish to serve as traffic and safety marshalls . Those of you who are interested my get in touch with Asst Headmaster for Student Affairs Jonny Salvador at

We invite you to continue to partner with us in the service of a safe and secure school.


please post your comments and suggestions on this new traffic and safety scheme here and we will make sure it reaches ateneo admin.

traffic & parking scheme at the ateneo grade school

May 27, 2009 1 comment

an ateneo mom has sent us this link at the ateneo website on the new traffic scheme that

will be implemented at the AGS this june.

this is the link at the ateneo website:

actually, it does not say much on what exactly is the traffic scheme. all it says is they have been working hard and that a lot of departments have been involved.

we are anxious to find out what this traffic scheme is. this is the unfinished business at the AGS.

manny pacquiao – is he or is he not? should he or should he not?

May 27, 2009 Leave a comment
manny pacquiao in tirumph

manny pacquiao in tirumph

we don’t know for sure if manny pacquaio, the country’s boxing hero will run for congress or not.  on some days he seem to be saying he will but on some we’re not sure what he is saying.

he has seeked approval from the comelec to accredit a political party, so that is a sign of his intention to run.

but when he is asked a direct question by reporters, he fudges his answers. he seem to be saying yes he will but it does not sound definitive.

should manny pacquaio run for political office?

i think i heard him say in an interview he wants to run for elective office because he wants to “help the people”. it is what all candidates say. it is also the most generic answer any political candidate can give to that question. being such a pandemic answer among all candidates that i think it has lost meaning.

but let us not judge for now. let us say pacquiao means it.

what does “help the people” mean? that is actually the question i want pacquaio to answer the most. in what ways will he help the people if he is a congressman?

pacquaio is the closest any one living filipino closest to being a national hero. in his last fight, i will not be exaggerating if i said around 99.99% of filipinos were tuned in to their radios and tv set  cheering him on. when pacquaio won, 99.99% of filipinos cheered for him.

not only did we hear the loud cheering, we also heard the pride and inspiration that his won sparked in 99.99% of all filipinos. he is to us the picture of a pinoy who by hard work, smarts and power catapulted himself to global stardom. we knew that it wasn’t just filipinos who cheered and admired him, it was the rest of the world as well. he is not just a national hero, he is world class and a champion in the world history of all boxing.

and we love that. we are awed by it. we are proud. and that inspires us.

with those, i do not think there is any other filipino now who has helped the people in a bigger and more profound way as pacquaio has done.

his plan of becoming a candidate is driven by his desire to “help the people”. does he not know that he is already doing that. does he not know that in fact no other filipino is able to help the people as much as he has been doing with his boxing triumphs?

his winning his fights help us believe in ourselves, in the capabilities of filipinos. it gives pinoys hope and rekindles in great measure our belief that in this country of ours, hard work, doing the right thing and excellence delivers dividends. his victories jolts us out of skepticism about our capabilities and how individual efforts can change thing.

if pacquaio wants to help the people, he can do this best by being who he is, by being the best that he can be  – by being a champion boxer, not as a congressman. we do not think he will be able to achieve the kind of help to the people by being a congressman than being a champion boxer.

the best help he can give the people is for him to continue to be who he is, to be exactly the person we admire him to be – the world class boxing champion who is a pinoy.

what is up with ateneans these days? too many involved in scandals?

May 26, 2009 5 comments

a question keeps popping in my mind these days – what is up with ateneans these days? they seem to be popping out left and right doing very unsavory things.

there are 3 ateneans in the hayden sex video scandals – hayden kho, bistek rosario and maricar reyes.

there is a long list of ateneans prominent in all sorts of scandals. we will add soon.

amazing! cover of New Yorker done entirely using an iphone

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big time surge in presidentiables poll for manny villar

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major change in rankings among the presidentiables in poll – villar on a big time surge, now leading at 27%. binay drops to 2nd at 22% and lacson at 3rd at 16%.

view results here and cast your vote here:

Hayden Kho’s mom speaks on the Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal

May 26, 2009 6 comments
Hayden's Mom
Irene, Hayden Kho’s mom

Hayden’s mom blames Katrina, Lolit for sex scandal

The mother of Dr. Hayden Kho on Monday broke her silence to defend her son and get back at his critics amid the sex scandal that is hounding the embattled cosmetic surgeon.In an exclusive interview with “TV Patrol World,” Irene Kho revealed that actress Katrina Halili was allegedly following a “script” when she came out in the open in connection with her sex video with Hayden.

read in full here:

measuring Brillante Mendoza’s greatness – best director at Cannes Film Festival

May 26, 2009 Leave a comment

brillante mendoza wins

every filipino should feel proud on brillante mendoza’s achievement at canned film festival for winning the best director’s award. it is not only a first for a filipino, something that evenn the great lino brocka was not able to achieve, this win puts mendoza in league with some of the great directors in the world’s movie history. 

his movie, “Kinatay” was much maligned by movie critics, including Richard Ebert, one of the most prominent critics in the movie world but the jurists went the other way and gave mendoza the award.

exerpts from Philippine Daily Inquirer:

RP’s Dante Mendoza: Best director at Cannes 
 By Ruben V. Nepales
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines— (UPDATE) Filipino filmmaker Brillante “Dante” Mendoza was proclaimed best director in this year’s Cannes Film Festival in France for his work “Kinatay” (Butchered), besting the likes of acclaimed directors Ang Lee, Pedro Almodovar, Jane Campion and Quentin Tarantino.

“I feel humbled and privileged to be in competition for two consecutive years and to be alongside the giants and the biggest names in the film industry,” Mendoza said in an earlier interview.

Dante pulled a tremendous upset victory since, in addition to Tarantino, Campion and Von Trier, he won over established filmmakers, including Michael Haneke, whose “The White Ribbbon” won the Palme d’Or, French master Alain Resnais, Oscar winner Ang Lee, Ken Loach, Gasper Noe and Johnnie To.

As the first Filipino to win the Best Director prize in Cannes, he joins the list of revered filmmakers who have won the coveted prize, including Martin Scorsese, Ingmar Bergman, Francois Truffaut, Luis Buñuel, Robert Bresson, Costa Gavras, Bernard Tavernier, Werner Herzog, Robert Altman, Joel Coen, Pedro Almodovar and Gus Van Sant.

read in full here:

Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal – just when we thought we know the whole story, BOOM! we find out we know shit!

May 26, 2009 3 comments

on tv tonight – just when we thought we got everything figured out in this whole Hayden Kho sex video scandal, we find out we know shit!

  • on tv tonight, hayden mom’s speaks on tv
  • erik chua is not a doctor, he is a businessman who sells dvd duplicating machines. hayden and chua met in parties both attended as adults, they were not frat buddies in UST.
  • there is a new name, bistek rosario who is a doctor and is a long time friend of hayden. they were friends wayback at the ateneo where they were pre-med students and met again at UST where they studied medicine. both joined the same fraternity, he is the frat brod of hayden.
  • rosario has a girlfriend who works at belo’s clinic. this girlfriend of rosario had an affair with hayden.
  • the news says it was rosario who took the video copies from hayden’s computer who most likely gave them to chua who distributed the videos to the internet and quiapo.
  • hayden’s mom is holding back on many things she knows but she did say katrina is more quilty that what we are being led to believe.
  • lolit solis seem to be involved with the katrina as more guilty angle. she has also been talking a lot about the people involved in the scandal, many unsavory and uncalled for.
  • SOMEONE PLEASE SHUT SOLIS UP! and please jail her soon!

till the next chapter or revision…

Hero’s welcome urged for Pinoy Best Director Cannes Film Festival winner – Brillante Mendoza

May 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Brillantes Mendoza

Like Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, director Brillante Mendoza deserves to be given a hero’s welcome when he comes home, an award winning filmmaker said Monday.

Mendoza has bagged the best director award at the recently concluded 62nd Cannes Film Festival for his dark movie “Kinatay (The Execution of P).” This is the first time that a Filipino won the prestigious award.

article parsed, read in full here:

we agree that this is a huge achievement and deserves equal if not bigger celebration for the country.

read movie review of Kinatay at Variety here:

sinners and saints in the hayden kho sex video scandal

May 24, 2009 3 comments

as in any controversy that grips the nation, there will be sinners and saints. in the hayden kho sex video scandal, we are being asked to see senator bong revilla as the saint who is playing don quixote, taking the cause to the maiden in trouble, katrina halili.

never mind that this saint was a bit stung with the release of a picture of the senator and another actress in a tight embrace, kissing and fully naked. the senator very gallantly faced the picture by demurely and humbly (ahem)  saying that the upper body of the picture was his but the bottom half was not. (ahem!) he said, with a smile, thaat  his “buttocks” look better than what is depicted in the picture. (we wonder if the actress in the picture who was also naked will say the face was hers but the rest of the body wasn’t. ahem)

the damsel in distress is katrina halili. how much of a saint is she? do saints pose in the nude in magazines, movies and anything else possible? we have seen every inch of ms. katrina’s body from all angles, in numerous poses in countless magazines.

ok, we should not be judging her. after all, women who pose in the nude, in all form and manner should not be judged. right? right?

for us, the only legitimate complaint that halili can lodge is the video that was taken of her was without her consent. based on the video, the sexual acts that were video recorded were  obviously  consumed with mutual consent. they were consenting adults with both adults thoroughly enjoying  (again based on the video) what they did but one not knowing the other recorded the whole thing in video.

the inverse is that this  is the sin of sinner hayden. he recorded the consensual sexual acts without the consent of the woman. however, hayden’s sin ends there.

the public display of the video, if we are to believe hayden, was not his fault. he says it was stolen or at least taken without permission and distributed in the internet without his permission,

this sin was committed by his friend and frat brod during their UST days, dr. erik chua. chua apparently was the person responsible for releasing the sex videos to the public. chua has a business of selling DVD duplicating machines and own many stores that sell videos. he has the capability and know how on the wide distribution of these sorts of movies. edu manzano, optical board chair also said the hayden kho-katrina halili master video was being sold for P2M in the black market. it is apparently being sold at a premium as even hollywood movies are being sold only for P50T to movie pirates. the DVDs of the sex scandal is also selling at a premium, going for P100 to P150 per piece versus the usual P20 to P30 for regular movies.

we do not know how much of a sinner vicky belo is in this whole affair. hayden says only belo had the hard disk that contained the sex videos. we wonder if it’s possible that  there is link between belo and chua and what the story is behind that “conspiracy”.

who is the biggest sinner in this scandal?

we think the biggest sinner is chua, the one responsible for distributing the sex scandal to dvd distributors in quiapo and the internet. if the sex video was not released to the wilds of quiapo and the internet, it would have remained a very private affair, a romp in the bed that only hayden could playback as often as he wants  in the privacy of his dvd player and computer in his home.

what people do in bed is nobody else’s business. we can choose what we want to do in bed. the portrayal of hayden as a pervert and a sicko by senator revilla is uncalled for, unfair and too much hysterics. is senator revilla a cmpetent psychiatrist to label hayden a pervert and a sicko? there was nothing that hayden did in the video that was perversion or sick – they were all normal sexual acts done by most normal people.

what  may be seen as  sickly and perverted is its release to the public. but that was not done by hayden, it was done by chua. and chua did not release it because he was a pervert and a sicko, it was released for business gain, for money. 

selling out on a friend of many years as chua did to hayden may be seen by many as sickly and perverted, but  that is a moral question, not  psychiatric.

who is the victim here? i think there are three victims here – katrina and yes hayden himself. katrina was a true victim as she just happened to be in the video that chua released for monetary gain. hayden is a victim as he is now villified and made into being the poster boy of video scandal evil without consent.

the third victim is us, the public. the country and that includes a senator of the country, malacanang and the police are now involved in an otherwise a private sex  between two people that in truth is non of our business. we were forced into this situation not because of hayden, but by chua, the true sinner in all of this.

saints? there are none….

questions on the hayden kho sex video scandal

May 23, 2009 2 comments

Once Hayden plead for insanity and the court agreed – wala ng kaso kasi di pwedeng litisin ang isang baliw sa korte.

The two having sex is not the issue, they are consenting adult. And premarital sex is already a part of Philippine Society whether we like it or not.

The question now is,  alam ba ng babae na kinukunan sya? If no, well that will constitute a violation. If yes, one case down which means wala tayong karapatang husgahan kung bakit nila yun vinedeo. Karapatan nilang gawin kung ano ang gusto nila sa pribadong buhay nila if they think that will ignite their passion.

Next question, paano nakalabas ang video. Responsibilidad ng nag-iingat ng video kung paano pag-iingatan ang mga materyal na ito.

Kung ninakaw – paano mo ito susuportahan? May police blotter ba?

Kaugnay naman sa paghihiwalay ni Vicki Bello at Hayden Kho nung December 2008 na napabalitang di na nakatanggi si Hayden dahil sa hawak na ebidensya ni Vicki.

Napabalita ring nagkaroon din ng confrontation o closed door meeting bago nagkahiwalay si Hayden at Vicki. Ano ang ebidensyang hawak ni Vicki? Yung video kaya? Assuming na yung video ang dahilan ng paghihiwalay, paano napunta kay Vicki ang video?

Pagkatapos, nun nagtangkang magpakamatay ni Hayden na may sulat pa sa dibdib nito ukol sa pagmamahal niya kay Vicki. At di pa natapos dito dahil, nag-attend ng counselling si Hayden starting January na nagkataong kaibigan din ni Vicki Bello.

Makalipas ang ilang buwan, biglang lumabas ang video ni Katrina, sabay ng dalawa pang ibang babae. Ngayon napapabalitang may susunod pang video.

Sa pagkakalat ng video isang Erik Johnson Chua ang nadadawit na nagkakalat ng video na brod ni Hayden sa isang Frat. Ayon sa balita tinangka pa nitong ibenta ang video ng Php2M.

Pag idudugtong natin sa pahayag ni Hayden na ninakaw ang mga video, si Erick Johnson kaya ang nagnakaw? Kung siya, may posibilidad kaya na siya ang kumuha ng video. Bakit parang well targetted ang video file. Paano siyang nakapasok sa bahay ni Hayden? May susi ba sya? Kung wala bakit walang nabalitang ninakawan at pwersang pinasok ang bahay ni Hayden? Kanino nakuha ni Eric ang susi?

Mga anggulong dapat usisain:

1. Gaano kalalim ang brotherhood relationship ni Hayden at Erik?

2. Ano ang kaugnayan ni Vicki Bello sa mga nangyayari?

3. Bakit maganda ang timing ng Psychiatric treatment ni Hayden na mukhang kalkuladong kalkulado hanggang sa panahon na lumabas at sumabog ang Video na parang inihahanda nilang gawing depensa na walang katinuan si Hayden para di sya pwedeng litisin sa korte?

4. Kung talagang si Erik ang nagkalat at talagang pera ang motibo ni Erik bakit parang naghintay pa siya ng matagal at bakit installment basis. Bakit parang ini-isa isa ang mga babaeng naugnay kay Hayden?

posted by joe, a reader of this blog. posted here:

hayden kho appears on tv, says he is sorry. view it here.

May 23, 2009 6 comments

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/57114/448773&tbid=k_8295&premium=false&height=445&width=425]

Kho says sorry, claims he’s also a victim

For the first time since the controversy broke, cosmetic surgeon Hayden Kho faced the media Friday to air his side on the video recordings of his sexual escapades with several women, saying that he is also a “victim” since the videos were stolen from him.

Kho, speaking to the media in an undisclosed location in Makati, asked for forgiveness from his family, friends, and the women involved in the videos, one of whom is actress Katrina Halili.

“I deeply regret everything that has happened because of poor judgment. Nagsisisi na po ako sa dami ng mga nadamay, sa dami ng mga nasaktang tao, dahil may nagnakaw at nagkalat nung videos,” Kho said.

He maintained that he is also a victim of the controversy since the videos, which he said were supposed to be private only, were stolen from him and were sold by a former friend. He also said that he is ready to face the consequences of his actions.

“Right now, I only feel deep remorse. I know it’s too much to ask for forgiveness right now, [pero] sana, someday, people would learn to condemn the sin and not the sinner,” he added.

He also appealed to the public to stop distributing and watching the videos.

article parsed, read in full here:

hayden has 40 sex videos : hayden kho and katrina halili sex video scandal

May 22, 2009 15 comments

hayden kho has 40 videos, according to senator revilla. it looks like we are in for the long haul. we can put up a whole website just on hayden’s sex videos!

and now we know who was the person who first distributed hayden’s sex videos at the internet – Dr. Eric Johnson Chua. chua is a good friend of hayden, they are fraternity brothers back in the days when they were both students at UST.

let’s see know – dr. belo, hayden’s GF who hayden said had all the videos, then dr. chua,  hayden’s friend distributed them to the internet. questions:

  • who needs enemies when you have these kinds of friends?
  • what the hell do these doctors do? why do they have so much time?
  • who said being a doctor is a boring career? not only do they get a lot of you know what, they have videos too!


NBI subpoenas Kho, Belo 
Doc has 40 sex videos, Revilla says

By Jeannette Andrade, Tina Santos
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 04:03:00 05/22/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Subpoenas have been issued to three people, including celebrity cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo and her ex-boyfriend Dr. Hayden Kho, in connection with the inquiry of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) into the raging sex video scandal.

One Dr. Eric Johnston Chua will also be invited to explain how the videos featuring Kho in sexual encounters with actress Katrina Halili and other women ended up on the Net, according to Vicente de Guzman, head of the NBI Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division.


Kho has a “library” of 40 sex videos with different women, apparently filmed without their knowledge, Revilla said in a statement Thursday. He called on “other victims of Kho” to come out and press charges, saying this would be an “act of vindication,” particularly for those in videos making the rounds of the public domain.



article parsed, read in full here:

hayden kho-katrina halili sex video scandal: Hayden assures Katrina – Only Belo has the film

May 22, 2009 1 comment
this whole hayden kho sex video scandal has just taken a bizarre change in course. now, the popular dr. vicky belo is somehow involved. we know of vicky belo as the liposuction and breast augmentation star doctor of celebrities, even knew of her impossible relationship with the young dr. hayden kho but we only know of her to admire her. but now, it’s taking a turn for the worst.
yup, not only is it “only belo can touch my skin”, its also “only belo has the video”.
ah, the perils of the rich, famous and beautiful….
dr. vicky belo hayden's GF

dr. vicky belo hayden's GF

MANILA, Philippines —
Only Vicki Belo has the copy of Hayden Kho’s computer hard disk that allegedly contains his sex videos with Katrina Halili.

Thus, said Halili on Thursday as she lodged before the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) her complaint against Kho, who reportedly taped their intimate tryst without her knowledge.

Halili narrated that she first heard of the sex video scandal last December. When she confronted Kho, the latter denied the rumors. Later on, the actress said, Kho finally admitted that, indeed, there were video clips of their intimate scenes.

But before it spread like wildfire in the Internet, the actress said the doctor assured her that the videos are in safe hands because only his long time lover has the copy of his hard disk.

“Walang makakanuod nun dahil na kay Vicki yung hard disk ko. Wala siyang pinagbigyan ng copy dhel (dahil) di naman yun marunong mag computer,” Halili’s complaint quoted Kho as saying.

[Nobody can watch that (video) because my (computer’s) hard disk is with Vicky. She did not give any one a copy because she does not know how to use the computer.]

Belo’s lawyer, Adel Tamano, said if the information is true it only vindicates his client.

“Unang -una sabihin na natin na totoo yung information…if there are text messages to that effect sa text message na lang po obvious na walang participation si Dra. Belo. These are all claims by Dr. Kho,” Tamano said in a radio interview.

Tamano also called on the public not judge Belo just because she’s related to Kho.

“Ang danger po dito is just because kaibigan o may relationship si Dr. Belo kay Dr. Kho na parang magkakaroon ng guilt by association…iisipin ng tao na kung may kasalan man si Dr. Kho, that kasali si Dr. Belo. Unfair naman po siuguro kay Dr. Belo if we condemned her,” Tamano said as he called on Kho to face the allegations hurdled against him.

Halili has asked the PRC to revoke Kho’s license as doctor. According to the report of GMA News’ Steve Dailisan, the actress branded the doctor as a shame to the profession of medicine.

Katrina maintained that Kho never asked for her permission when he filmed their sexual acts. She added that she saw the video only through the Internet.

“It was very clear in the said video that respondent Hayden was the one…setting up the camera, without the knowledge and consent of Katrina,” the complaint said.

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NBI summons Kho, Belo on sex video

May 21, 2009 Leave a comment

NBI summons Kho, Belo on sex video | 05/21/2009 7:57 PM

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Thursday subpoenaed controversial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hayden Kho and two other doctors, including Dr. Vicki Belo, with regard to its investigation on the alleged sex video involving him and actress Katrina Halili.

Vicente de Guzman, head of NBI Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division, said Kho was summoned to answer the charges filed against him by Halili.

On Wednesday, Halili accused Kho, her former lover, and others of violation of Republic Act 9262 or the law on violence against women and children. As part of the procedure, Halili underwent psychological evaluation in the NBI on Thursday.

Belo, Kho’s former girlfriend, and Dr. Eric Johnston Chua were also summoned to shed light on the case. Belo reportedly had a copy of the sex video while Chua was named as the person allegedly responsible for spreading the video.


Revoke Kho’s license

Halili also asked the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) to revoke the license of cosmetic surgeon Kho after their sex scandal broke out.

In her six-page complaint, Halili said Kho should be stripped of his license for immorality after videotaping their sexual intercourse without her consent. Their sex video is now circulating in the Internet.

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the hayden kho sex video scandal – the morning after part 1

May 21, 2009 2 comments

don’t blink, dr. hayden kho has become the poster boy of sex video scandals or scandals as we call it here. it’s interesting that the poster boy is not an actor,  just any sleazy guy or a porn guy. the poster boy is a doctor of medicine.

admittedly he is not an ordinary doctor. he is a doctor who is the ex of vicky belo, the doctor for liposuction and breast augmentation for the stars. that adds a lot of pogi points to dr. kho.  his pogi points also piled up when he reportedly wanted to commit suicide after the break up from dr. belo.

and all the while we thouugh doctors live a boring life!

so what is next after hayden kho sex videos have been revealed? what is the morning after?

with senator revilla deciding to stay in front and center – there could be a senate hearing.

some new law will probably be passed. to do what, there are a few options.

one is to penalize people who do their own home video of their sex acts without the consent of their partner. we agree with that.

another could be to penalize the person who distributes these scandals through the internet without the consent of both parties performing in the video. we agree with that, too.

the internet and quiapo are full of these types of video scandals. there are websites local and foreign and  pinoy yahoogroups dedicated to publishing and distributing sex video scandals. 

we think a large number of these videos the women in them do not know they are out in the internet being downloaded into hard drives by the millions.

there are two types – one is a sex video that was recorded with consent and the other is one where it was recorded by a hidden camera and therefore taken without consent.

both types find its way to the internet, websites and yahoogroups and eventually in quiapo and obviously without the approval or consent of the people appearing in them. many of them the senders specifically say they released it to the internet as some kind of revenge or to get back at their girlfriends.

enacting  a law making the publication and distribution of these types of sex scandals illegal is something we agree to.

there is some crazy talk on the possibility of restricting the use and access to the internet is one. this is something we strongly disagree with. 

the value of the internet is the total freedom of its use and access. impinging or that or limiting it even in the smallest way is unacceptable.

let us know what you think…

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