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ludacris – barack obama’s vice president?

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nothing is impossible, even in politics. award winning rapper, ludacris has just sent his application form for the vacant position of vice president to barack obama. read about it here :

find out what’s in the New York Times blog

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bank of commerce print ad – calling to be noticed

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notice the bank of commerce print ad? go to here to notice it :

who can forget the unforgetable “karen” of mcdonald’s? – one of philippine advertising’s best

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few ads you can’t forget. this is one of those ads, even if the story is about forgetting. veiw it here :

new in WAWAM! : to die for print ads!

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sugar free lollipops!


WAWAM! is starting a new series of “to die for print ads”. this chupa chups print ad is the first. check them out here :

bacchus energy drink tv spot : brawn, brains and humor – a pleasant brew

July 23, 2008 1 comment

who pays attention to tv spots of energy drinks? aren’t they all the same? what new thing can these brands say that will merit 30 seconds of my time?

find out why brawn, brains and humor are a good brew here :

circulan tv spot – senator chiz escudero is not to blame

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if an ad goes bad, who is to blame? are the talents to blame? or the ad agency?

and who suffers? the brand? yes, they are a kind of a trick question.

when you have a talent in the commercial, like a nationally  elected senator of  the ocuntry, a lousy ad does not just victimize the brand’s market share and  volume sales, it can hurt the talent. 

find out more here :

coppertone : the unsolved puzzle print ad

July 22, 2008 2 comments

no, it’s not an ad for a puzzle. it’s an ad for some brand but the way it;s done is the ad looks like a unsolved puzzle. very pretty picture but you can’t quite make out what it means. that’s the unsolved puzzle part. why bother with this kind of an ad?




find out here :

security bank logo and the dirty little secret

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every client is different. and you know it’s very wise to know each client as well as you can. even the little quirks. knowing these, even the dirty little secrets will make your life easier. presentations will be smoother and your approval rate will be very high. find out what that dirty little secret is here :

slimmer’s world print ad on the rebound!

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slimmer’s world is WAWAM!’s  favorite poster girl ad for what is not right and what is wrong in print ad layouts. we want slimmer’s world to go through rehab! read about it here :

kurot sa kwan

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haven’t heard of “kurot sa kwan”? it’s along the lines but not the same ad genre called “kurot sa puso”. “kurot sa kwan” sort of like target a different body part. find out what the hell that is here :

kris aquino and casino femme tv spot – what a waste of a good advertising concept

July 20, 2008 Leave a comment

kris aquino’s casino femme tv spot is a very interesting celebrity endorser tv commercial. it’s not quite a WAWAM! but it’s a waste of a very good ad concept. read about it here :

senator barak obama and the new yorker : lesson in commnunication 101

July 19, 2008 Leave a comment

it’s communication 101 but it can very well be advertising 101. don’t lose sight of what communication is supposed to do. if it’s not doing it or you run the risk of not doing it completely, there’s only one thing to do – don’t do it. read about it here :

the media as canvas – creativity unleashed

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does not matter what the media is, creativity can be unleashed. see more the media as canvas creativity at :

globe telecom will launch the iphone 3G in the philippines, do they have what it takes to push to leadership?

July 15, 2008 Leave a comment

globe telecom, the 2nd largest mobile service provider in the philippines is the carrier of the iphone 3G in the philippines.

what will globe do with the iphone 3G? will they use it as a whiner or will they use it as a winner?

smart telecom has always been the more aggressive one and globe appearing to be too conservative and too cautious. with a success like the iphone 3G,  does globe have the  heart and the smarts to get the iphone push them to market leadership?

read it all here:

3G iphone’s world domination push on it’s way despite a minor glitch

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the philippine advertising industry’s UGLIFICATION DRIVE OF EDSA

July 11, 2008 Leave a comment

EDSA at night

how much have we uglified edsa?  read about it here :

ogilvy on advertising : brain food #3

July 11, 2008 Leave a comment


this is Brain Food # 3. read the exceort in :

the medium as the canvas – creative bus ads

July 7, 2008 Leave a comment

ads in buses don’t have to be boring, they can be very creative and nice to look at. see more here :

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