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Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” TV ad at Super Bowl 2015 – Americana, the heart and the beer

February 1, 2015 Leave a comment

Budweiser has a habit of airing ads at the Super Bowl that is decidedly American. this one at the 2015 Super Bowl is no exception. it has the feel, looks and tone of the everyday American, even the cowboy, but it has heart too. delivering the heart part is of course always done best with a cute puppy. with all these things in the brew, how can we resist? come on, lets pop open a Budweiser now!

finally the real definition of “justice for SAF 44” gets into President Noynoy Aquino’s head

February 1, 2015 Leave a comment

after several days, 2 speeches and 12+ hours of one-on-one meetings with the families of the slaughtered SAF 44, the real definition of “justice for SAF44” gets through the thick (dense), (totally) stubborn and (very) confused head of president noynoy aquino.

this is what we read in today’s PDI (read here :

it is a breakthrough!

we intently listened to Aquino’s 2 speeches, we even read each one twice, one the Filipino as delivered speech and the other the English translation and we noticed as early as the first speech he delivered to the country via national TV was Aquino did not call for the arrest and prosecution of the MILF and BIFF killers of the SAF 44. in that first speech, it was not even pussy footing about it, it was plainly not in his speech. that national TV speech was i think 2 or 3 days after the SAF 44 slaughter.


after that national TV speech, Aquino was on silent mode again. then we heard he will be delivering another speech, a eulogy at the wake at the PNP headquarters in Manila for the slain SAF 44. we were hoping it will be in his speech.

we were disappointed. yes, Aquino mentioned “justice”,  he gave a strange and very wrong definition of “justice”. there he was facing the families of the slaughtered SAF 44 and the nation  and he defined ‘justice for SAF 44″ as “we will catch Usman”.

Aquino vows justice for SAF 44: ‘We will get Usman’
read here :

FULL TEXT President Aquino’s eulogy for slain SAF men
Read more:

[English] President Aquino’s speech addressing the nation on January 28, 2015
read :

we have been calling out this wrong definition of “justice” by Aquino on twitter.

so yesterday, Aquino finally got the true meaning of “justice for SAF 44”, the article at the PDI had this as the lead in on the article:



Finally, a tough stance from the Commander in Chief.

After being roundly criticized for not once coming out to condemn the Muslim rebels who massacred 44 police commandos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao province, last Sunday, President Benigno Aquino III has ordered Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to prepare criminal charges against those responsible for the carnage.

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that was the first time Aquino talked about putting to justice the killers of the SAF 44. we think that miracle happened after Aquino had his 12+ hour one-on-one talk with the families of the SAF 44. in another article at the PDI, it said there were two points that was said by the families of the SAF 44 : education concerns for the children of the slain SAF 44 and “justice”.  we suppose that hearing the word “justice” from 44 families over 12 hours finally got it through Aquino.

Aquino holds 12-hour dialogue with heroes’ kin

The quest for justice for their slain loved ones and ensuring the education of the children they left behind were the primary concerns of the families of the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos who perished in the police operation against an international terrorist in Mamasapano town, Maguindanao province, a week ago.


Common refrain: Justice

Although they did not ask for the specific details of the operation to get Marwan and local terrorist Basit Usman, Roxas said the families sought the President’s intervention in seeking justice for their slain loved ones.

“They asked for justice. They specifically mentioned the word ‘justice,’” he said. “There were one or two of them who questioned the need for the peace process.”

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during the 12+ hour meeting of Aquino with the slain  SAF  families, through twitter, we wondered and wished that there will be a policy change from Aquino’s standpoint on the slain SAF 44. we assumed that the point of having one-on-one meetings with the families had at last two main objectives : (1) for Aquino to express his personal condolence to the families and (2) for him to hear exactly what the sentiments of the families are.

knowing what the sentiments are will enable the government to retool its efforts and policies towards the SAF families and the whole event. i thought it was a great effort and the right thing to do. there is nothing better than the president himself talking face to face with the families. while we saw the meetings as admirable and the right thing to do, we were not sure if it will get the right result from the meeting. after all, noynoy aquino, the president of the country is known to have a very thick head (dense), is totally stubborn and often very confused about things.

we are happy that aquino finally got it. we should thank the families of the 44 SAF families that they told Aquino exactly what was on their minds.  while we kinda celebrate this, it worries us that for anything to get through to Aquino, it will need 12+ hours of non stop talking. but that point will be for another post.

we are trying very hard  not to take anything away from this. we congratulate Aquino for this turn around. let us hope that these will not be just words, that Aquino will show he truly gets it with concrete action.


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