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March 31, 2009 2 comments

rey canlas is not an ateneo dad nor is he an atenan. he is a lourdes school mandaluyong (LSM) dad and from UP and he posted in this blog when he read about amiel alcantara’s tragic death. 

like many dads, moms and individuals, he was touched by amiel’s death. having a young son at LSM, he championed safety improvements at the shcool of his son. LSM school authorities responded positively. (read this here :

now, here is an update on what has happened at LSM. go to his blog and let’s post there and celebrate this good thing that has come out of amiel’s tragic death :


I arrived almost past 9PM and as I entered the building, I saw newly made PEDESTRIAN LANE just in front of Lourdes School of Mandaluyong facing our residential building. It was still half-done but it made me feel happy. I got my phone and I took a photo of it. As I climbed the stairs to the lobby, I remembered AMIEL ALCANTARA, the 10-year old student who passed away almost a month ago at Ateneo Grade School.

I greeted the security guard whose name tag has the name, ALCANTARA. I then talked to him about the new PEDESTRIAN LANE and how important it is not just to the kids at our residential building studying at LSM but for all others who goes to the church and those who goes to work in nearby buildings who needed to cross the street with care.

Then, I thought of referring to his name tag and relating the discussion to AMIEL ALCANTARA and how instrumental he was for all the various safety enhancements and initiatives now being adopted by schools nut just elementary but also high schools and colleges. Manong Guard agreed. He heard about it and he was thankful as well.

It has been almost a month since the incident that claimed the life of this young boy took place but the lesson learned and the good things that this has brought to the society will always remain. I know that somehow, whenever I get to see the PEDESTRIAN LANE at Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, I will always remember the young boy that was AMIEL ALCANTARA.

Thank you. 

jesuits sell xavier house, the house where 3 points of history were made

March 31, 2009 8 comments

i remember this house clearly. since childhood, i would over the years pass that house on many occasions. it started as a small child as i rode in my dad’s car on the way to his regular bowling game and tournament at paco, manila. then as a teen-ager i went to that house a few times as it was the headquarters of the Student Catholic Action of which i was a member of. then as an adult as i drove my own car going to work in makati or bringing and picking up my wife to work in manila.

it is xavier house.

but those are not the 3 points of history that i refer to. well, it is the 3 points of history in my life but this house has a far greater history than just my own personal history.

this property is as old as the jesuits are in this country, built way back in 1859. the first jesuits in the country used this house. the second point of history is this is the place where Radyo Bandido, the voice of the EDSA Revolution was  directed from, by fr. reuter. the third and equally important is this is the house of fr. james reuter. 

fr. reuter, prominent jesuit, prominent filipino

i know that name very well. i have not met him but have read him, heard his voice and have seen his pictures. i have seen him grow beautifully old in pictures but his words seem to be as clear as the first time i heard it when i was a small boy.

i associate that name with praying the rosary, the devotion to Mary and on matters that are important to the country specially those that concern morality and spirituality. love of christ and love of country – that is what i remember the name fr. james reuter, sj to be.

as far as i am concerned and most likely for most of everyone else, fr. james reuter is one of the most prominent jesuits in the country. he has actually defined in my mind as a child what being a jesuit is all about. i did not start schooling in a jesuit school but through him i got to know what a jesuit is. at that time fr. reuter sounded to me as a communication expert and i thought these jesuits are very good im communication.

he is also one of the most prominent filipinos. i don’t even know if his nationality is actually filipino, but it does not matter, with what he has done for the country, he is a filipino to me.  for me,  james reuter is as filipino as juan de la cruz is.

but now this man who i have not met but know personally through his voice and words is now being asked to leave his home. his home is being sold, including all three points of history, to turn it into a supermarket.

a sad day for history, three branches of history – my personal history,  the history of the country and the history of the jesuits in the philippines. 

from the news article:

“Reuter said he fully understood that the SJ had run into serious financial need to sustain its operations.

“There was talk, there is talk of selling Xavier House for money. The superior apologetically said that. That to my mind will be a terrible mistake,” he said.

“It’s not that they want to sell this house, but they need money, and that’s a terrible thing. Love of money is a vice and the Jesuits don’t have that. They need money, which is a different thing,” said Reuter.

He shuddered at the thought that the house would be demolished to give way to business. “You shouldn’t sell a place like this for money,” he added, saying the money could be raised in “some other way.””


Fr. Reuter’s home sold to mall
By Doris Dumlao, Dona Pazzibugan, Jerome Aning
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 04:22:00 03/31/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Xavier House, a property of the Society of Jesus on Pedro Gil Street in Sta. Ana, Manila, that served as a broadcast hub of the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution, has been sold to the SM Group.

Fr. James B. Reuter, a living hero of the historic 1986 People Power, said he had been asked by SJ superiors to move out of Xavier House and relocate to either Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City or Xavier School in San Juan City.

A representative of the country’s leading mall developer confirmed the sale Monday.

But Fr. Jose Cecilio Magadia, provincial superior of the Jesuits in the Philippines, denied Monday night that a deal had already been reached. “Not true,” he said of the reported sale of Xavier House to the SM Group.

Fr. Bobby Yap, treasurer of the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus, said “the property has not been put on the market. We have not spoken to SM at all.”

Yap, nevertheless, confirmed plans to sell the Sta. Ana property and other Jesuit-owned real estate “in light of financial problems the province is facing.”

The representative of SM, who declined to be named for lack of clearance to speak publicly on the matter, said that the sale had been consummated.

“A supermarket is being planned in the area, which will serve the community and at the same time enhance the value of real estate in the area,” the representative said.

read in full here:


Where history, architecture meet
By Sr. Mary Sarah Manapol
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 04:24:00 03/31/2009

MANILA, Philippines—The Jesuits have been occupying Xavier House since 1947 or for 62 years now.

What is remarkable about this building is its architecture—the pillars on the ground floor facing the Pasig River, the vintage tiles in the bathrooms, the shiny wooden floors on the second level which are probably narra or mahogany. These are rarely seen today.

Xavier House also played an important role in the history of our country, and in the history of the Jesuits in the Philippines.

When strongman President Ferdinand Marcos called for “snap” elections in 1986, the National Citizens’ Movement for Free Elections (Namfrel), through Jose Concepcion Jr., requested for volunteers to watch the polls and the counting of ballots.

Fr. James B. Reuter, director of the National Office of Mass Media which was housed in Xavier House, gathered his office staff and about 95 members of the so-called “Reuter babies” to help monitor the snap elections.

The Reuter babies were the priest’s former theater students who developed strong bonds with their mentor, which have remained long after school days were over.

From our base in Xavier House, we sent these young boys and girls to the precincts which needed “watchers.” The information they gathered was relayed to the radio and TV stations of the Catholic Church members which make up the Philippine Federation of Catholic Broadcasters, also known as the Catholic Media Network.

read in full here:

escudero and roxas surge in most recent SWS presidentiables survey. hold the celebration for roxas!

March 30, 2009 Leave a comment

the latest SWS presidentiables survey is out, taken february 2009. the leaders remain the same – de castro, villar and legarda are on the top three. that is not where the story is. the story i on escudero and roxas whose ratings surged. but here is something for roxas:

while there is reason for roxas to celebrate, he needs to not over-do it. there are some concerns on his performance. we will be issuing a memo to roxas on the next post here in 2010 presidentiables.

read in full here:

fly high, amiel

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ateneo grade 4-manobo boys, classmates of amiel release blue and white balloons up to the heavens as the hearse (see headlight of the hearse, bottom left) carrying the remains of amiel leave the grade school compound. the balloons have the words “fly high, amiel” printed on them. his classmates also sent messages written on small pieces of paper, attached to each balloon.


view more exclusive photos here:

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message from pepe & melanie alcantara : 40th day mass for amiel alcantara on april 5

March 30, 2009 Leave a comment

message from the alcantara family:

Please join us for the 40th day mass for our Amiel on Palm Sunday, 5th of April at the Atene Grade School chapel. There will be a program that will start at 5pm in honor of Amiel.

The tragic death of our Amiel has left us his footprints for us to follow, for our healing as a family and community, and for our doing of its meaning and purpose. Please join us in this journey.

~Pepe & Melanie Alcatara 


ateneo grade school chapel

pepe, amiel alcantara’s dad disatisfied with ateneo’s “turtle’s pace” in correcting safety lapses at the ateneo

March 28, 2009 2 comments

Alcantara family plans to sue Ateneo for parking mess | 03/27/2009 4:11 PM

Amiel Alcantara’s family is set to file a “breach of contract” charge against Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) for allegedly failing to solve the campus’s parking scheme problems, the family’s lawyer announced Friday.

Rafael Aquino, lawyer of the the Alcantaras, said the family is dissatisfied with the Ateneo’s “turtle’s pace” action in correcting safety lapses in the school’s parking and traffic scheme.

He explained that the “breach of contract” charge will be filed against Ateneo because the school is not only morally responsible, but legally liable, for the students within its grounds.

According to Amiel’s father, Jose Fernando “Pepe” Alcantara, Ateneo’s decision to beef up the number of security guards is merely a “band-aid solution,” and that the school’s actions lacked determination, a time table, and scope.

He said he wants to see Ateneo implement fast and comprehensive safety measures around the campus like constructing road humps in parking areas, improving the parking plan, fixing the sidewalks, and hiring more crossing guards instead of security guards.

The Alcantaras’ 10-year-old son Amiel was killed after he was pinned by a speeding car at the Ateneo Grade School (AGS) parking lot last February. Amiel died from severe injuries after he was hit, while crossing with his nanny, by a Toyota Hi-Ace Van driven by Ma. Theresa Torres, mother of a fellow AGS student.

Reinvestigation pursued

In criminal trial proceedings conducted Friday, the prosecution asked the Quezon City Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 106 for a reinvestigation of the case.

The prosecution alleged that Torres showed a clear intention to kill, and that she should reportedly be charged with homicide instead of reckless imprudence resulting to homicide.

The Alcantaras’ counsel also petitioned the court to issue a hold departure order against Torres.

However, the suspect’s lawyer, Atty. Rolando Villiones said that his client does not have any plan to leave the country.

Villiones also said he had filed a motion before the Quezon City RTC to merge three criminal cases filed against Torres into one complex crime of reckless imprudence resulting in homicide and multiple physical injuries. He said this would make it easier for his client during her arraignment.

Mr. Alcantara, meanwhile, said several parties have approached the family for a settlement, but that they are not open to it at this time.–report from Sol Aragones, ABS-CBN News


comments to this post:

If that is what it will take Ateneo to move towards a more permanent solution, I agree with the Alcantara family. SUE ATENEO! It has been more than one month since Amiel’s death but we still have to hear from the heads of the department and committees. It is an exercise in frustration waiting for a response from a supposedly reputable school. Its procrastination and seeming lethargy is something its students should not emulate.

What will it take to announce that humps are being constructed, parking slots opened, sidewalks being fixed? Does it need to form a multistakeholder committee to see this? Will they need to wait for another accident to happen? Do they need to wait for the beginning of the school year?

The answers are staring everyone in the face. The response should be simply and proactively addressed.

If it will need a court case for Ateneo to proceed with its unfinished business, we support the Alcantara family on this!

This tragedy should never happen again.

Losing Amiel worst pain of all, says amiel alcanatara’s yaya

March 28, 2009 Leave a comment

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/48209/372339&tbid=k_11214&premium=false&height=445&width=425]

Inoperahan sa paa kanina ang yaya ng nasagasaan at namatay na Ateneo student na si Amiel Alcantara. Pero mas masakit para sa kaniya na hindi natuloy ang arraignment sa nakasagasa sa kanila. Magba-Bandila si Gretchen Malalad, exclusive. Bandila, Huwebes, Marso 12, 2009


switch off lights for mother earth

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ang lakas ng impluwensiya ng wawaw.wordpress

March 27, 2009 Leave a comment

sa araw na ito, may napanood ako ng 2 news bulletin, isa sa abs-cbn at isa sa gma7 na anng sinasabi ay maski daw summer vacation na, nagtratrabaho pa rin ang AGS Multi-Stakeholder Committee.

malamang galing ang newsbit na yan sa ateneo.

at malamang, nanggaling yan sa lakas at impluwensiya ng wawam.wordpress! tanging wawam.wordpress ang nagpupursigi sa pagtapos ng unifinished business sa ateneo grade school.

at wawam.wordpress ang humikayat sa mga readers nito na magpadala ng email sa ateneo para alamin kung ano na ba ang nagawa o ginagawa ng AGS Multi-Stakeholders Committee.

siguro may bumabasa ng wawam.wordpress na school authority o kaya maraming natanggap na email galing sa mga magulang ng mga estudyante sa ateneo.

kaya ayan, sa lakas ng wawam.wordpress, naglabas ng newsbit ang ateneo sa media. hindi puwedeng coincidence lang na nang tumawag ang wawam.wordpress ng pagpapadala ng email sa ateneo e naisipan din ng ateneo ipaalam sa media na may ginagawa ang committee.

eto na naman tayo – congratulations sa mga bloggers at readers ng wawam.wordpress! wag nating kalimutan ito, suportahan pa natin ng mas matindi – para matapos ang unfinished business sa AGS!

microsoft’s new tv ad : it concedes it ain’t cool and it’s cheap – ewww! too much information?

March 27, 2009 Leave a comment

there is a new microsoft tv ad. it continues the “i’m a pc” ad line  that microsoft copied from the successful apple/mac ads and positions microsoft/windows/pc on a good value poistioning.

view this new tv ad here:

Laptop Hunters $1000 – Lauren Gets an HP Pavilion
Laptop Hunters $1000 – Lauren Gets an HP Pavilion

so now we have microsoft/windows/pcs saying they are cheap and they are not cool. at minimum, that kind of positioning can be polarizing – some people will love it but some people will hate it. it’s always risky to release an ad that has the potential to polarize your target audience. the thinking is you release the best ad you can make and that usually entails you are 100% the ad is perfect. the risk you take in releasing polarizing ads is that the negative might eventually overpower the negative.

read in full here:

boyet fajardo apologizes to 2 people, but not to the person he abused

March 26, 2009 2 comments

we picked this up from the comment made in this blog,  boyet fajardo apparently has apologized to two people already – a marvin hernandez in the abs-cbn news video and to a marvin gonzales in the gma7 news video.

i guess its a good thing that boyet fajardo apologized to two people already, but it is a very bad thing that he has apologized to the wrong people. we wonder why he has apologized to 2 people but has not apologized to marvin fernandez, the duty free sales clerk he abused?!

apologizing to two people not involved in the incident just goes to show the apology is very insincere. how can you feel sorry thinking of the wrong person?

this blog is calling on marvin gonzales and marvin hernandez to please send us their reply to this apology of fajardo and we will post it here.

we like to thank the blogger for the link and information.

boyet fajardo’s i-am-sorry video: not a mea culpa but a me-a palusot

March 26, 2009 3 comments

we don’t think it was really a video of  i-am-sorry proportions – not even in content and most specially not at all sincere. it wasn’t at all a mea culpa, it was all a me-a palusot.

the only part that looked like a mea culpa was the opening shot where the announcer claimed fajardo shed tears. but we did not see tears, so we are not sure. invisible tears perhaps?

it was a well staged shedding of tears and very fashionable. head slightly bent on one side, eyes tightly shut but the absence of tears streaming down from the eyes were not visible.

a picture is worth a thousand words, fajardo cried silently but this picture was not worth a thousand words at all. but when fajardo spoke his words, we knew the poor telenovela copy of crying was not real.

his words did not speak of a man sincere in asking for an apology. in fact, except for one sentence – most of the sentences spoken were not apologetic but a defense, a rationalization of his actions.

in other words, hindi mea culpa,  me-a palusot ang ginawa!

fajardo wanted us to believe that he has gone through some horrible experience that led him to his acts of abuse on fernandez. and that horrible experience is justification for his actions, that we should all be sympathetic to him. he seemed to be saying he was only human and any human going through such a horrible experience at the airport should be entitled to abusing a sales clerk at the duty free shop.

he had difficulty getting out of the airport. (damn that airport!) he just had this horrible experience of going through a “long overhauled flight” (sic). (that is just torture!) and he has not eaten (probably a cheap airline who did not serve food to passengers. cebu pacific?) and gasp – he had a fever! (lagnat laki?)

all the above, if you are human (sana maintindihan nyo ko) will lead you to abusing the next sales clerk you meet. never mind that the credit card he presented was unsigned and that was the reason why fernandez asked for IDs from him.

to us, what made it very clear that this was not a mea culpa nor was he sincere at all was when he said “dahil katulad po nya (referring to fernandez), pareho kaming biktima”.

it was bad enough he referred to the sales clerk he abused as “hernandez”, not fernandez which is the name of the person he abused, but to say he was a victim just like fernandez, in this whole deal reeks of utter stupidity and true and true insincerity.

how dare fajardo claim that he is of equal status to fernandez?! compared to fernandez, fajardo sits at the very bottom, outside the margins if we drew a hierarchy of human beings.

there is only one victim in this incident and it is definitely not fajardo.

this mea culpa does not do anything. if at all , what it has done is it has confirmed in our minds  boyet fajardo is truly an abusive person and whatever it is the duty free shop labor union wants to do, they must pursue it to the end. and yes, we should all boycott the Boyet Fajardo Collection.  

o ano, me-a nakalusot na ba siya?

the unfinished business at the AGS – send an email to the AGS Multi-Stakeholders Committee

March 26, 2009 2 comments

we are all anxious to find out what has happened to the work of the AGS Multi-Stakeholder Committee.

let us send an email to this address:, to find out what has been done and what they plan to do. aside from the announcement of the formation of the committee, we have not really heard anything else from the school about the work that has been done and what they plan to do.

let us let them know there is unfinished business at the AGS.

we should all send an email to make them understand that many parents are interested to know. please post here their reply to your email.

posted previously here:

boyet fajardo asks forgiveness from the wrong person

March 25, 2009 2 comments

this is the news video where boyet fajardo asks for forgiveness for his actions. at the end of the news video, he said:

Humihingi po ako ng paumanhin kay Marvin Hernandez, dahil katulad po nya, pareho kaming biktima.”

the whole time that he was saying the above, he held his passport up to the camera, open on the photo page on his passport. why boyet fajardo did that, i don’t know. perhaps to show proof he actually travelled and he has a passport? (are we impressed, yet?)

oh, its this one – to show proof that he is really boyet fajardo! since he was apologizing, he thought it was important that the tv camera clearly establish he is boyet fajardo.

that’s not all, fajardo apoligized to a marvin HERNANDEZ. go through the news video and you will clearly hear the news reporter say the name of the person fajardo humiliated as marvin FERNANDEZ, not hernandez!

getting the family name wrong is a clear indication of how insincere this “apology” really is.

can someone please explain to me why fajardo feels he was a victim too? he said he came from a “long overhauled flight” (like a car engine overhaul, perhaps? must be really tiring!). he also said he has not eaten at that time. (can someone find out the name of the airline he took his “long overhauled flight”! this airline do not seem to feed their passengers even if its a long loverhauled flight!) he also said he had a fever at that time. (he was tired, he was hungry and had a fever – why did he not just go straight home to rest? why shop?).  

 hmmm…. it looks like boyet fajardo was a victim of jet lag! i suggest fajardo take legal action against jet lag.

read here how youtube defines Brand Boyet Fajardo:

Brand Boyet Fajardo – clothing line i won’t use as a rag even if i get paid to do so

March 25, 2009 Leave a comment

boyet fajardo is a designer and sells a  clothing line in the department stores. i did not know of his name before until he shot into youtube fame. youtube in this case has defined the brand equity of Brand Boyet Fajardo.

read about it here:

holy mass for amiel alcantara on april 5 and the wooden horse, amiel’s other favorite thing in taal

March 24, 2009 Leave a comment

docMartin, uncle of amiel has posted at the amiel footprints blog that a holy mass will be held for the 40th day of Amiel’s death at 7pm mass April 5 at the Ateneo Grade School chapel.

view the post here:


the wooden horse has a commanding view of the outdoors. we can only imagine amiel riding that wooden horse imagining the vast and many outdoors he would discover on this horse. outdoors beyond the lake and the volcano.

we asked what were the most favorite things amiel did at the lakehouse at taal, batangas. one was riding the kayak out in the water. the other was this wooden horse where we were told amiel would be found often.

it is very fitting and very amiel – his favorite things at the lakehouse were those that showed his love for the outdoors. this wooden horse aside from having the commanding view of the lake and the volcano must have given him many happy moments of imagining the new and vast outdoors he was to discover.

senator ping lacson’s presidentiable ad campaign

March 24, 2009 Leave a comment
senator ping lacson, presidentiable

ping lacson has his “patas na laban para sa lahat” advertising campaign. it is for his campaign for his bid for the presidency.

UST varsitarian attacks Ateneo professors’ stand on RH Bill 5043

March 23, 2009 1 comment

the varsnitarian, UST’s college publication sometime ago released an editorial attacking the white paper ateneo professors released on their support on the RH Bill 5043.

read about it here:

what happened today at amiel alcantara’s shrine

March 23, 2009 5 comments

we were very impressed at the actions of bloggers and readers of this blog in their response to the call to place flowers and balloons at amiel’s shrine at the ateneo grade school parking lot. the number of responders exceeded our expectations.  

  • as of last night, at least 5+ responses were seen with fresh flowers placed on amiel’s shrine
  • one left a toy remote control car on the shrine
  • there were posters placed in the area
  • from 6:30 am to 10 am this morning, 33+ cars with various offerings to the shrine were not allowed to enter the ateneo by the security guards
  • there were also flower deliveries not allowed to enter the school
  • the limousine of tony blair was diverted and did not pass in front of amiel’s shrine

doorknob, an author in this blog who asked readers to send flowers to the shrine wishes to thank everyone for their responses and support. we did not expect the responses will be that high given that the call was made only last friday and done only through this blog. getting that high a number to respond with action just goes to show there is a very strong desire to get the school to complete the unfinished business at the ateneo grade school.  it also shows this blog has a core of followers who continue to have high interest on what happened to amiel and what still needs to be done at the ateneo.

together with doorknob,  wawam.wordpress thanks everyone for their support.


we are posting here comments on this post: 

I was at the Tony Blair lecture this morning, and the flowers placed on the area where the accident happened really caught attention. With a backdrop of a vast empty driveway, the spot adorned with all the beautiful flowers was really striking.

If indeed Tony Blair’s car was diverted in order not to pass the area, I’m sure it’s hard not to notice it as he was whisked away.

Also, the “refreshments area” was placed in the garden of Irwin theatre, and thus, was facing the driveway. It’s hard not to see the shrine and I’m sure people (Ateneans and visitors) saw it. If at all, it made people who saw it talk about the accident again.

There is, supposedly, a multisectoral committee created to study the recommendations of parents as regards the safety concerns of children vis a vis parking-traffic issue – is there an update on this? I’d like to be part of the consultation process, as this committee is supposedly mandated to do.

Grade 3 parent


one more comment:

i was at the irwin theater this morning. i am not from ateneo and was in a group of people also were not from the ateneo. we all looked at the shrine for amiel. the flowers caught our attention plus of course the shrine was plain to see. we talked about amiel and the accident. someone in the group i was with told me about this blogsite, that’s why i am here to read what’s in it.

congratulations to all of you – you have achieved your goal of people taking notice and talking about amiel because of the shrine.

comment from a concerned ateneo mom:

This morning, in addition to the remote control car, there was a pair of sunglasses in Amiel’s shrine. It is heartening to know that many still remember, and will not stop until direct action has been taken to address the tragedy.

Can we be updated on the multi-stakeholder committee that was supposed to decide on short/long term plans? Do we have any glimmer of hope that Ateneo officials are actually doing something?

Let us continue to move for radical change and let our presence be felt. The death of one innocent angel that is Amiel is enough!!!

Shell Lubricants consumer promo – tHe idiOts proMo that gets you mad and feeling insulted

March 23, 2009 Leave a comment

shell_logoall consumer promotions, including price offs, are meant to generate increased purchase or trial of a product. it is meant to increase sales. to do that, a consumer promotion must in essence give the consumer an offer he/she cannot refuse. most key to the success of the consumer promotion is the latter. the offer must be attractive, otherwise it’s a waste of valuable marketing budget. if you cannot give an offer the consumer cannot refuse – DO NOT RUN THE CONSUMER PROMOTION. spend your marketing funds elsewhere.

this shell consumer promo does nothing of the above, instead what it does is get you angry and very insulted.

this shell promo is  tHe idiOts proMo!  read about it here:

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