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Nokia C3 product defect – hard resets by itself, deletes contact list, messages and files

March 29, 2011 11 comments

we have never had a nokia cell phone before,  we have had a motorola, sony ericcsson and a samsung.  no particular reason why we never bought a nokia, it was just the cell phones we have had like the sony ericcsson and samsung have done very well that we did not consider getting other brands. based on experience, sonny ericcsson and samsung cell phones are self-sustaining – they hardly break, the user experience is easy, very reliable and they last long.

nokia C3 product defect

but not for teen-agers. teen-agers seem to be in love with nokia cell phones. when it was time to replace her old cell phone, my teen-age daughter looked for a replacement phone and she was convinced a nokia c3 was the best buy.

looking at the specs, she was correct – it was a qwerty phone, bigger than normal screen, wi-fi, decent camera, nice color and at a very good value price of only P6,500+. the phone actually had  everything she wanted at a very good price.

think again.

we bought the phone in august 2010 and since the time we bought it, we had gone back to the nokia repair center 4 times, an average of every 2 months to have the phone repaired for the SAME reason –  her phone hard resets on its own. what happens is it turns off on its own and when you power  it back on, everything in the cell phone is gone – address book, files and even the games that came pre-installed with the phone when it was purchased.  there were also times when she can’t send text and can ‘t connect to the internet through wi-fi.

sometime in december, 2010, my son needed to replace his own cell phone as well, thinking that maybe the experience of my daughter is isolated and since it had great features at a good value price, we bought a 2nd C3 for my son.

guess what – we have been to the nokia repair center twice already with my son’s C3 for exactly the same reason we have been going back for my daughter’s cell phone.

for those 6 times we have brought the 2 Nokia C3 cell phone, what they had done was “update” the OS. unfortunately, it does not seem to work as after some time of the update, the same problem reappears. so now i am thinking this is no longer an OS problem but a hardware problem. and since the same problem occurred in two units, i think this is a product defect already.

being that, i had asked nokia for a refund of our money. i just did not want to keep on going back to the nokia repair center every 2 months for each nokia C3 that we bought. aside from the hassle and gasoline expense, the  inconvenience of having my children’s contact lists, files and messages deleted every 2 months is just too much of a bother.

we have called nokia for this request. we will update this blog as things develop.

philippine azkals demolish bangladesh 3-0, makes history, guirado scores 2, araneta 1

March 25, 2011 3 comments

for awhile, we entertained doubts about the azkals bringing us to footba

angel guirado,center, an azkal hero

ll heaven.  they took us to paradise when they placed themselves in out consciousness, made a lot of us go crazy over them thengave us a large dose of hope. then the little atomic bombs that pulled us

down to earth.

we lost sleep and prayed harder as they played bangladesh today. it is a game that is now or never.

well, thy delivered – they beat bangladesh 3-0 and the azkals put the philippines at the gates of football heaven.

it did not help any of the tension and excitement we had going into the bangladesh game when we were told a certain angel guirado, a spanish-filipino is the last minute replacement for phil younghusband, a key striker of the team  who is on the injured list.

but guirado did not disappoint, in fact he was the hero in today’s game with 2 points to his name. so now we are no longer worried and in a celebratory mood. job well done, azkals. arf! arf!

Guirado stars as Azkals destroy Bangladesh in AFC Challenge Cup

Angel Guirado starred in the Philippine Azkals’ 3-0 dismantling of Bangladesh in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Challenge Cup on Friday at the Aung San Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar.

ian araneta scored 1 point

The Filipino-Spanish striker, one of the last-minute replacements for the injured Phil Younghusband, scored twice in the second half as the Azkals earned a much-needed three points in the group stages of the Challenge Cup.

Ian Araneta opened up the scoring for the Azkals when he found the back of the net in the 41st minute as the Philippine team took a 1-0 lead at the turn. – JVP/TJD, GMA News

delamar pregnant – the morning rush radio show no longer wholesome?

March 11, 2011 41 comments

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delamar of rx93.1 gives birth to a baby boy, name is Cooper

delamar is not like us. when something happens to us, something as big as getting pregnant, it gets known to just friends and relatives. for someone like delamar, not only does it get known to friends and relatives, it also gets known among her listeners of her radio program with chico. that can count to as many as hundreds of thousands of people, or even a few million that stretches across mega manila, many parts of luzon and other countries that can listen in to their very popular morning radio show through the internet.

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is a certain tyler ashby the father of delamar’s baby?

delamar and chico announced on air today that delamar is 9 weeks pregnant. they even made a big deal of it by hyping it up since yesterday and at the start of today’s show. the audience bit and the internet is a buzz with the news.

chico and delamar’s morning radio show The Morning Rush is the top rating FM radio prgram in mega-manila. that means they get the most number of radio listeners during their time slot of 6am to 10am.

the show has a wide following from  adults, teens, to kids and families many of them in their cars as they commute from their homes to school or work. chico and delamar know their audience well. in fact, you will often hear them refrain from talking about mature topics or even using mature words on sex in deference to their audience of children and teens listening in to their show.

we often hear greets for children who are in grade school and high school coming from parents or classmates. at times we hear a whole section of kids in a grade school or high school being greeted for many reasons – a school fair, a field trip or exams. the point is this show at the early hours or first half of the show do get children as listeners.

if they have to talk about sex or refer to something sexual, they usually use code words or words that rhyme with the actual word. there seem to be an unwritten rule that sex is a prohibited topic from 6am to 8am when kids are most likely still listening to them. they can get raunchier from 8am till the end of their show at 10am as the kids most likely are already in school and no longer listen to them.

not only do they avoid mature topics or the use of mature words on sex when kids are still listening to them because kids can hear them, but they are aware that it will also put the parents on the spot as the kids hearing the words said on radio will most likely lead to the kids asking their parents what these sex words mean. for example, the parents just might not be ready to explain to their young children what sexual orgasm is and how it is achieved. they often joke about these situations where parents are asked sex questions by their young children.

this was something we admired about the show.  The Morning Rush with chico and delamar know their audience and respect them. there is another talk show on another popular radio station that we used to listen to and we thought many of the topics discussed  in that show are inappropriate for teen-agers and kids. aside from the off-colored topics on sex, one of the  male hosts in that other radio show often gets too aggressive and impolite for his own good. chico and delamar we thought was just wholesomely funny most of the time with very little danger of going overboard and being inappropriate for minors.

with delamar’s pregnancy, some of the things that parents found agreeable for their young children to listen to may need to be re-assessed not just by the parents but by delamar and chico themselves.

delamar is a single woman. she is unmarried and is now having a child. that signals pre-marital sex. that also says she is going to be a single mother and will have a child outside of marriage. for now, it appears she will need to raise her child as a single mom and without the dad.

that also signals an irresponsible male partner who fathered a child with a woman but did not take the responsibility of taking care of  his child and marrying the woman.

we are in a society where we still look at marriage as a pre-requisite for having children.

what we see here are pictures of a woman and a man that most parents will not want their children to grow up to be.  in fact those are models that parents probably fear the most that their children will fall into and will do anything to prevent it from happening. parents want their children to have the right values of a good education, good career and children after marriage. a single mom for their daughters is a worst fear of most pinoy parents. and a son who fathers a child who walks away from it is not something they want their sons to be.

delamar’s pregnancy for sure will be a hot topic in the coming weeks. in fact it can potentially be a hot topic in the show for the next 7 months. that is a lot of children hearing the topic and a lot of explanation for a long time that needs to be done by parents to their young children.

we think chico and delamar will need to think the whole thing through very carefully and very thoroughly. they may have not realized it but they have crossed a line. putting it in simple terms – they have crossed the line of a GP rating to a potentially R rating  kind of show.

pregnancy  for a single mom is hardly a topic grade school students can fully understand. it will be a topic that high school students will understand but it is something that parents will not want them to think as the right behavior and the ideal model.

during the show, how much of it can they find humor in? in fact is any of it humorous at all? isn’t single motherhood and pregnancy without marriage very serious topics that should not be joked about for kids?

there are many more questions that chico and delamar need to answer. these are just a few of them.

rx 93.1 The Morning Rush with chico & delamar – delamar is 9 weeks pregnant

March 11, 2011 11 comments

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delamar of rx93.1 gives birth to a baby boy, name is Cooper

this morning  during their regular show, The Morning Rush at rx 93.1, chico and delamar announced that she is 9 weeks pregnant.

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is a certain tyler ashby the father of delamar’s baby?

chico & delamar

they did hype the whole thing by asking their listeners yesterday to tune in today at  9am for  “the big reveal”. they said  they will be announcing something important today. this morning’s Top 10 asked the question from listeners- what they think the big reveal is to get the excitement going.  the “big reveal”was delamar being pregnant.

apparently, not even radio staff knew what the big reveal will be today. when it was finally announced, a slight earthquake occurred on philippine radio.  chico and delamar’s the morning rush radio show is the top rating FM program of  their time slot.

looking back, during this morning’s show at one point delamar asked chico if he had ever had unprotected sex.  no answer was given by chico but perhaps that kinda explains what happened 9 weeks ago.

we have a few questions:

  • wonder what the name will be?
  • is chico the dad? thought chico is g…..
  • who is the dad?

the revelation of something as delicate and personal such as a pregnancy on live radio is not surprising at all in this radio show.  chico and delamar’s The Morning Rush radio show is one where both radio jocks reveal a lot about their personal lives and thoughts on a daily basis. the show may be anchored on the answers listeners send to questions being asked and the ensuing high humor but these two jocks end up talking about their personal livesin the process of cracking the joke or delivering it.  we know a lot about chico and delamar – their sex lives, their love lives and their family lives, including their family members and a lot of childhood stuff. these things have been revealed to us in doses in between the jokes and the continuous laughter. being single adults, we also know a lot about their sex and love lives.

it is not so much the revelation of something personal as a pregnancy, what makes many listeners wonder is how this has come about and who the dad is. delamar is an adult and who as far as we know have had love relationships before.

let’s admit it, many are wondering who the father is.

could it be chico? nobody seemed to have noticed that delamar and chico are  together.  while many listeners would have guessed it or even wished it, the two never really revealed anything about being together. listening to them, one would think chico is taken and involved with someone. with a he or a she, we are not sure but it did not sound like it is with delamar.

delamar on the other hand based on her pronouncements on air is unattached and in fact by a long count, has not been getting any. that might sound a bit disrespectful to those reading this, but listening to the radio show that is clearly the message delamar has been saying on air. not only does delamar say she has not been getting any for a very long time now, she has also been saying she is loveless and is longing for one with a passion.

so this morning’s announcement is quite a shock. not that we expect delamar to say on air who the dad is but considering the huge volume of information we know about their personal lives, revealing the dad seem to be a small point.

both delamar and chico are single. and as far as we know, based on what they have said on air, they are not and have not been married and also not  to each other.  or at least they have not announced it?

listening to chico on air, we also get the impression that chico is invovled with someone but not with a woman. we have always thought chico is gay. in fact his batchmates in UP swear he is gay.

having a baby is a very beautiful thing and we wish them all the best.


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13 year old addresses the UN to plant trees

March 3, 2011 Leave a comment

this 13 year old boy is trying to make a difference and if he succeeds,  it will benefit everyone in the planet.  meet Felix Finkbeiner, the 13 year old who started a school project that went on to become a big organization attempting to make big things happen for all of us and the earth we live in.

13 year old felix and hollywood actor harrison ford

they have an ad campaign with the line “stop talking, start planting”. it is something that most adults do –  all talk, little or no action.  this boy is telling us adults something we have forgotten to do – act now.

this ad campaign features all sorts of adults who are famous and those who are achievers. the ad here features the actor harrison ford. (view other ads here:

they also have a website, click here:

let’s hope other 13 year old pinoys take the same cause.

The 13-year-old tree ambassador

February 23, 2011|By Whitney Hurst, CNN

It’s not every day that a 13-year-old boy gets a chance to address the United Nations General Assembly. But Felix Finkbeiner is no ordinary teenager.

Finkbeiner is already the head of his own organization, Plant for the Planet, dedicated to planting millions of trees all around the world.

At the U.N. earlier this month, Finkbeiner had one item on his agenda: taking adults to task for their lack of action on planting trees.

In the normally staid U.N., Finkbeiner had a field day telling off a group of adults. His message to the diplomats was simple: “stop talking and start planting.”

Finkbeiner warned the countries that disappearing trees would create a climate crisis for children’s future.

“We children understand that the adults know everything about these crises, but we children don’t understand why there’s so little action,” he said.

Plant for the Planet was founded in, of all places, a fourth grade classroom in his native Germany.

A presentation Finkbeiner gave in class about Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, who planted 30 million trees in Kenya, inspired the movement.

But Finkbeiner believes this tree crusade can only be successful if it is led by children.

“We children are the majority in the world but we can only make a difference if we work together. So we have to work together because if we do this, we can have a big impact,” he says.

This tree-planting campaign has already had an impact worldwide. Finkbeiner says there are 100,000 children participating in 91 countries with 3.5 million trees planted.

Maathai, who also addressed the U.N. on the same occasion, was impressed with Finkbeiner’s success.

“It is an indication of the kind of inspiration and hope we should all have because when they start this young with the conviction and the commitment, then you know definitely there’s hope.”

After her speech, Maathai and Finkbeiner shared some tree talk and a hug in the hall.

Later on further uptown, Finkbeiner addressed an entire audience of teens at a New York City middle school. His speech was a battle cry to his peers. “It’s not about saving the polar bear. It’s about saving our future.”

Finkbeiner offered the students, who rarely see trees in the concrete jungle of Manhattan, some suggestions on planting trees.

He encouraged the students to organize tree-planting parties in their community. Twitter and Facebook could be used to spread the word on tree events, Finkbeiner told the curious group of youngsters.

For those seeking even more sophisticated means of getting news out, Finkbeiner offered tips on writing press releases.

Jonathan Mejia, a student who attended the presentation, left feeling inspired to “go out with a couple of my friends to a park and plant a lot of trees in a common area that everyone goes, like maybe Central Park.”

This is exactly the kind of momentum Finkbeiner hopes to inspire in children around the world.

“We cannot trust that the adults alone will save our future,” the young tree ambassadors says. “We have to take our future in our own hands.”

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