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computers, camera & electronics – best places to buy in metro manila

May 18, 2010 Leave a comment

some of the gear we buy are very expensive – anywhere from P5T to P70T and up. it can get confusing as to exactly what is a good buy for your needs and the budget.

we recommend you spend a good time researching on your purchase before you buy them. the itnernet makes this very easy. we like to contribute information and most specially experiences for all.

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we are staring here a section where we will post our experiences in buying computers, camera equipment and other electronics in metro manila.

we are not experts, just an ordinary consumer but would just like to share our experiences. perhaps others can also share their experiences here.

we want to encourage readers to do more research and make up your own minds. we are not at all connected with any of these establishments, we are just sharing our experiences.

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