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poster for missing persons Alan Peter & Pia Cayetano and Koko Pimentel : Post #7 The NAWA Awards

May 4, 2016 Leave a comment


Senator Pia Cayetano is a champion for women and women’s rights and the RH Law. her brother Senator Alan Peter Cayetano and Senator Kojo Pimentel are  champions against corruption. All three from what we can tell are very principled senators.

Pia would always speak out against things that are not right and will take on anyone, even the UAAP when she took the fight for student players unjustly prevented from going to the school of their choice and playing for the school because of residency requirements. She was the most visible champion for the RH Law.

Alan Peter and Pimentel were in the middle and yes leading the senate hearings during the corruption and plunder allegations against VP Jejomar Binay.

for some reason and maybe its the duct tapes on their mouths and perhaps they are victims of kidnapping. the three have been absent on  things that Rody Duterte had said and done during this campaign period that were directly and unabashedly against their stated principles and beliefs.

Pia has been uncharacteristically silent on women’s issues and there have been many, Duterte has said “women are spare cars”; he has been shown in pictures groping and kissing women in the campaign trail and the worst of them all – when Duterte who was in front of a corpse of girl who has been gang raped said he found the girl pretty and he as Mayor should have been first to rape her. Pia must have stuffed several rolls of duct tape into her mouth.

Alan Peter and Pimentel were the loud and unflinching champions on anti- corruption during the senate hearings on the plunder allegations against Jejomar Binay and the rest of the Binay family. they were the strong voices during those hearings and even stronger outside the senate  during media interviews. we admired them for that. but  for some reason, and we blame this on the duct tape just like in the case of Pia, they have been silent on the allegations made by Senator Trillanes on Rody Duterte’s bank accounts which Trillanes claims contain/contained P211M and P2.4B.

why have they been silent? why have they surrendered their principles to the duct tape? oh yes, they support Rudy Duterte’s candidacy. yes, it is that easy to surrender beliefs and principles for them. and Alan Peter is the VP running mate of Duterte.






The NAWA Awards Post #2 : Mar Roxas’ pics tell a thousand words and a million supporters

April 19, 2016 Leave a comment



the composition of the picture is the winner here. you see Mar Roxas as the center of attention surrounded by selfie camera wielding fans and in the background a stadium full of Roxas supporters almost all of them wearing yellow, the official color of the Daang Matuwid campaign.

the picture at the same time talks about our time where cellphones and selfies are as common as the sun sets in the afternoon and rises in the morning. the cellphone and the selfie are truly ubiquitous among pinoys and even the world over.

for us to see that the whole stadium is full of people end to end, floor to roof tells us what this picture is all about and the time it was taken – it is election time!

when i saw this picture, i tweeted that this picture is of Getty Image quality. that is how Getty Images are. well, okay almost Getty Image quality. the picture has a technical flaw – it is out of focus in many parts. there are no Getty Images that are out of focus.

but wait, this was probably taken by a cellphone camera so we can forgive the out of focus technical flaw. nevertheless, this picture can win The NAWA Award.


The NAWA Awards launched – the best communication materials of the 2016 Philippine Elections

April 19, 2016 Leave a comment

we’re launching today the most awaited and most anticipated (by me) The Not A WAWAM Ad Awards  or its nickname The NAWA Awards. Please note the word “The” (pa important), and the word “advertising” appears twice and the nickname has an acronym in an acronym. we’re doing that to emphasize the emphasis and not just to repeat the repeated.

The NAWA Awards recognizes the best in creativity in concept, design, artwork, graphics, aesthetics  of all the communication materials  released by the candidates during the 2016 Presidential Election. it covers all forms of media from the traditional media to the internet from websites to social media and back.

the mentions were carefully chosen after a panel of judges looked at all the materials (it’s a 24/7 job) composed of me and me alone. and that can be too many depending on who you ask.

here goes and this is in no particular order, just based on whim:


powerful visual. it works because its simple and highly consistent with the persona that candidate Duterte is creating in the minds of  voters – masculine and tough. the picture selection was excellent. it presents Duterte as strong and the white backlight highlight is an inspired touch. this meme was well thought out.

the only problem of this ad is the content or the message. it is a distortion and a lie of what Duterte said in the video.


this one wins in all components of a great communication material. it is minimalist in design and copy. just one headline made up of 3 words and you actually get what it means. okay, that headline is 4 words. you have to count the 4th word in red, the acronym. the headline drips (pun intended) into the woman in black who is on her back who is dead or a corpse who appear to be naked. there is nothing that is wrong with this one. and in fact everything is right about this. very, very powerful. this meme  – you get what it means! this can win The NAWA Awards!

— more to come —



what not to do in a PR campaign for a presidential candidate – the VP Binay case study

November 12, 2014 Leave a comment

we did not invent this, we just monitored what the VP Binay presidential campaign has been doing over the recent months and we think this is a good description of the PR campaign that the VP has been running for the 2016 election.



for VP Binay, it has been a string of PR event disasters one after the other. he seem to be walking into one PR blunder to another. that does not make it a PR campaign but surely there is someone or some people in Team Binay who is running this whole PR effort for him. PR in a presidential election campaign is very critical specially at the start of the campaign and this early, many months away from the actual election.

blame it perhaps on the fact that VP Binay announced his candidacy for the presidency too early that PR has become the center piece of the campaign. it is not yet the campaign period and when that time comes, what will become center piece will be the advertising campaign first, the PR campaign second and the election events third in that order of importance and impact. since it is many months before the campaign period, it is only PR that Binay has to work with.

because they are a string of blunders, they  obviously cannot be pre-planned or coming from a strategy or PR program. it surprises us that even after the mistakes have been made, no change seemed to have been applied to be more careful and to avoid making more mistakes. one would think that after the first PR blunder, someone in the Binay campaign team or its PR or Ad agency will take over and stop the bleeding,

the PR events and efforts they have been doing seem to be nothing but crisis management efforts or damage control efforts. we do not know what is causing that. you hire a PR Agency or PR operative to make things work for the candidate or the client, to get media coverage and to build an image. so far none of the image building have been done, just damage control efforts. this may be happening because VP Binay has a really lousy PR Agency or PR operator or the product itself, VP Binay is so infirm that it makes mistakes on its own making.


more on this next….


3 survey charts that tell VP Binay his 2016 presidential ambition may be over

November 5, 2014 1 comment

these charts have been published before and their analysis have been made, posted here :

but we like to post them again here to give them some focus and highlight their meaning. the meaning? it is bleak for VP Binay. the meaning from these 3 charts is simple : VP Binay’s 2016 presidential ambition may be over.



VP Jejo Binay’s presidentiables survey results :

  • there is bad news all over the chart – all his ratings in September versus previous survey in June are down –  across the board and dramatic drops, statistically significant, in most cases double digit numbers
  • drops like those are very serious – supporters from all segments and locations are dropping  binay, hordes of them
  • those results are on themselves pretty bad, but that is not worst of it
  • much bigger problems are the ones encircled – the ABC and D socio-ecco classes ratings comparing them to march 2014. the drops here are a nightmare.
  • among the ABC socio-eco class, more than half, yes more than half fell off from march : to 23% in september from 47%, a whopping 24% points dramatic decline or a 51% shrinkage. imagine, the upper class or thinking class, more than half of them dropped binay. those are worrying numbers!
  • next is the D socio-eco class – a drop to 32% from 42% in march or another dramatic decline of -10% points, or 24% of them abandoned Binay.
  • take those 2 declines and your conclusion is that the political base of binay has shrunk considerably.
  • more bad news – this survey was the first survey conducted while the corruption charges were being made and not only that they were made at just the start of the hearings in the senate. many more corruption charges have been uncovered, talked about and in the headlines since the early days. now think what the survey numbers will be when they conduct the next survey. another double digit decline maybe? and that could be saying it nicely

one of the spins binay’s spokespersons said on these numbers were that his ratings are still the highest among the presidentiables. yes, that is true but that is being selective and shows a clear ignorance on election polls.

yes, binay’s ratings are the highest but they are declining. and the declines are dramatic. in polls like these where several are taken on regular time intervals across a period of time until election time, what is more important is the trend and much less the numbers per se, time sensitive polls like this may show you to be up now but over the next survey points, the numbers will change and if your numbers are on a declining trend, then you have a problem because by the time you reach election time, you might no longer have the numbers to win the election.

the scariest question that binay needs to answer is this – is the latest surveys the beginning of a declining trend for binay?

there are 6 quarters to go until election time and therefore 6 more polling data. his ratings may be 31% now and the highest among the presidentiables, if it is on a declining trend, that will not remain as 31% after 6 quarters. all it takes is that his ratings drop by an average of 5% points per quarter and by election time, all that he will have will be 1%. having a 1% rating by election time will NOT make you win the election.

the first chart shown here is just about binay himself. but an election is not just about one person. an election is one where there are opposing candidates. among his opposing candidates, mar roxas, an aquino ally is considered a good if not strong contender and opponent of binay, the above are mar roxas’ charts and it should scare the hell out of binay.

  • preference for roxas as president are all dramatically up – across the board in all areas and all socio-eco classes.
  • not only are the increases statistically significant, many of them are like double to triple the numbers in september versus june and march.
  • the dramatic increases are also shown in the rankings of the presidentiables – mar roxas jumped from 5th place in june to now 2nd place in september
  • that means roxas is gaining at the expense of binay – binay’s supporters are choosing roxas
  • add to that the fact that the campaign period has not begun and roxas is essentially just staying in the sidelines. sure, roxas is often seen all over the country doing his job as DILG but he is not openly campaigning.
  • in other words, roxas is gaining supporters for doing nothing, just on the blunders that binay is committing one after the other. roxas stands to gain much more once the campaign period starts as he can now actively get supporters to his camp. when roxas starts doing that, binay’s supporter base may shrink even more.

caveat : with the election stll 6 quarters away, these numbers will of course change. and importantly anything can happen from now till the 2016 election – the candidates themselves may change, their strategies and national events may occur that will change the minds of voters. but what we are saying here is that if everything else is equal and binay does not change his strategies and tactics – he can kiss his presidential ambitions good bye.

the numbers do not lie, they are all there. binay would have wished he had not lied himself…

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