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macworld protest : applenatics and stevenatics up in arms!

December 21, 2008 Leave a comment

macworld promises to be not the same thing like before. as early as now, applenatics the fanatics of apple and stevenatics, the fanatics of steve jobs are up in arms protesting or at least expressing extreme disappointment that steve jobs will not be at the upcoming macworld.

read more about it here:

steve jobs not in macworld event – meaning of life gone?!

December 21, 2008 Leave a comment
steve jobs in the last macworld event

there is a big fuzz among applenatics when apple announced steve jobs will not be delivering the keynote address at the upcoming macworld event. he has always been there and he always made a difference.

with all this fuzz, you would say it’s no longer applenatics, its really stevenatics.
there are things i understand and do not understand about that. join and get confused with me here:

mar roxas, senator “putang ina”, presidentiable

December 16, 2008 1 comment

mar_roxas5abush had his defining moment recently. senator mar roxas did, too. but president bush came out much better than mar roxas did.

unless the senator does something to undo it, he runs the risk of  being known as senator putang ina, presidentiable.

read about it here:

iraqi man throws shoes at president bush

December 15, 2008 1 comment

yes, that actually happened. not once, but twice. president bush was quick enough to dodge both shoes. view the video here:


fernando poe jr – the would have been president, died on december 14, 2004 – what the philippine daily inquirer did

December 13, 2008 Leave a comment

fpjfernando poe jr., FPJ  or to his fanss “Da King” died four years ago. he was the considered as the King Of Philippine movies. an FPJ movie was a sure hit and would be remembered for years after and even across generations. but when he died, he was know for much more than that.

but when Da King died on december 14, 2004 at 12:15 am, he was know for something much more than his movies. he died as the man who challenged president gloria macapagal arroyo in the 2004 presidential election.

not only did he run for president, he thought he won the election and so did not only his fans but the masa as well. he filed an election protest but his life was cut short before a final decision was made on his election protest.

like all other media, the philippine daily inquirer was on a hospital watch for Da King. PDI printed their december 14, 2004 edition like all other days. but something happened. and this is what PDI did that is next in WAWAM! read it here:

what heidi klum did to me

December 12, 2008 1 comment

when i saw this picture, i felt the urge to remove my clothes to give to her. she might feel cold in what she is wearing, or lack of. i swear, i'm just concerned.

that’s heidi klum. and she appeared in a guitar hero tv ad. and i like what heidi was wearing, errr, not wearing in that tv ad.

i have been thinking of buying guitar hero, this is the second christmas season that it has been on my list.

after seeing heidi’s tv spot, the next website i went to is and finally ordered the guitar hero i have always wanted.

yeah, that’s what heidi made me do.

i wonder if there will be a special DVD of  the outakes of heidi’s guitar hero tv spot. and i’m planning on putting heidi’s life-size pin up poster right on the door of my room. hope the posted does not get mesed up when amazon delivers my guitar hero order.

view heidi klum  here:


read about hooters and hooters manila here (and pictures, too!) :


angelica panganiban’s sexy body, or is it?

angelica panganiban's sexy body - the untruth in advertising about her sexy body. the before and the after courtesy of a lot of photoshop magic. same bathing suit, different bodies?

read more and view more pictures on angelica panganiban’s sexy body here: 

quick view of angelica panganiban’s sexy body here :

what about angelica panganiban’s sexy body? find out the truth about angelica’s sexy body here, look at the pictures:

day after pacquiao’s amazing win – great tribute ads, except for 1 ad

December 11, 2008 Leave a comment

the day after manny pacquiao made his amazing win over de la hoya, many brands published their tribute ads heralding the great win. all the ads were great ads, mostly big sizes, dominant image of pacquaio and all  triumphant, celebratory, full of pride and victorious, except for 1 ad.

this ad, for magic sing, an in-home karaoke gadget became lazy and published the worst of the lot. it was the only one  done so poorly. they did not even think pacquiao will win the boxing match.  read about it here:

except for the magic sing ad, all the tribute ads were very much like the the philippine daily inquirer page 1 treatment – a  glourious tribute to the hero pacquaio.

more than 50% of american adults play video games – mom? dad? what are you doing?

December 8, 2008 Leave a comment

whats on the tv sets of mom and dad? it’s not as much as tv shows, less of DVD movies – it’s more of video games.

new data shows more than half of american adults still play video games.

read about it here:

lebron james nike ad offended the chinese

December 7, 2008 Leave a comment

here is one more nike ad that was seen offensive by the chinese. it was eventually banned from airing in china.

what was offensive was the use of chinese people and the dragon in the ad. read about it here:

manny pacquiao offensive nike ad – given a “Cease & Desist Order” by the Ad Standards Council?

December 6, 2008 Leave a comment

another blog reported that this offensive nike ad of manny pacquiao has been given a “cease & desist order” by the ad standard council. if that is true, nike’s ad agency will need to pull it off the air as soon as possible, otherwise they will incure huge fines if they don’t do it.

read about it here :

why manny pacquiao is a loser. read here:

manny pacquiao nike tv spot, using the national anthem showed class

December 6, 2008 Leave a comment

mannypacthis nike tv ad featuring manny pacquiao has been featured in WAWAM! before.

this one shows class, according to the blog.

read about it here :

nike has used the offensive athlete on a cross visual before

December 4, 2008 4 comments


nike has used the same offensive athlete on the cross image in england before and has caused the same kind of reactions. it is a very similar idea to that of the manny pacquiao ad and the same kind of being offensive to religion.

 read about it here :

manny pacquaio’s nike ad – offensive to the catholic faith

December 2, 2008 Leave a comment

wallpaper_1024x768there’s great art in nike’s  ad for manny pacquiao that we see online, but in the same ad is an insult to the catholic faith which i find very offensive. it mimics a most revered catholic icon whose story is central to the catholic faith.

read about it here:

VP Noli De Castro – no-el views and it’s not yet christmas

December 2, 2008 Leave a comment

vice president noli de castro

vice president had something to say about term extension and the no-election scenario.

he is associated with the admin and one of the first from the admin side to say something about the twin issues. read about it here :

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