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man allegedly stole a woman Yolanda volunteer’s cellphone, takes selfies, didn’t know cellphone automatically sends the selfies to Dropbox

November 26, 2013 Leave a comment

the alleged cellphone thief who took a selfie

it’s an amazing story, one that can probably make you cry, laugh and get angry all at the same time, or one after the other. we saw an article online about it ( and was shown at TV Patrol last night.

a certain NJ Torres (name from TV Patrol)  was doing volunteer work for Yolanda survivors at Villamor Airbase and while doing work there, she had the unfortunate experience of her cellphone, a Samsung S4 was stolen from her.

days after, Torres found out who stole her phone or at least know how the alleged thief looks like. the alleged thief took selfies. but what the alleged thief didn’t know was that the cellphone was automatically sending all the pictures taken by the cellphone to the cellphone owner’s Dropbox account. the owner we suppose went to a computer and most likely to her surprise or disgust or both sees the uploaded selfies of the person who may have stolen her cellphone.

it’s an amazing story of several stories:

  • primarily for us it’s one of disgust that people actually go to a place and activity that is all about strangers who are charitable enough to do volunteer work for victims of Yolanda with the intent of stealing cellphones of the volunteers. instead of helping, this alleged thief was there to steal and take advantage of the volunteers.
  • one more count of disgust that the alleged thief would have the gall to take selfies from a stolen cellphone
  •  a triumph of technology and social media where the technology silently and worked incognito to reveal to the owner and the world the disgusting crime of some humans. social media contributed as we saw this story on the internet and when we posted the story at twitter (@wawam), it got multiple retweets from many people, most we did not know and did not follow. the effect of that is this man’s face, the alleged thief, is known to many of us and hopefully others will be warned and eventually caught

when we tweeted the story, it actually caught the attention of police authorities. we are hoping the alleged thief will be caught and made to answer for his crime and spanked with a stinging lesson from technology and social media.

these are the other selfies taken by the alleged thief.

from the article (

I just want to give a friendly warning to all of you especially who are volunteering now in Villamor Airbase and other relief operations. Some people are just here to really take advantage during times like these.

As you might know, I lost some valuables last Tuesday, November 19, while doing volunteer work in Villamor Airbase. Before we even started, we noticed this guy in pink shirt lingering around our designated area, but since we thought he is with the other volunteer group with the sole purpose also of helping the Yolanda survivors, we just ignored him and continued packing & distributing relief goods. Little did we know that he was there not to help, but he was there for his own personal gain.

Thanks to technology, I was able to confirm my suspicions. Two days after the incident, I was able to retrive pictures of him thru my Dropbox app account that is synced to my stolen Samsung S4 phone. YESSS! THE THIEF IS UNKNOWINGLY SENDING ME HIS SELFIE PICS!!!

The police said this might be a scheme/ modus operandi, so please, to all of you, please be warned. Look at his pictures. Stare at it. (Creepy!!) Be vigilant. Take care of your things and beware of people like him. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Pls help me share.

Yep. we are 500% sure!!! I was with other friends that  night. We all remembered him from that night lurking around our area. It will be too much of a coincidence that he was there too the moment I lost my phone… and he coincidentally bought the same phone in Greenhills… and the first picture uploaded by him is around the time I lost my phone..

lessons learned from super storm Yolanda (Haiyan) – what needs to be changed

November 14, 2013 Leave a comment

reading all the news and looking at all the pictures, these we think are next steps and the lessons learned from the super storm Yolanda (Haiyan) experience:

  1. there is a need to put up a separate Disaster Prevention & Rescue National Agency for whom a cabinet-level head should be appointed. this agency is at the same level as the Finance, DILG, Defense and others. this is necessary as it has now become apparent that national calamities like earthquakes, floods and storms will be a constant and regular occurrence in the country and they are not getting less frequent nor less severe. this year alone, it feels like the philippines has experienced at least one major natural disaster every three months and the need for rescue and rebuilding appear to be monthly and year round. setting up such a department will enable the country to have a well trained, well equipped and well staffed agency that will handle all the rescue needs of the country at a highly professional and effective level. this agency will operate independently of other agencies in government and reports directly to the president. it may as needed call on other agencies in the government for help and support when it operates in the field.
  2. this agency will have its own set of organization, personnel, equipment, tools and training specific to disaster prevention and most specially search, rescue and relief. the organization will be very similar to the military but with goals and mandates very different from the military. key here will be the training of its personnel and the hiring of people with specific skills and experiences that will cover the whole breathe and width of search, rescue and relied. it will have departments or divisions with specializations – like medical. rescue, engineering, communications, logistics, technology & IT, psychiatry, social work, security and others. it will have its own equipment like cargo planes, ships, boats,  trucks and others. it will have bases on which personnel and equipment will be housed, one each in Luzon, Metro Manila, Visayas and Mindanao.
  3. the organization and logistics capability of this agency should be very close to what a military organization has. think of it this way – it has reconnaissance, it brings everything with it from food, water to hardware, the whole logistical needs and people with skills and training needed when it  invades a country.
  4.  pre-positioning of relief goods, rescue & relief teams and equipment should be done two ways – one in the area where the disaster is expected to hit  and at an area nearest the disaster area but not in the path of the storm. the lesson of Yolanda was that the whole of Tacloban was demolished by the storm hence whatever relief goods and equipment that were pre-positioned there before the storm his has been demolished as well. having a second place where the pre-positioning was done will ensure that ground zero will get help almost immediately versus equipment and relief goods coming from Metro Manila.
  5. the national government should be prepared to put in place people coming from other areas who will take over the local government and its function on an immediate basis. a law will probably needs to be passed for this. the experience in Tacloban showed that because the storm devastated the whole place, even the local government officials may have died, or family members have died and certainly their own homes demolished. given that situation it is understandable that the local government officials will not be able to function or perform their duties for sometime.
  6. security (military and police), clearing crews  and rescue teams should be the first groups to be put in place in a disaster hit area. one of the first questions we asked our self was this – why did we not see news items on people buried under the rubble or thrown at sea being rescued by rescue teams? to us appeared no group made an effort for people who were still alive but buried under the rubble at Tacloban. its hard to imagine how many people may have been saved if crews went out to look under the rubble. tougher to think, that we just let them die there. we also read in the news that the police were not at all present in the streets of Tacloban that goons terrorized people a nd looting occurred. given the widespread destruction, the local police personnel must have suffered themselves hence they were not out in the streets keeping order and protecting lives and properties. we also here that in many cases trucks with relief goods were stopped by residents and its contents looted. obviously security in situations like these is very important. local police cannot be relied on since they are also victims. the military and police from outside provinces should immediately brought in.
  7. there is a need to redefine or have a better understand the meaning of the term “storm surge”. people in tacloban seemed to have misunderstood the true meaning and corresponding risk with the term “storm surge”. two days ago we had a conversation with Mahar Lagmay (@nababaha) who is the lead of Project Noah on “storm surge”. ted failon of abs-cbn described “storm surge” as the “whole sea falling onto the whole city of tacloban’ thus flooding the whole place which based on TV news footages up to neck-deep to reaching the roofs of two-story homes. many died because of this storm surge. we suggested to mr. lagmay that perhaps we need to redefine what a “storm surge” means so that people will understand the real risks. if not redefine it, then look for other descriptors to make it more understandable. in fact international articles including ted failon likened the storm surge to a tsunami. storm surge 1


~~ to be continued ~~

Atom Araullo’s News Porn on super storm Yolanda

November 9, 2013 1 comment
posted this morning, on atom's news porn video

posted this morning, on atom’s news porn video

like everyone else in the philippines, i was glued on TV to watch news footages of the effects of super typhoon Yolanda on the country. i watched ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol and this news footage by atom araullo was the first to be shown in the newscast.

watch atom araullo’s news porn here :

the moment we saw that footage, we knew it will be a big hit and most specially among the ladies. with that in mind, we sent out these tweets almost immediately after the footage was shown on TV:

read tweets from bottom to top, tweet at bottom was sent out first

read tweets from bottom to top, tweet at bottom was sent out first

and we were  right.

the first tweet (bottom) got dozens and dozens of retweets from mostly women, a large number of them from people we do not know and do not follow at twitter. we had not put atom araullo’s twitter name (@atomaraullo) and yet it got a lot of retweets. that means many in twitter, many of them women were searching for atom araullo’s name. of course as our tweets were getting retweets, many more twitter users read it and reacted to it.

we have been reading on twitter that atom araullo is a news heart throb among the ladies. we saw proof of that first hand during the Million People March at the Rizal Park. we were going around the park and saw this guy walking and often getting stopped by women who asked photos and selfies to be taken with the guy. it caught my attention as there were few times he was not stopped by women. i asked the people i was with who it was and they told me it was atom araullo from abs-cbn.

there were many very interesting tweets from ladies that followed my tweet on atom araullo. stuff like panties may have dropped, the need to cross the legs of ladies, some wanted to go to tacloban to be with atom and this thing about ovaries of ladies. in twitter, when women refer to their ovaries, it usually means they have the hots for someone. that is opposed to the “heart” which typically means “love”. when “ovaries” are mentioned, it is “lust”. i thought this episode on philippine tv created a new term – News Porn.

atom news porn

today, abs-cbn posted a new article on the atom araullo video saying his news video trended worldwide and from tweets, many said CNN kept playing back atom’s news video.

atom daring

video at the abs-cbn article posted here, above

read in full here :

we thought it would be a good idea to put everything here for the ladies to appreciate and yes to have them watch atom araullo’s news porn.


just in over twitter:

atom thor

screencap of atom araullo saving people in neck deep flood water:


allan bantiles, colegio de san agustin dad who pointed a gun at a high school student is arraigned

June 19, 2013 Leave a comment

‘Gun-toting dad’ arraigned on grave threat rap

The man accused of pointing a gun at a high school student inside an exclusive school in Makati City pleaded not guilty during his arraignment on a charge of grave threat Monday afternoon.

Accompanied by his lawyer Richard Nethercott, Allan Cañete Bantiles arrived an hour late for his arraignment set at 1:30 p.m. by Judge Henry Laron of the Makati Metropolitan Trial Court’s Branch 65.

The case against Bantiles, said to be a real estate contractor and resident of Vista Real Classica in Quezon City, was filed against him by Jesus Manuel Garcia, a former student of Colegio San Agustin.

Garcia earlier said that on Aug. 30 last year, Bantiles slapped him, shook his shoulders and pointed a loaded gun at his forehead.

He added that the accused also threatened to shoot him and told him: “Do you want me to shoot you? I can shoot you.”

Before the gun-toting incident, Garcia admitted that he punched in the face Bantiles’ son who was his classmate then. His action, the complainant claimed, was in response to the repeated bullying he experienced at the hands of the accused’s son.

Read more:

this case have been written about in this blog. read here :

willie revillame show at TV 5 to close in january 2013?

November 22, 2012 Leave a comment

revillame according to has said he will be announcing something on january 5 about what he will do with his life. at the same time, it was reported that he has told his staff and artists at the show to look for other jobs and have asked the audience to look for other shows who can help them. revillame’s shows are seen by many as “helping the poor” with prize money in easy to win contests in his tv shows.



read full article here:

apparently, his tv show at TV 5, Will Time, Big Time has not been getting the tv ratings that it should. we thought TV5’s decision to air the show on the evening prime time slot was a very good move as it avoided clashing with the established noontime shows such as GMA7’s Eat Bulaga and ABS-CBN’s Showtime. revillame was then considered a big draw despite the numerous controversies and inanities that revillame got himself into at ABS-CBN before he moved or was he fired (?) from there. the good thinking that i appreciated was that it will be easier for revillame to beat the tv news shows than the noontime shows of the same format as his show.

it came as a shock to us to read the rappler article saying his show has not been rating. the revillame magic apparently has reach a  limit.

we will be looking forward  to the january 5 announcement. or is this another gimmick from revillame?

who is afraid of allan bantiles, the father charged of putting a gun on the head of a CSA high school student?

September 26, 2012 14 comments

this was posted by bullyfree Philippines in the comments section on a post in this blog (

personal info of the gun poking dad:
my source told me His name is Alan Bantiles, also known to his friends as “ROY NEGRO”. born and raised in Cebu from a poor family.
His father who disowns him is an African- American soldier.
he is a multi millionaire and often boasts to be a close friend and neighbour of an ex president. Also is a close friend to few influential people
He is not a politician and does not hold any position in the government.
He owns several units/resorts and other properties in manila, visayas and several multi million houses in Sydney, Australia.
His “real” source of income is still unknown although he owns several franchise of restaurants/cosmetic shops which is obviously not generating enough money to support his lifestyle.
He owns several luxury cars.
He never go out without his bodyguards.
Has a criminal record in Australia.
Known to his friends/neighbours and own relatives to be a very violent/ irrational/ paranoid person, if you see him please do not dare to approach him.

someone gave me a picture of him but don’t know where to post it.

we also saw this on twitter:

received this texts  on my cellphone:

  • atty nethercott, lawyer of bantiles used to be the chief of staff of dotdot jaworski
  • to my question is the picture posted in my blog that of allan bantiles? the answer via text – “yun na nga”

Student files criminal raps vs classmate’s dad in bully issue; accused to lodge countersuit
By Kristine Felisse Mangunay

The 18-year-old student of an exclusive school in Makati City in the center of a bullying controversy Tuesday filed criminal charges against the gun-toting father of one of his classmates.

Jesus Manuel Garcia, a senior high school student of Colegio de San Agustin in Dasmariñas Village, charged Allan Canete Bantiles with attempted murder, slander and slander by deed in the Makati Prosecutor’s Office.

Bantiles has been the subject of the condemnation of people online after a Facebook page on the alleged gun-toting incident was put up on the Internet.

Accompanied by his parents and his grandmother, Garcia filed the complaints together with his narration of the Aug. 30 incident when Bantiles allegedly slapped him, shook his shoulders and pointed a loaded gun at his forehead.

He said Bantiles also threatened to shoot him. The incident happened an hour after Garcia reportedly hit Bantiles’ son Joshua  in the face as a reaction to his and his other classmates’ bullying.

“One hour had passed after (Garcia) hit the boy.  When he (Bantiles) brought his gun with him to the school, there was an intention to hurt somebody,” Garcia’s counsel Allan Tan told the Inquirer.

Garcia included slander and slander by deed in the charges, claiming Bantiles had also called him crazy and slapped him, the lawyer said.

Bantiles and his son said the allegations were “lies.”

adult points gun at high school boy inside his own school (CSA) in front of teachers

September 20, 2012 32 comments

this incident is being talked about in twitter this morning.

we have gathered the following from a source close to the incident:

  • the incident  happened 3 weeks ago
  • no police report has been filed on the incident (tv patrol showed a police report document)
  • the boy at whom a gun was pointed at felt his life was in mortal danger while it was happening. the boy felt he was going to be shot and die in school. that will make you weep. just imagine the kind of trauma this boy must have felt then until now.
  • the boy was alone when this happened. it happened during school hours. the boy was apparently called to the principal’s office. the incident happened in front of the admin office. (tv patrol says it happened inside the faculty room)
  • it happened with teachers witnessing the whole thing plus the father who pulled the gun and his two body guards
  • last year, another kid bullied retaliated by hitting a bully with a hammer in the head
  • the father who pulled the gun has been banned from entering the CSA campus
  • boy who got bullied with a gun was suspended for 5 days
  • the 2 other boys involved in the bullying were also suspended but, get this – for shorter period of time – 2 to 3 days only
  • CSA PTA (parents teachers association) is not getting involved here
  • my source tells me they needed the interview with korina sanchez to give the case publicity as nothing was happening on the issue
  • my source appreciates the tweets on the incident and wishes to thank everyone for the concern and the effort
  • please help the family of the boy bullied with a gun in giving this attention – tweet about it, put it on facebook and email to as many people as you can
  • please give your comment on this incident. let your thoughts and feelings be heard.

we (#gangsters tweets) have been talking about this incident in twitter since this morning,  these are the reactions to the incident from myself and the others:

  • we feel for the boy and parents of the boy. the boy or any student do not need this kind of trauma.
  • have always said that the safest places in the world for our children are #1 the home and #2 the school. for this to happen in the school is terrifying and wrong.
  • this incident is not just an issue of bullying, this is an issue of a life of boy that could have been taken inside the school by a bullet from a gun from a parent of a classmate.
  • how was the father able to bring in guns into the campus? the security guards did not check? are guns allowed in this school?
  • why was the boy called to the admin office when the teachers knew the father was going to confront him?
  • why wasn’t the parents of the boy at whom the gun was pointed informed of the meeting / confrontation? and why were the parents not present during the meeting / confrontation with bantilles?
  • shouldn’t this matter have been handled first among the parents? like the school to ask for a meeting with  both sets of parents first. we did not think any of the students should have been involved in the meeting or confrontation.
  • what was the school thinking allowing a confrontation with the father (bantilles) and the boy? what were they intending to achieve? and how is this being fair or productive?
  • one can argue the boy was set up to allow the father (bantilles) to bully the boy
  • we think this is not just a CSA matter, this is also a police matter. the police needs to get involved and legal action should be take against the adult who pulled a gun at the boy.
  • the boy could have been shot to death in this incident. and the loss of a life over a bullying incident in school?  that is senseless and terribly wrong.
  • how rampant is bullying at CSA?
  • CSA needs to review its policies and procedures on settling issues among students and parents and specifically on bullying. the school needs to study this carefully and draw out a procedure and a strategy on reducing bullying in the school and how to handle or resolve  it.
  • bullying is a real problem in all schools. CSA is not the only one and this has been going on for generations in all schools.
  • but that should not stop CSA from trying to minimize it if not stop it in their campus. CSA should continue to find solutions and should learn from past incidents to be better at handling it year to year.
  • government authorities should be involved here – the PNP for sure as it involves guns and the threat of death on a boy. as mentioned in twitter the Commission on Human Rights and the DSWD should be involved as it involves a minor.
  • parents of CSA should be concerned and get involved in this incident. the parents should demand action from the school. they should realize that this incident is saying their children may not be safe inside the CSA campus. not only did this incident show a weakness on CSA in handling bullying cases, it shows a major weakness in security.
  • people in twitter (mostly from #gangsters) find the CSA action on this incident as making no sense and being grossly unfair and unjust. the school suspended the boy at whom the gun was pointed at.

latest as of 7:35 pm

the boy was interviewed at abs-cbn’s TV Patrol, his name is Jaime (jay-mee) Gonzales. the information posted here are mostly the same to what he  revealed in the TV interview.

in the tv interview, jaime said bantilles slapped him, cursed him then got a bag from a bodyguard, looked inside and took out a gun. gun was pointed to his face and bantilles said “i can kill you right now”.

why didn’t the teachers who were witnessing the incident  stop bantilles from slapping, hurting and verbally abusing the high school boy?

why did bandilles, an adult and also a father of a teen-age boy think what he did to jaime was right and justified? does he treat his son that way?

video of abs-cbn’s TV Patrol World news clip here :


click to read here:

see picture of allan bantiles here :  who is afraid of allan bantiles, the father charged of putting a gun on the head of a CSA high school student?

colegio san agustin alumni association response to gun bullying – “wait for school’s official statement”

1 priest & 4 teachers witnessed the gun pointing bullying at CSA – police report


Man accused of pointing gun at student inside exclusive school

By Dharel Placido,

MANILA, Philippines – A woman has accused a man of pointing a gun at her grandson inside the premises of Colegio San Agustin in Dasmariñas Village, Makati City.

In an interview with Korina Sanchez on her dzMM radio program on Wednesday, Sony Lopez Gonzales said her grandson was pointed with a gun on the forehead by Allan Bantilles last August 30.

Gonzales said the gun-pointing incident started after her grandson punched Bantilles’ son.

She said her grandson only punched Bantilles’ son after reaching his limits due to the latter’s alleged bullying.

“They kept harassing my apo. Pino-poke ba naman yung penis and pwet. For weeks they were doing that,” Gonzales said, referring to Bantilles’ son and another student.

“Ulit sila ng ulit. Then sabi ng apo ko, ‘tama na, tama na, stop it.’ Doon nag-init ang apo ko, siyempre sinuntok niya,” she added.

Gonzales said after learning of the brawl, the older Bantilles immediately rushed to the school’s campus in Makati with a bodyguard and pointed his gun at the forehead of her grandson.

Read more…

who is dumb – philippine tv or the phillippine tv audience?

April 11, 2011 2 comments

the willie revillame mess at his tv show “willing willie” has taken a higher level discussion now from the question was there  child abuse in revillame’s show or none to what is philippine tv and should it be?

we applaud monique wilson for speaking out and for urging other filipino talents to speak their minds on the issue.  she makes a very good point that in recent years we have been seeing more and more

filipinos breaking out and being admired in the world stage. there is now a huge army of them with filipinos and half filipinos who have become and are hailed as world-class in their firleds from many persuasions – music, arts, sports, design, modeling, journalism, medicine, visual arts, business  and many others.

with so many filipinos taking on the stature and reputation as being world-class,  why is philippine tv doing a “dumb down” on the philippine audience?

Don’t dumb down viewers, TV urged

Actress, solon seek quality programs

by Volt Contreras
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:11:00 04/11/2011

MANILA, Philippines—Even the theater star who brought “The Vagina Monologues” to the Philippine stage is aghast.

The list of Willie Revillame’s critics now includes acclaimed actress-director Monique Wilson, who called on local artists to band together, overcome fears of crossing potential employers, and help put the pressure on TV networks that “dumb down” the Filipino audience.

“We keep saying Filipino artists are world-class. Well, let’s prove it now,” Wilson wrote on her blog as she weighed in on the latest controversy hounding the game show host.

“The debate is no longer whether it was child abuse or not,” Wilson said, referring to the widely criticized episode of Revillame’s “Willing Willie” show on TV5 that had a 6-year-old boy gyrating like a macho dancer while breaking into tears for a P10,000 cash prize.

“The facts are plain to see. No one with a sense of respect for another human being can dispute that,” Wilson said.

“The discourse now is how we, as Filipinos, as artists involved in the same industry that created Willie Revillame and shows like his, could have allowed this to go on for as long as it has.”

read in full here:

willie revillame will sue everyone, enumerates good deeds, vents on sponsors, show off the air on live tv – watch video here

April 10, 2011 13 comments

this is a video shown on live tv of an embattled  man – willie revillame as he rants on live tv in his show “willing willie” at abc 5. wait a minute, this is willie revillame, so what else is new? we have seen willie do this on live tv before. not the same topic but on the same sort of emotions and yes the same sort of topic – his misdeeds on his tv shows.

this one is in relation to his most recent misdeed on his new tv show at abc 5 where he allowed a 6 year old, jan-jan,  boy do a macho dance (read : male striptease dance) on live tv. he not only allowed the boy do his macho dance, he also asked the boy to repeat the dance several times with the proper annotation from him on why the boy is doing the dance. what made it worst was that the boy was in tears while he was dancing and the audience, including revillame not only approving the performance but also wildly cheering the boy on. (watch the macho dance video here:

pinoy internet universe reacted to the macho dance when it was posted in youtube with calls, actually howling, of protest against willie revillame and willing willie. pinoy netizens of twitter and facebook  took to thye streets ofr the internet and called for the ouster of revillame from the show. this is not new to these netizens, they have done similar protests before.

shortly thereafter,  government agencies took notice and declared revillame’s action on the show was child abuse.  the mtcrb, human rights commission and DSWD have put revillame on notice for his latest infraction on the 6 year old boy.

part 1:

this went on for a few days. revillame and abc 5 of course went on a defensive and yes offensive move agaisnt the new storm hitting on the revillame franchise. revillame and the tv station was of course not repentant, not even humble. they clearly declared no child abuse occurred. they did not even admit to a moral mistake, not even a disrespect against the boy. the show went on in between the offensive fight theyput up to defent the honor of revillame and the tv show, unmindful of what has been done to the honor of the boy.

until Ad Power (read : as in People Power) hit the tv show – major advertisers, jollibee, procter & gamble, CDO, lhuillier, del monte and uni-lever pulled their ads off the tv show.l (read it here: these advertisers are major advertisers, that means they are the biggest ad spenders in the industry. uni-levfer, procter & gamble and jollibee most probably belong to the top 5 biggest ad spenders in the industry.

Ad Power got the attention of revillame. it’s not surprising, as this power hits revillame and the show where it hurts the most – at the wallet. money is something revillame understands very well. the pull out of these advertisers mean the show cannot go on airing as every day they go on air, they will lose money. and this is not just small change, we are talking of possibly millions of pesos on a daily basis.

with Ad Power slamming its face on the willing willie tv show, revillame last friday announced the show will be off the air for two weeks. revillame is a businessman, he knows the power of Ad Power. revillame will not only lose his salary, he will also lose profit as revillame owns the show and produces it. he finances the show. a pull out of advertisers mean  not only a loss of salary but also profit for his company.

part 2:

this particular live performance  of revillame was supposed to be a simple announcement of the tv show taking a 2 week hiatus but it actually became a stand-up performance of revillame which was actually not funny. it became a rant not only against certain groups but against the world as well.

he first said his tv show will be temporarily off the air for two weeks to return after holy week but in succeeding rants, by accident he let it slip out that the show might not come back on the air.  if the show does not return on air,  we can only conclude abc 5 management had decided to cancel the show  to avoid further problems in the future. he mentioned that he had talked to the GM of the tv station and owner, manny pangilinan.

revillame also ranted, actually threatened to sue fellow celebrities who criticized him on this macho dancing scandal. apparently he felt his fellow celebrities should have just kept quiet about their displeasure on other celebrities.

list of celebrities revillame will sue:

Revillame delivered an emotional 25-minute speech at the end of his program on Friday night. Among other things, he accused celebrities Lea Salonga, Jim Paredes, Aiza Seguerra, Tuesday Vargas, Agot Isidro, Mylene Dizon and Bianca Gonzalez of “prejudging” him on the microblogging site Twitter.

when he enumerated  the list of celebrities he will sue,  we thought he was unkind to aiza seguera. he challeneged sequera “to be a man”  (“magpakalalake ka”). seguera is a lesbian. he also mentioned the fact that aiza was once a child star herself. we are not sure the connection to the issue at hand, but we think aiza being a child star herself is in a very good position to know how it is to feel exploited as a child which is the charge government agencies are lodging against revillame. we do not know if aiza was exploited when she was a child star, but for sure she has a clear understanding of what is right and wrong for child stars.

with such a long list of celebrities that revillame is planning to take to court for whatever alleged crime/s, we like to congratulate revillame’s lawyers for what might be windfall profits and revenues this year.

where is revillame now after this announcement on tv? we think he is in bigger trouble than before the announcement.

nothing about the announcement was humble, apologetic, reconciliatory or even wholesome. he turned a simple  announcement of a hiatus of the show into a rant and whining about his problems and detractors.  he couls have used the opportunity to gain sympathy from a wider audience other than his fans but instead he may have angered more.l with this announcement he draw the battle lines even deeper and wider.

he may have said things that can be used legally against him, if it comes to a court trialo. for sure, the MTRCB, the human rights group and DSWD will be hard put to kinder and more lenient on revillame with hyis performance in this rant. the message that these government agencies is getting is that revillame will deserve whatever punishment they might put on revillame.

from a PR standpoint, revillame loses badly, dramatically in many ways. his performance in this rant is a PR nightmare. revillame did not defuse anything, did not gain sympathy, he may have ignited more disagreement with what he has done and those against him hardening their positions.

for sure, revillame has a talent in getting ratings. he did it again here but for the wrong reasons and it will hurt him more.

now 4 companies suspend ads at willie revillame’s “willing-willie” tv show

April 8, 2011 Leave a comment

willie revillame’s “willing willie” tv show got a 4th kick in the behind with a 4th company, lhuillier pawnshop announced it is pulling it’s ad money out of the tv show while the issue of child abuse is being resolved by the government.

lhuillier joins  jollibee corporation, procter & gamble philippines and del monte from the pull out of ad money from the show.

we think these corporations are doing the right thing. and in fact we think all the other corporations putting their ad money in the show should do the same. willie revillame need to be taught a lesson, something he has never learned so it seems.  revillame is a serial ass hole on tv.

we are shocked that tv 5 got him after what he has done at abs-cbn. we are even more shocked that he still has the audience when he moved over to abc 5. maybe this latest episode will teach willie a lesson.  finally!

Cebuana Lhuillier suspends ads on ‘Willing Willie’, too

by Karen Boncocan

MANILA, Philippines—The country’s largest pawnshop chain, Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop, has joined three other companies that pulled out ads from “Willing Willie” television show.

In a statement posted on its Facebook page Friday, Cebuana Lhuillier said it has decided “to temporarily suspend its segment sponsorship in the said show, effective April 11, 2011, while resolution on the matter is pending.”

“While we support programs that give hope to Filipinos here and abroad, we expect our business partners to promote good values, protect children’s rights and exercise prudence in communicating to the general public,” it said.

Read more…

shalani soledad gives a mousey performance on Willing Willie tv show debut

November 9, 2010 14 comments

last night, shalani soledad today’s most popular “ex” went on tv for the first as co-host of willie revillame’s “willing willie” tv show on abc5. don’t know about you, but we almost fell asleep every time shalani appeared on tv to “perform”. it took a lot of self-control for us not to click the remote control to change channel. we had to force ourselves not to change channels.

shalani’s performance as a tv host was, well a non-performance.  her whole performance was mousey, like a mouse squeaking away her lines making us wonder if something  was wrong with the volume control on  our tv or if they forgot to give shalani a microphone. we had to strain our ears to be able to hear what she was saying.

it was not just the volume, it was most of all her performance as a host. game show hosts are the loud and lively types. like a barker and as  pokwang of wowowee,  willie revillame’s co-host in the tv program where revillame came from.  they need “energy”.

the energy of a game show host was something shalani did not at all have. not having energy in a game show is a very dangerous thing. you can have everyone falling asleep and lose interest on what is happening on screen.

shalani was so mousey that we thought  it affected willie revillame. with a co-host delivering her lines almost in monotony and unnoticed, he had to dial down his own energy. it was not his usual performance and it made sense. if he continued his usual energetic hosting, the difference between him and shalani would have been magnified.

shalani on screen as always was beautiful. but that was the only thing she brought to the screen, nothing more.  there was no chemistry with willie revillame and not real banter between them.  it felt like revillame was talking to himself. they could have removed shalani from the set and it would have not made any difference. in fact we think had revillame hosted by himself, the show would have been better.

we doubt if shalani has a future on tv. minus 3 stars on shalani soledad.

things get ugly : willie revillame sues abs-cbn for P11M, abs-cbn counterclaims for P486M

September 17, 2010 Leave a comment

we thought this is where the episode in the life of willie revillame will end  – in court and ugly.    in a press conference held recently, revillame “invalidates” his contract with abs-cbn. (click here: a flurry of activities was fired offf by abs-cbn since that tine, one of which saying revillame is still under contract with abs-cbn and he just can’t invalidate it. (

the latest real life episode puts revillame about to air a new tv show in another tv station. they are rumors but the it is all over the place with a few details about the show making it sound much more than just rumors.

things like these are never easy.  you just can’t walk out of things. these need to be settled in court. and things are getting ugly – for the part of revillame in the tune of an P11M claim and for abs0cbn a mind boggling P486M counterclaim. abs-cbn seem to be bent on taking back everything and anything that revillame earned as tv host at the tv station since the start of his career there. abs-cbn’s counterclaim is “all or nothting” written all over it.

reading from the news reports, we find revillame’s suit on the strange side. revillame seem to be claiming damages, like he was the victim. abs-cbn seem to be the victim here as revillame did act like a brat  on live tv when he did his disrespect of cory aquino during her funeral and that amazing live tv scene of revillame threatening to resign from abs-cbn in his fight against a radio host at abs-cbn.

with such mega millions on the table plus personal pride on willie’s part and corporate pride on the side of abs-cbn,  who will blink?

TV network files P486-M counterclaim vs noontime host
By Julie M. Aurelio
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 15:14:00 09/17/2010

MANILA, Philippines – A P486-million counterclaim damage suit has been filed before a Quezon City court against TV host Willie Revillame for allegedly committing several violations in his contract with ABS-CBN Corp.

In a 139-page answer with compulsory counterclaim, ABS-CBN through lawyer Augusto San Pedro Jr. asked the court to order Revillame to pay P20 million each for moral damages, exemplary damages and attorney’s fees and other litigation expenses.

The TV network also wanted the host to pay the amount of P426,917,646.96 as liquidated damages for breaching the agreement between Revillame and the network.

The counterclaim was filed before Judge Luisito Cortez of Regional Trial Court Branch 84.

ABS-CBN filed the answer with compulsory counterclaim in compliance with the summons issued to them to answer the P11.5-million damage and rescission of contract filed by Revillame.

Revillame, through legal counsel Leonard De Vera, filed the damage suit claiming that his suspension with pay and placing him under probation were valid grounds to terminate his contract because they were provided for in the agreement.

Read more…

proposed media guidelines during hostage taking and terrorist attacks

August 27, 2010 Leave a comment

we thing this should be the guidelines that should be imposed during hostage taking and terrorist attacks:

  • the police or security forces  have full control and authority of the whole situation, the area, media coverage and all other components relating to the event.
  • this control, power and responsibility fully and exclusively rests on the field commander designated by the security establishment. all actions and decisions will be made by the commander and are final.
  • a media point person will be designated by the security forces who will ensure compliance by media.
  • media will occupy a specific area  designated by the security force. media will not go out of this area. this area will ensure safety for media personnel, ensure security forces movements and actions are not compromised but allows media to take usable audio and video footages.
  • at no point during the event will media establish any form of communication with the hostage taker, relatives and friends of the hostage taker,  the negotiator, field commander and all other security forces in the area.
  • media may not broadcast live  the actions, positions and movements of all security forces in the area and those being sent to the area. this will include  audio, video, descriptions, text, mobile, through telephone landlines and the internet.
  • media may record the above but not use them for any live broadcast. they may choose to air these after the situation has been resolved.
  • the field commander may ask for a news blackout which media will comply immediately.
  • after the event has been resolved, media may interview the hostage taker, relatives and friends of the hostage taker and security personnel, security forces and medical personnel but can only do so after a debriefing has been done by the security forces and given clearance for media interview.

willie revillame wants out of abs-cbn contract, is a legal battle the next step?

August 10, 2010 2 comments

willie revillame called a press conference yesterday to announce his desire to get out of the his contract with abs-cbn. apparently his contract with abs-cbn runs until september 2011. he wants out of it as he intends to produce and air his own show. his contract with abs-cbn says he can’t appear in a tv show similar to wowowee.  apparently abs-cbn only offering him to host a once a week taped program that will be aired over cable tv, not the abs-cbn’s channel 2.

we understand why willie wants out of his contract. tv shows is what he does and coming from a very popular daily tv show with adoring fans and huge fees, it must be really hard for him doing nothing at the moment and being offered a once  a week tv show on cable.

sidebar – what got our eyes to pop was not that abs-cbn intends to air the show they are offering willie on cable but that it will not be live but taped. we thought that was included there to give the tv station the option to remove any offending statements on new threats to resign before it is aired.

in yesterday’s press conference and accompanying news articles, many details  were revealed in the latest willie revillame saga. apparently the parting of ways was done through a long process of  many meetings,  promises made then broken and hurt feelings on the side of willie.

we think abs-cbn has made the right decision in canceling wowowee and removing revillame from wowowee. revillame has used up all the goodwill he has earned from being one of the country’s most popular tv host in his latest gambit on live tv. he may be popular but he did step on very large toes at abs-cbn and doing it in the most public of ways –  on live national tv.

will revillame once again survive this one?  does he still have an audience? and will another tv station hire him?

with his statements, it appears he will be a block timer. that means he will buy airtime hours from a tv station for him to air his own tv show. he will have full creative and marketing control on it and will be his own man. he has the money to do something like that  and we assume he has the brains and the creativity to pull it off. the question is – will it be true that when he builds it, will they come?

revillame wants to be free from the contract now, not one year from now. he probably thinks a layoff of one year from national tv will shrink his audience base.  pilipinas win na win, the show that replaced wowowee is apparently doing very well in the ratings so his hears of losing his audience base may have some basis. if the the tv viewers did not seem to miss wowowee, what is the reason why they won’t miss willie?

the showbiz aside, we think yesterday’s press conference is an prelude to a looming legal case with abs-cbn. he had the press conference to marshal his fans into action, to draw support to pressure abs-cbn and eventually the courts.

the willie revillame drama has taken a new chapter.

Revillame scraps ABS-CBN contract
By Cynthia Balana
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 03:32:00 08/10/2010

MANILA, Philippines—Willie Revillame wants out. ABS-CBN says, “No way.”

The controversial TV host Monday said in a press conference that he was rescinding his contract with the network, on account of the shabby treatment it was giving him.

Revillame complained of what he believed were continued violations of the terms of his contract with the Kapamilya station. The TV host is bound by a contract until September 2011 to the Lopez-owned network.

ABS-CBN gave Revillame his biggest break through the daily noontime game show, “Wowowee,” which was recently canceled after more than five years.

In a statement released shortly after Revillame’s press conference in a Quezon City restaurant, the network insisted that it was the TV host who violated “behavioral provisions” of the contract when he threatened management during the May 4 episode of “Wowowee.”

wowowee & willie revillame permanently out of abs-cbn! win na win ang audience!

July 29, 2010 9 comments

abs-cbn announced wowowee together with its host willie revillame will finally be off the air.  they announced they will replace it with a new show that will be hosted by robin padilla and kris aquino.

this is an excellent decision and we applaud abs-cbn for their decision. finally, we will get rid of willie revillame during the noontime hour. we have been calling for the permanent resignation of willie revillame from the tv station.

the choice of the new hosts, padilla and aquino is also brilliant. both are excellent draws and we think this combination of  hosts have  the potential to beat eat bulaga. eat bulaga for many years is the tv rating leader of this time slot.

this is also good for aquino as it gives her very good exposure on tv. and maintains her star power.  more importantly, a game show of this sort which if patterned after wowowee keeps her in contact with the poor, highly consistent with president aquino’s pro-poor stance and keeps her out of trouble as it is not a talk show where her personal life is fair game and her penchant to open her mouth irresponsibly and talk about any topic is part and parcel of a talk show format.

on the whole we think everybody wins.  what we are happy the most though is that with the removal of willie revillame, the audience wins the most.

‘Wowowee’ to go off air; Kris joins new game show
Posted at 07/27/2010 7:21 PM | Updated as of 07/28/2010 8:15 PM
// <![CDATA[//

MANILA, Philippines (2nd UPDATE) – Popular noontime show “Wowowee” will be replaced by a new game show led by Kris Aquino starting July 31, an ABS-CBN official announced Tuesday.

Aside from Aquino, “Pilipinas Win na Win” will also be hosted by Robin Padilla and “Wowowee” female hosts Pokwang, Valerie Concepcion and Mariel Rodriguez, said Bong Osorio, head of ABS-CBN Corporate Communications.

“It is a game and variety show that will surely bring joy, energy and hope to Filipinos all over the world,” Osorio said in a statement.

“’Pilipinas Win na Win’ will be managed by director Johnny Manahan, creative director Bobot Mortiz, business unit head Jay Montelibano, and executive producers Phoebe Anievas and Rancy Recato. It will be aired after ‘Showtime,’” he added.

Osorio said the camp of Willie Revillame, the on-leave host of “Wowowee,” has been informed about the changes. He also confirmed that Revillame will be given a new TV show.

“’Pilipinas Win na Win’ will replace ‘Wowowee.’ Willie Revillame, through his manager, was already informed about this new development. He was also notified about the new program being planned for him and this will be announced in due time,” he said.

is willie revillame finally out of wowowee? robin padilla is in?

May 18, 2010 3 comments

will revillame continue to be a no-show in the noontime tv show wowowee. not only that he has been replaced by popular actor robin padilla. revillame in this interview says he has forgotten the threat he gave abs-cbn on his fight with jobert sucaldito. and that he needs time to think things through.

we are hoping his thinking through leads him to resign from the hosting gig. we have had enough of revillame on prime time tv.

what is interesting is the way abs-cbn seem to be propping up robin padilla. there have been interviews with robin and his co-hosts giving glowing interviews on padilla’s performance.

abs-cbn says padilla’s gig on wowowee is for an indefinite period. we hope it is forever for revillame not returning to wowowee.

Willie Revillame speaks up, appeals for understanding
Posted at 05/16/2010 8:57 PM | Updated as of 05/16/2010 9:17 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Controversial “Wowowee” host Willie Revillame has appealed to his supporters for understanding as he continues to contemplate his next move in terms of his career in show business.

Revillame, who made the “I’ll quit” threat on his show, admitted that he is still thinking whether to continue hosting “Wowowee.”

Revillame promised that the public will know his decision.

“Basta ako malalaman naman ng lahat kung ano ang magiging desisyon ko. Siyempre may takdang panahon para diyan. At kung malaman nila ‘yon sana maintidihan nila ako kung ito pa ang gusto kong gawin o hindi na,” he told TV5’s new celebrity show, “Paparazzi.”

He added: “Sana maintindihan nila ako dahil may pinagdadaanan ako ngayon. Meron din akong dapat na gawing desisyon sa buhay ko. Pinag-aaralan ko lahat. Pinag-iisipin ko lahat. Kung baga kinakausap ko ang sarili ko. Kung baga ano bang dapat kong gawin, ano pa bang gusto kong gawin sa buhay ko.”

It was Revillame’s first television interview after taking a leave of absence from “Wowowee.”

“Hindi ko nami-miss ang programa. Nami-miss ko ang tao,” he said.

During the interview, Revillame refused to discuss his public tiff with Jobert Sucaldito. He also vowed not to get affected by constants criticisms thrown at him.

“Tapos na yan. Wala naman akong galit kahit kanino…. Ngayon iba na ang pananaw ko sa buhay. Kung gusto ninyo akong sabihan ng hindi maganda, hindi ko na kayo papansinin… … lahat ng tumitira sa akin sa Twitter hindi ako concerned doon. Tsaka hindi ko pinapansin ‘yon kahit tirahin nila ako araw-araw,” he said.

Revillame said he would instead focus on helping his kababayans and making other people happy.

“Paparazzi” aired Revillame’s interview on Sunday amid speculations that he might transfer to network TV5.

TV5’s musical variety show, “PO5,” also paid tribute to Revillame by performing some of the controversial host’s songs.

online outrage for willie revillame ouster rekindled

May 8, 2010 3 comments

online citizens are once again being noticed as many rise calling for the ouster of willie revillame from abs-cbn’s wowowee tv show. this comes from the latest revillame temper tantrum where on live television he threatened to quit abs-cbn’s wowowee tv show if the tv station does not get rid of jobert sucaldito. sucaldito got the ire of revillame when he apparently continue to criticize revillame and his wowowee tv show. apparently, revillame wants only to hear good things about himself and his tv show.

revillame hss not appeared in his tv show, now for the 3rd day (wednesday to friday) this week since his temper tantrums on live tv. the tv station network  claims revillame has not resigned but is just resting.

in the meantime, traditional media has taken notice that once again there is a growing online outrage against revillame. this blog is a member of one such group at facebook where this group has called for revillame’s ouster from tv show as a result of the disrespect he showed towards cory aquino during her burial.

(read about it here:

the topic of the ouster of revillame from abs-cbn is one of the top topics in this blog. this new temper tantrum of revillame is once again gaining traction in this blog.

let us know- do you want revillame ousted from wowowee and abs-cbn?

willie revillame – no show at wowowee, did he quit from abs-cbn? finally!?

May 7, 2010 22 comments

it has been two days that willie revillame is a no-show at his wowowee noontime tv show. it looks like he made good his threat not to appear at his tv show unless abs-cbn removes a reporter, jobert sucaldito.

revillame has threatened to quit abs-cbn on live tv if abs-cbn did not fire sucaldito. apparently, revillame did not like the criticisms sucaldito has been airing on the wowowee tv show. it appears revillame took the critique personally and is not bent on throwing his weight at abs-cbn.

reports says abs-cbn has talked to both of them but we do not know what they talked about and the result of the talk.

vote in this poll on this issue here: willie revillame vs jobert sucaldito – who should be let go by abs-cbn?

view video of revillame’s threat to quit abs-cbn on live tv here: willie revillame threatens to quit show over reporter’s critiques on wowowee show

read more about willie revillame in this blog:

willie revillame vs jobert sucaldito – who should be let go by abs-cbn?

May 6, 2010 36 comments

willie revillame threatens to quit show over reporter’s critiques on wowowee show

May 4, 2010 18 comments

willie revillame throws a tantrum! revillame does not like being criticized for the things he does in his tv show. to show his dislike, revillame on live tv threatened to quit his wowowee tv show if abs-cbn continues to allow a showbiz journalist, jobert sucaldito, to continue to criticize his wowowee tv show.

in no uncertain terms, revillame says he will stop reporting to work if the critiques on his tv show continue.

what is that? rvillame now wants to control philippine journalism. he is asking abs-cbn to stop journalists from criticizing his tv shows. it does not matter that sucaldito also works for abs-cbn but we think revillame here is completely in the wrong. we support sucaldito. abs-cbn should allow revillame to quit the tv show. at last!

  • read the latest: willie revillame – no show at wowowee, on indefinite leave; did he quit?
  • vote in this poll on this issue here: willie revillame vs jobert sucaldito – who should be let go by abs-cbn?
  • view video of revillame’s threat to quit abs-cbn on live tv here: willie revillame threatens to quit show over reporter’s critiques on wowowee show
  • read more about willie revillame in this blog:
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