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why firing willie revillame from wowowee is a good business decision for abs-cbn

August 31, 2009 23 comments

if they have not already, abs-cbn will at some point need to make a business decision on willie revillame’s future in the show wowowee. their action at “self-regulation” seem to indicate MTRCB’s decision on the complaint is against revillame. the self-regulation action is meant to preempt MTRCB’s adverse decision if not to delay it to buy time so that they can negotiate with MTRCB perhaps for a leaner punishment for revillame.

we think abs-cbn’s business decision on willie revillame should be to remove revillame from wowowee, based on the following:

  • tv ratings show no change or no drop in rating when revillame was not hosting wowowee versus the period prior to the incident when revillame was hosting the show. that means the audience do not find revillame that important to the show. the audience do not mind revillame not hosting to show. the same audience watch the show even though revillame is not there.
  • from the above, one conclusion is that people watch the show, its concept and not revillame.
  • another conclusion is that the other hosts of the show who have taken over revillame’s hosting chores are doing a great job and can in fact hold their own in the show.
  • with no change in tv ratings, abs-cbn does not face any risk of losing tv ad placements in the show. advertisers air their ads on the basis of ratings and audience profile. none of that is lost and none has changed. advertisers will continue to air ads at wowowee even without revillame in the show.
  • based on the rating of the show versus eat bulaga, abs-cbn should also reconsider changing not only the hosts, removing revillame and looking for new ones, they should also look into changing show’s format  and concept. eat bulaga’s ratings even when willie was in the who was at a high 25% to 28% while wowowee was at a low 12% to 16%. eat bulaga has almost double the audience size of wowowee. that says a lot fo things. eat bulaga is funnier, relatively more wholesome, relatively has less in your face sexy dancing and it does not have willie revillame in it. that says the lunchtime audience prefer eat bulaga’s relatively more wholesome, funnier and less sexy format and concept.
  • the firestorm this latest incident has caused says wowowee has lost goodwill from its audience due to revillame. keeping revillame there will make it difficult for the show to gain this goodwill back.
  • this is not the first time revillame has done something like this. it is time abs-cbn gets rid of a problematic tv host.

bottom line — abs-cbn stands to gain and regain a lot and lose nothing if it fires revillame from wowowee. in fact removing revillame from the show can give abs-cbn a good opportunity to reformat the show and finally beat eat bulaga in the ratings game.

we think these are compelling reasons for abs-cbn to do what is right- remove revillame from wowowee.

a win for anti-revillame forces – ABS-CBN extends leave of Willie Revillame, sexy dance numbers removed

August 28, 2009 6 comments

on this abs-cbn announcement – are the anti-revillame forces winning?

this tells me the anti-revillame forces have at least won partially – abs-cbn has removed the sexy dances at wowowee. while that is not exactly what the anti-revillame forces want directly, it is one of  the things they do not like in that show.

revillame’s leave being extended to september 20 can be a good sign, if we like to think positive. that may indicate one of these two things, the second one being the negative:

  1. abs-cbn needs more time to think things through. maybe they know they really need to remove revillame from the show but just needs time to figure out the best way to do it. there can also be legal and cost implications when they fire revillame.
  2. abs-cbn is playing games with the public specially the anti-revillame forces. they could have made a descision  not to fire revillame and will wait for 1 more month to allow things to cool down. they probably think 1 more month will get the issue to die down and will allow revillame’s return to wowowee easier, less controversial and less objections.

what do you think?

if it is #2, we should prove abs-cbn wrong then. let us keep the pressure up for them to finally do the right thing – get rid of revillame from wowowee, a disgrace to philippine television.

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A statement from the Kapamilya Network said the company will extend Revillame’s leave from his hit show “Wowowee” until September 20, 2009. It also ordered the removal of the sexy dancing segment of “Wowowee” mainstays Luningning and Saicy from the show.

The network said that in the interest of self-regulation, it availed of the conciliation process under the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) Rules of Procedure. It said the MTRCB has approved the sanctions imposed on the show.

Revillame, 48, has been on indefinite leave from his top-rating noontime show “Wowowee” after he drew heavy criticism when he ordered, on-air, the removal of procession footage of former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino’s funeral convoy on August 3.

The transfer of Mrs. Aquino’s remains from La Salle Greenhills to the Manila Cathedral was aired simultaneously with “Wowowee” through a small inset video. Revillame ordered it removed because he said it was disrespectful to the former president and dampened the show’s mood.

The full statement of ABS-CBN is as follows:

“In the interest of self-regulation, ABS-CBN has availed of the conciliation process under Section 6, Rule 7, of the MTRCB Rules of Procedures, regarding the incidents involving Mr. Willie Revillame in the program Wowowee.  After having considered the facts, issues and terms of self-regulation to be imposed in the pertinent cases, the MTRCB has approved the same.

“Whereof, the ABS-CBN shall undertake to perform the following:

“1. Extend Mr. Revillame’s leave until 20 September 2009; and,
“2. Remove the present dance segment of Luningning and Saicy.

“Further, ABS-CBN reiterates that it is fully aware of its legal and moral responsibilities as a broadcaster and shall  undertake to continue to uphold the values and customs of the Filipino viewing public.”

read in full here:

willie revillame gives the BS during MTRCB hearing – it was just a “suggestion”

August 24, 2009 3 comments

pdi august 24 willie revillame

That was a show of “arrogance and great disrespect to the Filipino … tradition of paying respect to the dead,” said MTRCB chair Marissa Laguardia in a memorandum sent to the network on August 11.

Revillame came to the hearing with Star Magic (the station’s talent arm) head Johnny Manahan, legal counsel Armando Marcelo and “Wowowee” executive producer Phoebe Luz Anievas. ABS-CBN was represented by lawyers Cherrie Cruz and Mona Lisa Manalo.

During the three-hour hearing, Revillame pointed out that it was management’s call, not his, to insert the video. Cases told the Philippine Daily Inquirer: “When he asked that the inset be removed, he said, he was merely giving a suggestion. [He also] admitted that [it was] an emotional outburst and that he shouldn’t have spoken on-air the way he did.”

read in full here:

i don’t know how saying it was just a “suggestion” removes the guilt of being disrespectful and an over-all jerk on live national tv in a time of national mourning and sadness. having made the suggestion on live national tv is the first error. the second error is how he said it and the third was what he said.

based on the video, revillame was not concerned about the disrespect that he claims after the fact in showing the funeral procession during his show, he was concerned more about his performance. over and over again, revillame said seeing those footages on screen prevented him from performing his best as the superstar noontime tv host that he considers himself to be.

nobody can remove nor forget what he did and what he said on live national tv.

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no drop in tv rating while willie revillame out of wowowee – revillame is insignificant

August 21, 2009 17 comments

the tv show wowowee is a product of the business called abs-cbn, it yields for them revenues and profits and from the advertising loads that it has, the revenues and profits are huge.

wowowee is still airing but willie revillame has been out of the tv show for a week now. but the firestorm, loathing and protest by many has not stopped and in fact has grown in real life and in the internet world. at facebook, the Anti-Revillame Movement has now 11,956 members (  while the online Petition To Oust Willie Revillame as of this writing has 57.771 signatures ( both continue to grow.

there is a nagging question that abs-cbn needs to answer, it is a business question – what is the business impact of removing willie revillame from wowowee? in answering that question, abs-cbn need to look at the tv rating of the program. tv ratings is THE key magnet for ad placements in any tv show. advertisers will place their ads in shows with high ratings. higher ratings mean larger number of the audience watching the show and the higher the ratings lower cost per thousand audience.  

for me, i do not think removing revillame is really a problem. revillame as a tv host does not bring any unique talent or skill to the show. he sounds and looks like any other tv host. he does not have any strong singing or dancing talent as added bonus. all he has is really just emceeing.

we think what makes the show work or get a large audience is the show’s format and concept and not the host. put any host to the same concept and it will continue to get the audience.

but business needs to look at it with numbers, not conjecture. we have the numbers here.

we got the tv ratings from this blog, from AGB Nielsen Philippines, the ad industry’s ratings company. admittedly the data points are few but we think it’s a good enough gauge for abs-cbn to base its decision on.

for 5 data points covering the period when revillame was still appearing in the show, wowowee had an average  rating of 17.1%.

for  6 data points covering the period when revillame was no longer hosting the show, wowowee had an average rating of 16.2%.

a drop of only 0.9 rating points is not significant. drops of that magnitude happen often, due to normal day to day fluctuations.

from these numbers, the conclusion is —- the audience did not miss revillame at all, the audience continued to watch wowowee even though revillame was no longer hosting the show. not only that, revillame’s co-hosts in the show who took over the hosting role have done very well.

this means from a purely business standpoint, abs-cbn is not risking anything if it removes revillame from wowowee. but what abs-cbn will gain is goodwill from its audience where the large number of those calling for the removal of revillame from the show will now feel heard and contained.

removing revillame will win goodwill from its audience and risk no loss of business.

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Anti-Willie Revillame Movement at facebook gains traction, now 10T members

August 19, 2009 17 comments

as of this writing the Anti Willie Revillame Movement at facebook has gotten close to 10,000 members. it has been adding members by almost by the thousands on a daily basis.

the description of the movement is as follows: “A movement against immoral conduct and behavior on public television.”

a Kris Daniel from toronto canada started a discussion there with the title  GIVE ME A FUCKING GOOD REASON WHY HE SHOULD BE KICKED OFF WOWOWEE?

his first post had this:


he got 132 replies so far from 66 people. here are a few of the replies:

from Ina:

I’ve never liked Wowowee because of Willie. People have easly forgotten the very same mistake he did years ago where he was banned by the Board of Censors. He may make good entertainment but he is so not of good morale character. How people so stupidly believe that he is the one giving away the money. The show gives away money, not him!! He gets paid to host the show! The money does not come from his own bank account, you silly little people!!!! But, because most Filipinos are not matured mentally, the fans mistakenly see the personality and host as one and the same. Sadly, hindi talaga sophisticated ang mga utak nating mga PInoy. I blame that on our education system and therefore the government. But that’s another long and sad story.

Mr. Kris Daniel. (You must be related to him to defend him the way you do. Otherwise suerte naman nya to have you on his side) Do your homework a little bit more- that’s not how TV shows work. Willie does not deserve your adulation.


from boy:

1. UNPROFESSIONALISM -Why? kung talagang sya ay professional na host ano man ang nasa damdamin nya, pag on cam dapat isasa-isang tabi na nya ‘yon lalo na kung sya ay galit o malunglngkot. gaano na karami ang mga contestant at mga co-host ang binastos nya??? dahil sa nalulungkot sya sa pagpanaw ni tita cory ipapatanggal nya ang coverage sa mga bagong news sa labi ni tita cory?? paano ang mga sumusubaybay sa show at nag-aantabay sa labi ni tita cory??

2.MANIAC -Hindi naman kaila sa atin ang mga reklamo ng mga babae tungkol sa pagte- take advantage ni Mr. Revillame sa kanyang show… contestant man o co-host madalas na ang siko ni Mr. Revilame ay nakadikit sa mga suso ng mga babae.

3.HINDI MARUNONG MAG-SALITA NG MAAYOS- nauutal palagi si Mr. Revillame. nakakainis kapag-tumatawa hindi kaaya-aya sa mata ng maraming manonood.

4.SARCASTIC – ang mga comment sa mga contestant o sa mga host maging sa mga tele-viewers ay palaging very offending.

5.ULTRA STAMPID!!! hindi na kailangang i- ilaborate pa yan!!


Sa management ng mga show sa ABS-CBN… maraming naniniwala na kung si willie ay tatanggalin nyo sa show mas magkakaroon ng magandang kompetisyon sa noon time show. Huwag kayong mag-alala maraaming mahuhusay at talented dyan! BALITA KO SI JOSE MANALO HINDI MUNA GAANONG LUMALABAS SA BULAGA – JOSE MANALO AT POKWANG? ABA’Y LALABAN YAN SA KABILANG HIMPILAN!!!! PLUS WALLY PA!


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ABS-CBN backs Willie Revillame; says Wowowee host did not disrespect the memory of cory aquino

August 18, 2009 13 comments

 letter from abs0-cbn to MTRCB:

It is ABS-CBN’s position that there was no disrespect of the dead by Mr. Revillame. When the funeral cortege of former President Aquino was shown as an inset during Wowowee, Mr. Revillame expressed his opinion of the inappropriateness of the simultaneous exhibition of both the funeral cortege and Wowowee, and his preference that only one or the other be shown.

In expressing his opinion and preference, though, Mr. Revillame did not show disrespect for former President Aquino. In fact, the contrary is true. In making his statements, Mr. Revillame wanted to give due respect to former President Aquino and her funeral cortege.

Indeed, in Filipino culture, customs, and tradition, ceremonies involving the dead are solemn and sober. Thus, the laughter, jokes, and happiness usually seen in a program like Wowowee would appear to be inappropriate when viewed together with the funeral cortege. On the one hand, the Filipino people are mourning the death of a loved and respected former President, and on the other hand, Wowowee is trying to entertain its audience.

It appears, therefore, that Mr. Revillame’s issue was with the inappropriateness of Wowowee and the funeral cortege being shown together, and not with the funeral cortege itself. While it may be argued that Mr. Revillame could have expressed his thoughts in a better way and that it would have been better to raise them privately, instead of the public manner in which he did, such was not disrespectful of the dead and does not constitute an offense under the KBP Broadcast Code of the Philippines.

read in full here:

willie revillame, wowowee host, a disgrace to philippine television

August 17, 2009 26 comments

we are posting here a comment by Gina Downer, posted here:  

please note that the uderscoring, the  title of this post and accompanying photos and images are supplied by wawam.wordpress.

I was not familiar with this person Willie Revillame up until recently. All I could share is my very first impression of this supposedly wholesome noontime show he hosts.

Visiting the Philippines 3 years ago, I happen to notice his noontime show that was on. I found the show repulsive with the very young ladies gyrating in the “background” of the main event clad in very skimpy outfits.

There was a game going on but the cameras were making sure that these gyrating dancers were there to be seen for all to see…for whose pleasure?

Then I later find out that the host ,Willie Revillame is the one that calls the shot for all of what goes on the show, including the young girls who I bet are just happy to have a paycheck But having to wear skimpy outfits more suited for an adult entertainment venue?

Is Willie responsible for the tone of this show? Apparently so. As I read more about this person, I was correct in being offended in what I saw in his show 3 years ago. His show was crass and he comes across to me as an arrogant, condescending rude to the audience and contestants in the show. Why is ABS-CBN so oblivious to all of these?

The Filipino people are getting so desensitized on a daily basis by this show. People just accepts it as it is.What Willie likes , he gets. A person like him should not have such absolute power over a media that is seen by millions.

The network has the responsibility that the viewing public is not subjected to such debauchery in the middle of the day. What is the government doing about all of this?

Those dancers deserve to show their talents in a more appropriate way, and not be required to perform in such lewd manner. I feel for the parents of these young girls, who like I said are all just wanting to make a living like the rest of us.

I say get this Revillame guy out of there and make your noontime show deserving a wholesome rating. Stop feeding the already sick appetite of some men, like Willie Revillame for young girls through your show. It is just plain wrong.


read the latest : breakthrough : Willie Revillame’s leave extended, sexy dance numbers removed. Are anti-revillame forces winning?

photos posted by wawam.wordpress:  

this is tame dancing compared to what happens on a regular basis in wowowee


co-host on the left accidentally flashes her breasts on live national tv


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Reasons why Willie Revillame must be banned from Television

August 14, 2009 13 comments

willie revillame apologizes for the wrong reason; takes a 3-week leave from wowowee

August 10, 2009 40 comments

in this “apology” willie revillame cites the reason why he did not want the video feeds of cory aquino’s funeral shown during his show. in this video he said he did not want the merry making that happens in his show shown together with the grieving that we feel for cory’s funeral.

that was not what he said during the actual show during his rant. in his rant revillame kept repeating he was being bothered with seeing the funeral march and that was causing him not to perform his usual or his best during the show. cory’s funeral march was affecting his performance as a superstar noontime tv host.


Revillame goes on leave

August 10, 2009, 5:45pm

Controversial television host Willie Revillame has filed a three-week leave of absence from game show “Wowowee” believed to be triggered by mounting protests on his emotional outburst over the insertion of a live coverage of former President Corazon Aquino’s funeral procession in the high-rating ABS-CBN noontime show.

According to well-placed sources from ABS-CBN, Revillame’s leave of absence took effect during the live airing of “Wowowee” last Saturday, August 8, in ABS-CBN.

During Monday’s noontime showing of “Wowowee”, the 48-yearold Revillame was also a no-show amid the expression of support from some of his followers present in the studio who showed placards that said: “Willie, kasama mo kami (Willie, we are with you).

ABS-CBN has yet to issue a formal announcement over Revillame’s status on the high-rating “Wowowee” game show amid mounting calls for him to be suspended or removed for allegedly showing disrespect to the former president who was laid to rest last August 5 at the Manila Memorial

“Willie has gone on leave. He will be out for at least three weeks,” a well-placed source from ABS-CBN network said.

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Willie Revillame – Which is worth of respect? Which is rude?

August 9, 2009 16 comments

The controversy of the Willie Revillame’s brushing away of the funeral coverage to gave way to his Wowowee irritates the mourning public.

Inspite of the irritation, and disgust over Mr. Revillame, thousands stood at their lines to see Pres. Cory’s remains from La Salle Greenhills to the Manila Cathedral.

Four Filipino Men, our own F-4 stood valiantly and with pride without motion beside the remains of Cory.

The truck driver, Mr. Jerry Orbiso, who drove the casket last Monday’s transfer from La Salle Greenhills to the Manila Cathedral and Wednesday’s funeral procession, those 9 or more so hours is commendable. In the Sunday issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Orbiso said:

“I will never forget those two days when I had the privilege to serve the most loved woman in the Philippines,” said Orbiso, a professional truck driver for the last 30 years.

Orbiso said that apart from the P400 he received as his daily wage, there were no extras.

But that doesn’t bother him.

“No amount of money can ever pay for the once-in-a-lifetime chance I had,” he said. “I’m sure many people envy me now.”

Now, think about this: sa WOWOWEE pumipila ang tao kay WILLIE REVILLAME (at sasabihan pa sya ng ‘ang pogi mo Pap!) dahil sa PERA. Last week, pumipila ang tao,uminit man at bumuhos ang malakas na ulan dahil kay CORY, kahit walang kapalit na pera o pagkain. Alin ngayon ang kabastos-bastos at karespe-respeto sa dalawa?


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Letter of Complaint to ABS-CBN Against Mr. Willie Revillame

August 8, 2009 58 comments

I sent this letter through ABS-CBN interactive ( about another issue against Mr. Willie Revillame


President, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network
Mother Ignacia St. Quezon City

Dear Ma’am Santos-Concio

We witnessed how Mr. Willie Revillame disregarded the public by airing his Wowowee show while the funeral of Cory was transferred from De La Salle Greenhills to Manila Cathedral last Monday. It was a shame. While the country wants to witness the history unfolding upon the death of Pres. Cory Aquino, Mr. Revillame was only pre-occupied with his work, which we all know earns a multi-millon peso per day of show.

With due respect, Ma’am Charo Santos Concio and Sir Gabby Lopez, you owe the coming back of ABS-CBN to no less than Pres. Cory Aquino when she gave it back to the Lopez family after the EDSA 1986 Revolution.

I think Mr. Revillame should know this. Yet inspite of giving apologies to the Aquino family and to the Filipino people, he sounded with arrogance and conceit.

We urge you, that you should remove Mr. Revillame from the network . His attitude is a shame and injustice to Pres. Cory, the Filipino people and to the network she herself restored. Revillame claims that “his conscience was clear”. Wasn’t he aware of what was going on that day? Wasn’t he aware that a former President who restored freedom and democracy has died? Wasn’t he aware that the network Mr. Revillame is working with through his Wowowee was restored by the late President Aquino?

If your network is sincere in covering the funeral rites, procession and burial of Pres. Aquino and is truly KAPAMILYA, removing Mr. Revillame from ABS-CBN will give justice to Pres. Cory, the Filipino people and the network.

We hope starting Monday next week, we shall no longer see Mr. Revillame appearing in television. Anyways, he has already earned much from your network.

We hope for your immediate action regarding this matter.

A Concerned Filipino and ABS-CBN viewer.


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willie revillame desecrates the memory of tita cory and finds the funeral a nuisance to his performance – also watch video here

August 7, 2009 75 comments

humility, class and respect are words that willie revillame does not know the meaning of.  mayabang, bastos, egoistic and self-importance are words he knows based on the video in this post.

what he wanted done – removing the live shots of tita cory’s funeral march during his live show actually makes sense. showing sexy, scantily clad women cavorting on tv and screaming happy audience beside shots of a funeral march does not make sense. one hurts the other.

what does not make sense is willie asking for it to be removed on live tv and using the words he did.

what we find as a desecration of the memory of tita cory is not that he does not want sad and happy to be together on screen, it is that the live shots of tita cory’s funeral is a bother to him, a nuisance and an affront to his stature as a noontime tv host superstar.

 it is all about his ego and his standing in the tv industry as one of the most popular noontime tv host. he felt he had the entitlement to demand the rest of the world, anything that  reduces his star quality to be removed from his world. he has said this many times in this video – his only concern was his performance in his tv show, nothing more and nothing less. 

the tv shots of cory’s funeral march was stifling his skills and performance like a pebble caught inside our shoe.

this nuisance, in this case shots of tita cory’s funeral march need to be removed from his world right at the moment he sees it. he cannot wait even for a few minutes when the show is off the air to talk to the director to have it removed on screen.  the superstar status that he feels he has need to be obliged right at the moment he sees what tarnishes it.

if this was real life, if willie revillame is having a party in his home and it so happens his neighbor, the home right beside his is having a wake for a dead member of the family, we are sure willie revillame will go to his neighbor’s house and demand that the family remove the casket from their home and have the wake elsewhere far from his house. right now.

that is what we find as a desecration of tita cory’s memory. 


posted august 10:

watch the video again. what is most glaring in the video is that willie’s on-air rant is all about his ego. the only point he kept repeating was HE WAS NOT ABLE TO PERFORM the way he should because he can see the burial procession on screen.

it WAS NOT at all about giving respect to tita cory, the disrespect in showing scenes of happy moments in his show and the sadness of the funeral, but the disrespect he was seeing for himself.

he was saying he felt the funeral shots were disrespecting his star status as it was preventing him from doing well in his performance.


read the latest on willie revillame here:

Please sign up on this petition.

What Willy Revillame did on his show with regards to the broadcast of President Cory’s cortege last Aug 3 was the height of crassness and rudeness against Tita Cory and the Filipino people in general.

Aquino family spokeswoman rebukes Willie

MANILA – A spokeswoman of the Aquino family on Friday issued a strongly worded rebuke against “Wowowee” host Willie Revillame for ordering the removal of the video of President Corazon Aquino’s cortege, which was being beamed live simultaneously with the noontime show last Monday.

A statement from Dee Dee Siytangco, spokesperson of the Aquino family, read: “It is regrettable and a crass attempt to desecrate the memory of the beloved Tita Cory.”

On Monday a visibly irked Revillame ordered the immediate removal of the livestream video of Aquino’s cortege, which was being shown simultaneously with his show.

The controversial host explained that it was inappropriate to broadcast it while they were having fun inside the studio. He added that it would be hard for him to make the public happy when he could see on screen the casket of Mrs. Aquino.


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