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ateneo’s 1BIG5 versus the world at UAAP 75

August 24, 2012 Leave a comment

round 1  is done at the UAAP 75 seniors basketball tournament and we know the top four – 1.  ateneo blue eagles,  2. FEU tamaraws, 3. UST growling tigers and 4. NU bulldogs in that order.

the top four is important as the teams that land in those go to the semi finals after round 2. among the top four, the top two are even more important as these two teams enjoy the twice to beat advantage where their opponents, those in the 3rd and 4th place will need to beat them twice to advance to the finals.

the big story here is on the defending champion, the ateneo blue eagles who has won the uaap seniors basketball tournament four consecutive years in the last four years. this year, should ateneo win again will be it’s 5th consecutive year which will make history in the 75 year old competition.

winning consecutive years in a collegiate team sports competition is very, very difficult as the nature of the competition is that all the teams lose their players every four years as they graduate from college. to win consecutively will mean the team needs to keep training new recruits throughout the years and sustain a system. the reality is each team will need to look for new stars as the current stars graduate.

the question now is can the ateneo blue eagles make it to 1BIG5?

ateneo is in the top spot after round 1 as it has maintained it’s key star players in greg slaughter a leading center in the league, keifer ravena the “phenom” guard and the reliable nico salva a forward. the other important advantage of the ateneo team is they have a long list of second stringers. if the first stringers under perform, they can field in their 2nd stringers who can very well compensate for the weakness.

the UST growling tigers was touted by ateneo coach norman black the team to beat in this tournament but it has faltered somewhat as it is now at 3rd position, tied with FEU. NU bulldogs was also expected to be at the top 2 but other teams have found a way to counter its stars in the team.

looking at the standings, the conclusion is that the stronger team is the one that does not rely on only one star player. FEU, UST and NU are teams that rely too much on only 1 star player while ateneo has more than one that make a difference in games.

will it be history or bust for the ateneo blue eagles? tell us what you think and vote:

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