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is TV5’s “Misibis Bay” tv series soft porn?

June 27, 2013 Leave a comment

there can be no more blatant way to use sex in selling TV shows to the audience than in TV5’s new TV show or the tease, a promise (?),  of showing off the body of  its sexy star lead actress. TV5 is set to launch a new TV series, “misibis bay”  and it is convincing the audience to watch the TV show not because of its plot, story, acting talents of its cast or production values but all and only on the basis that their lead actress has a sexy body, described even as  not just a “beauty” but more importantly “virginal ” and a not so subtle promise it will be enjoyed on the TV screens.


TV5’s website with the article showing the sexy body of their lead actress in a skimpy bikini to match the “virginal beauty” title of the article

source :

there is no mistake in what the article is trying to do – having the words “beauty”, “virginal” and “ravishing” in the same headline with a revealing bikini shot of the lead actress clearly states the intent. they did not ever bother to talk about what the TV series is all about – comedy, drama or action in the article. with these kinds of combination, we are guessing this will be some kind of a soft porn TV series.

we are wondering, is this a good representation of the state of philippine tv? we have seen many inane tv shows in the philippines – noontime and early prime time  variety shows that feature actresses who sing out of tune, “kembot girls” in various stages of undress gyrating in the background  and poorly written scripts obviously being read off an idiot board below the camera. there are also drama series with the 2 century old favorite pinoy storyline of rich boy-poor girl-wicked mom variety punctuated by face slapping and vilma santos type of screaming not acting.

this one is all out sex or as based on the theme of the article, the exhibition of the sexy body of the lead actress, ritz azul. in fact when you google for photos of the lead actress, you will see more photos of her with very little clothes on than pictures of her fully clothed.

that leads us to the next question – who is the target market of this tv show? the focus on the sexy body of the lead actress seem to imply the target audience of the tv show are men. that makes us wonder – do men watch drama series? if misibis bay is some kind of soft porn tv series, then they are spot on with their promotion strategy.

is this whole promotion strategy a winner or is it WAWAM?

great tourist attraction & marketing gimmick at Times Square NY

June 24, 2013 Leave a comment

this is one of the most fun gimmick at Times Square – see yourself on that giant screen at Times Square.

it’s that iconic giant screen we see in almost all pictures of Times Square in new york. now, it does not just display ads and announcements, it now shows people who look at the screen in front of it.


the iconic Times Square NY giant screen – that is the screen that has “Hyundai” on top of it. it now shows the actual people standing in front of it.

everyone who stands on that railing facing the giant screen are captured for a few seconds and shown on the screen. that means all the hundreds who are on time square can see your image  on the screen. it’s a moving image, so whatever you do in front of it is shown.

it is really a great tourist attraction idea. everyone but everyone who goes to Times Square goes up to the railing to have themselves seen on the screen. it is technology obsessed 21st century kind of fun for the tourists.

it is also a great marketing gimmick. it has “Hyundai” on top of the screen and yes, Hyundai tv ads are shown on it one after the other with the live footage of people in front of it. you need to stay on that railing for around 45 seconds to watch the Hyundai tv ad before the camera turns on to show your image on the giant screen. that means  everyone who stands on that railing would have seen the Hyundai tv ad.

small, cheap fun but great for tourists and marketing.


guy on the left with brown jacket, black backpack and white baseball cap looking at the screen is shown on the giant screen left side


teen age boy in a red jacket is on the left side of the giant screen

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New Balance ad blooper – also need to pursue excellence in grammar

June 20, 2013 Leave a comment

i was impressed by the number of New Balance billboards in Boston, MA – they were like all over the place. it’s hard to miss them, they are in the subway and the streets in almost every place where billboards are allowed.

but being impressed stopped there as i read the headline.

first time i saw the billboard was when i was riding the subway train. it passed my view for a few seconds, something got lit up in my mind – was that what i read? it bothered me throughout the train ride and kept assessing the words. i told myself i have to look at their billboard again to make sure i read the right thing and take pictures of them.

the New Balance billboard had this headline : ” To Light, Liberty and the pursuit of excellent

NB 1

i liked the subtle touch on patriotism, specially when at the time i was in Boston, the Boston marathon bombing just happened and the city was still looking for the perpetrators.  being patriotic which was what the billboard sort of said was a good thing for the brand.

i thought to myself, okay it’s good they want to get to “light”, truth (?) and liberty, but to the “pursuit of excellent”? that was shattering, New Balance needs to take on the “pursuit of excellence” in grammar.


that does not end there. just now, we checked the New Balance website ( and we found this one. The need to pursue “summertime excellence” in grammar.

new bal site

this is a WAWAM!


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allan bantiles, colegio de san agustin dad who pointed a gun at a high school student is arraigned

June 19, 2013 Leave a comment

‘Gun-toting dad’ arraigned on grave threat rap

The man accused of pointing a gun at a high school student inside an exclusive school in Makati City pleaded not guilty during his arraignment on a charge of grave threat Monday afternoon.

Accompanied by his lawyer Richard Nethercott, Allan Cañete Bantiles arrived an hour late for his arraignment set at 1:30 p.m. by Judge Henry Laron of the Makati Metropolitan Trial Court’s Branch 65.

The case against Bantiles, said to be a real estate contractor and resident of Vista Real Classica in Quezon City, was filed against him by Jesus Manuel Garcia, a former student of Colegio San Agustin.

Garcia earlier said that on Aug. 30 last year, Bantiles slapped him, shook his shoulders and pointed a loaded gun at his forehead.

He added that the accused also threatened to shoot him and told him: “Do you want me to shoot you? I can shoot you.”

Before the gun-toting incident, Garcia admitted that he punched in the face Bantiles’ son who was his classmate then. His action, the complainant claimed, was in response to the repeated bullying he experienced at the hands of the accused’s son.

Read more:

this case have been written about in this blog. read here :

the big and long malice in Kraft’s “Let’s get zesty” ads

June 18, 2013 1 comment

kraft released these ads for their salad dressing, Zesty Italian  where they took the meaning of “zesty” to another level. it got a lot of notice, many were complaints on what they were trying to do in the ad – selling salad dressing on the basis of a hunk removing his shirt while making the salad.


i don’t know if women will be encouraged to buy the Zesty Italian dressing based on seeing a hunk with great abs using it in a TV ad, but i thought they went too far, in fact there is obvious malice in the print ad version (above) of the TV ad. the TV was straightforward on using sex to sell salad dressing, but the print ad takes that to a higher level with using the body part covered by the picnic cloth in the print ad.

to make it more obvious, here is the print ad that emphasizes the emphasis made in the ad on the body part.


the tiny piece of picnic cloth strategically covering  what can’t be shown in the print ad is actually shaped to give an illusion of what is by implication not tiny under the piece of cloth. it appears they put a giant cucumber under the cloth, pointing to the left. that was obviously intentional. picnic cloths do not normally behave that way, like forming the shape of long and big cucumber, when placed on something. the rest of the picnic cloth are behaving naturally in the print ad, except that part.

i think that part of the picnic cloth was done digitally, a good photoshop effort. the shape is too perfect and the shadows on some red parts are unnaturally darker than the others and in most given the light source should not be darker than the others.

with the intentional art design, it is obvious the ad campaign is meant to use malice as a selling point for the salad dressing.

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Kraft Salad Dressing Ad Gets Best Present Ever: A Slap From One Million Moms

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