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Luneta rally – September 21, 2017 in pictures

September 23, 2017 Leave a comment


i saw this young family at the Luneta rally. i asked permission from the dad if i can take their picture. the dad said yes and he told his kids : “taas ang mga kamay”. he was asking his kids to raise their hands in protest.

the ate, the little girl almost got it right. the little boy, the bunso also did it, but it turned out to something else that he only knows what it is.

that made me smile as well as the young dad.


the message on the back of the t-shirt makes a lot of sense.


DSC_1128.JPGsome familiar faces.


“Resist Duterte’s Tyranny!”

the youth on stage at the rally


our activist brothers got this wrong – Duterte is “tuta ng intsik”, not “tuta ng kano”.


#NeverAgain #NeverForget

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