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get out and vote for aquino and roxas

siguraduhing ipanalo sina aquino at roxas  – bumoto sa may 10.

krista ranillo, manny pacquaio’s “friend” in bikini

March 1, 2010 1 comment

manny pacquiao’s rumored mistress krista ranillo’s lesbian french kiss with mocha

November 20, 2009 2 comments
Mocha spotted kissing Krista Ranillo!
Controversial singer Mocha who made the news when photos of her kissing fellow Mocha Girl Hershey were published in a tabloid without her knowledge may soon be making the headlines again after she was spotted kissing fellow Maxim Magazine columnist Krista Ranillo. This took place as Mocha, Maxim’s cover girl for the month of April, was doing a series of interviews for the men’s magazine last March 31.

Mocha was just finishing an interview when Krista arrived at the Maxim offices to do some paper work. It was the first time that the two had met and they hit it off right away with Krista even signing a copy of her March Maxim cover and Mocha doing the same.

After talking about their respective columns, Mocha, who admits she is bisexual, was overheard telling Krista, “Mag-kiss tayo,” at one point. Krista answered with a laugh and soon the two went off with Mocha’s manager and some of the Maxim staff. The two went to a secluded spot where they proceeded to kiss for several seconds while cameras were trained on them.

Most of the people who witnessed the scene were shocked since Krista, who had a rather conservative image before she became Maxim’s sex and relationship columnist, was unexpectedly open to kissing another woman, even giggling about it afterwards. The staff admitted that it was an impromptu meeting. Onlookers revealed that it was a “very hot encounter” and that both women were really into it.

Krista later revealed that it was her first time to kiss a girl, since the Pieta star is straight and has a long time boyfriend. Mocha admitted that although she was surprised Krista agreed to the kiss, she’s proud that she was Krista’s first. Mocha even laughingly said, “She’s a good kisser!”

click photos for larger views:

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videos on manny pacquiao and krista ranillo scandal

November 20, 2009 2 comments

get to know krista ranillo, manny pacquiao’s rumored squeeze

November 20, 2009 2 comments

MANILA – Actress Krista Ranillo (born Cristalle Lauren Tupaz Ranillo) is the talk of the town these days because she is being linked to Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao.

But very little is known of the 24-year-old sexy starlet, who has graced the covers of numerous men’s magazines and starred in racy independent films.


She earned a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with tracks in Communication Arts and Psychology in 2007, and was reported to be a consistent Dean’s Lister.

In her school yearbook, Aegis ’07, a write-up describes her thus: “Everyone beware of Krista Ranillo! With her angelic face, sweet smile, gorgeous body, and brains to die for, she seems heaven-sent.”

“This religious, charming, talented artista/model/everything-else princess seems too good to be true,” the write-up states, with glowing reviews of her loyalty and warmth as a friend.

However, the writer notes that Ranillo also has a naughty side.

“But behind that innocent facade lies a mischievous little devil who can make you believe that you can only buy blue books in the States and and that you missed a very important quiz when you were absent,” it states.

Of her “wild side” the write-up goes: “When you’re with Krista, you’re sure to be laughing your head off with all her hilarious tricks and quick quips. It doesn’t matter what you do together, for she’s always ready to go along with anything spontaneously crazy.”

She is described as a responsible student who “finishes her papers early so she can spend the weekend with her friends” and was often described by peers as being aloof.

“Often one of the first to rally loudly for a free cut in class, Krista is actually quite a nerd!” the text states. “Though some may think she’s ‘mataray’ because she hardly hangs out in school, she’s actually sleeping at home!”

“Truly, Krista Artista is a walking contradiction. Angelic but wicked, funny but serious, silly but nerdy, social but anti-social, sweet but naughty, caring but mischevious,” the write-up says.

Already having the makings of a celebrity, Ranillo’s batchmate ends the write-up with: “Can I have your autograph?!”

read in full here:

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pictures of manny pacquiao together with krista ranillo in baguio surface in the internet

November 19, 2009 1 comment

is this none of our business? but manny pacquiao is a national celebrity, the greatest today – his life on and off the ring is public property. he is not only a national celebrity, he is global and that is why there is a video of manny and krista taken and posted in the internet when they went to the US tv show for manny’s guesting.

manny before this the alleged krista-manny affair was perfect for us. well, not really – he has problems with speaking in english but that we don’t mind, we still think he is perfect. aside from being a world-class champion boxer and making global boxing history, we think he is perfect with a beautiful wife, jinkee always behind him, a quirky but loveable mother and very cute and good looking kids. will manny still be perfect in our eyes after krista?

they are denying there is anything to it. but these pictures in baguio is something else and belies the denials. why would krista be with manny in baguio for his training? why not his wife? there are other questions – how come jinkee did not know about it? and why was she not in baguio? but that is beside the point for now.

we think they will eventually admit to it. there is just too much pictures going around to deny it.  we do not think there is any denying what it means that krista was in baguio with manny during his training.

what was manny thinking? it’s amazing how he can think bringing krista to baguio with him will not be found out. we have always thought manny is often times clueless about things. this one is just one of a string that confirms he is clueless.

this will get very ugly before it gets better. hold on to your seats!

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we invite readers, specially those who were at baguio when manny pacquiao was there for training to send us pictures of manny pacquiao and krista ranillo for publication in this blog. please email to

Baguio photos of Pacquiao, Krista surface

MANILA – The alleged affair between Manny Pacquiao and Krista Ranillo continues to heat up.

Despite the denial and “no-comment” remark from both camps, pieces of evidence – photos and video – that purportedly prove the romance between the two have surfaced on the Internet.

A video of Pacquiao and a woman, believed to be Ranillo, leaving the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show in the United States has been posted on video-sharing Web site YouTube.

Pacquiao guested in the late-night talk show before his match with Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico.

The footage has been posted by celebritynationVids that also wrote: “I caught boxing champion Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao leaving the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Manny didn’t bother to sign the autographs for about 70 fans who were there to show their support to him. He was with a woman who wasn’t his wife. So that’s probably why he didn’t stop!”

read in full here:

manny & krista arrive at the hotel to check in (double click photos for bigger view):


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pictures of krista here: trouble at the manny pacquiao-jinkee home. manny has a mistress? meet krita ranillo, manny’s squeeze, here!

krista was with manny in baguio: pictures of krista ranillo together with manny pacquaio in baguio surface

looking for a manny pacquiao-krista ranillo sex video scandal? krista’s video here

November 19, 2009 16 comments

uso ang mga sex video scandal. ang pinakasikat yung haytden kho-katrina halili sex video scandal na maraming chapter na lumabas sa internet. meron pa ngang iba pang version kasama ang ibang mga GF ni hayden. hindi tayo nakatulog don, inabangan natin lahat.

meron din kaya tayong makikitang manny pacquiao-krista ranillo sex video? lahat naman tayo may cell phone na may video recording capability. at sigurado akong may video camera si pacman.

meron na kayang sex video ito? 

tell us what you think about this affair, VOTE  the manny-krista scandal poll, click here:  videos on manny pacquaio and krista ranillo scandal

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pictures of krista here: trouble at the manny pacquiao-jinkee home. manny has a mistress? meet krita ranillo, manny’s squeeze, here!

krista was with manny in baguio: pictures of krista ranillo together with manny pacquaio in baguio surface

Pacman in tri-cornered fight outside ring? 
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:08:00 11/19/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Boxing superstar Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao Wednesday brushed off rumors that his marriage was on the rocks amid persistent reports that he flew a starlet and her whole family to Las Vegas to watch him win a record seventh world title.

In an interview aired over ABS-CBN as he prepared to fly home to a hero’s welcome on Friday after taking Miguel Cotto’s World Boxing Organization welterweight title in Las Vegas, Pacquiao sidestepped the issue. Again.

Pacquiao, 30, instead admonished the local press to report his achievements in the ring, “not the private lives of people.” He added, “I hope they honor the achievements that I have won for my fellow Filipinos.”

The day before, the champion was just as evasive, telling another TV crew, “Why don’t we just enjoy this victory?”

The glow from Saturday’s one-sided contest has been tarnished by reports that while in the United States, Pacquiao stayed in a different hotel—apart from his wife, Jinkee, with whom he has three children. Jinkee has since been shown twice on television, in tears.

According to the reports, the champ paid for the air tickets and hotel accommodation of Filipino starlet Krista Ranillo and her family, who all watched the bout live, further fueling rumors of a romantic liaison.

On Nov. 13, Philippine Daily Inquirer sports columnist Beth Celis wrote that Pacquiao had “blushed like a schoolboy after his secret crush was revealed to the world.”

Read more…

pacquiao-cotto fight – what if pacquiao losses the fight to cotto?

November 12, 2009 Leave a comment

i like pacquiao to win, but has anyone even considered the thought that he might not win the fight? what if he does nto win it? i don’t think anyone, not any filipino is considering that possibility. we love manny, we love him to win but he has an opponent and it’t not just up to him, it’s also up to cotto.

if manny losses the fight, what do you think will happen? ano sa palagay nyo?

….knock on wood.

possible reasons:

  • kulang sa ensayo si pacquiao?
  • dapat hindi sa baguio nag-training? dapat sa amerika?
  • kasalanan ng ondoy at pepeng?
  • hindi nakapag-concentrate noong nag-training?
  • hirap talaga sa mas mataas na weight class

there are other things:

  • what will happen to the filipino psyche? will the nation go on a national depression?
  • will we still love pacquaio?
  • meron kayang parada pagbalik no pacquiao?
  • lalaban ba siya ulit?

on arroyo’s P1Million NY dinner: “May Araw Din kayo” – conrado de quiros

August 17, 2009 2 comments

Theres The Rub
May araw din kayo

 By Conrado de Quiros
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:04:00 08/17/2009

Tatagalugin ko na nang makuha n’yo. Kahit na lingwaheng kanto lang ang alam kong Tagalog.

Tutal Buwan ng Wika naman ang Agosto. Baka sakali ’yung paboritong wika ni Balagtas ay makatulong sa pag-unawa n’yo dahil mukhang ’yung paboritong wika ni Shakespeare ay lampas sa IQ n’yo. Kung sa bagay, ang pinakamahirap gisingin ay ’yung nagtutulug-tulugan. Ang pinakamahirap padinggin ay ’yung nagbibingi-bingihan. Ang pinakamahirap paintindihin ay ’yung nagmamaangmaangan. Bueno, mahirap din paintindihin ’yung likas na tanga. Pero bahala na.

Sabi mo, Cerge Remonde, alangan naman pakanin ng hotdog ang amo mo. Bakit alangan? Hindi naman vegetarian ’yon. At public service nga ’yon, makakatulong dagdagan ng cholesterol at salitre ang dugong dumadaloy papuntang puso n’ya. Kung meron man s’yang dugo, kung meron man s’yang puso.

Bakit alangan? Malamang di ka nagbabasa ng balita, o di lang talaga nagbabasa, kung hindi ay nalaman mo ’yung ginawa ni Barack Obama at Joe Biden nitong nakaraang Mayo. Galing silang White House patungong Virginia nang magtakam sila pareho ng hamburger. Pina detour nila ang motorcade at tumuloy sa unang hamburgerang nakita nila. Ito ang Ray’s Hell Burger, isang maliit at independienteng hamburger joint.

Tumungo ang dalawa sa counter at sila mismo ang nag-order, hindi mga aides. Nagbayad sila ng cash na galing sa sariling bulsa at kagaya ng ibang customers ay pumila para sa turno nila.

Ito ay presidente at bise presidente ng pinakamakapangyarihang bansa sa buong mundo. Kung sa bagay, ’yung amo n’yo ay hindi naman talaga presidente. Di lang makita ang pagkakaiba ni Garci kay God kaya nasabing “God put me here.” Pekeng presidente, pekeng asal presidente.

Sabi mo, Anthony Golez, maliit lang ang P1 million dinner kumpara sa bilyon-bilyong pisong dinala ng amo mo sa bansa.

Ay kayo lang naman ang nagsasabing may inambag ang amo n’yo na bilyong-bilyong piso sa kaban ng bayan. Ni anino noon wala kaming nakita. Ang nakita lang namin ay yung bilyon-bilyong piso—o borjer, ayon nga sa inyong dating kakosa na si Benjamin Abalos—na inaswang ng amo n’yo sa kaban ng bayan. Executive privilege daw ang hindi n’ya sagutin ito. Kailan pa naging pribilehiyo ng isang opisyal ang di managot sa taumbayan? Kailan pa naging pribilehiyo ng isang opisyal ang magnakaw?

Maliit lang pala ang P1 million, ay bakit hindi n’yo na lang ibigay sa nagugutom? O doon sa mga sundalo sa Mindanao? Tama si Archbishop Oscar Cruz. Isipin n’yo kung gaano karaming botas man lang ang mabibili ng P1 million at karagdagang P750,000 na nilamon ng amo n’yo at mga taga bitbit ng kanyang maleta sa isa pang restawran sa New York.

Maliit lang pala ang P1 million (at P750,000), bakit hindi n’yo na lang ibigay doon sa pamilya ng mga sundalong namatay sa Mindanao? Magkano ’yung gusto n’yong ibigay sa bawat isa? P20,000? Sa halagang iyan 50 sundalo na ang maaabuluyan n’yo sa $20,000. Pasalu-saludo pa ’yang amo n’yo sa mga namatay na kala mo ay talagang may malasakit. Bumenta na ’yang dramang ’yan. At pasabi-sabi pa ng “Annihilate the Abus!” Di ba noon pa n’ya ’yan pinangako? Mahilig lang talagang mangako ’yang amo n’yo.

Bukod pa d’yan, saan ba nanggaling ’yung limpak-limpak na salapi ng mga kongresista na pinansisindi nila ng tabako? Di ba sa amin din? Tanong n’yo muna kung ayos lang na i-blowout namin ng wine at caviar ang amo n’yo habang kami ay nagdidildil ng asin—’yung magaspang na klase ha, ’di yung iodized. Ang tindi n’yo, mga p’re.

At ikaw naman, Romulo Macalintal, tapang ng apog mo. Maiisip mo tuloy na sundin na lang ang mungkahi ni Dick the Butcher sa “Henry VI” ni Shakespeare: “First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Pa ethics-ethics ka pa, pasalamat ka di nasunog ang bibig mo sa pagbigkas ng katagang ’yon.

Marami mang sugapa rin sa aming mga taga media, di naman kasing sugapa n’yo. At di naman kami sineswelduhan ng taumbayan. Wala naman kaming problemang sumakay sa PAL at kailangan pang bumili ng P1.2 billion jet. Anong sabi n’yo, kailangan ng amo n’yo sa pabyahe-byahe? E sino naman ang may sabing magbabyahe s’ya? Ngayon pang paalis na s’ya—malinaw na ayaw n’yang umalis. Bakit hindi na lang s’ya bumili ng Matchbox na eroplano? Kasya naman s’ya ro’n.

Lalo kayong nagpupumiglas, lalo lang kayong lumulubog sa kumunoy. Di n’yo malulusutan ang bulilyasong ginawa n’yo. Para n’yo na ring inagaw ang isinusubong kanin ng isang batang nagugutom. Tama si Obama at Biden: Sa panahon ng recession, kung saan nakalugmok ang mga Amerikano sa hirap, dapat makiramay ang mga pinuno sa taumbayan, di nagpapakapariwara. Sa panahon ng kagutuman, na matagal nang kalagayan ng Pinoy, at lalo pang tumindi sa paghagupit ng Typhoon Gloria, dapat siguro uminom na lang kayo ng insecticide. Gawin n’yo ’yan at mapapawi kaagad ang kagutuman ng bayan.

Sa bandang huli, buti na rin lang at ginawa n’yo ’yung magpasasa sa P1 million dinner habang lupaypay ang bayan sa kagutuman—di lang sa kawalan ng pagkain kundi sa iba pang bagay—at pagdadalamhati sa yumaong Ina ng Bayan. Binigyan n’yo ng mukha ang katakawan. Katakawang walang kabusugan. Mukhang di nakita ng masa sa usaping NBN, mukhang di nakikita ng masa sa usaping SAL. Mukhang nakita lang ng masa dito sa ginawa n’yong ito. Sa pagpapabondat sa New York habang naghihinagpis ang bayan.

At buti na rin lang mayroon tayong sariling wika. Di sapat ang Inggles para iparamdam sa inyo ang suklam na nararamdaman namin sa inyo. Di sapat ang Inggles para ipakita sa inyo ang pagkamuhi na nararamdaman namin sa inyo. Di maarok ng Inggles ang lalim ng poot na nararamdaman namin sa inyo.

Isinusuka na kayo ng taumbayan, mahirap man sumuka ang gutom.

May araw din kayo.


2 new hyden kho sex video scandals released

June 17, 2009 1 comment

may 2 bagong sex videos ni hayden kho, parehong yung commercial model ang nasa video.

yung isa ay natutulog lang ang commercial model. kinunan ni hayden ng video yung commercial model habang natutulog. topless lang naman, naka spoon position yung girl.

yung isa naman ay nasa sala silang dalawa ni hayden. sa sex video obvious na alam ng commercial model na may video camera. nasa harap nila mismo at bago sila nag-umpisa parang pinag-uusapan pa nila yung camera mismo. mas sexy ang video na ito kaysa doon sa mga nauna.

hayden kho appears on tv, says he is sorry. view it here.

May 23, 2009 6 comments

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/57114/448773&tbid=k_8295&premium=false&height=445&width=425]

Kho says sorry, claims he’s also a victim

For the first time since the controversy broke, cosmetic surgeon Hayden Kho faced the media Friday to air his side on the video recordings of his sexual escapades with several women, saying that he is also a “victim” since the videos were stolen from him.

Kho, speaking to the media in an undisclosed location in Makati, asked for forgiveness from his family, friends, and the women involved in the videos, one of whom is actress Katrina Halili.

“I deeply regret everything that has happened because of poor judgment. Nagsisisi na po ako sa dami ng mga nadamay, sa dami ng mga nasaktang tao, dahil may nagnakaw at nagkalat nung videos,” Kho said.

He maintained that he is also a victim of the controversy since the videos, which he said were supposed to be private only, were stolen from him and were sold by a former friend. He also said that he is ready to face the consequences of his actions.

“Right now, I only feel deep remorse. I know it’s too much to ask for forgiveness right now, [pero] sana, someday, people would learn to condemn the sin and not the sinner,” he added.

He also appealed to the public to stop distributing and watching the videos.

article parsed, read in full here:

hayden has 40 sex videos : hayden kho and katrina halili sex video scandal

May 22, 2009 15 comments

hayden kho has 40 videos, according to senator revilla. it looks like we are in for the long haul. we can put up a whole website just on hayden’s sex videos!

and now we know who was the person who first distributed hayden’s sex videos at the internet – Dr. Eric Johnson Chua. chua is a good friend of hayden, they are fraternity brothers back in the days when they were both students at UST.

let’s see know – dr. belo, hayden’s GF who hayden said had all the videos, then dr. chua,  hayden’s friend distributed them to the internet. questions:

  • who needs enemies when you have these kinds of friends?
  • what the hell do these doctors do? why do they have so much time?
  • who said being a doctor is a boring career? not only do they get a lot of you know what, they have videos too!


NBI subpoenas Kho, Belo 
Doc has 40 sex videos, Revilla says

By Jeannette Andrade, Tina Santos
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 04:03:00 05/22/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Subpoenas have been issued to three people, including celebrity cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo and her ex-boyfriend Dr. Hayden Kho, in connection with the inquiry of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) into the raging sex video scandal.

One Dr. Eric Johnston Chua will also be invited to explain how the videos featuring Kho in sexual encounters with actress Katrina Halili and other women ended up on the Net, according to Vicente de Guzman, head of the NBI Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division.


Kho has a “library” of 40 sex videos with different women, apparently filmed without their knowledge, Revilla said in a statement Thursday. He called on “other victims of Kho” to come out and press charges, saying this would be an “act of vindication,” particularly for those in videos making the rounds of the public domain.



article parsed, read in full here:

hayden kho-katrina halili sex video scandal: Hayden assures Katrina – Only Belo has the film

May 22, 2009 1 comment
this whole hayden kho sex video scandal has just taken a bizarre change in course. now, the popular dr. vicky belo is somehow involved. we know of vicky belo as the liposuction and breast augmentation star doctor of celebrities, even knew of her impossible relationship with the young dr. hayden kho but we only know of her to admire her. but now, it’s taking a turn for the worst.
yup, not only is it “only belo can touch my skin”, its also “only belo has the video”.
ah, the perils of the rich, famous and beautiful….
dr. vicky belo hayden's GF

dr. vicky belo hayden's GF

MANILA, Philippines —
Only Vicki Belo has the copy of Hayden Kho’s computer hard disk that allegedly contains his sex videos with Katrina Halili.

Thus, said Halili on Thursday as she lodged before the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) her complaint against Kho, who reportedly taped their intimate tryst without her knowledge.

Halili narrated that she first heard of the sex video scandal last December. When she confronted Kho, the latter denied the rumors. Later on, the actress said, Kho finally admitted that, indeed, there were video clips of their intimate scenes.

But before it spread like wildfire in the Internet, the actress said the doctor assured her that the videos are in safe hands because only his long time lover has the copy of his hard disk.

“Walang makakanuod nun dahil na kay Vicki yung hard disk ko. Wala siyang pinagbigyan ng copy dhel (dahil) di naman yun marunong mag computer,” Halili’s complaint quoted Kho as saying.

[Nobody can watch that (video) because my (computer’s) hard disk is with Vicky. She did not give any one a copy because she does not know how to use the computer.]

Belo’s lawyer, Adel Tamano, said if the information is true it only vindicates his client.

“Unang -una sabihin na natin na totoo yung information…if there are text messages to that effect sa text message na lang po obvious na walang participation si Dra. Belo. These are all claims by Dr. Kho,” Tamano said in a radio interview.

Tamano also called on the public not judge Belo just because she’s related to Kho.

“Ang danger po dito is just because kaibigan o may relationship si Dr. Belo kay Dr. Kho na parang magkakaroon ng guilt by association…iisipin ng tao na kung may kasalan man si Dr. Kho, that kasali si Dr. Belo. Unfair naman po siuguro kay Dr. Belo if we condemned her,” Tamano said as he called on Kho to face the allegations hurdled against him.

Halili has asked the PRC to revoke Kho’s license as doctor. According to the report of GMA News’ Steve Dailisan, the actress branded the doctor as a shame to the profession of medicine.

Katrina maintained that Kho never asked for her permission when he filmed their sexual acts. She added that she saw the video only through the Internet.

“It was very clear in the said video that respondent Hayden was the one…setting up the camera, without the knowledge and consent of Katrina,” the complaint said.

article parsed, read in full here:

NBI summons Kho, Belo on sex video

May 21, 2009 Leave a comment

NBI summons Kho, Belo on sex video | 05/21/2009 7:57 PM

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Thursday subpoenaed controversial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hayden Kho and two other doctors, including Dr. Vicki Belo, with regard to its investigation on the alleged sex video involving him and actress Katrina Halili.

Vicente de Guzman, head of NBI Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division, said Kho was summoned to answer the charges filed against him by Halili.

On Wednesday, Halili accused Kho, her former lover, and others of violation of Republic Act 9262 or the law on violence against women and children. As part of the procedure, Halili underwent psychological evaluation in the NBI on Thursday.

Belo, Kho’s former girlfriend, and Dr. Eric Johnston Chua were also summoned to shed light on the case. Belo reportedly had a copy of the sex video while Chua was named as the person allegedly responsible for spreading the video.


Revoke Kho’s license

Halili also asked the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) to revoke the license of cosmetic surgeon Kho after their sex scandal broke out.

In her six-page complaint, Halili said Kho should be stripped of his license for immorality after videotaping their sexual intercourse without her consent. Their sex video is now circulating in the Internet.

article parsed, read in full here:

Katrina: No turning back in fight vs. Hayden Kho

May 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Katrina: No turning back in fight vs. Hayden Kho
TV 05/20/2009 | 04:51

MANILA, Philippines – Shortly after she filed her complaint against Dr. Hayden Kho, actress-model Katrina Halili on Wednesday said she would not give up her fight in bringing to justice the controversial doctor.

Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr., who accompanied Halili at the National Bureau of Investigation in Manila, quoted Halili as saying that she had prepared herself for the tough battle against the man who videotaped them while they were engaged in sexual acts.

“Sabi ko sa kaniya (Halili), ikaw ba ay handang harapin ang pagsubok? ‘Pag ika’y sumailalim dito, mabigat ito. Ang sabi niya, ‘Handa po ako’ [I asked her if she is prepared to undergo this challenge, and she said yes],” Revilla said in an interview on dzBB radio.

the hayden kho and katrina halili sex video scandal

May 20, 2009 10 comments

just last night, the hayden kho serial sex video was on national tv. the evening news was late of course as during the day the sex videos have been circulating around the internet into millions of computer hard drives and the minds of millions of filipino consumers.

these are the names to remember – hayden kho & katrina halili, hayden kho & a tv actress and commercial model.

these sex videos will impact marketing, modess in particular and also the commercial talent.  it surely affected senator bong revilla and made a speech at the senate floor on hayden kho.

read this in full here:

view sex video scandal here:

Alcantara family plans to sue Ateneo for parking mess: Amiel Alcantara’s Death

May 12, 2009 3 comments

Alcantara family plans to sue Ateneo for parking mess

Amiel Alcantara’s family is set to file a “breach of contract” charge against Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) for allegedly failing to solve the campus’s parking scheme problems, the family’s lawyer announced Friday.

Rafael Aquino, lawyer of the the Alcantaras, said the family is dissatisfied with the Ateneo’s “turtle’s pace” action in correcting safety lapses in the school’s parking and traffic scheme.

He explained that the “breach of contract” charge will be filed against Ateneo because the school is not only morally responsible, but legally liable, for the students within its grounds.

According to Amiel’s father, Jose Fernando “Pepe” Alcantara, Ateneo’s decision to beef up the number of security guards is merely a “band-aid solution,” and that the school’s actions lacked determination, a time table, and scope.

He said he wants to see Ateneo implement fast and comprehensive safety measures around the campus like constructing road humps in parking areas, improving the parking plan, fixing the sidewalks, and hiring more crossing guards instead of security guards.

read in full here:

ang lakas ng impluwensiya ng wawaw.wordpress

March 27, 2009 Leave a comment

sa araw na ito, may napanood ako ng 2 news bulletin, isa sa abs-cbn at isa sa gma7 na anng sinasabi ay maski daw summer vacation na, nagtratrabaho pa rin ang AGS Multi-Stakeholder Committee.

malamang galing ang newsbit na yan sa ateneo.

at malamang, nanggaling yan sa lakas at impluwensiya ng wawam.wordpress! tanging wawam.wordpress ang nagpupursigi sa pagtapos ng unifinished business sa ateneo grade school.

at wawam.wordpress ang humikayat sa mga readers nito na magpadala ng email sa ateneo para alamin kung ano na ba ang nagawa o ginagawa ng AGS Multi-Stakeholders Committee.

siguro may bumabasa ng wawam.wordpress na school authority o kaya maraming natanggap na email galing sa mga magulang ng mga estudyante sa ateneo.

kaya ayan, sa lakas ng wawam.wordpress, naglabas ng newsbit ang ateneo sa media. hindi puwedeng coincidence lang na nang tumawag ang wawam.wordpress ng pagpapadala ng email sa ateneo e naisipan din ng ateneo ipaalam sa media na may ginagawa ang committee.

eto na naman tayo – congratulations sa mga bloggers at readers ng wawam.wordpress! wag nating kalimutan ito, suportahan pa natin ng mas matindi – para matapos ang unfinished business sa AGS!

maglagay ng bulaklak, magsindi ng kandila at magtali ng blue & white balloons sa shrine ni amiel alcantara bago 10am, lunes, march 23

March 21, 2009 7 comments

magandang paalala para sa lahat – sa unang araw at unang lunes ng summer vacation, maglagay ng mga bulaklak, magsindi ng kandila at magtali ng mga blue and white balloons sa shrine ni amiel alcantara sa ateneo grade school parking lot.


ipaalam sa lahat na meron pang “unfinished business” sa ateneo grade school at hindi pa ito nakakalimutan ng mga magulang sa AGS. ipakita na maaring nag-umpisa na ang summer vacation, ngunit hindi ibig sabihin nito umpisa na ng paglimot ng unfinished business sa AGS.

ang paglagay ng mga bulaklak, pagsindi ng mga kandila at pagtali ng mg blue and white balloons sa shrine ni amiel alcantara ay ang pagsabi sa lahat na hindi malilimutan ng ateneo community na hindi pa tapos ang gawain sa AGS at meron pang dapat gawin sa AGS.


magsasalita si former prime minister tony blair sa irwin theater alas-10 ng umaga sa lunes, ilagay ang mga bulaklak, magsindi ng kandila at magtali ng mga blue and white balloons bago mag-umpisa ang pananalita ni blair upang makita ng mga dadalo na meron pang unfinished business sa AGS.


ikalat ang mensaheng ito
sa ibang mga magulang sa ateneo.
email nyo sa kanila at
ipadala nyo sa text
na maglagay ng bulaklak,
magsindi ng kandila at
magtali ng blue & white balloons
sa shrine ni amiel sa parking lot ng AGS
 bago mag alas-10 ng umaga sa lunes, march 23.

gawin nating kapansin-pansin ang shrine ni amiel
upang  mapansin ni tony blair.
malaking bagay na mag-comment si blair sa media
tungkol kay amiel at unfinished business sa AGS.  


please read what happened at amiel’s shrine here:

try nyo type “a-m-i-e-l” gamit ang predictive text ng cellphone nyo

March 7, 2009 2 comments

merong predictive text halos lahat ng cellphone. eto yung uri ng pag text na hindi mo na kailangan i-click yung keypad nang ilang beses para lumabas yung letra sa cellphone nyo.

subukan nyo to : set nyo yung cellphone nyo gamit ang predictive text, click nyo yung pangalan na A-M-I-E-L. tingnan nyo kung anong word ang binubuo ng cellphone nyo.

comment nyo lang dito kung ano yung word na lumalabas. baka kasi sa cellophone ko lang yung lumalabas yung word na yun.

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