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hayden kho-katrina halili sex video scandal: Hayden assures Katrina – Only Belo has the film

this whole hayden kho sex video scandal has just taken a bizarre change in course. now, the popular dr. vicky belo is somehow involved. we know of vicky belo as the liposuction and breast augmentation star doctor of celebrities, even knew of her impossible relationship with the young dr. hayden kho but we only know of her to admire her. but now, it’s taking a turn for the worst.
yup, not only is it “only belo can touch my skin”, its also “only belo has the video”.
ah, the perils of the rich, famous and beautiful….
dr. vicky belo hayden's GF

dr. vicky belo hayden's GF

MANILA, Philippines —
Only Vicki Belo has the copy of Hayden Kho’s computer hard disk that allegedly contains his sex videos with Katrina Halili.

Thus, said Halili on Thursday as she lodged before the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) her complaint against Kho, who reportedly taped their intimate tryst without her knowledge.

Halili narrated that she first heard of the sex video scandal last December. When she confronted Kho, the latter denied the rumors. Later on, the actress said, Kho finally admitted that, indeed, there were video clips of their intimate scenes.

But before it spread like wildfire in the Internet, the actress said the doctor assured her that the videos are in safe hands because only his long time lover has the copy of his hard disk.

“Walang makakanuod nun dahil na kay Vicki yung hard disk ko. Wala siyang pinagbigyan ng copy dhel (dahil) di naman yun marunong mag computer,” Halili’s complaint quoted Kho as saying.

[Nobody can watch that (video) because my (computer’s) hard disk is with Vicky. She did not give any one a copy because she does not know how to use the computer.]

Belo’s lawyer, Adel Tamano, said if the information is true it only vindicates his client.

“Unang -una sabihin na natin na totoo yung information…if there are text messages to that effect sa text message na lang po obvious na walang participation si Dra. Belo. These are all claims by Dr. Kho,” Tamano said in a radio interview.

Tamano also called on the public not judge Belo just because she’s related to Kho.

“Ang danger po dito is just because kaibigan o may relationship si Dr. Belo kay Dr. Kho na parang magkakaroon ng guilt by association…iisipin ng tao na kung may kasalan man si Dr. Kho, that kasali si Dr. Belo. Unfair naman po siuguro kay Dr. Belo if we condemned her,” Tamano said as he called on Kho to face the allegations hurdled against him.

Halili has asked the PRC to revoke Kho’s license as doctor. According to the report of GMA News’ Steve Dailisan, the actress branded the doctor as a shame to the profession of medicine.

Katrina maintained that Kho never asked for her permission when he filmed their sexual acts. She added that she saw the video only through the Internet.

“It was very clear in the said video that respondent Hayden was the one…setting up the camera, without the knowledge and consent of Katrina,” the complaint said.

article parsed, read in full here: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/162331/Hayden-assures-Katrina-Only-Belo-has-the-film

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