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reason why gilbert teodoro will lose this election

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we think gilbert teodoro, the standard bearer of the admin and ruling party is set to lose this election. his campaign was doomed from the very beginning when he decided to to bolt NPC and join gloria macapagal arroyo’s political party. his campaign never really took off encountering problems from the start.

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reasons why noynoy aquino will lose this election

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we also think aquino will lose this election by default – he has not done enough and he did not do anything at the time he was supposed to. we wonder if it is over confidence. we think it is really more of a strategic blunder.

can aquino recover and change the outcome to a win in this election? yes he can. but he needs  to do a lot more than what he has been doing and he needs to get his campaign strategies right.  the first one is easy but we think the second one is not. specially for the aquino campaign. we think poor and weak strategic thinking is the aquino campaign’s greatest weakness. unfortunately, we do not think they know that.

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last words for huey sepulveda, interment on march 20, 2010

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last words spoken for huey sepulveda by his mom, fides supeoveda.

Interment of Julio Alfonso “Huey” B. Sepulveda
Hearts of Jesus and Mary Church, Q.C.
March 20, 2010, 1 pm

Good afternoon everyone. The funeral of a son would not be complete without the last words from his own mother. In the 10 years of living with a life-threatening disease as leukemia, I can say that my family had more than enough of last words. There is always that threat of death and so you can imagine how we led our life as a family, as if there is no more tomorrow… In fact, we talk about death quite openly in a good way. And so in October 2009, when Huey was getting close to death’s door, we came into an agreement with his good doctors in deciding how Huey will exit when the final call comes. That it would be peacefully, with least pain, least discomfort, and least struggle. After all, in all of the 10 years, as parents of a seriously-ill child, we did everything just so Huey would not experience much pain, and if there was any, it would be minimal, bearable and manageable. And it is to be that way until the end. .

True enough, he did take his final bow peacefully, no pain. OnMarch 15, 2010, Huey was getting restless and sleepless. We brought him to the hospital by ambulance. He has been bedridden for a month, since Feb 12, 2010. To comply to the “painless” agreement, Huey was sedated and numbed of pain with a PCA attached to him (PCA – patient –controlled anesthesia). He would just sleep most of the time because as pain and restlessness became more frequent, and so would the sedatives and painkillers. And we were ok with that arrangement – we talked to his ears, and then maybe, he heard and listened, since the last to go was the sense of hearing. We were comforted in the thought that at least, he was not in pain.

It was like this until 7:15 am of March 17, 2010, when Huey expired. I only had this to say to his ears – “Let go my dear Huey. We are ok here. God is waiting for you. There is a party of angels up in heaven waiting to embrace you. We love you very much”.

As I bury Huey today, allow me to talk with my son with my very last words, things that I did not dare tell him about during his lifetime – my fears, my struggles, my pains, my crying moments every time that Huey had a leukemia relapse, for fear that Huey might take it too much of the burden upon himself. As you know, Huey is a young, fat funny, crazy child. In Huey’s eyes, I am just his old, fat, funny, crazy mom.

My dearest son Huey,

Ten years ago in year 2000, when you were 2 years old, and first diagnosed with leukemia, I made a pact with God – for Him not to take you yet – to delay your flight back to heaven so to speak, because I wanted you to experience the love of a mother, MY kind and brand of love. I vowed to God that I will give you a life that is almost normal, comfortable, and enjoyable (save for the leukemia and the limitations that go with it). Just like any other kid on the block. So that you may live your life to the fullest, no matter how short and long it will be. I negotiated for 5 more years and as it would turn out, God gave me another 5. God must have been pleased that I kept my vow to protect you, to make you happy, to let you feel as normal as possible. As we were carrying on this long, I was secretly wishing for a dramatic turn of fate, that God will make His grand miracle. But a cure was not to be, not in the form of chemotherapy, not in the form of a bone marrow transplant. A 100% match, as required, could not be found – not me, not Daddy, not Kuya Gian. And then it got to the point where chemotherapy too was no longer effective. I knew you had a hint of what was going on that you told me in 2008, “ Mommy, if the medicines are not working for me anymore, just let go because I have a lot of video games yet to play and I may not finish them on time”. In October 2009, you told me as a matter-of factly, “Mommy, when the time comes, please give me my X BOX 360 controller and I will play my last game from my deathbed”. Soon after in December 2009, you asked me “Mommy, am I about to die? I replied that you already know the answer to that – that God has a plan for each one of us. If he takes you now or any time, believe that it is the best time”. And you said – “Oh ok. God is so stubborn because I, myself was negotiating for a permanent cure, but I feel I am getting sicker and weaker. I have been praying for a long, long time, but nothing is happening towards the cure”. Huey, that’s what I like about you – you make things a lot easier for Mommy. You say what you think and feel from within, and I take the cue from there. It helped that you were gifted with bunch of sense of humor. And boy, it was 10 years full of fun and laughter taking care of you, to the highest level!

It was 10 solid years with UERM Hospital, your second home. Do you remember the time when we would plan our trip to the hospital? Just to make it as enjoyable as can be. After the chemotherapy and other procedures, we gave you the freedom of eating almost anything you want. It was my way of balancing things for you – you take on the pain of chemotherapy, and after that, you get yourself a plateful of good food. When there was a new eating place, chances are you would be their first customer. Now, I think maybe that’s how you developed an appetite for good food that you grew this huge.

This worked for you for many years. Our hospital trips turned out to be fun, exciting, enjoyable, comfortable. As you grew older, you came to know about technology. Food became an old and overused bait. I had to talk you out with gadgets and computers. You started with Gameboy, and then came PSP, Nintendo DS, PS 1, PS 2, X Box 360, personal computer and on-line games. This became your world of fun that kept you away from the sick world you were in. With gaming, you were able to overcome the pain of the medicines and chemotherapy. Another balancing act of getting through with the reality that is leukemia and yet at the same time, a life as normal, as enjoyable, as comfortable as we can make it for you. While most parents would diet their children or limit their games, we were the opposite. We were giving them to you freely for your taking. But you were oh so responsible – eater, gamer, player. Up until the end, you worried about your abs, that they would grow big if you don’t diet. You made your own schedule of your gaming time even if you can afford to play the whole day and night, worried that you might become a gadget geek.

Despite your situation, you managed to go to a regular school, excelled in it, and loved it – your teachers, classmates, their parents, and the lessons. However, you had to stop twice because of leukemia. Yet, until the end, it was your wish to go back and continue schooling. Though you were concerned about being old in class and delayed in grade level, you learned to accept it and learned not to mind it. Gaining more friends at multi-levels was good enough for you.

It was not an easy job to level up with your inquisitiveness. You would ask about the leukemia, your sickness, and the medical details of it. That was easy to answer. But to ask why God allowed you to have it, that was not easy. For someone as smart as you are, you would not take a so–so answer, coming from the air. It better be good. Huey, I was also struggling within myself – to understand why God allowed me to conceive you only to get sick early in life. I was struggling to appreciate God’s promises that He will be with us throughout this journey. I was struggling to obey God’s will and plan, no matter how painful. But I had to end that struggle real quick because you were waiting for the right answer. That was the start of our journey together of growing our faith in God. That’s why Huey, you learned to depend on God all your life. You never wavered in your big faith in God. You did not fail to recite the prayers of grace before and after meals and your night prayers. Up until the end, when you no longer can’t, you would ask us to recite them for you. You embraced death as the new life, the eternal life. You would wonder why people cry when people die, because you believed that they are going to a better place. And Huey, rest assured, you are going to a better place, as God promised, according to His grand plan. Up there, there will be no more of chemotherapy and its side effects of vomiting, headaches, weakness, no more lumbar taps, no more anesthesia, no more bone marrow aspirations, no more restlessness. Just peace…

Huey, in all of the 12 years of taking care of you, I have to thank you for so many things, rather than you thanking us, your family.

Thank you for being a great teacher of almost all the lessons I can ever learn in my lifetime – lessons of patience, resilience, optimism, brevity, courage, strength of character, self-sacrifice, being a man for others, generosity, honesty, courtesy, bigness of heart, and most of all, faith in God. How can I not learn all this time when you yourself were full of zest for life in spite of? How can I not learn all this time when you were able to rise above each of the 4 relapses, endured more than 200 hospital confinements, endured more than 200 injections and punctures, endured more than 200 lumbar taps, endured more than 200 bone marrow aspirations? And yet, you didn’t want to hurt other people’s feelings, you didn’t want to cause burden to people around you who cared for you. And yet, you remained faithful, prayerful, and thankful to God.

Not many people know about your advocacy for Mother Earth and your concern for the next president of the Philippines. Don’t worry Huey, I will continue checking for water leaks and power consumptions at home. And I will vote wisely.

I know you want me to thank the special people who saw us through your journey.

1. Your doctors and UERMMMC Hospital

– Dr. Cynthia C. Castro, your Tita Cynthia. Cynthia, thank you for treating my son as your own, like the real brother to your own Francis.
– Dr. Jingjing Aure, your Tita Jingjing, your sleeping doctor. Jingjng, thank you for being always available to make him sleep soundly during the procedures.
– Dr. Tomas L. Sepulveda, your Dad, our family doctor. Honey, thank you for being the good doctor that you are to a good and obedient patient that was our son Huey. At 7:15 am, Daddy commanded you in a loud voice to let go and that we are ok. You turned your head to the right where the sound was coming from. You opened your eyes to Daddy and smiled and then nodded. Then you breathed your last. The pain of a father is no different from the pain of a mother.

2. I know you want me to thank your lolos and lolas, titos and titas, and cousins for the many fun memories of their company, love and support.

3. I know you want me to thank the whole Ateneo community for the outpouring of love, prayers, and monetary support. Special thanks to Prep – Makisig and 1 – Kamagong classes and the ateneo 2011 yahoo group for the love and support since the beginning of Huey’s journey. You have been witnesses to our one big fight. Our gentle giant must be wiggling his body and laughing out loud over last night’s necrological blast that you prepared. Let’s continue the friendship. Please keep in touch.

4. I know you want me to thank your caregiver of long standing – Nanay Mely. As you reminded me time and again to draw up a retirement plan for her this year when she turns 60, I will do that.

5. I know you want me to thank my Colgate family, where I work, for giving me a chance to take care of you and be around you and at the same time, still working out my own career.

This is the end of your journey on earth. It was 12 years of a life well lived. Now, you will discover that indeed, you are going to a better place. Fly high Huey. Soar to the highest heavens. I will forever miss you but I am comforted by God’s assurance that He will take good care of you in the eternal life. We love you.

Huey, you know, Ateneo has put up a blog website for you and you have a special mark/place in the Ateneo Grade School Heritage Room. When you were 8 years old and on your first leukemia relapse, you said – “ Mommy, if my classmates really love me, would they build a monument for me, or maybe name a street after me or maybe name a pencil after me?” Remember that Huey?

Huey, I will wait for your reply, your last words to Mommy. Visit me please in a dream or better yet, send a blog, ok? You are now a real angel with real wings in the best place you can ever be. We love you. We are missing you so much. But we will be together soon, in God’s time.

I thank my husband and my only one living son now, Kuya Gian. Honey, I know I am a very strong person but how far and long that strength can take me, I don’t know, and I need a mortal rock to sustain me and that is you. Kuya Gian, you never complained that you were lacking in attention even if more was needed by your sick brother. Thank you. Daddy and Mommy are all yours now.

Thank you to all our relatives, friends, and all of you who condoled with us both by your presence and in thought and spirit. Thanks for your support in whatever form, to help us pick up the pieces…and continue our lives.

Most of all, I thank God for giving us Huey and taking Huey back to Him. In His own chosen Way and Time. For the greater glory of God.

presidentiables stand on issues – read here

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should noynoy aquino be happy or sad that he has kris aquino as a sister?

March 16, 2010 5 comments

there was some big drama at The Buzz last sunday when kris aquino shed monster tears in live tv talking about the tears of being the sister of noynoy aquino the presidentiable.

click here to view all the videos, we have also set up a poll, above in this link. find out the latest result and cast your own vote –>

clottey in fight with pacquiao not to win it?

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it was not at all a fight. only one man fought, manny pacquaio in all rounds did so while all that clottey did was defend himself with few punches thrown. there was no doubt that it was a pacquiao win as clottey clammed up in his defence, hardly throwing a punch.

it looks like  clottey forgot that  in boxing, defense is not offense. in boxing defense does not earn points, throwing punches does.

clottey’s corner knew it. at some point his handler told him they are losing the fight and he needs to take chances and throw punches. but he did not listen and did the same thing as what he did most of the time – his hands up on his face covering most of the targets boxers go for.

the whole thing seemed like clottey was in the fight not to win it but just go the distance in a loss. that is exactly the opposite of what pacquiao did. even though clottey has his hands over his face and much of his body for maybe 95% of the time, pacquiao did not give up and kept on trying to get his hands down and more importantly find a way to land ounches on his opponent.

pacquaio could have reduced to one half the number of punches he gave clottey and he could have still won the fight and earn the guaranteed millions at the end, but he did no such thing. pacquiao was there to win, score and give the fans something to be awed with even though he had an uncooperative opponent.

every fighter knows if you can’t deliver on a knockout, the way to win the fight is to land punches on your opponent. clottey made too few attempts to land a punch and instead focused on covering up. that is not a boxing strategy to win, it is a strategy to go the distance in a loss.  

it is possible that clottey was just waiting for pacquiao to make a mistake to allow him to throw one lucky punch. things like pacquaio to slip or something or take a nap in the middle of the ring.

the problem with that strategy is the word “lucky”. “lucky” does not come all the time. in fact it rarely happens. the other weakness of that strategy is that pacquiao is a master fighter, he is not one who allows his opponents to have lucky punches. in boxing, “lucky” is not something you wait for, it is something you create.

even manny does not rely on “lucky”, he follows a strategy born out of very rigorous study and training. luck has nothing to do in the fights of manny. and we saw that in this fight. manny simply did what he knows best – fight, fight and fight more.

when the fight ended, the question on who won the fight was totally settled, the only question left was – what round did clottey win. and true enough one judge awarded all the rounds to pacquaio.

conclusion – pacquaio can win over much bigger opponents. clottey needs to learn that punching is what gets points in boxing.

Clottey, known for his defense, took this fight to a ridiculous extreme. The bell for each round rang, Clottey put his gloves upside his head and sauntered out toward Pacquiao, who hit him with everything. The only mistake Pacquiao’s camp made was not bringing a kitchen sink.

manny pacquiao – joshua clottey fight primer. great video!

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arnel pineda to sing philippine national anthem at pacquiao-clottey fight

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arnel pineda is a very good singer. he also sings with a passion. we think this will be the best yet.

Arnel Pineda to sing anthem in Pacquiao-Clottey bout

MANILA, Philippines — It’s confirmed.

Arnel Pineda, the Filipino front man of popular American rock band “Journey,” will sing the Philippine national anthem in Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao’s much-awaited fight with Ghanaian Joshua “The Grand Master” Clottey on March 13 (March 14 in Manila) at the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

In an exclusive interview with, Pineda confirmed that he was invited by Pacquiao to sing “Lupang Hinirang” in his upcoming fight.

Pupunta ako sa Dallas to sing sa laban ni Manny [Pacquiao].This Thursday [ang alis ko]. (I am going to Dallas this Thursday to sing in Pacquiao’s fight.),” Pineda said.

“I’m really happy kasi matutuloy na. Nahihiya na ako kay Manny kasi pangatlong invitation na ito sa akin. Baka kasi isipin ay iniisnab ko. So finally, matutuloy na. (This is my third invitation from Manny who might think I’m snubbing him. I’m happy this is finally pushing through), ” he said.

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for the sake of the philippines – ban annabelle rama from tv and the country!

March 9, 2010 4 comments

i am not a fan of kris acquino.  this latest controversy that kris got herself into it versus the evil mom-daughter tandem of annabelle rama and rufa gutierez once again confirms my previous feelings towards annabelle rama – someone needs to ban her from national tv and the whole of the philippines if possible.

how old is rufa gutierez? is she over 18? i don’t understand why ruffa can be such a wimp. i don’t see anything particularly hurtful about what kris told her in the show,

i ask again – how old is rufa gutierez? why does she allow her mom to order her around and why in the world does she listen to her mom at all? this whole thing and all the other things that have happened to rufa and her mom seem to point rufa gets into trouble because of her mom. but for some reason rufa continue to listen to her mom. and she has children already, right?

we will stop here. just watch the video and judge for yourself why annabelle rama need to be banned from tv and the country.

Fans rally behind Kris Aquino against Annabelle Rama

Fans of Kris Aquino came to the defense of the beleaguered TV host after Ruffa Gutierrez’s camp lambasted their idol on national television. The loquacious sister of presidential candidate Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, had herself embroiled in a controversy again; this, after making a comment on Ruffa’s planned transfer to TV5 in the “P.O.V” segment of last Sunday’s “The Buzz” episode.

 “Ruffa, aminin mo, ibang level ang saya dito,” Kris told the surprised Ruffa who, apparently got hurt, retorting, “Well, I know. You don’t have to rub it in, Kris. Siyempre, I’m sad din, so sana huwag mo namang, you know, dagdagan.”

Ruffa was already near tears even as she mouthed her reply to Kris.

Ruffa is set to host a new talk show together with Cristy Fermin and Mo Twister that will collide head on with “The Buzz.” She is supposed to do two more episodes of “The Buzz.”

After Ruffa walked out of the show, her mom and manager, the feisty Annabelle Rama, made a statement on rival network GMA-7, lambasting Kris for the latter’s supposed “arrogance” and protracted “bullying.”

Kris’ fans were seemingly hurt with the outburst, and as such made their sentiments felt via the kris_aquino yahoo group.

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apple airs ipad intro tv ad at oscars telecast

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we are a fan the ipod touch but we’re not a fan of the ipad. don’t get it why its necessary to buy a bigger ipod touch. we would have bought the ipad if it was a smaller, lighter and thinner macbook, but that is not what happened here.

the tv ad shows it. read more about it here: apple ipad’s intro tv ad – the magic is in simplicity

joey salceda, the one who called arroyo as “luckiest bitch” says 9 years of eco growth did not reduce number of poor

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we have always liked joey salceda. we think he is one of the smartest eco advisers of arroyo. he and neri engineered the good GDP showing of the arroyo administration. aside from his work, we like him for having the balls to refer to arroyo in this manner  “She may be a bitch, but she’s the luckiest bitch around” (read below)

 he is back with another statement. it is not as fabulous as that one but it speaks of the true state of the country’s economy – we had GDP growth that made the rich richer while the poor remained poor if not poorer.

Economic growth in 9 years did not touch poor 
 By Gil C. Cabacungan Jr.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 19:08:00 03/07/2010

MANILA, Philippines — An economic adviser of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo lamented that the rich got richer while the ranks of the poor swelled even further amid heady economic growth in the last nine years.

“My biggest frustration as a presidential adviser is that 34 quarters of uninterrupted expansion in the past nine years did little to reduce poverty and the number of poor people,’’ said Albay Governor Joey Salceda in an interview.

While the Arroyo administration continued to crank out glowing economic growth data, Salceda said “these rosy figures cannot hide the fact that there are more poor people now than when the President started her term.’’

He cited data from the National Statistical Coordination Board, which showed that the number of poor Filipinos – five-member families living on barely over P1,200 a month — hit 27.6 million in 2006 from 25.472 million in 2001. Hunger incidence nearly doubled from 11.4 percent in 2000 to 20.3 percent in 2009.

“That is a lot of poor people. Given our average economic growth in the last four decades, it would take 37 years for this poor to get out of poverty,’’ said Salceda.

The government’s efforts to provide direct subsidies to the poor through power and fuel rebates, cheaper rice, medicine and healthcare benefits, Salceda said, were negated by what he termed as “structural constraints’’ to a more equitable distribution of income.

The Arroyo administration has boasted of having the highest average growth rate of 4.4 percent in gross domestic product of all presidents since 1966 but Salceda pointed out that the windfall earnings were enjoyed entirely by the country’s richest corporations and families.

Salceda said that profits of the country’s top 1,000 corporations jumped by 21 percent per year while the return on their equity or investments increased by 15 percent per year since the President took power.

“Their total earnings amounted to P3.1 trillion of which P2.1 trillion were pocketed as dividends or earnings of the stockholders and only P1 trillion were re-invested,’’ said Salceda.

Salceda said that he and the rest of the President’s economic management team “honestly believed’’ that economic growth would have been enough to lift the well-being of the destitute if not for the structural constraints that concentrated money in the rich and prevented benefits from trickling down to the poor. Not only did the population growth of 3.6 percent per year added more to the headcount of poor people, Salceda said that historical structural factors persisted and were tougher to get undone despite deregulation, liberalization and privatization. “The oligarchies were just too sturdy as the state was weak due to the “Hello Garci’’ case. The business sector really exploited it,’’ said Salceda who refused to elaborate.

(Salceda was referring to the 2005 political scandal when tapes of President Macapagal-Arroyo’s conversations with a Commission on Elections official about her one-million vote margin in the 2004 polls surfaced. Arroyo apologized to the public for her lapse of judgment in order to defuse the worst political scandal to hit her presidency. But she insisted she called up the official just to follow up on the status of her votes and not to ask him to cheat.)

With a new administration coming in, Salceda expressed hope that the incoming President would have a broader base of popular support to help him carry out pro-poor programs that were inclusive of the rural sector (74 percent of poor Filipinos are from the rural sector)

After ‘evil’ tag comes ‘she’s the luckiest bitch’
By Michelle Remo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 05:27:00 02/21/2008

MANILA, Philippines – Whatever she is, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is one lucky President, according to her economic adviser.

Albay Gov. Joey Salceda said that despite the slew of criticisms leveled at Ms Arroyo, the numbers proved that her administration was working hard to improve the economy to uplift the lives of more Filipinos.

She may be a bitch, but she’s the luckiest b1tch around,” Salceda said at a socioeconomic forum held Wednesday at the Ateneo de Manila University campus in Rockwell, Makati City.

His remark elicited laughter from the audience, but he subsequently apologized for it, saying it could have been taken seriously by some people in the audience that included members of the media.

huey sepulveda, grade 6 ateneo student, with leukemia needs your help

March 4, 2010 Leave a comment

i have a son who studies at the ateneo de manila grade school and i am a member of a yahoogroup for the parents of the grade of my son.

 the yahoogroup first got to know about what happened to a batchmate of my son, huey sepulveda some months back. huey had to stop schooling after grade 4 as he was found to have leukemia because his body no longer has the strength to do so.

 in recent weeks we heard about huey again and this time things seemed to have turned to the more difficult for him. the members of the yahoogroup sent prayers, encouragement and all the love we can muster  for huey, his mom, dad and family. 

 i am publishing this email sent by huey’s mom, fides to the yahoogroup (with permission from fides) for the ateneo community to read and others who go to this blog to share the road huey and his family are now travelling.

 i am asking the ateneo community and those who are reading this to help huey and his family through prayers, encouragement or financial help for this young 12 year old boy.

 just this morning, i was sent an urgent text coming  from tom, huey’s dad:

I need blood donors type O because my son’s platelet is very, very low. He is bleeding. Please send blood donor to UERM blood bank and tell them it is for Julio Alfonso Sepulveda. I badly need your help. Thanks.
if you can help in any way – prayers, encouragement, financial help and this very urgent request for blood donors, please do so.  thank you.

my family’s prayers go for huey and his family.

email from fides, huey’s mom to the yahoogroup:

It is 11 pm now, watching Huey in deep sleep, and I am having my moments.  I needed someone to cry to at this time of the night.  And I thought of writing you… finally.   
It has been 1 week and 4 days since I brought Huey to the hospital by ambulance due to severe pain.  Since then, he has just been on bed.  And as I write this, I am beginning to miss the sprightly Huey that I am used to – walking freely around the house, playing his gadgets carelessly, eating his favorite foods heartily, talking with his big husky voice endlessly. 
Now, he sleeps more than he is awake.  He gets up to recline on the bed with much help.  We try to get him back to play his video games (his source of fun) by propping him up in his wheelchair, thinking that it might energize him. 
In the beginning, he managed to play but only for a measly hour or so.   The pain overtakes him, he would give it up to rest and sleep.  He has lost his hearty appetite too.  No more of the usual order list from him as I did a few groceries in the afternoon today. 
However the leukemia may be taking its toll on Huey physically, his mind remains alert and his spirit, positive.  Huey is not the complaining type, he tolerates as much pain as he could.  He is still the sweet Huey who says “Good night, I love you” with a bear hug.     
As of Feb 1, his blood profile showed that his bone marrow is producing 100% leukemic cells. It has spread so fast that by Feb 12, his peripheral veins are now 80% leukemic cells already.  He is under pain management program taking in morphine and other pain killers under a dosage that he is still arousable and with pain that he can manage.   He has recurrent fever ( at least twice a day), due to malignancy of his leukemia.  He’s had platelets transfusion twice in a week.  It is going to be like this in the next days or weeks to come – pain killing and blood transfusion – until the final call comes. 
When he wakes up, it is almost like a big reunion for the 4 of us.  We savor the time as if it is our last time together as a complete family.   
This has long been overdue but please allow me to thank you all for your prayers, love, time, attention, and financial support for Huey and our family.  To think that Huey has stopped schooling in Ateneo in Grade 4.  As Vxxx  would always remind me, this is the Ateneo way… and so I thought of writing you my pain as a parent because I know you are with me in this. 
Thank you to your angels too – your sons, who will surely become like you – parents for others. 
Good night!  Time to hug Huey in his sleep….
Sincerely yours,

2010 presidentiables platform of government – read here

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krista ranillo, manny pacquaio’s “friend” in bikini

March 1, 2010 1 comment
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