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sleaze in kataxpayer billboard that fails to sell or even make sense

October 17, 2013 Leave a comment

this is a billboard that is on that road where White Plains subdivision is in Quezon City.  we were of course driving when we first saw the billboard and two things caught my eyes – the mini-skirted legs of the woman and the words “tax accounting”.  as we were driving, we didn’t get the message of the billboard, did not have enough time to read all of it.

but just the same, as we drove past the billboard, we thought something was not making sense in that billboard. we were unable to connect in any way the woman’s mini-skirted legs and tax accounting. they were just unrelated even if we stretched the meaning and message of the ad with those visuals and words.

we drove really slow the next time we went past  it to be able to read the whole thing. our instinct was right, the billboard didn’t make sense. it used sleaze in a bad way and nothing in the ad made sense, nor does it make a sale.




this is a close up of the main visual and the headline in the billboard.





the visual is sleazy and totally appalling  – it shows a before and after situation where the mini-skirted woman in the before picture had her legs crossed and then spreads her legs apart after a man supposedly offers her an engagement ring. yes, the woman spreads her legs!

why would anyone put this kind of visual in an ad? it is insensitive and very offensive. the sexual meaning is blatantly disrespectful.

and the main visual  is just the beginning.  there is more on how this billboard totally fails.

the legs spread apart with an engagement ring has nothing to do with “tax accounting”.  the product being sold here is apparently a tax accounting seminar. legs being spread, sex and tax accounting seminar all don’t mix well and don’t make sense. there is no message there. the message is all lost and probably because of the obsession with sex and sleaze.

the sleaze in this billboard is heightened with the subhead “it works all the time”. like saying it’s a “sure thing” the legs will be spread.

there is a large chunk of unsaid message in that billboard – taking the tax accounting seminar is a “timely solution. important investment” that it will be most useful and will work all the time. but all that is actually unsaid because the ad has been so obsessed with the sleaze.

there are many more ways, more effective and more sensible to deliver that message than use the sleazy visuals. there is an attempt to be creative here but it is used badly and being used just for the sake of showing some sleaze.

aside from the advertising component failure of this billboard there is another one – the billboard is actually right beside the gate of St. Ignatius Subdivision where we can assume  families live there.  their young children see that billboard on a daily basis.

this is a WAWAM!

call these numbers to ask them to bring down this billboard : (998) 979-3922;  921-6107


Ford Focus direct mail effort – impressive spending but unimpressive mailer material that fails

November 8, 2012 2 comments

i got a surprising knock at my house from LBC – they delivered an odd sized package to me. quickly, i made a mental audit – am i expecting a package or document from anyone? the quick answer was – none. bells in my mind  rang!  oh, is this a surprise from someone? 

i opened the pack and i found a mailer from Ford on their new car, the Focus. i checked the envelope and yes it was addressed to me and it had my address. i wondered if it was sent to “occupant” or if it was sent to my house by mistake. no such mistake.

i was impressed with the direct mailing effort of Ford!

it was impressive as this was the first direct mail i got through LBC and this was addressed specifically to me. sending direct mail through LBC is a very expensive proposition. LBC cost alone is a killer of advertising budgets.

the other thing that is equally impressive was that it was  specifically for me. i was surprised they got my name and address. coming from marketing and advertising myself, i have for many years not given out my name, address and even cell phone number to almost anyone or any organization that i thought can  turn my personal information into data in a direct mail effort.

the most i do is sign my name when asked by any organization, including the schools of my children, retail outlets, stores or any other organization. when an address is required, all i put is the city name, not the complete address. for telephone or cell phone numbers, i would usually put some random number and very far from my real cell phone number.

this ford focus mailer was very targeted, having the ability to reach potential buyers. a targeted direct mail effort is very difficult for many direct mail agencies to pull off. this means this direct mail agency has a very good data base.

although i was impressed with the direct mail effort, i was not at all impressed with the mailer material they sent out.

front page & letter

the main weakness of the mailer is that it is just a re-layout of their print ads and a restating of the key elements of their TV ad. not saying the mailer should have a different advertising strategy and ad components from the TV and print ad, as  they should have the same but they should have changed the execution and implementation of the elements.

the mailer does not look like a mailer, it looks like a print ad but printed in glossy paper and folded. except for the letter that came with it, the mailer had nothing in it from a design and content standpoint that will get the recipient to take action or even just enjoy the mailer.

aside from coming up with a new design appropriate for a mailer, it should have some elements that exploit the mailer format medium. it could have been more interactive or leading where the recipient will want to read, interact with or manipulate  the mailer because it is interesting or creative.

the Focus has a few features that are unique in the market and potentially very attractive to potential car buyers. while these were mentioned in the mailer, it was not exploited in a way that is creative and compelling.

the mailer as an advertising medium is self contained and has the target audience practically as captive, designing the mailer to exploit the great features of the car and the characteristics of the medium would have served Ford very well.

inside pages

another key weakness of this mailer is that it does not include some kind of an incentive for the recipient to take action – for the recipient to go to the Ford showroom and look at the car or as the letter suggests to test drive the car.

the end objective of this mailer is not just to generate awareness on the features of the car, it is to get the target audience to go to the showroom to look and test drive the car. the weak design of the mailer fails in achieving this key objective.

the mailer may succeed in informing the target audience of the features of the car but it may be failing in getting them to take action.

lacking this incentive and the weakness of the design and concept makes this mailer a WAWAM! What A Waste Of Advertising Money!


we will be going to a Ford showroom to complete the experience and effort of this mailer. will post a write-up here.


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wawamTECH: how bad is globe service? smart launches a national ad campaign to exploit it

September 8, 2012 3 comments

competitive advertising  is one of the most effective advertising concept and format. competitive advertising takes many forms, one is calling out the weakness of your competitor to set up your brand as the superior brand to the inferiority of your competitor. it is one of the most effective as consumers will always go for the superior brand.

not only that, users of your competitive brand, the inferior brand will be encouraged to switch to your brand. that is the main reason why smart telco has launched a new advertising campaign.

globe, it’s only other competitor has been experiencing network problems for many months now.

click to read here : wawamTECH: globe handyphone service failing for months now, collapses metro manila wide on the weekend

globe service has been very unreliable with frequent downtime, inconsistent signal strength, fluctuating signal strength from zero to 2 bars, 30 minute to several hours of receiving and sending text and inability of subscribers to make calls. this has been happening to globe for several months now. this happens area to area but the other weekend the globe system apparently failed metro manila wide.

smart very smartly exploited the inferiority of service that globe has been showing by launching an national ad campaign calling out globe’s network failures. the advertising objective is to get globe subscribers to switch to smart and to prevent new subscribers from going to globe.

this move of smart is very unusual from an advertising strategy standpoint. ads like what smart ran are usually aired by new brands just launching into the market, not by a brand that has been in the market for almost as long as globe is. newly introduced brands use this type of advertising to get loyal consumers of competitive brands already in the market to switch to the new entrant.

globe has been having network problems as a result of a mismanagement of their switch over to a new hardware and system from chinese supplier Huawei which was supposed to upgrade their service – faster service and bigger handling capacity. the change over is so bad that it is wrecking havoc to globe service. (read link, above)

smart obviously knew this as you don’t normally run ad campaigns that feature competitive weaknesses that can easily be solved and quickly. doing that will waste advertising money. smart must have known that the network problems of globe will be going on for a long time that they can actually air an ad campaign on it. smart’s competitive ad campaign has bite only if globe continues to have an inferior product.

this cellphone service war can very well be named as – how your own upgrade can kill yourself.

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bayo’s anti-filipino ad – advertising creativity gone horribly wrong with twisted logic

June 7, 2012 6 comments

we join the multitude of netizens condemning the bayo ad as anti-filipino. we join them as a filipino and as a marketing/advertising practitioner.

from the advertising and marketing standpoints, it  is very unfortunate since bayo is one of the country’s local fashion shops who is doing well in the market with many outlets in almost all the major shopping malls in the country. there is nothing worst that any one brand can do in advertising  than being anti-filipino for a filipino clothing line whose market are filipinos.

for us, there is no question on the meaning of this copy : “Call it biased, but the mixing and matching of different nationalists with Filipino blood is almost a sure formula for someone beautiful and world class.”

filipinos with mixed blood are “beautiful and world class” while unsaid, the implication is clear that those with pure filipino blood are less beautiful and not world class.

there is no mistaking the meaning of that line. the whole intent of the line is to put “mixing” as a better or even superior option to the “pure” kind. of course they refer primarily to clothing choices but the reference to mixed races is clear. the use of an australian-filipino celebrity as model for the ad makes that crystal clear as well.

how can a filipino advertising agency and a filipino clothing company make such awful statements?

before that, let’s  first go to a lesson in advertising 101 courtesy of the bayo spokesperson quoted by

The words are badly put but the intention there was never to offend. Who would want to offend anybody?” said a Bayo representative who requested not to be named.

“At the end of the day, we’re all just trying to say that Bayo is all about mixing and matching things. That’s how we relate it to mixed races. It’s sad that something positive…na-twist nang konti,” she told Rappler. The representative, however, admitted that the ad “was really open to misunderstanding.

in fact the bayo spokesperson need to learn more than one advertising 101 lessons:

  1. do not release ads with words that are “badly put”. ads are supposed to make people feel good about the product being advertised. words used in ads are supposed to put the brand always in a good light. being put in a good light is definitely a necessity before desirability and purchase action  kicks in.  words in ads are as important as the pictures in them.
  2. what you see is what you get“- that is one of the first things you learn when you take an advertising job for the first time after college. the audience absorbs what you put out in the ad, both in visuals and copy (words or text). visuals and copy contain your message/s. what you write and show in your ad is what the audience gets, not intentions, even good intentions as the bayo spokesperson was trying to say in his/her attempt to make a lame excuse for the ad. intentions are always invisible to the audience. so making a point of it when asked by media about a failed ad shows a very poor understanding of the communication and advertising philosophy and its dynamics. rather than say this, the spokesperson whould have just apologized for the error. we think this bayo spokesperson has done slightly worst than the ad agency that did the ad for bayo.
  3. release ads only if you are 100% sure it will build business – never, ever  release an ad that is “open to misunderstanding” , even the with the slightest chance of “misunderstanding”.  clients advertise because it wants to generate business. generating business through advertising demands brand building which includes brand image that leads to brand desirability which in turn leads to brand purchase. the ideal is to have advertising that generates all those positive points, the next best thing is “target market neutral” where they are not affected by the ad and  neither are they repulsed by it. the worst of course is when the target market is repulsed by your ad. we have done this many times in our career in advertising – we junk ads that have in them even a single element that has even a slight chance of being interpreted as negative. the fact that an ad element has the chance of being interpreted as negative is like putting a tiny grenade in your handbag. it may be a small grenade but if something happens in your handbag, it can still explode. small negative elements in ads can be made bigger as your consumers talk about it and others who may have missed it are now made aware of it.

we think the “mixed race’ campaign idea in the ad has been brought about by  the heightened national attention given to other “mixed race” celebrities that we have been recently admiring like the azkals soccer team, Robin Lim the winner of the CNN Heores, miami heat coach erik spoelstra and most recently just weeks ago, american idol runner up jessica sanchez just to name a few. the phenomenon of the celebrities with filipino blood being admired by the country is really a recent development, having started  something like  just in the past 4 to 5 years ago. the bayo ad wanted to ride on this bandwagon.

that is fine except that they used the idea of “mixed race” in a very wrong way. they wanted to create the analogy of mixed clothing is as good as mixed race. the mistake was that they put the idea of “mixed” on the superior level calling it “beautiful and world class”. the inclusion of  “world class’  plays up to the point i raised about the azkals, spoelstra, lim and sanchez who are all seen as world class.

it is twisted logic at its best. it takes the proposition from the backdoor, rather than a straight up communication of the message. it is an ad that is too intelligent. it asks the audience to go through a complicated thinking process to appreciate the message. “intelligent ads” are very tricky and prone to misinterpretation.  these types of ads are very easy for the audience not to get what it means and or as it is in this case, to be misunderstood by them.

the creative team who wrote this ad cannot deny it – they were writing advertising with the intent of positioning the brand on a superiority platform. a superiority positioning is ALWAYS what creative writers aim for when they write advertising. superiority more often than not sells brands. consumers will hardly deny a brand that they think is superior over others.

that by itself is benign. a superiority positioning is the best kind of advertising. the problem is they referenced that brand superiority positioning with race – filipino  mixed with other races versus pure filipino.  that we think is more than insulting.

whenever we look at an advertising campaign, we always look for two things – what it says  about the brand and if there are things in the ads that can generate negatives. having a hundred positives in an ad is turned worthless with even just one negative. that is the nature of advertising.

whenever we look at advertising research, we always look at the negatives and consider them in the decision making. in fact there are even advertising  research tools that purposely look for negatives in ads.

advertising that works are those that are simple and easy to understand. having complicated ads not only result to poor communication, it can bring negatives to the brand as is the case in this bayo ad.

bottom line, it is a WAWAM – What A Waste Of Advertising Money.

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[VIRAL] Bayo’s ‘What’s your mix’ campaign earns ire of netizens


MANILA, Philippines – Filipinos on social media are reacting to a recently-launched campaign by local clothing brand Bayo.

The campaign, which caries the tagline, “What’s your mix?” features Filipino models of mixed descent accompanied by text that “breaks down” their genealogy.

The campaign in itself has been mildly controversial on social media, but one particular ad is being branded by netizens as “racist” and offensive.

The ad features Fil-Aussie Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and is accompanied by copy explaining the “What’s your mix?” concept.

“This is just all about MIXING and MATCHING. Nationalities, moods, personalities and of course your fashion pieces,” the copy reads.

“Call it biased, but the mixing and matching of different nationalists with Filipino blood is almost a sure formula for someone beautiful and world class.”

The ad was never released on any of the brand’s social media accounts, a Bayo representative told Rappler; it was uploaded on their official website to explain the rationale behind the campaign.

One user, however, supposedly took a screen shot of the ad — that’s when it went viral.


Users on the thread cried foul over the ad’s implication that Filipinos of mixed descent are superior to others, while others said that reactions to the ad were exaggerated, adding that they didn’t see anything offensive in it.

“The words are badly put but the intention there was never to offend. Who would want to offend anybody?” said a Bayo representative who requested not to be named.

“At the end of the day, we’re all just trying to say that Bayo is all about mixing and matching things. That’s how we relate it to mixed races. It’s sad that something positive…na-twist nang konti,” she told Rappler. The representative, however, admitted that the ad “was really open to misunderstanding.”

Read more…

marketing & advertising 101 : how to apply hard core mass consumer marketing & advertising to the intangible product “family planning”

March 1, 2012 Leave a comment

we have started a series of articles on our experience on applying hard core mass consumer  marketing & advertising to the intangible product called “family planning”

 this will be a first of a series of articles that will explore how hard core mass consumer marketing and advertising have been successfully applied to a near intangible product called “family planning”. the product “family planning” is actually a mindset and a practice and something you cannot buy like a detergent bar for washing clothes that you can get in a supermarket or sari-sari store (neighborhood store),

while family planning can eventually take the form of real and tangible products like condoms or pills which has real brand names and packages that can be bought in retail and drug stores, what the effort intended to do was to get the target audience to buy in or believe in “family planning” and for the same target audience to decide to use any one of family planning methods available.
read the full article on the key findings on the first  part of the qualitative research done for family planning here: (why pinoys who are single or married need family planning in their relationship)
read how the focus group discussion was designed within the lines of the kinds of research done for mass consumer products: applying mass consumer marketing & advertising to the intangible “family planning” product (click here:
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mead johnson milk products for children hit by product recall

September 22, 2010 3 comments

a product recall for a milk product for children is an absolute nightmare to happen. safety and quality are two product attributes all mothers expect that a milk product will deliver as most basic. they are a must have.

but the FDA had ordered mead johnson to recall two for their products for not meeting the fat content standard set by the FDA.

what makes the recall bad is that  the statement of the FDA in it’s recall order has the following words in them:

“thus indisputably making the same non-compliant to the standard of inferior quality,” Tacandong said.

Continuous distribution of the milk products would present “gross deception” to consumers and may “present risk and injury to young children,” said the FDA order.

the FDA categorically says the recall need to be made to prevent “risk and injury” to young children. we are not sure how a milk product that does not meet fat content standards can “injure” young children, but those are the words being used by the FDA.

read more about this here:

noynoy aquino will lose election due to advertising campaign blunders

February 16, 2010 1 comment

getting a presidentiable to win an election is really no different from getting a  mass consumer product to succeed  in the market place. the  success of a presidentiable is  measured by the number of votes he/she gets, mass consumer products are measured by market share.  how to get there, political campaigns and brand management teams for mass consumer products use the same principles, apply the same strategies, in many cases execute the same tools and analyze very similar data and research.

the election just like mass consumer marketing is all about two major components – the product and it’s advertising.  in the case of political campaigns, the product is the presidentiable while it may be a shampoo or laundry product for a mass consumer product.

advertising is probably the most potent marketing tool for both. we have seen great tv ads for mass consumer products that were able to push the brands to market leadership. same way we have seen great tv ads launched by the presidentiables that pushed them to being at the top of the polls. this is clearly seen in the manny villar campaign where it is very clear that great advertising done since many months ago has pushed his poll  ratings from nothing to now a statistical tie with the dominant front runner, noynoy aquino.

market research, specifically consumer research is very important to both political campaigns and mass consumer marketing. mass consumer marketing and political campaigns both seek to persuade the target market, voters for presidentiables and consumers for marketers to buy their “products”. understanding the consumers minds, attitudes and sentiments is most key for both.

polls that SWS and Pulse Asia conduct are very similar to what mass consumer marketers use – they also have market share data, the equivalent of polls.   polls is very much like the product tracking research done by mass consumer products.

the aquino campaign we think have committed major blunders in its advertising campaign. they are so major that we think it will cost noynoy aquino to lose this election.  are they reversible? yes, they are reversible but that very much depends on the aquino advertising team knowing what went wrong and more importantly what to do about it. and equally important, do they have the smarts and the energy to something about it.

read the rest here:

will scam ads win big again in 2009 Philippine Advertising Congress?

November 20, 2009 1 comment

‘Goodvertising’ top Subic ad talk 
By Robert Gonzaga
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 04:51:00 11/20/2009

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT — By doing good, the advertising industry could thrive in the future, a top advertising executive in South Africa told delegates to the 21st Philippine Advertising Congress (PAC) here Thursday.

Mike Schalit, chief creative officer of Network BBDO South Africa, said the advertising industry should “turn away from cute, clever advertising designed to win awards but don’t do any good in the world.”

“What about the real problems of the world? Like homelessness. What can we do about that?” he asked.

this one caught my attention: “turn away from cute, clever advertising designed to win awards but don’t do any good in the world.”

cute and clever advertising are great, it’s the last part that i have problems with – “designed to win awards”. we got reminded of the “scam ads” that populate the philippine ad con awards that we had written about in 2008.

everybody in the philippine ad industry knows this. it’s the worst kept secret in the ad industry – the scam ads that win the Araw Awards (“araw” means day or sun, depending on the usage. in this award, it’s meant to mean the sun) in the ad competition during the Philippine Ad Congress. these scam ads do win the awards. on the day the scam ads win, is it an “araw ng parangal” (day of tribute) or is it an “araw ng lokohan” (day of scams)?

scam ads are one-shot ads where ad agencies develop creatives for the sole purpose of making the most creative ads to win awards. ad agencies usually look for very small clients, even those who normally can’t afford advertising and have not had an ad ever, and convince them to use their business in the ad. they air/publish the ad only once just to comply with the award criteria.

scam ads are not meant to build the business of the client as what advertising ought to do. in the first place, scam ads can never do that – it’s aired/printed only once and they’re too creative that only creative directors can understand and appreciate the ads. creative directors are usually the judges of ad competitions. scam ads are not tools for building business, they’re tools to boost the egos of creative directors who want to win awards.

(read in full here:

no doubt, scam ads will once again win in the adcon. it is almost like an industry within an industry, a mafia like operation that ad agencies, creatives specifically run. all the effort just to win awards.

these efforts that creatives run in mafia like fashion does not do anything good to the ad industry, all it does is enhance the egoes of individual  creatives. it does not even build business for clients.

creatives do not do the same kind of quality work on a daily basis that they present to legitimate clients. this kind of  award winning work are just too difficult to do, to time consuming, very risky for them and offers no ego reward for them. it will be a miracle if we see these types in print or in tv for 10% of the work.

there are 3 parts to what Mike Schalit said, the third part is the point i am making:

“turn away from cute, clever advertising designed to win awards but don’t do any good in the world.”

Hornitex is a name of a company, what does it sell?

November 20, 2009 Leave a comment

this is not a joke. this is an actual picture of the side of a small delivery van with the name of the company painted on its side. i am sure the company owners know what the company name sounds like.

based on the name, what do you think do they sell? read about it, click  here: “Hornitex” – what does it sell? for adults only?

watch out for presidentiable tv ads during pacquiao-cotto fight

November 14, 2009 Leave a comment

aside from the actual fight, the things to watch out for in tomorrow’s fight are the tv ads of the presidentiables and other political candidates. for sure the politicians will be airing their ads heavily if not air new tv ads. i would be very surprised if the presidentiables do not launch new tv ads during the fight.

the pacquiao-cotto fight is probably the closest the country comes to The Super Bowl in the US where practically all homes in the US tune in on the Super Bowl with many having parties and the US ad industry going crazy in airing their best and brightest. the Super Bowl brings in the audience, the ratings are always sky-high which allows the Super Bowl to price their tv spot at an amazing $3 Million per 30 second spot.

(read more on Super Bowl Ads here:

at that extremely high cost, the US ad industry kills itself in coming up with their best ads. ads aired in the Super Bowl has become an event in itself where the audience have come to expect and anticipate great ads. talks the day after at water coolers among the audience are not only on the game itself but also the ads they saw in the super bowl.

(view ads aired in the Super Bowl here:

careers and marketing success are made at the super bowl for ad people and ad agencies. apple was one and coca cola is another.

it will not be exactly what will happen in the pacquiao-cotto fight but we can expect presidentiables to air new ads tomorrow. the fight will most likely get the highest rating this year and the history of advertising in the country. while 30 second ad costs are expected to be extremely high, we think, just like at the super bowl, it is very much worth it.

gilbert teodoro did it during the pacquiao-hatton fight where he aired his disaster preparedness tv ad and introduced himself for the first time to the voters. (read here: gilbert who? introduces himself in tv ad) teodoro’s ad was aired in every commercial break in that fight.

let us just hope that the quality of the ads the politicians will air tomorrow will be as good as the ones aired in the super bowl.

here is a thought:

loren legarda said she will announce her plans for 2010 on november 15. hmm…… we wonder if legarda will do it via a new tv ad to be aired tomorrow during the fight?

(read here: drama queen senator loren legarda to announce 2010 plans within the week! oh, oh – here we go again!)

“goose bumps” moment – viewer reactions to noynoy aquino’s new tv ad “hindi ka nag-iisa”

November 4, 2009 3 comments

“goose bumps” moment – that is the best way to describe viewer reactions to new tv ad of noynoy aquino.

read more comments here:


noynoy aquino’s “hindi ka nag-iisa” tv ad – it works because it speaks of most of us

November 1, 2009 3 comments

noynoy aquino di ka nag-iisa tv ad

the lyrics of the song says it all:

Nang bawa’t mamamayan
pagmamahal natin sa bayan
‘wag na nating itago, ‘di tayo susuko

the ad shows a long list of celebrities who have not been  previously seen coming together for any cause. more importantly, these are celebrities who we did not expect and certainly did not even imagine would come out to appear for a tv ad for the election of a president.

seeing them and all of them in one ad struck a chord in our hearts as many of us felt the same way – for the first time we are coming out of our shell to support a presidential candidate.

read in full here: noynoy aquino’s “hindi ka nag-iisa” tv spot – historic ad for a historic presidentiable?

2009 (21st) Philippine Advertising Congress moved to Subic, Baguio junked

October 17, 2009 Leave a comment

moving the november ad congress out of baguio and moving it to subic instead is a very wise move.

we think it will benefit baguio and its residents as it will allow them to totally focus on rebuilding their city. having the thousands of ad people in baguio at this time will only divide their attention and efforts, plus the ad congress will add strain and pressure on an already weakened infrastructure.

it would also be much better for congress participants as they will no longer have to worry about what they do during the congress. just driving to baguio for the congress will be extremely difficult on its own, staying in the city in the way that baguio is will be no different.

we wish baguio well and we look forward to subic.

21st Ad Congress moved to Subic 
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 05:44:00 10/17/2009

MANILA, Philippines — The trail of destruction across northern Luzon left by Tropical Storms “Ondoy” (international codename: Ketsana) and “Pepeng” (Parma) has forced the Advertising Board of the Philippines (AdBoard) to hold the 21st Philippine Advertising Congress (PAC) closer to Metro Manila instead of Baguio as originally planned.

“It is with reluctance that we withdraw from Baguio, as the city has been most supportive and generous to the 21st PAC from the planning stages right until this moment when preparations are near completion,” the PAC said on its website.

Instead, the ad congress scheduled on Nov. 18-21 will take place in Subic.

“We have never doubted Baguio’s resilience nor its readiness to accommodate the 21st PAC in spite of the disaster. But the further strain thousands of delegates and participants would subject the already weakened northern Luzon infrastructure would put their safety and that of the local people’s at risk,” the PAC said.

Despite the short notice and various requirements, Subic authorities have readily agreed to host the 21st PAC.

Dedicated to victims

The sufferings of the victims of Ondoy and Pepeng are not lost on the advertising industry.

“The 21st PAC is the best time for the industry to come together and reflect on ways to be of service to the typhoons’ victims and to respond to the call of nation rebuilding. Our economy must not come to a standstill. We must help drive the local economy back on its feet,” the PAC said.

“We dedicate the 21st PAC to the victims of the northern Luzon calamity. Part of our proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross for rehabilitation efforts in northern Luzon. This ad congress has heart and a cause. We enjoin all members of the industry to be an active part of this endeavor,” it added.

pantene shampoo tv ad – shine it did not

September 23, 2009 Leave a comment

this is an enjoyable tv ad to watch. but ads are supposed to do more than just make us enjoy watching it. this ad fails in that part.

i forgot – this is a tv ad for pantene, a shampoo brand. yes, shampoo for the hair. but lets not get into that. its not that important.

the other part that this ad is asking us is what science fiction movies asks us to do and it is the only way we can appreciate this tv ad. we all know what science fiction movies are – they are make believe, the exact meaning of the word “fiction”. the only way we can appreciate a science fiction movie is for us to suspend logic, throw away common sense, ignore truth and yes forget about science. there is much irony there – to enjoy a science fiction movie, we need to forget science.

that is the only way to do it. in a science fiction movie, we need to believe super heroes are real. humans in human life forms can fly and women have super powers. if we don’t do it that way, there is no point in watching the movie as none of it will make sense.

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21st (2009) philippine ad congress – tv ads like magic

August 27, 2009 Leave a comment

the 21st philippine ad congress is fast approaching, it is that time of the year when many a great startegizing session go on in ad agency conference rooms  to tag, categorize and submit entries for the ad competition.

for people who work in the ad agencies, it’s also that time of the year to get to the good graces of your boss to make sure you are included in the list of official delegates to the congress. very few agencies give the honor to all of its employess, most give it only to a selected few. mahal kasi, walang budget.

not that ad people want to go to the ad congress to learn, its to party, get drunk and amass all those freebies they distribute during the ad congress. ooops, did i just spill the beans?

here are the ads for the 21st philippine ad congress, view them here. we will also be posting more information on the congress in this blog, click here:

you might even get lucky and find that ad you worked on in that blog.

teaser tvc 21st philippine ad
teaser tvc 21st philippine ad

the magician 21st philippine ad congress tvc

manny villar’s “moriones st” tv ad works! it is chismis we all love to watch

June 30, 2009 2 comments
manny villar's "moriones st." tv ad

manny villar's "moriones st." tv ad

this ad on villar is actually chismis. come on, be honest with yourselves. it is fare we all love to devour on sunday afternoon tv. the fact that we are looking into the private life of villar and we are taken there by boy abunda, the master chismis person is just perfect for our sense of peering into the private life of manny villar. pinoys are voyeurs, remember? (check back on how pinoys have been turned into voyeurs from here:

the whole ad is just packaged very well. we should be bored with  ads like these but we are not. we are fixed on the tv and we get to know who manny villar is. 4 stars!

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making manny pacquiao a loser, you know? ask vitwater

May 1, 2009 Leave a comment


i don’t get this tv ad of manny pacquiao. i just didn’t shake my head when i first saw this ad, i shook it many times and every time i see the ad on tv. i also end up talking to myself, why the hell did they make this ad this way. and at the end of the 30s ad, i get my cellphone out and my ipod touch and key in a to-do note for myself : “DO NOT BUY VITWATER!”. i don’t use caps even in my cellphone, i use caps on this one. ooops, i had entered that already the last time i saw the ad. geez, i must have tried to key that in to my gadgets a hundred times already, the same number of times i had seen this ad.

yes! this ad is being aired at very heavy weight! the pacquiaohutton fight is a few days from now, they are making the most of torturing me! this vitwater ad is one more strong reason why i don’t watch local shows on tv!

i usually say this at the end of the discussion. but for this one i like to say it on the 3rd paragraph – this manny pacquiao ad of vitwater is a WAWAM! and has ADS Sindrome! and all other acronyms i am yet to invent in this blog!

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jejomar binay promises to turn the philippines into paradise

April 29, 2009 5 comments

makati mayor jejomar binay, presidentiable

nowhere in the tv ad did it say makati city mayor jejomar binay is running for president. and the ad talks about what binay has done to makati. but who is this ad kidding?

if you like to receive a free birthday cake on your birthday, binay might be the president for you.

that is just one small part of the paradise that binay is promising to turn the philippines into, just like the paradise he made in makati city.

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kim chiu with her period rides the neck of gerard anderson – whisper sanitary pad’s eww, eww, eww tv spot

April 1, 2009 4 comments

sure, ads that demonstrate on screen product efficacy are good ads.  those are the kinds of ads we like to see. they sell very well.

if you were kim chiu and you had menstruation and wearing a sanitary pad, will let gerard anderson, your man, to lie on your lap like in this picture?

but does it work when you show in a tv ad kim chiu, a popular teen star who has her menstruation rides the neck of her boyfriend, gerard anderson? that body part of the woman where you put the sanitary pad on not only leaks menstruation but also smells. and when you have your period, do you really want to have it on the neck of your boyfriend?

ewww. ewww. and another ewww. 

i don’t think there is a filipina alive today who will EVER, EVER agree to do something like that in real life when she has her period. there is no way a woman will ever do that. even if she uses a dozen whisper sanitary pads on that body part of hers.

this whisper ad is over the edge of sanity and stupidity. i think it succeeds on the torture test idea only in the minds of the ad agency that created it. it fails on believability, empathy and definitely wins on the ewww and ewww factor.

this is a WAWAM!

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