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Willie Revillame rants on live tv (again!) – against Ate Guy and Ethel Booba

March 1, 2013 Leave a comment

this latest live TV rant of willie revillame is about what happened backstage between him, ethel bubba and ate guy. the ladies apparently complained to willie about something that happened on TV.

willie felt so livid about the encounter that he felt compelled to disrupt the live show to go on air and tell everyone in the studio and the millions watching on TV what happened backstage.

you could see this was an un-scripted interruption by williem the producer and star of the show.

looks at the girls who were on camera at the start – this lady in a yellow skirt was in mid sentence when she saw revillame approach with a microphone. her facial expression was priceless, then she slowly hides behind the another co-host on stage before leaving it completely.

then the lady in a red dress started to walk off the stage too, with her head bowed down. the kembot girl on willie’s left tried her best to stay put but eventually felt so uncomfortable that she also leaves.

willie’s live rant was obviously unplanned and spur of the moment. the show did not even bother to let the sequence end and cut to a rant segment. the director and floor director must have been so surprised too that they forgot to do their jobs and ask everyone on stage to leave.

looks like this latest rant is just one more thing that happens in a day in the life of willie revillame and the tv shows he appears in.

willie revillame show at TV 5 to close in january 2013?

November 22, 2012 Leave a comment

revillame according to has said he will be announcing something on january 5 about what he will do with his life. at the same time, it was reported that he has told his staff and artists at the show to look for other jobs and have asked the audience to look for other shows who can help them. revillame’s shows are seen by many as “helping the poor” with prize money in easy to win contests in his tv shows.



read full article here:

apparently, his tv show at TV 5, Will Time, Big Time has not been getting the tv ratings that it should. we thought TV5’s decision to air the show on the evening prime time slot was a very good move as it avoided clashing with the established noontime shows such as GMA7’s Eat Bulaga and ABS-CBN’s Showtime. revillame was then considered a big draw despite the numerous controversies and inanities that revillame got himself into at ABS-CBN before he moved or was he fired (?) from there. the good thinking that i appreciated was that it will be easier for revillame to beat the tv news shows than the noontime shows of the same format as his show.

it came as a shock to us to read the rappler article saying his show has not been rating. the revillame magic apparently has reach a  limit.

we will be looking forward  to the january 5 announcement. or is this another gimmick from revillame?

who is dumb – philippine tv or the phillippine tv audience?

April 11, 2011 2 comments

the willie revillame mess at his tv show “willing willie” has taken a higher level discussion now from the question was there  child abuse in revillame’s show or none to what is philippine tv and should it be?

we applaud monique wilson for speaking out and for urging other filipino talents to speak their minds on the issue.  she makes a very good point that in recent years we have been seeing more and more

filipinos breaking out and being admired in the world stage. there is now a huge army of them with filipinos and half filipinos who have become and are hailed as world-class in their firleds from many persuasions – music, arts, sports, design, modeling, journalism, medicine, visual arts, business  and many others.

with so many filipinos taking on the stature and reputation as being world-class,  why is philippine tv doing a “dumb down” on the philippine audience?

Don’t dumb down viewers, TV urged

Actress, solon seek quality programs

by Volt Contreras
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:11:00 04/11/2011

MANILA, Philippines—Even the theater star who brought “The Vagina Monologues” to the Philippine stage is aghast.

The list of Willie Revillame’s critics now includes acclaimed actress-director Monique Wilson, who called on local artists to band together, overcome fears of crossing potential employers, and help put the pressure on TV networks that “dumb down” the Filipino audience.

“We keep saying Filipino artists are world-class. Well, let’s prove it now,” Wilson wrote on her blog as she weighed in on the latest controversy hounding the game show host.

“The debate is no longer whether it was child abuse or not,” Wilson said, referring to the widely criticized episode of Revillame’s “Willing Willie” show on TV5 that had a 6-year-old boy gyrating like a macho dancer while breaking into tears for a P10,000 cash prize.

“The facts are plain to see. No one with a sense of respect for another human being can dispute that,” Wilson said.

“The discourse now is how we, as Filipinos, as artists involved in the same industry that created Willie Revillame and shows like his, could have allowed this to go on for as long as it has.”

read in full here:

willie revillame will sue everyone, enumerates good deeds, vents on sponsors, show off the air on live tv – watch video here

April 10, 2011 13 comments

this is a video shown on live tv of an embattled  man – willie revillame as he rants on live tv in his show “willing willie” at abc 5. wait a minute, this is willie revillame, so what else is new? we have seen willie do this on live tv before. not the same topic but on the same sort of emotions and yes the same sort of topic – his misdeeds on his tv shows.

this one is in relation to his most recent misdeed on his new tv show at abc 5 where he allowed a 6 year old, jan-jan,  boy do a macho dance (read : male striptease dance) on live tv. he not only allowed the boy do his macho dance, he also asked the boy to repeat the dance several times with the proper annotation from him on why the boy is doing the dance. what made it worst was that the boy was in tears while he was dancing and the audience, including revillame not only approving the performance but also wildly cheering the boy on. (watch the macho dance video here:

pinoy internet universe reacted to the macho dance when it was posted in youtube with calls, actually howling, of protest against willie revillame and willing willie. pinoy netizens of twitter and facebook  took to thye streets ofr the internet and called for the ouster of revillame from the show. this is not new to these netizens, they have done similar protests before.

shortly thereafter,  government agencies took notice and declared revillame’s action on the show was child abuse.  the mtcrb, human rights commission and DSWD have put revillame on notice for his latest infraction on the 6 year old boy.

part 1:

this went on for a few days. revillame and abc 5 of course went on a defensive and yes offensive move agaisnt the new storm hitting on the revillame franchise. revillame and the tv station was of course not repentant, not even humble. they clearly declared no child abuse occurred. they did not even admit to a moral mistake, not even a disrespect against the boy. the show went on in between the offensive fight theyput up to defent the honor of revillame and the tv show, unmindful of what has been done to the honor of the boy.

until Ad Power (read : as in People Power) hit the tv show – major advertisers, jollibee, procter & gamble, CDO, lhuillier, del monte and uni-lever pulled their ads off the tv show.l (read it here: these advertisers are major advertisers, that means they are the biggest ad spenders in the industry. uni-levfer, procter & gamble and jollibee most probably belong to the top 5 biggest ad spenders in the industry.

Ad Power got the attention of revillame. it’s not surprising, as this power hits revillame and the show where it hurts the most – at the wallet. money is something revillame understands very well. the pull out of these advertisers mean the show cannot go on airing as every day they go on air, they will lose money. and this is not just small change, we are talking of possibly millions of pesos on a daily basis.

with Ad Power slamming its face on the willing willie tv show, revillame last friday announced the show will be off the air for two weeks. revillame is a businessman, he knows the power of Ad Power. revillame will not only lose his salary, he will also lose profit as revillame owns the show and produces it. he finances the show. a pull out of advertisers mean  not only a loss of salary but also profit for his company.

part 2:

this particular live performance  of revillame was supposed to be a simple announcement of the tv show taking a 2 week hiatus but it actually became a stand-up performance of revillame which was actually not funny. it became a rant not only against certain groups but against the world as well.

he first said his tv show will be temporarily off the air for two weeks to return after holy week but in succeeding rants, by accident he let it slip out that the show might not come back on the air.  if the show does not return on air,  we can only conclude abc 5 management had decided to cancel the show  to avoid further problems in the future. he mentioned that he had talked to the GM of the tv station and owner, manny pangilinan.

revillame also ranted, actually threatened to sue fellow celebrities who criticized him on this macho dancing scandal. apparently he felt his fellow celebrities should have just kept quiet about their displeasure on other celebrities.

list of celebrities revillame will sue:

Revillame delivered an emotional 25-minute speech at the end of his program on Friday night. Among other things, he accused celebrities Lea Salonga, Jim Paredes, Aiza Seguerra, Tuesday Vargas, Agot Isidro, Mylene Dizon and Bianca Gonzalez of “prejudging” him on the microblogging site Twitter.

when he enumerated  the list of celebrities he will sue,  we thought he was unkind to aiza seguera. he challeneged sequera “to be a man”  (“magpakalalake ka”). seguera is a lesbian. he also mentioned the fact that aiza was once a child star herself. we are not sure the connection to the issue at hand, but we think aiza being a child star herself is in a very good position to know how it is to feel exploited as a child which is the charge government agencies are lodging against revillame. we do not know if aiza was exploited when she was a child star, but for sure she has a clear understanding of what is right and wrong for child stars.

with such a long list of celebrities that revillame is planning to take to court for whatever alleged crime/s, we like to congratulate revillame’s lawyers for what might be windfall profits and revenues this year.

where is revillame now after this announcement on tv? we think he is in bigger trouble than before the announcement.

nothing about the announcement was humble, apologetic, reconciliatory or even wholesome. he turned a simple  announcement of a hiatus of the show into a rant and whining about his problems and detractors.  he couls have used the opportunity to gain sympathy from a wider audience other than his fans but instead he may have angered more.l with this announcement he draw the battle lines even deeper and wider.

he may have said things that can be used legally against him, if it comes to a court trialo. for sure, the MTRCB, the human rights group and DSWD will be hard put to kinder and more lenient on revillame with hyis performance in this rant. the message that these government agencies is getting is that revillame will deserve whatever punishment they might put on revillame.

from a PR standpoint, revillame loses badly, dramatically in many ways. his performance in this rant is a PR nightmare. revillame did not defuse anything, did not gain sympathy, he may have ignited more disagreement with what he has done and those against him hardening their positions.

for sure, revillame has a talent in getting ratings. he did it again here but for the wrong reasons and it will hurt him more.

Ad Power puts willie revillame’s “willing willie” tv show off air – uni-lever is 6th company to stop ads

April 8, 2011 Leave a comment

this is called advertising power – with withdrawals of ads from the tv show, willie revillame has announced his willing willie tv show will go off the air for 2 weeks.

before the exodus of major advertisers from the tv show, willie revillame in his show and in interviews, including the tv station’s spokespersons were adamant and strong about no infractions and no child abuse occurred in the show.

it appears money talks and it talks loud to willie revillame. as soon as 5 major advertisers pulled off their ads from the show, revillame showed repentance so it seems and decided to pull off the air his tv show for 2 weeks. without the ad moneys in his tv show, it would have been a huge financial loss for revillame who is the producer and financier of the show.

uni-lever is the 6th advertiser to pull off its ads from the show with procter & gamble, jollibee, del monte, CDO and lhuiller announcing ad pull outs earlier on.  procter & gamble, uni-lever and jollibee are the country’s top advertisers, probably belonging to the top 5 biggest ad spenders in the industry.  private businesses is doing the country a very good favor in pulling out its ads from willie revillame’s tv show.

it is interesting how this is playing out as abc 5 is owned by manny pangilinan whose company PLDT also owns Smart Telecommunications, the country’s leading mobile phone service provider and also one of the top advertisers in the country. will Smart pull its ads as well?

read here :

‘Willing Willie’ to go off air for 2 weeks, Revillame says
First Posted 22:17:00 04/08/2011
Filed Under: Entertainment (general), Television, Celebrities
MANILA, Philippines—Controversial television host Willie Revillame announced Friday night that his primetime game show “Willing Willie” will go off air for two weeks starting Monday next week (April 11).

Revillame expressed disappointment over the companies that pulled out their ad placements from his show.

He maintained that he did not commit child abuse in an episode of “Willing Willie” exposing a boy simulating a striptease.

Revillame also warned to file charges against some celebrities who “attacked” him on the social networking site Twitter.

List of companies who have withdrawn their ads from Willie Revillame’s “Wiling Willie” tv show:

  1. jollibee corporation
  2. procter & gamble philippines
  3. del monte philippines
  4. lhuillier pawnshop
  5. CDO
  6. uni-lever

now 4 companies suspend ads at willie revillame’s “willing-willie” tv show

April 8, 2011 Leave a comment

willie revillame’s “willing willie” tv show got a 4th kick in the behind with a 4th company, lhuillier pawnshop announced it is pulling it’s ad money out of the tv show while the issue of child abuse is being resolved by the government.

lhuillier joins  jollibee corporation, procter & gamble philippines and del monte from the pull out of ad money from the show.

we think these corporations are doing the right thing. and in fact we think all the other corporations putting their ad money in the show should do the same. willie revillame need to be taught a lesson, something he has never learned so it seems.  revillame is a serial ass hole on tv.

we are shocked that tv 5 got him after what he has done at abs-cbn. we are even more shocked that he still has the audience when he moved over to abc 5. maybe this latest episode will teach willie a lesson.  finally!

Cebuana Lhuillier suspends ads on ‘Willing Willie’, too

by Karen Boncocan

MANILA, Philippines—The country’s largest pawnshop chain, Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop, has joined three other companies that pulled out ads from “Willing Willie” television show.

In a statement posted on its Facebook page Friday, Cebuana Lhuillier said it has decided “to temporarily suspend its segment sponsorship in the said show, effective April 11, 2011, while resolution on the matter is pending.”

“While we support programs that give hope to Filipinos here and abroad, we expect our business partners to promote good values, protect children’s rights and exercise prudence in communicating to the general public,” it said.

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shalani soledad gives a mousey performance on Willing Willie tv show debut

November 9, 2010 14 comments

last night, shalani soledad today’s most popular “ex” went on tv for the first as co-host of willie revillame’s “willing willie” tv show on abc5. don’t know about you, but we almost fell asleep every time shalani appeared on tv to “perform”. it took a lot of self-control for us not to click the remote control to change channel. we had to force ourselves not to change channels.

shalani’s performance as a tv host was, well a non-performance.  her whole performance was mousey, like a mouse squeaking away her lines making us wonder if something  was wrong with the volume control on  our tv or if they forgot to give shalani a microphone. we had to strain our ears to be able to hear what she was saying.

it was not just the volume, it was most of all her performance as a host. game show hosts are the loud and lively types. like a barker and as  pokwang of wowowee,  willie revillame’s co-host in the tv program where revillame came from.  they need “energy”.

the energy of a game show host was something shalani did not at all have. not having energy in a game show is a very dangerous thing. you can have everyone falling asleep and lose interest on what is happening on screen.

shalani was so mousey that we thought  it affected willie revillame. with a co-host delivering her lines almost in monotony and unnoticed, he had to dial down his own energy. it was not his usual performance and it made sense. if he continued his usual energetic hosting, the difference between him and shalani would have been magnified.

shalani on screen as always was beautiful. but that was the only thing she brought to the screen, nothing more.  there was no chemistry with willie revillame and not real banter between them.  it felt like revillame was talking to himself. they could have removed shalani from the set and it would have not made any difference. in fact we think had revillame hosted by himself, the show would have been better.

we doubt if shalani has a future on tv. minus 3 stars on shalani soledad.

things get ugly : willie revillame sues abs-cbn for P11M, abs-cbn counterclaims for P486M

September 17, 2010 Leave a comment

we thought this is where the episode in the life of willie revillame will end  – in court and ugly.    in a press conference held recently, revillame “invalidates” his contract with abs-cbn. (click here: a flurry of activities was fired offf by abs-cbn since that tine, one of which saying revillame is still under contract with abs-cbn and he just can’t invalidate it. (

the latest real life episode puts revillame about to air a new tv show in another tv station. they are rumors but the it is all over the place with a few details about the show making it sound much more than just rumors.

things like these are never easy.  you just can’t walk out of things. these need to be settled in court. and things are getting ugly – for the part of revillame in the tune of an P11M claim and for abs0cbn a mind boggling P486M counterclaim. abs-cbn seem to be bent on taking back everything and anything that revillame earned as tv host at the tv station since the start of his career there. abs-cbn’s counterclaim is “all or nothting” written all over it.

reading from the news reports, we find revillame’s suit on the strange side. revillame seem to be claiming damages, like he was the victim. abs-cbn seem to be the victim here as revillame did act like a brat  on live tv when he did his disrespect of cory aquino during her funeral and that amazing live tv scene of revillame threatening to resign from abs-cbn in his fight against a radio host at abs-cbn.

with such mega millions on the table plus personal pride on willie’s part and corporate pride on the side of abs-cbn,  who will blink?

TV network files P486-M counterclaim vs noontime host
By Julie M. Aurelio
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 15:14:00 09/17/2010

MANILA, Philippines – A P486-million counterclaim damage suit has been filed before a Quezon City court against TV host Willie Revillame for allegedly committing several violations in his contract with ABS-CBN Corp.

In a 139-page answer with compulsory counterclaim, ABS-CBN through lawyer Augusto San Pedro Jr. asked the court to order Revillame to pay P20 million each for moral damages, exemplary damages and attorney’s fees and other litigation expenses.

The TV network also wanted the host to pay the amount of P426,917,646.96 as liquidated damages for breaching the agreement between Revillame and the network.

The counterclaim was filed before Judge Luisito Cortez of Regional Trial Court Branch 84.

ABS-CBN filed the answer with compulsory counterclaim in compliance with the summons issued to them to answer the P11.5-million damage and rescission of contract filed by Revillame.

Revillame, through legal counsel Leonard De Vera, filed the damage suit claiming that his suspension with pay and placing him under probation were valid grounds to terminate his contract because they were provided for in the agreement.

Read more…

willie revillame wants out of abs-cbn contract, is a legal battle the next step?

August 10, 2010 2 comments

willie revillame called a press conference yesterday to announce his desire to get out of the his contract with abs-cbn. apparently his contract with abs-cbn runs until september 2011. he wants out of it as he intends to produce and air his own show. his contract with abs-cbn says he can’t appear in a tv show similar to wowowee.  apparently abs-cbn only offering him to host a once a week taped program that will be aired over cable tv, not the abs-cbn’s channel 2.

we understand why willie wants out of his contract. tv shows is what he does and coming from a very popular daily tv show with adoring fans and huge fees, it must be really hard for him doing nothing at the moment and being offered a once  a week tv show on cable.

sidebar – what got our eyes to pop was not that abs-cbn intends to air the show they are offering willie on cable but that it will not be live but taped. we thought that was included there to give the tv station the option to remove any offending statements on new threats to resign before it is aired.

in yesterday’s press conference and accompanying news articles, many details  were revealed in the latest willie revillame saga. apparently the parting of ways was done through a long process of  many meetings,  promises made then broken and hurt feelings on the side of willie.

we think abs-cbn has made the right decision in canceling wowowee and removing revillame from wowowee. revillame has used up all the goodwill he has earned from being one of the country’s most popular tv host in his latest gambit on live tv. he may be popular but he did step on very large toes at abs-cbn and doing it in the most public of ways –  on live national tv.

will revillame once again survive this one?  does he still have an audience? and will another tv station hire him?

with his statements, it appears he will be a block timer. that means he will buy airtime hours from a tv station for him to air his own tv show. he will have full creative and marketing control on it and will be his own man. he has the money to do something like that  and we assume he has the brains and the creativity to pull it off. the question is – will it be true that when he builds it, will they come?

revillame wants to be free from the contract now, not one year from now. he probably thinks a layoff of one year from national tv will shrink his audience base.  pilipinas win na win, the show that replaced wowowee is apparently doing very well in the ratings so his hears of losing his audience base may have some basis. if the the tv viewers did not seem to miss wowowee, what is the reason why they won’t miss willie?

the showbiz aside, we think yesterday’s press conference is an prelude to a looming legal case with abs-cbn. he had the press conference to marshal his fans into action, to draw support to pressure abs-cbn and eventually the courts.

the willie revillame drama has taken a new chapter.

Revillame scraps ABS-CBN contract
By Cynthia Balana
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 03:32:00 08/10/2010

MANILA, Philippines—Willie Revillame wants out. ABS-CBN says, “No way.”

The controversial TV host Monday said in a press conference that he was rescinding his contract with the network, on account of the shabby treatment it was giving him.

Revillame complained of what he believed were continued violations of the terms of his contract with the Kapamilya station. The TV host is bound by a contract until September 2011 to the Lopez-owned network.

ABS-CBN gave Revillame his biggest break through the daily noontime game show, “Wowowee,” which was recently canceled after more than five years.

In a statement released shortly after Revillame’s press conference in a Quezon City restaurant, the network insisted that it was the TV host who violated “behavioral provisions” of the contract when he threatened management during the May 4 episode of “Wowowee.”

wowowee & willie revillame permanently out of abs-cbn! win na win ang audience!

July 29, 2010 9 comments

abs-cbn announced wowowee together with its host willie revillame will finally be off the air.  they announced they will replace it with a new show that will be hosted by robin padilla and kris aquino.

this is an excellent decision and we applaud abs-cbn for their decision. finally, we will get rid of willie revillame during the noontime hour. we have been calling for the permanent resignation of willie revillame from the tv station.

the choice of the new hosts, padilla and aquino is also brilliant. both are excellent draws and we think this combination of  hosts have  the potential to beat eat bulaga. eat bulaga for many years is the tv rating leader of this time slot.

this is also good for aquino as it gives her very good exposure on tv. and maintains her star power.  more importantly, a game show of this sort which if patterned after wowowee keeps her in contact with the poor, highly consistent with president aquino’s pro-poor stance and keeps her out of trouble as it is not a talk show where her personal life is fair game and her penchant to open her mouth irresponsibly and talk about any topic is part and parcel of a talk show format.

on the whole we think everybody wins.  what we are happy the most though is that with the removal of willie revillame, the audience wins the most.

‘Wowowee’ to go off air; Kris joins new game show
Posted at 07/27/2010 7:21 PM | Updated as of 07/28/2010 8:15 PM
// <![CDATA[//

MANILA, Philippines (2nd UPDATE) – Popular noontime show “Wowowee” will be replaced by a new game show led by Kris Aquino starting July 31, an ABS-CBN official announced Tuesday.

Aside from Aquino, “Pilipinas Win na Win” will also be hosted by Robin Padilla and “Wowowee” female hosts Pokwang, Valerie Concepcion and Mariel Rodriguez, said Bong Osorio, head of ABS-CBN Corporate Communications.

“It is a game and variety show that will surely bring joy, energy and hope to Filipinos all over the world,” Osorio said in a statement.

“’Pilipinas Win na Win’ will be managed by director Johnny Manahan, creative director Bobot Mortiz, business unit head Jay Montelibano, and executive producers Phoebe Anievas and Rancy Recato. It will be aired after ‘Showtime,’” he added.

Osorio said the camp of Willie Revillame, the on-leave host of “Wowowee,” has been informed about the changes. He also confirmed that Revillame will be given a new TV show.

“’Pilipinas Win na Win’ will replace ‘Wowowee.’ Willie Revillame, through his manager, was already informed about this new development. He was also notified about the new program being planned for him and this will be announced in due time,” he said.

it’s final – willie revillame takes “indefinite break” from wowowee! make it for good please!

May 25, 2010 4 comments

today we heard the next best thing on willie revillame – he takes an “indefinite break” from wowowee. to us we would like revillame to make his leave definite and for good so we  guess we can celebrate this move, the next best thing.

we hope revillame will not take back his word and we hope abs-cbn will make this permanent.

Willie Revillame takes ‘indefinite break’ from ‘Wowowee’
Posted at 05/25/2010 12:01 PM | Updated as of 05/25/2010 3:59 PM

MANILA, Philippines – “Wowowee” host Willie Revillame is taking an “indefinite break” from his popular noontime show, but his contract obligations with ABS-CBN remain, the network announced on Tuesday.

“ABS-CBN and Willie agreed that he takes an indefinite break effective immediately, but his contract obligations with ABS-CBN hold. This disallows him to perform similar work for any person or entity in direct competition with ABS-CBN,” said Bong Osorio, head of ABS-CBN Corporate Communications.

“Willie has realized his mistake and apologized to ABS-CBN management for his outburst on air in Wowowee on May 4, 2010, and his failure to report to work since May 5, 2010. ABS-CBN management has accepted Willie’s apology,” the network said.

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online outrage for willie revillame ouster rekindled

May 8, 2010 3 comments

online citizens are once again being noticed as many rise calling for the ouster of willie revillame from abs-cbn’s wowowee tv show. this comes from the latest revillame temper tantrum where on live television he threatened to quit abs-cbn’s wowowee tv show if the tv station does not get rid of jobert sucaldito. sucaldito got the ire of revillame when he apparently continue to criticize revillame and his wowowee tv show. apparently, revillame wants only to hear good things about himself and his tv show.

revillame hss not appeared in his tv show, now for the 3rd day (wednesday to friday) this week since his temper tantrums on live tv. the tv station network  claims revillame has not resigned but is just resting.

in the meantime, traditional media has taken notice that once again there is a growing online outrage against revillame. this blog is a member of one such group at facebook where this group has called for revillame’s ouster from tv show as a result of the disrespect he showed towards cory aquino during her burial.

(read about it here:

the topic of the ouster of revillame from abs-cbn is one of the top topics in this blog. this new temper tantrum of revillame is once again gaining traction in this blog.

let us know- do you want revillame ousted from wowowee and abs-cbn?

willie revillame – no show at wowowee, did he quit from abs-cbn? finally!?

May 7, 2010 22 comments

it has been two days that willie revillame is a no-show at his wowowee noontime tv show. it looks like he made good his threat not to appear at his tv show unless abs-cbn removes a reporter, jobert sucaldito.

revillame has threatened to quit abs-cbn on live tv if abs-cbn did not fire sucaldito. apparently, revillame did not like the criticisms sucaldito has been airing on the wowowee tv show. it appears revillame took the critique personally and is not bent on throwing his weight at abs-cbn.

reports says abs-cbn has talked to both of them but we do not know what they talked about and the result of the talk.

vote in this poll on this issue here: willie revillame vs jobert sucaldito – who should be let go by abs-cbn?

view video of revillame’s threat to quit abs-cbn on live tv here: willie revillame threatens to quit show over reporter’s critiques on wowowee show

read more about willie revillame in this blog:

willie revillame vs jobert sucaldito – who should be let go by abs-cbn?

May 6, 2010 36 comments

willie revillame threatens to quit show over reporter’s critiques on wowowee show

May 4, 2010 18 comments

willie revillame throws a tantrum! revillame does not like being criticized for the things he does in his tv show. to show his dislike, revillame on live tv threatened to quit his wowowee tv show if abs-cbn continues to allow a showbiz journalist, jobert sucaldito, to continue to criticize his wowowee tv show.

in no uncertain terms, revillame says he will stop reporting to work if the critiques on his tv show continue.

what is that? rvillame now wants to control philippine journalism. he is asking abs-cbn to stop journalists from criticizing his tv shows. it does not matter that sucaldito also works for abs-cbn but we think revillame here is completely in the wrong. we support sucaldito. abs-cbn should allow revillame to quit the tv show. at last!

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  • manny villar’s secret marketing strategy : willie revillame

    October 26, 2009 1 comment

    when this first started, pundits floated the idea that it will be villar-revillame tandem in the 2010 elections. revillame was holding concerts sponsored by villar in a few cities. through all that, revillame and villar were saying no such thing, it is just they are “friends” and would just like to do things together.

    in the last few days, talk has surfaced that it might me manny villar and drama queen loren legarda. and just in the last two days, villar has said he already has a VP running mate and will announce it soon.

    nobody knows who this partner is, it could very well be willie revillame or drama queen loren legarda.

    whatever it is that villar has decided on, we think partnering with revillame is a very good marketing strategy for villar. revillame is one of the more popular tv hosts in the country (the others being kris aquino and vic sotto). his wowowee tv show for real or imagined has strong appeal among the masses. the tv show has a live audience from the masses and they participate in easy to win contests with many from the live and tv audience mistakenly think the money revillame gives away during the show comes from him. of course the money he gives away in the show are not his, they come from the sponsors but for some reason people think it comes from him.

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    willie revillame returns to wowowee

    September 24, 2009 5 comments

    Willie makes triumphant return to ‘Wowowee’

    MANILA – Six weeks after going on indefinite leave from the show, controversial TV host Willie Revillame returned to his top-rating noontime show “Wowowee” Monday to a grand “Will-come back” party.

    Some fans and supporters and “Wowowee” staff wore red and white shirts with “We love you, Willie” and “Will-come back” messages.

    When he emerged onstage, the audience cheered and applauded as they chanted his name. Revillame went around the studio to greet his supporters who reached out to hug and kiss him or even shake his hand.

    Popular cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo and her daughter, Cristalle Henares, and “Bench” owner Ben Chan were also in the audience. Revillame is the celebrity endorser of Belo Medical Group and clothing line Bench.

    “Sa almost two months na wala ako, lumuluha ako. Lumuluha ako, nagdurugo ang puso ko dahil hindi ko kayo kapiling. Pero lahat ng kalungkutan na iyon napawi na dahil muli ko kayong makakasama ngayong araw na ito,” he said.

    He added: “Bawal na ang mainit na ulo. Pag may nagkamali palakpakan na lang natin.”

    Revillame took an indefinite leave from “Wowowee” after drawing criticisms generated by his order to cut the live streaming of former president Corazon Aquino’s funeral procession last August 3.  

    Revillame, who is rumored to be eyeing the vice presidential post in the 2010 elections, is expected to announce his political plan before his show ends on Monday.


    Willie Revillame back on Sept. 21 – MTRCB

    MANILA – The Movie Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) confirmed on Friday that controversial host Willie Revillame will be back on ABS-CBN’s popular noontime show “Wowowee” on Monday, September 21 after a one-and-a-half month leave from the show.

    The confirmation was made by MTRCB Board Member Paulino Cases during a budget hearing in the Senate. He said Revillame’s leave was done to prevent the MTRCB from suspending the airing of “Wowowee”.

    “ABS-CBN proposed that instead of the program being suspended or removed from the air for some time, they would extend the leave of the host Mr. Revillame for about three weeks. That would be from August 8 to September 20, because there will be a lot of people affected in that program if in fact we would render a decision to suspend the show… Of course, Mr. Revillame did not accede to that but it was imposed upon him by ABS-CBN,” Cases said.

    The MTRCB official said Revillame’s leave was the decision of ABS-CBN management since the MTRCB only monitors and sanctions programs, not the people behind it.

    why firing willie revillame from wowowee is a good business decision for abs-cbn

    August 31, 2009 23 comments

    if they have not already, abs-cbn will at some point need to make a business decision on willie revillame’s future in the show wowowee. their action at “self-regulation” seem to indicate MTRCB’s decision on the complaint is against revillame. the self-regulation action is meant to preempt MTRCB’s adverse decision if not to delay it to buy time so that they can negotiate with MTRCB perhaps for a leaner punishment for revillame.

    we think abs-cbn’s business decision on willie revillame should be to remove revillame from wowowee, based on the following:

    • tv ratings show no change or no drop in rating when revillame was not hosting wowowee versus the period prior to the incident when revillame was hosting the show. that means the audience do not find revillame that important to the show. the audience do not mind revillame not hosting to show. the same audience watch the show even though revillame is not there.
    • from the above, one conclusion is that people watch the show, its concept and not revillame.
    • another conclusion is that the other hosts of the show who have taken over revillame’s hosting chores are doing a great job and can in fact hold their own in the show.
    • with no change in tv ratings, abs-cbn does not face any risk of losing tv ad placements in the show. advertisers air their ads on the basis of ratings and audience profile. none of that is lost and none has changed. advertisers will continue to air ads at wowowee even without revillame in the show.
    • based on the rating of the show versus eat bulaga, abs-cbn should also reconsider changing not only the hosts, removing revillame and looking for new ones, they should also look into changing show’s format  and concept. eat bulaga’s ratings even when willie was in the who was at a high 25% to 28% while wowowee was at a low 12% to 16%. eat bulaga has almost double the audience size of wowowee. that says a lot fo things. eat bulaga is funnier, relatively more wholesome, relatively has less in your face sexy dancing and it does not have willie revillame in it. that says the lunchtime audience prefer eat bulaga’s relatively more wholesome, funnier and less sexy format and concept.
    • the firestorm this latest incident has caused says wowowee has lost goodwill from its audience due to revillame. keeping revillame there will make it difficult for the show to gain this goodwill back.
    • this is not the first time revillame has done something like this. it is time abs-cbn gets rid of a problematic tv host.

    bottom line — abs-cbn stands to gain and regain a lot and lose nothing if it fires revillame from wowowee. in fact removing revillame from the show can give abs-cbn a good opportunity to reformat the show and finally beat eat bulaga in the ratings game.

    we think these are compelling reasons for abs-cbn to do what is right- remove revillame from wowowee.

    a win for anti-revillame forces – ABS-CBN extends leave of Willie Revillame, sexy dance numbers removed

    August 28, 2009 6 comments

    on this abs-cbn announcement – are the anti-revillame forces winning?

    this tells me the anti-revillame forces have at least won partially – abs-cbn has removed the sexy dances at wowowee. while that is not exactly what the anti-revillame forces want directly, it is one of  the things they do not like in that show.

    revillame’s leave being extended to september 20 can be a good sign, if we like to think positive. that may indicate one of these two things, the second one being the negative:

    1. abs-cbn needs more time to think things through. maybe they know they really need to remove revillame from the show but just needs time to figure out the best way to do it. there can also be legal and cost implications when they fire revillame.
    2. abs-cbn is playing games with the public specially the anti-revillame forces. they could have made a descision  not to fire revillame and will wait for 1 more month to allow things to cool down. they probably think 1 more month will get the issue to die down and will allow revillame’s return to wowowee easier, less controversial and less objections.

    what do you think?

    if it is #2, we should prove abs-cbn wrong then. let us keep the pressure up for them to finally do the right thing – get rid of revillame from wowowee, a disgrace to philippine television.

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    A statement from the Kapamilya Network said the company will extend Revillame’s leave from his hit show “Wowowee” until September 20, 2009. It also ordered the removal of the sexy dancing segment of “Wowowee” mainstays Luningning and Saicy from the show.

    The network said that in the interest of self-regulation, it availed of the conciliation process under the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) Rules of Procedure. It said the MTRCB has approved the sanctions imposed on the show.

    Revillame, 48, has been on indefinite leave from his top-rating noontime show “Wowowee” after he drew heavy criticism when he ordered, on-air, the removal of procession footage of former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino’s funeral convoy on August 3.

    The transfer of Mrs. Aquino’s remains from La Salle Greenhills to the Manila Cathedral was aired simultaneously with “Wowowee” through a small inset video. Revillame ordered it removed because he said it was disrespectful to the former president and dampened the show’s mood.

    The full statement of ABS-CBN is as follows:

    “In the interest of self-regulation, ABS-CBN has availed of the conciliation process under Section 6, Rule 7, of the MTRCB Rules of Procedures, regarding the incidents involving Mr. Willie Revillame in the program Wowowee.  After having considered the facts, issues and terms of self-regulation to be imposed in the pertinent cases, the MTRCB has approved the same.

    “Whereof, the ABS-CBN shall undertake to perform the following:

    “1. Extend Mr. Revillame’s leave until 20 September 2009; and,
    “2. Remove the present dance segment of Luningning and Saicy.

    “Further, ABS-CBN reiterates that it is fully aware of its legal and moral responsibilities as a broadcaster and shall  undertake to continue to uphold the values and customs of the Filipino viewing public.”

    read in full here:

    willie revillame gives the BS during MTRCB hearing – it was just a “suggestion”

    August 24, 2009 3 comments

    pdi august 24 willie revillame

    That was a show of “arrogance and great disrespect to the Filipino … tradition of paying respect to the dead,” said MTRCB chair Marissa Laguardia in a memorandum sent to the network on August 11.

    Revillame came to the hearing with Star Magic (the station’s talent arm) head Johnny Manahan, legal counsel Armando Marcelo and “Wowowee” executive producer Phoebe Luz Anievas. ABS-CBN was represented by lawyers Cherrie Cruz and Mona Lisa Manalo.

    During the three-hour hearing, Revillame pointed out that it was management’s call, not his, to insert the video. Cases told the Philippine Daily Inquirer: “When he asked that the inset be removed, he said, he was merely giving a suggestion. [He also] admitted that [it was] an emotional outburst and that he shouldn’t have spoken on-air the way he did.”

    read in full here:

    i don’t know how saying it was just a “suggestion” removes the guilt of being disrespectful and an over-all jerk on live national tv in a time of national mourning and sadness. having made the suggestion on live national tv is the first error. the second error is how he said it and the third was what he said.

    based on the video, revillame was not concerned about the disrespect that he claims after the fact in showing the funeral procession during his show, he was concerned more about his performance. over and over again, revillame said seeing those footages on screen prevented him from performing his best as the superstar noontime tv host that he considers himself to be.

    nobody can remove nor forget what he did and what he said on live national tv.

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