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cory aquino’s honor guards, “the fantastic 4” now noynoy aquino’s presidential security

June 22, 2010 Leave a comment

these are the four honor guards who stood erect around cory’s casket as it made it;s snail pace way from the church to the burial place.  they started in the morning and reached the cemetery where cory was laid to rest in the evening. for more than 8 hours, they stood very much like the way they look in these pictures, with no drink, no food and not even time to relieve themselves on top of a moving van, through turns, bumps, inclines and declines through the sun and heat on them and rain as well.

they have volunteered to be noynoy aquino’s security team, the PSG and were promptly accepted.

congratulations and good luck to The Fantastic 4!

read here:

Cory Aquino honor guards volunteer to join PSG
By Gil C. Cabacungan Jr.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:08:00 06/12/2010

Filed Under: Benigno Aquino III, Security (general), Cory Aquino

MANILA, Philippines—The honor guards who escorted the late President Corazon Aquino in her nine-hour funeral procession have volunteered to join the security team of President-elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III in Malacañang.

“I understand seven of them [have] volunteered,” said Aquino in a text message to the Inquirer.

COMELEC’s precint finder is down, call hotline numbers instead

May 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Those who want to find their precincts may call the information technology (IT) department of the Comelec.

The hotlines are:

  •  527-0841

  •  527-2773

  • 527-2772

  • 527-0822

  • 526-7769

  • 526-7770


read more about this here: COMELEC website is down, precinct finder overwhelmed by hits, telephone numbers given

get out and vote for aquino and roxas

siguraduhing ipanalo sina aquino at roxas  – bumoto sa may 10.

the winning formula for gilbert teodoro

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

we think teodoro suffering in the polls is the result of arroyo’s kiss of death on teodoro.  the kiss stuck on teodoro and so did his ratings in the polls. with just a few days to go till election, it is all lost  for teodoro.

the latest SWS poll on the performance rating of gloria macapagal arroyo is not helping teodoro at all. arroyo reached a new all time low in performance rating.

with arroyo on his side as his supporter, who needs to have opponents? read more about it here: gloria macapagal arroyo is gilbert teodoro’s deadliest opponent

who is afraid of presidential election polls and surveys?

April 2, 2010 Leave a comment

2010 election poll and surveys is the thing now these days. it’s the stuff of newspaper headlines and tv newscasts. we don’t  know if it is the thing in the minds of voters but it is for sure in media.

there is a marketing and research term used in analyzing research results – polarizing. and that ironically is also a good word to describe how people react to poll results. it is polarizing – some people like it and some people don’t.

for sure even the candidates feel the same way, candidates who suffer in the polls don’t like them while those leading in the polls talk about them and thank the people. those who suffer in them hurl stones on the research agencies who do them.

we like presidentiable polls.  we are a firm believer in research, consumer research in particular. throughout our marketing and advertising work, we have seen the magic of consumer research where the discovery of an insight has propelled brands into marketing and advertising success. we think it is the same in political polls like the ones SWS and Pulse Asia do for the presidentiables.

read about it presidentiables polls here.  read the results and analysis of what the numbers mean, click –>  surveys & polls

presidentiables stand on issues – read here

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2010 presidentiables platform of government – read here

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senator nene pimentel turns the senate into a hall of shame and dishonor

January 26, 2010 1 comment

we think senator nene pimentel’s behavior on the senate floor is one of the most disgusting words uttered in that august place.  (read more about it here: senator nene pimentel dives into a pool of shame and dishonor with “insertion” remark towards mar roxas, takes the senate with him)

The debate took a turn for the worse when Pimentel used the same word to comment on Sen. Mar Roxas’ defense that he, too, had no insertion in the national budget.

“After your marriage, you will have your insertions,” quipped Pimentel, a rather unsavory remark that drew Roxas’ ire.

“I demand that that be removed from the record!” shouted Roxas. “This is an affront to my wife.”

Roxas was recently married to broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez.

“Then remove it immediately,” retorted Pimentel.

watch out for presidentiable tv ads during pacquiao-cotto fight

November 14, 2009 Leave a comment

aside from the actual fight, the things to watch out for in tomorrow’s fight are the tv ads of the presidentiables and other political candidates. for sure the politicians will be airing their ads heavily if not air new tv ads. i would be very surprised if the presidentiables do not launch new tv ads during the fight.

the pacquiao-cotto fight is probably the closest the country comes to The Super Bowl in the US where practically all homes in the US tune in on the Super Bowl with many having parties and the US ad industry going crazy in airing their best and brightest. the Super Bowl brings in the audience, the ratings are always sky-high which allows the Super Bowl to price their tv spot at an amazing $3 Million per 30 second spot.

(read more on Super Bowl Ads here:

at that extremely high cost, the US ad industry kills itself in coming up with their best ads. ads aired in the Super Bowl has become an event in itself where the audience have come to expect and anticipate great ads. talks the day after at water coolers among the audience are not only on the game itself but also the ads they saw in the super bowl.

(view ads aired in the Super Bowl here:

careers and marketing success are made at the super bowl for ad people and ad agencies. apple was one and coca cola is another.

it will not be exactly what will happen in the pacquiao-cotto fight but we can expect presidentiables to air new ads tomorrow. the fight will most likely get the highest rating this year and the history of advertising in the country. while 30 second ad costs are expected to be extremely high, we think, just like at the super bowl, it is very much worth it.

gilbert teodoro did it during the pacquiao-hatton fight where he aired his disaster preparedness tv ad and introduced himself for the first time to the voters. (read here: gilbert who? introduces himself in tv ad) teodoro’s ad was aired in every commercial break in that fight.

let us just hope that the quality of the ads the politicians will air tomorrow will be as good as the ones aired in the super bowl.

here is a thought:

loren legarda said she will announce her plans for 2010 on november 15. hmm…… we wonder if legarda will do it via a new tv ad to be aired tomorrow during the fight?

(read here: drama queen senator loren legarda to announce 2010 plans within the week! oh, oh – here we go again!)

mar roxas dominates SWS VP poll – aquino-roxas tandem formidable, weakens gilbert teodoro

October 26, 2009 1 comment

mar roxas getting a 40% in the 3rd qtr VP poll puts him at a dominant leadership position just like his partner noynoy aquino. this puts their tandem at a very steep leadership position.

it also shows roxas has recovered and rebuilt his image coming from the “putang-ina” incident. what redeemed him was his words and behavior when noynoy spent a few weeks figuring out if he will run for president or not. roxas withdrawing his own bid for the presidency and the way he did it was excellent statesmanship.

read in full here:

manny villar’s secret marketing strategy : willie revillame

October 26, 2009 1 comment

when this first started, pundits floated the idea that it will be villar-revillame tandem in the 2010 elections. revillame was holding concerts sponsored by villar in a few cities. through all that, revillame and villar were saying no such thing, it is just they are “friends” and would just like to do things together.

in the last few days, talk has surfaced that it might me manny villar and drama queen loren legarda. and just in the last two days, villar has said he already has a VP running mate and will announce it soon.

nobody knows who this partner is, it could very well be willie revillame or drama queen loren legarda.

whatever it is that villar has decided on, we think partnering with revillame is a very good marketing strategy for villar. revillame is one of the more popular tv hosts in the country (the others being kris aquino and vic sotto). his wowowee tv show for real or imagined has strong appeal among the masses. the tv show has a live audience from the masses and they participate in easy to win contests with many from the live and tv audience mistakenly think the money revillame gives away during the show comes from him. of course the money he gives away in the show are not his, they come from the sponsors but for some reason people think it comes from him.

read in full here:

noynoy aquino is front-runner at 60% in SWS September 2009 presidentiables poll

October 14, 2009 Leave a comment


read it here:

major blow to teodoro – foreign affairs sec romulo supports aquino

September 22, 2009 1 comment

romulo declaring he is supporting noynoy aquino and not gilbert teodoro,  LAKAS-KAMPI and admin presidential candidate is a major blow and embarassment to the administration and teodoro’s candidacy.

it is not as much as number of votes as romulo is not a politician nor do we think he has a political base but it is a huge psychological and morale disaster for the administration party. romulo is a senior official of the arroyo administration.

read in full here: sec. albert romulo supports aquino – a major blow to LAKAS-KAMPI and teodoro

Noynoy Aquino’s handling of survey results – first major tactical blunder of noynoy

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

the tactical blunder is that aquino has inadvertently set up his audience and supporters for disappointment. he may have set the bar of expectations way too high.

political campaigns is very much about image building. building an image of being a winner is certainly one of the things you want to have. you want to nurture an image of momentum if not greatness or at least always being on the right thing.

the safest and smartest approach is always to downplay achievements, or hit the lower side so that there is an automatic claim of success. raising the bar too high is a very dangerous thing as it does not leave room for failure which is what aquino has done.

read in full here: Noynoy Aquino makes his first major tactical blunder

aquino gets 50% in SWS september 2009 luzon poll in NCR – not a view of what is next to come, it is garbage data

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

it’s a strange survey. it is strange in many ways –  in the choices of the areas and the listing of presidentiables , only the major candidates are listed and does not include the laggards. we also can’t figure out the reasons for the choices of  the areas.

read in full here: aquino gets 50% in SWS september 2009 poll in NCR – not a view of what is next to come, it is garbage data

noynoy aquino to run as president

September 9, 2009 5 comments

arroyo “anoints” de castro – a blessing or a kiss of death?

August 29, 2009 Leave a comment

the last senatorial election when almost all senatorial candidates of the administration de castro and gloria macapagal arroyolost in the election. the admin senators lost despite malacanang boasting about the GDP growth during that time and saying their political machinery was working for the admin senators. even senator trillanes won that election who was in jail during the campaign period and had little advertising. on the other hand many of the admin senators were top ad spenders but lost the election just the same. the easy conclusion is that an arroyo endorsement or being associated with arroyo is a kiss of death.

read in full here, click: arroyo “anoints” de castro – a blessing or a kiss of death?

Fr. Ed, The Unlikely takes the high ground – will withdraw his candidacy to support noynoy for president if noynoy runs

August 28, 2009 Leave a comment

while the announcement might cost fr. ed, the unlikely some supporters and some momentum, it will also gain him supporters and admirers for taking such a principled stand. we applaud fr. ed, the unlikely.

read in full here:

bro. eddie villanueva, presidentiable – big time surge in polls and why he should fire his communication team

August 25, 2009 47 comments

noteworthy is the big time surge for bro. eddie villanueva who  after just 4 days of being included in the bro. eddie villanuevapoll now has 6% of the votes putting him at 6th place behind 5th placer roxas who has 7%.

this is the first time we have seen such a magnificent surge in the 2010 Presidentiables Poll. we did not see this kind of surge for newcomers like perlas, teodoro, panlilio nor madrigal.

read here: big time surge for bro. eddie villanueva in 2010 Presidentiables Blog Poll

communicating the wrong message or being inconsistent in the messages is a most serious incompetence in communication. we appreciate your effort at articulating your philosophies or platform, we think that is what all candidates should do, but your communication team has done you harm.

bro. eddie, we think these are major infractions that should lead you to fire your communication team. get rid of them now when you are at the very start of your campaign, they might make more major errors in the future, the time when you need them the most.

read in full here: Memo To: Bro. Eddie Villanueva – get rid of your Communication Team, they failed you

June 2009 SWS Presidentiables Survey- Villar jumps ahead, Estrada doubles ratings now 2nd, Escudero big gain

July 24, 2009 Leave a comment

this is june 2009 SWS survey gives us for the first time very significant movements for the

first time. we are seeing here the impact of the advertising efforts of the presidentiables and the heighten

ed media attention on the presidentiables and the presidential elections.

there are also very significant movements in this survey, the first time since last year. the major shifts tells us election time has truly arrived in the consciousness of the voters.

read in full here:

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