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jpegs of Steve Jobs in iHeaven

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ad review: “Pangmadaliang Sarap, Pangmatagalang Hirap” has 2 fatal errors

October 14, 2011 1 comment

in our ad review, the above ad suffers from two fatal errors -positioning RH as anti-sex and the bigger fatal  error, as anti-children. we think that error was brought about by a lack or no strategy and consumer insight.

rerad about it here:

father of delamar’s (rx93.1 jock) baby is Tyler Ashby?

October 12, 2011 14 comments

we were looking at the tweets on delamar’s baby and we saw these:

this one delamar re tweeted:

that was actually an original tweet by a certain @AspenWayTyler that delamar retweeted. it looked to us that this is the same Cooper that is supposed to be the name of the baby of delamar.

we went next to @AspenWayTyler’s twitter account and found these:

in that tweet, second from the top, @AspenWayTyler said cooper is his son. we enlarged the picture on that twitter account and below, on the right delamar is in the picture.

there are other tweets from @AspenWayTyler:

Tyler Ashby is a member of a band called Aspen Way,

tyler ashby has a facebook account:

delamar of rx93.1 gives birth to a baby boy, name is Cooper

October 12, 2011 3 comments

date of birth : october 11, 2011
name: Cooper

in yesterday’s The Morning Rush radio show, delamar was interviewed on air by chico and gino just hours before she gave birth. at the time of the interview, delamar was actually at the hospital waiting for her to give birth. her water bag had broken and she was on ther last stages of her labor.

we thought delamar was very calm, smart and just over all amazing as she answered all the serious and crazy questions  asked by chico and gino.

congratulations to delamar and cooper.

this is from delama’s blog (, with her words on her pregnancy and upcoming bundle of joy. we thought this was beautifully written with raw and beautiful thoughts about her pregnancy. it’s a must read for all.

(double click image to enlarge)

click below to read:

is a certain tyler ashby the father of delamar’s baby?

Steve Jobs – technology and marketing genius bar none. 1955-2011

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not only did steve jobs launch successful products, each one changed and dominated industries.

steve jobs successfully read the needs and wants of consumers even before consumers knew they needed and wanted it.

steve jobs not only created gadgets that worked flawlessly all the time, they were also beautiful to look at and to hold.

we enjoyed every change  steve jobs did in our lives, at the same time looking forward to the next one.

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