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should kris aquino make good her promise to leave the country now that noynoy will be president?

May 13, 2010 7 comments

yes, kris aquino did say she will leave the country should her brother noynoy aquino win the presidential election. she made this promise when a controversy with another actress, ruffa gutierrez erupted on her tv show “The Buzz”.

video where kris said she will leave the country if noynoy is elected:

that controversy started when on camera and live tv, kris ribbed ruffa about leaving abs-cbn for another tv station. we do not think kris meant to hurt ruffa, it was a joke lined with sarcasm in a nice way.

but the whole thing exploded into atomic proportions when ruffa’s mother, anabelle rama forced herself into the picture saying the things she usually say on matters like this and as always making thing even worse than it started. actually, we think anything that  involves  the gutierrez family, specially with rama should not be taken seriously by the country.

but this is one is upon us now, noynoy is set to be president of the country and we need to look back at what kris said.

kris should not leave the country –  her statement was made more as flighty statement without any serious intent in it. these are the things we hear from kris every 17 minutes. kris has her job in the country ans she is one of the more bankable tv personalities that we have. it’s okay for kris to stay here.

kris should leave the country – noynoy won the presidency on the basis of honesty and integrity. with that, kris should make good her promise and leave the country to set an example to the whole nation and to be in keeping with the ideals by which her brother was elected president.

tell us what you think post your comments and vote.

also vote in this poll: is kris, president noynoy’s sister a liability or an asset?

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manny villar jumps to 2nd in presidentiables poll who must not win in the 2010 presidential election

May 11, 2010 7 comments

choose 2 presidentiables who you think MUST NOT WIN the 2010 election

april 2, 2010; 9am – manny villar jumps to 2nd at 18% as the presidentiable who must  NOT win in the 2010 election. estrada retains lead at 24%. close to villar at 3rd is noynoy aquino at 16%. these top 3 are the leading presidentiables in this election.

december 2, 2009 – we are opening a fresh poll of presidentiables you think MUST NOT WIN  the 2010 presidential election. only official candidates are included here. you can select 2 presidentiables. you can only vote once.

to vote for the presidentiable you want to win, to vote click here –>  New 2010 Presidentiables Poll Opens, includes only the official candidates

to vote for the vice-presidentiable you want to win, to vote click here –> New 2010 Vice-Presidentibles Poll Opens – official candidates only

online exit poll now open – tell us who you voted for president and vice-president

May 10, 2010 Leave a comment

click here to cast your vote on the 2010 exit poll. tell us who you voted for president and vice-president. then find out who among the candidates are leading in todays election —>

complete list of 2010 presidentiables platforms of government – read here

find out if you are a registered voter and your precint number

May 2, 2010 4 comments

try this out,  confirm if you are a registered voter and find your precint number, click here:

who is afraid of presidential election polls and surveys?

April 2, 2010 Leave a comment

2010 election poll and surveys is the thing now these days. it’s the stuff of newspaper headlines and tv newscasts. we don’t  know if it is the thing in the minds of voters but it is for sure in media.

there is a marketing and research term used in analyzing research results – polarizing. and that ironically is also a good word to describe how people react to poll results. it is polarizing – some people like it and some people don’t.

for sure even the candidates feel the same way, candidates who suffer in the polls don’t like them while those leading in the polls talk about them and thank the people. those who suffer in them hurl stones on the research agencies who do them.

we like presidentiable polls.  we are a firm believer in research, consumer research in particular. throughout our marketing and advertising work, we have seen the magic of consumer research where the discovery of an insight has propelled brands into marketing and advertising success. we think it is the same in political polls like the ones SWS and Pulse Asia do for the presidentiables.

read about it presidentiables polls here.  read the results and analysis of what the numbers mean, click –>  surveys & polls

presidentiables stand on issues – read here

March 28, 2010 Leave a comment

2010 presidentiables platform of government – read here

March 2, 2010 Leave a comment

poll that readers will not vote, do not want to win the 2010 election – closed

November 30, 2009 18 comments

we are closing this poll for now and will re-open on december 1 when the official list of presidentiables are available.

2010 presidentiables you will not vote

name 3 presidentiables who MUST NOT WIN the 2010 presidential election

we have either made up our minds or we are in the process of deciding which presidentiable we will vote in the 2010 elections.

on the other side of our brain, though, is a list of presidentiables who we know we will not vote, no matter what happens. in fact we have a list of presidentiables that we are convinced MUST NOT WIN the 2010 election. these are presidentiables that give us nightmares every time we think of the possibility they will win in the 2010 election. some describe the feeling that if a certain presidentiable wins, it will be time to move to a foreign country to migrate.

let us know who these presidentiables are who you think MUST NOT WIN THE 2010  ELECTION. you are allowed to vote 3 presidentiables. the program will not allow you to cast your votes more than once.

 please make a comment – let us know the reason behind your vote.

select 3 presidentiables
you WILL NOT  vote and MUST NOT WIN
the presidential election:

vote in Presidentiable Poll here: aquino moves up in 2010 Presidentiables Poll
vote in the Vice-Presidentiable Poll here: mar roxas takes commanding lead at 43% in 2010 Vice-Presidentiable Poll

november 7, 2009; 9pm
estrada continue to be  the top presidentiable who will not be voted and respondents do not want to win the 2010 election in this poll, at erap estrada leads in poll 23%.  aquino is gaining at 2nd with a close 21%. velarde jumped to 3rd at 16% behind a recent surge.  

november 3, 2009, 10pm
erap estrada leads all presidentiables readers will not vote and do not win the 2010 election with 25%. noynoy aquino follows at 2nd with 20%. mike velarde is 3rd at 13%, then jamby madrigal at 4th with 12%.

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Pulse Asia October 2009 presidentiables poll – aquino is dominant leader

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

June 2009 SWS Presidentiables Survey- Villar jumps ahead, Estrada doubles ratings now 2nd, Escudero big gain

July 24, 2009 Leave a comment

this is june 2009 SWS survey gives us for the first time very significant movements for the

first time. we are seeing here the impact of the advertising efforts of the presidentiables and the heighten

ed media attention on the presidentiables and the presidential elections.

there are also very significant movements in this survey, the first time since last year. the major shifts tells us election time has truly arrived in the consciousness of the voters.

read in full here:

will a convicted criminal be the philippine’s next president?

November 23, 2008 1 comment

erap-mugshotthe philippine election for president is scheduled for 2010. there are now presidentiables.

election surveys are also being conducted now. a most recent poll show erap is among the top 3 – erap the convicted criminal is set to become the next president?





read about it here :

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