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charice pempengco to join US hit tv show “Glee”

May 26, 2010 2 comments

in an interview, charice pempengco hinted she might be joining a US tv show soon. in a separate news article at the PDI, charice’s philippine manager confirmed that charice pempengco will join the hit tc show Glee not only to guest but as a regular cast member.

let us see in the next few days if this gets confirmed.

it’s final – willie revillame takes “indefinite break” from wowowee! make it for good please!

May 25, 2010 4 comments

today we heard the next best thing on willie revillame – he takes an “indefinite break” from wowowee. to us we would like revillame to make his leave definite and for good so we  guess we can celebrate this move, the next best thing.

we hope revillame will not take back his word and we hope abs-cbn will make this permanent.

Willie Revillame takes ‘indefinite break’ from ‘Wowowee’
Posted at 05/25/2010 12:01 PM | Updated as of 05/25/2010 3:59 PM

MANILA, Philippines – “Wowowee” host Willie Revillame is taking an “indefinite break” from his popular noontime show, but his contract obligations with ABS-CBN remain, the network announced on Tuesday.

“ABS-CBN and Willie agreed that he takes an indefinite break effective immediately, but his contract obligations with ABS-CBN hold. This disallows him to perform similar work for any person or entity in direct competition with ABS-CBN,” said Bong Osorio, head of ABS-CBN Corporate Communications.

“Willie has realized his mistake and apologized to ABS-CBN management for his outburst on air in Wowowee on May 4, 2010, and his failure to report to work since May 5, 2010. ABS-CBN management has accepted Willie’s apology,” the network said.

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computers, camera & electronics – best places to buy in metro manila

May 18, 2010 Leave a comment

some of the gear we buy are very expensive – anywhere from P5T to P70T and up. it can get confusing as to exactly what is a good buy for your needs and the budget.

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we are staring here a section where we will post our experiences in buying computers, camera equipment and other electronics in metro manila.

we are not experts, just an ordinary consumer but would just like to share our experiences. perhaps others can also share their experiences here.

we want to encourage readers to do more research and make up your own minds. we are not at all connected with any of these establishments, we are just sharing our experiences.

is willie revillame finally out of wowowee? robin padilla is in?

May 18, 2010 3 comments

will revillame continue to be a no-show in the noontime tv show wowowee. not only that he has been replaced by popular actor robin padilla. revillame in this interview says he has forgotten the threat he gave abs-cbn on his fight with jobert sucaldito. and that he needs time to think things through.

we are hoping his thinking through leads him to resign from the hosting gig. we have had enough of revillame on prime time tv.

what is interesting is the way abs-cbn seem to be propping up robin padilla. there have been interviews with robin and his co-hosts giving glowing interviews on padilla’s performance.

abs-cbn says padilla’s gig on wowowee is for an indefinite period. we hope it is forever for revillame not returning to wowowee.

Willie Revillame speaks up, appeals for understanding
Posted at 05/16/2010 8:57 PM | Updated as of 05/16/2010 9:17 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Controversial “Wowowee” host Willie Revillame has appealed to his supporters for understanding as he continues to contemplate his next move in terms of his career in show business.

Revillame, who made the “I’ll quit” threat on his show, admitted that he is still thinking whether to continue hosting “Wowowee.”

Revillame promised that the public will know his decision.

“Basta ako malalaman naman ng lahat kung ano ang magiging desisyon ko. Siyempre may takdang panahon para diyan. At kung malaman nila ‘yon sana maintidihan nila ako kung ito pa ang gusto kong gawin o hindi na,” he told TV5’s new celebrity show, “Paparazzi.”

He added: “Sana maintindihan nila ako dahil may pinagdadaanan ako ngayon. Meron din akong dapat na gawing desisyon sa buhay ko. Pinag-aaralan ko lahat. Pinag-iisipin ko lahat. Kung baga kinakausap ko ang sarili ko. Kung baga ano bang dapat kong gawin, ano pa bang gusto kong gawin sa buhay ko.”

It was Revillame’s first television interview after taking a leave of absence from “Wowowee.”

“Hindi ko nami-miss ang programa. Nami-miss ko ang tao,” he said.

During the interview, Revillame refused to discuss his public tiff with Jobert Sucaldito. He also vowed not to get affected by constants criticisms thrown at him.

“Tapos na yan. Wala naman akong galit kahit kanino…. Ngayon iba na ang pananaw ko sa buhay. Kung gusto ninyo akong sabihan ng hindi maganda, hindi ko na kayo papansinin… … lahat ng tumitira sa akin sa Twitter hindi ako concerned doon. Tsaka hindi ko pinapansin ‘yon kahit tirahin nila ako araw-araw,” he said.

Revillame said he would instead focus on helping his kababayans and making other people happy.

“Paparazzi” aired Revillame’s interview on Sunday amid speculations that he might transfer to network TV5.

TV5’s musical variety show, “PO5,” also paid tribute to Revillame by performing some of the controversial host’s songs.

should kris aquino make good her promise to leave the country now that noynoy will be president?

May 13, 2010 7 comments

yes, kris aquino did say she will leave the country should her brother noynoy aquino win the presidential election. she made this promise when a controversy with another actress, ruffa gutierrez erupted on her tv show “The Buzz”.

video where kris said she will leave the country if noynoy is elected:

that controversy started when on camera and live tv, kris ribbed ruffa about leaving abs-cbn for another tv station. we do not think kris meant to hurt ruffa, it was a joke lined with sarcasm in a nice way.

but the whole thing exploded into atomic proportions when ruffa’s mother, anabelle rama forced herself into the picture saying the things she usually say on matters like this and as always making thing even worse than it started. actually, we think anything that  involves  the gutierrez family, specially with rama should not be taken seriously by the country.

but this is one is upon us now, noynoy is set to be president of the country and we need to look back at what kris said.

kris should not leave the country –  her statement was made more as flighty statement without any serious intent in it. these are the things we hear from kris every 17 minutes. kris has her job in the country ans she is one of the more bankable tv personalities that we have. it’s okay for kris to stay here.

kris should leave the country – noynoy won the presidency on the basis of honesty and integrity. with that, kris should make good her promise and leave the country to set an example to the whole nation and to be in keeping with the ideals by which her brother was elected president.

tell us what you think post your comments and vote.

also vote in this poll: is kris, president noynoy’s sister a liability or an asset?

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manny villar jumps to 2nd in presidentiables poll who must not win in the 2010 presidential election

May 11, 2010 7 comments

choose 2 presidentiables who you think MUST NOT WIN the 2010 election

april 2, 2010; 9am – manny villar jumps to 2nd at 18% as the presidentiable who must  NOT win in the 2010 election. estrada retains lead at 24%. close to villar at 3rd is noynoy aquino at 16%. these top 3 are the leading presidentiables in this election.

december 2, 2009 – we are opening a fresh poll of presidentiables you think MUST NOT WIN  the 2010 presidential election. only official candidates are included here. you can select 2 presidentiables. you can only vote once.

to vote for the presidentiable you want to win, to vote click here –>  New 2010 Presidentiables Poll Opens, includes only the official candidates

to vote for the vice-presidentiable you want to win, to vote click here –> New 2010 Vice-Presidentibles Poll Opens – official candidates only

COMELEC’s precint finder is down, call hotline numbers instead

May 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Those who want to find their precincts may call the information technology (IT) department of the Comelec.

The hotlines are:

  •  527-0841

  •  527-2773

  • 527-2772

  • 527-0822

  • 526-7769

  • 526-7770


read more about this here: COMELEC website is down, precinct finder overwhelmed by hits, telephone numbers given

online exit poll now open – tell us who you voted for president and vice-president

May 10, 2010 Leave a comment

click here to cast your vote on the 2010 exit poll. tell us who you voted for president and vice-president. then find out who among the candidates are leading in todays election —>

online outrage for willie revillame ouster rekindled

May 8, 2010 3 comments

online citizens are once again being noticed as many rise calling for the ouster of willie revillame from abs-cbn’s wowowee tv show. this comes from the latest revillame temper tantrum where on live television he threatened to quit abs-cbn’s wowowee tv show if the tv station does not get rid of jobert sucaldito. sucaldito got the ire of revillame when he apparently continue to criticize revillame and his wowowee tv show. apparently, revillame wants only to hear good things about himself and his tv show.

revillame hss not appeared in his tv show, now for the 3rd day (wednesday to friday) this week since his temper tantrums on live tv. the tv station network  claims revillame has not resigned but is just resting.

in the meantime, traditional media has taken notice that once again there is a growing online outrage against revillame. this blog is a member of one such group at facebook where this group has called for revillame’s ouster from tv show as a result of the disrespect he showed towards cory aquino during her burial.

(read about it here:

the topic of the ouster of revillame from abs-cbn is one of the top topics in this blog. this new temper tantrum of revillame is once again gaining traction in this blog.

let us know- do you want revillame ousted from wowowee and abs-cbn?

willie revillame – no show at wowowee, did he quit from abs-cbn? finally!?

May 7, 2010 22 comments

it has been two days that willie revillame is a no-show at his wowowee noontime tv show. it looks like he made good his threat not to appear at his tv show unless abs-cbn removes a reporter, jobert sucaldito.

revillame has threatened to quit abs-cbn on live tv if abs-cbn did not fire sucaldito. apparently, revillame did not like the criticisms sucaldito has been airing on the wowowee tv show. it appears revillame took the critique personally and is not bent on throwing his weight at abs-cbn.

reports says abs-cbn has talked to both of them but we do not know what they talked about and the result of the talk.

vote in this poll on this issue here: willie revillame vs jobert sucaldito – who should be let go by abs-cbn?

view video of revillame’s threat to quit abs-cbn on live tv here: willie revillame threatens to quit show over reporter’s critiques on wowowee show

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willie revillame vs jobert sucaldito – who should be let go by abs-cbn?

May 6, 2010 36 comments

willie revillame threatens to quit show over reporter’s critiques on wowowee show

May 4, 2010 18 comments

willie revillame throws a tantrum! revillame does not like being criticized for the things he does in his tv show. to show his dislike, revillame on live tv threatened to quit his wowowee tv show if abs-cbn continues to allow a showbiz journalist, jobert sucaldito, to continue to criticize his wowowee tv show.

in no uncertain terms, revillame says he will stop reporting to work if the critiques on his tv show continue.

what is that? rvillame now wants to control philippine journalism. he is asking abs-cbn to stop journalists from criticizing his tv shows. it does not matter that sucaldito also works for abs-cbn but we think revillame here is completely in the wrong. we support sucaldito. abs-cbn should allow revillame to quit the tv show. at last!

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  • view video of revillame’s threat to quit abs-cbn on live tv here: willie revillame threatens to quit show over reporter’s critiques on wowowee show
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    find out if you are a registered voter and your precint number

    May 2, 2010 4 comments

    try this out,  confirm if you are a registered voter and find your precint number, click here:

    get out and vote for aquino and roxas

    siguraduhing ipanalo sina aquino at roxas  – bumoto sa may 10.

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