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why firing willie revillame from wowowee is a good business decision for abs-cbn

August 31, 2009 23 comments

if they have not already, abs-cbn will at some point need to make a business decision on willie revillame’s future in the show wowowee. their action at “self-regulation” seem to indicate MTRCB’s decision on the complaint is against revillame. the self-regulation action is meant to preempt MTRCB’s adverse decision if not to delay it to buy time so that they can negotiate with MTRCB perhaps for a leaner punishment for revillame.

we think abs-cbn’s business decision on willie revillame should be to remove revillame from wowowee, based on the following:

  • tv ratings show no change or no drop in rating when revillame was not hosting wowowee versus the period prior to the incident when revillame was hosting the show. that means the audience do not find revillame that important to the show. the audience do not mind revillame not hosting to show. the same audience watch the show even though revillame is not there.
  • from the above, one conclusion is that people watch the show, its concept and not revillame.
  • another conclusion is that the other hosts of the show who have taken over revillame’s hosting chores are doing a great job and can in fact hold their own in the show.
  • with no change in tv ratings, abs-cbn does not face any risk of losing tv ad placements in the show. advertisers air their ads on the basis of ratings and audience profile. none of that is lost and none has changed. advertisers will continue to air ads at wowowee even without revillame in the show.
  • based on the rating of the show versus eat bulaga, abs-cbn should also reconsider changing not only the hosts, removing revillame and looking for new ones, they should also look into changing show’s format  and concept. eat bulaga’s ratings even when willie was in the who was at a high 25% to 28% while wowowee was at a low 12% to 16%. eat bulaga has almost double the audience size of wowowee. that says a lot fo things. eat bulaga is funnier, relatively more wholesome, relatively has less in your face sexy dancing and it does not have willie revillame in it. that says the lunchtime audience prefer eat bulaga’s relatively more wholesome, funnier and less sexy format and concept.
  • the firestorm this latest incident has caused says wowowee has lost goodwill from its audience due to revillame. keeping revillame there will make it difficult for the show to gain this goodwill back.
  • this is not the first time revillame has done something like this. it is time abs-cbn gets rid of a problematic tv host.

bottom line — abs-cbn stands to gain and regain a lot and lose nothing if it fires revillame from wowowee. in fact removing revillame from the show can give abs-cbn a good opportunity to reformat the show and finally beat eat bulaga in the ratings game.

we think these are compelling reasons for abs-cbn to do what is right- remove revillame from wowowee.


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Prof. Dan Rivero
This poem is written for tomorrow’s occasion of National Heroes Day (Aug. 31)

A fictitious heroine, Darna is her name;
Prowess, strength and grace made her to fame;
From comics to film and now in the tube;
Many follow her, even on YouTube.

Her villains now are ferocious as ever;
Of a snake, vampire or whatever monster.
A girl swallows a stone and shout’s aloud
The heroine’s name, Behold! Has come about.

But there are real evils and villains in this nation;
And not only those which are told in fiction;
Greed, corruption, indifference and apathy
From the government down to the citizenry.

Are heroes and heroines only tales to tell;
In this world of life that seem going to hell.
Who will rescue us from this slumber and fall;
To raise us up and make us proud and tall.

Why do we still look for a hero or heroine who flies;
Or found in books and on monuments of people died.
Heroism is in each of us, if only we open our eyes.
And work hard together to change our life.

A nation without heroes is truly such a pity;
But still searching for one is a shame of a country;
I hope and pray that all will stand and move;
To change ourselves and the country for the good.

arroyo “anoints” de castro – a blessing or a kiss of death?

August 29, 2009 Leave a comment

the last senatorial election when almost all senatorial candidates of the administration de castro and gloria macapagal arroyolost in the election. the admin senators lost despite malacanang boasting about the GDP growth during that time and saying their political machinery was working for the admin senators. even senator trillanes won that election who was in jail during the campaign period and had little advertising. on the other hand many of the admin senators were top ad spenders but lost the election just the same. the easy conclusion is that an arroyo endorsement or being associated with arroyo is a kiss of death.

read in full here, click: arroyo “anoints” de castro – a blessing or a kiss of death?

a win for anti-revillame forces – ABS-CBN extends leave of Willie Revillame, sexy dance numbers removed

August 28, 2009 6 comments

on this abs-cbn announcement – are the anti-revillame forces winning?

this tells me the anti-revillame forces have at least won partially – abs-cbn has removed the sexy dances at wowowee. while that is not exactly what the anti-revillame forces want directly, it is one of  the things they do not like in that show.

revillame’s leave being extended to september 20 can be a good sign, if we like to think positive. that may indicate one of these two things, the second one being the negative:

  1. abs-cbn needs more time to think things through. maybe they know they really need to remove revillame from the show but just needs time to figure out the best way to do it. there can also be legal and cost implications when they fire revillame.
  2. abs-cbn is playing games with the public specially the anti-revillame forces. they could have made a descision  not to fire revillame and will wait for 1 more month to allow things to cool down. they probably think 1 more month will get the issue to die down and will allow revillame’s return to wowowee easier, less controversial and less objections.

what do you think?

if it is #2, we should prove abs-cbn wrong then. let us keep the pressure up for them to finally do the right thing – get rid of revillame from wowowee, a disgrace to philippine television.

please also read: the business decision abs-cbn need to make on willie revillame and wowowee (click here: | 08/28/2009 4:55 PM

A statement from the Kapamilya Network said the company will extend Revillame’s leave from his hit show “Wowowee” until September 20, 2009. It also ordered the removal of the sexy dancing segment of “Wowowee” mainstays Luningning and Saicy from the show.

The network said that in the interest of self-regulation, it availed of the conciliation process under the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) Rules of Procedure. It said the MTRCB has approved the sanctions imposed on the show.

Revillame, 48, has been on indefinite leave from his top-rating noontime show “Wowowee” after he drew heavy criticism when he ordered, on-air, the removal of procession footage of former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino’s funeral convoy on August 3.

The transfer of Mrs. Aquino’s remains from La Salle Greenhills to the Manila Cathedral was aired simultaneously with “Wowowee” through a small inset video. Revillame ordered it removed because he said it was disrespectful to the former president and dampened the show’s mood.

The full statement of ABS-CBN is as follows:

“In the interest of self-regulation, ABS-CBN has availed of the conciliation process under Section 6, Rule 7, of the MTRCB Rules of Procedures, regarding the incidents involving Mr. Willie Revillame in the program Wowowee.  After having considered the facts, issues and terms of self-regulation to be imposed in the pertinent cases, the MTRCB has approved the same.

“Whereof, the ABS-CBN shall undertake to perform the following:

“1. Extend Mr. Revillame’s leave until 20 September 2009; and,
“2. Remove the present dance segment of Luningning and Saicy.

“Further, ABS-CBN reiterates that it is fully aware of its legal and moral responsibilities as a broadcaster and shall  undertake to continue to uphold the values and customs of the Filipino viewing public.”

read in full here:

Fr. Ed, The Unlikely takes the high ground – will withdraw his candidacy to support noynoy for president if noynoy runs

August 28, 2009 Leave a comment

while the announcement might cost fr. ed, the unlikely some supporters and some momentum, it will also gain him supporters and admirers for taking such a principled stand. we applaud fr. ed, the unlikely.

read in full here:

Pulse Asia august 2009 presidentiables survey – villar lead jumps ahead, overtakes de castro

August 28, 2009 Leave a comment

villar catapults to top place, overtaking de castro with an impressive  gain this polling period versus  previous. he showed greatmanny-villar-jp1 strength with a significant increase of +11 pts from previous period. he  continues to  be very strong in leading across the board, in all geographic  areas and among socio-eco classes. villar is way ahead versus other presidentiables except in mindanao and the E socio-eco class where he ties estrada on the lead.

read in full here:

bayani fernando admits he received P1.6M cash gift, he says will do it again. fernando does not deserve to be president.

August 28, 2009 8 comments

we now have a presidentiable who admits he takes bribe or money he did not work for, is not part of his duties and something he did not earn, but money for his MMDA chairman bayani fernandobirthday gift.

it’s hard to decide what is more wrong here – the fact that he received the money, or that he

 admitted it or that he says he will do it again in the future. on the last one alone, fernando does not deserve to be president of this country.

if fernando becomes president — how many more P1.6M cash gift will he receive as he sees nothing wrong with it?

read in full here:

president noynoy aquino or vice-president noynoy aquino? help him decide

August 28, 2009 7 comments
there is so much talk on noynoy aquino’s political plans this 2010. some are saying he should run for president. another set says he should run for vice-president. noynoy says he doesn’t know yet what he will do.
 senator noynoy aquinoone thing sure he has the aquino name. and that name is worth in multiple weights of gold in philippine politics now.
there is no question, people power was rekindled when the nation mourned and buried tita cory. it was across the board – you saw all genders and demographics even ages who were not yet born when tita cory was installed after the people power revolution.
 what happened and what we felt during the early part of august is excellent political currency for noynoy to tap. what do you think -should noynoy run for president? or should he run for vice-president?

21st (2009) philippine ad congress – tv ads like magic

August 27, 2009 Leave a comment

the 21st philippine ad congress is fast approaching, it is that time of the year when many a great startegizing session go on in ad agency conference rooms  to tag, categorize and submit entries for the ad competition.

for people who work in the ad agencies, it’s also that time of the year to get to the good graces of your boss to make sure you are included in the list of official delegates to the congress. very few agencies give the honor to all of its employess, most give it only to a selected few. mahal kasi, walang budget.

not that ad people want to go to the ad congress to learn, its to party, get drunk and amass all those freebies they distribute during the ad congress. ooops, did i just spill the beans?

here are the ads for the 21st philippine ad congress, view them here. we will also be posting more information on the congress in this blog, click here:

you might even get lucky and find that ad you worked on in that blog.

teaser tvc 21st philippine ad
teaser tvc 21st philippine ad

the magician 21st philippine ad congress tvc

we pay tribute to senator ted kennedy, the last of camelot, 1932-2009

August 26, 2009 Leave a comment

read here:

senator ted kennedy

senator ted kennedy

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SC stops conferment of National Artists to arroyo’s choices

August 25, 2009 Leave a comment

we applaud the SC for stopping this ridiculous conferment of national artists. we agree with Manuel Conde but we definitely do not agree with Carlo J. Caparas and Cecille Guidote-Alvarez. We are nit sure with Pitoy Moreno but his conferment of national artist should go through a process which these people did not.

SC stops conferment of National Artists 
 By Tetch Torres, Norman Bordadora, Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 15:59:00 08/25/2009 

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE 2) The Supreme Court has issued a status quo order preventing Malacañang from conferring the rank and title of national artist on those named by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as this year’s recipients of the state honor, a court spokesman told a press conference Tuesday.

The order was issued following the tribunal’s en banc session on Tuesday morning, said lawyer Midas Marquez.


bro. eddie villanueva, presidentiable – big time surge in polls and why he should fire his communication team

August 25, 2009 47 comments

noteworthy is the big time surge for bro. eddie villanueva who  after just 4 days of being included in the bro. eddie villanuevapoll now has 6% of the votes putting him at 6th place behind 5th placer roxas who has 7%.

this is the first time we have seen such a magnificent surge in the 2010 Presidentiables Poll. we did not see this kind of surge for newcomers like perlas, teodoro, panlilio nor madrigal.

read here: big time surge for bro. eddie villanueva in 2010 Presidentiables Blog Poll

communicating the wrong message or being inconsistent in the messages is a most serious incompetence in communication. we appreciate your effort at articulating your philosophies or platform, we think that is what all candidates should do, but your communication team has done you harm.

bro. eddie, we think these are major infractions that should lead you to fire your communication team. get rid of them now when you are at the very start of your campaign, they might make more major errors in the future, the time when you need them the most.

read in full here: Memo To: Bro. Eddie Villanueva – get rid of your Communication Team, they failed you

willie revillame gives the BS during MTRCB hearing – it was just a “suggestion”

August 24, 2009 3 comments

pdi august 24 willie revillame

That was a show of “arrogance and great disrespect to the Filipino … tradition of paying respect to the dead,” said MTRCB chair Marissa Laguardia in a memorandum sent to the network on August 11.

Revillame came to the hearing with Star Magic (the station’s talent arm) head Johnny Manahan, legal counsel Armando Marcelo and “Wowowee” executive producer Phoebe Luz Anievas. ABS-CBN was represented by lawyers Cherrie Cruz and Mona Lisa Manalo.

During the three-hour hearing, Revillame pointed out that it was management’s call, not his, to insert the video. Cases told the Philippine Daily Inquirer: “When he asked that the inset be removed, he said, he was merely giving a suggestion. [He also] admitted that [it was] an emotional outburst and that he shouldn’t have spoken on-air the way he did.”

read in full here:

i don’t know how saying it was just a “suggestion” removes the guilt of being disrespectful and an over-all jerk on live national tv in a time of national mourning and sadness. having made the suggestion on live national tv is the first error. the second error is how he said it and the third was what he said.

based on the video, revillame was not concerned about the disrespect that he claims after the fact in showing the funeral procession during his show, he was concerned more about his performance. over and over again, revillame said seeing those footages on screen prevented him from performing his best as the superstar noontime tv host that he considers himself to be.

nobody can remove nor forget what he did and what he said on live national tv.

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tony oposa, eco-warrior wins Ramon Magsaysay Award

August 24, 2009 Leave a comment

professory tony oposa, eco-warrior

The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation announced Monday that Filipino Antonio Oposa Jr., Yu Xiaogang and Ma Jun from China, Thai Krisana Kraisintu, Deep Joshi from India, and Burmese Ka Hsaw Wa would be recognized for their achievements in awarding ceremonies to be held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines on Aug. 31.

Oposa will be recognized for “his path-breaking and passionate crusade to engage Filipinos in acts of enlightened citizenship that maximize the power of the law to protect and nurture the environment for themselves, their children and generations still to come.”

Environmental law

Instead of pursuing a lucrative law practice, the Harvard Law School graduate decided to focus on environmental law and made his first mark with an unusual case that later popularized the “Oposa Doctrine” in international legal circles, the foundation said.

“This was a class action suit he filed in which 43 minors asked the government to cancel timber licenses on the grounds that rampant logging violated their constitutional right to a healthy environment,” it said.

In a 1993 decision, the Philippine Supreme Court upheld the principle of “intergenerational equity,” affirming Oposa’s argument that the interests of future generations could be protected in court.

“A triumph of principle, the case set a precedent for how citizens can leverage the law to protect the environment,” the foundation said.

It said Oposa demonstrated this in 1999 when a citizens’ group filed a case holding the government liable for the pollution of Manila Bay and responsible for its cleanup.

“Marshalling the resources of the law and pursuing the case for all of 10 years, he won a Supreme Court decision compelling 11 government agencies to coordinate their efforts in rehabilitating Manila Bay, submit action plans, and regularly report to the court on the progress of their work,” the foundation said.

It also noted that Oposa risked his life to stop illegal dynamite fishing in the Visayan Sea through his Law of Nature Foundation.

read in full here:


An environmental lawyer who won a landmark case ordering government to clean up Manila Bay will ask the Supreme Court to cite government officials, including six Cabinet members, in contempt and jailed for failing to do their part in the cleanup.

 In a motion to be filed Monday, lawyer and University of the Philippines professor Tony Oposa asked the high court to cite in contempt Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III, Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap, Public Works Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane, Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya and Education Secretary Jesli Lapus.

Also facing possible contempt charges are Jojo Allado of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System, and the heads of the Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Ports Authority and Maritime Police.

read in full here:

Monumento ni Cory ipinag-utos ni Gloria

August 21, 2009 1 comment

Naglabas ng kautusan ni Gloria Macapagal Arroyo na magtayo ng monumento para kay Pang. Cory Aquino sa Rizal Park.

Magandang intensyon, pero may bahid ng malisya ang desisyon. Bakit? Isang kurap na Pangulo ang mag-uutos ng monumento sa taong ipinaglaban ang demokrasya na mismong si Gloria ang yumururak.

Parang insulto kesa parangal ang inihahatid nito sa atin.Ang taumbayan mismo ang magtatayo ng monumento para kay Cory, at hindi galing sa kaban ng bayan. Si Cory mismo ang maiinsulto sa kautusan nya, Dios por Santo!!!

Si Sen. Noynoy na ang nagsabi na ang tunay na pag-aalala kay Cory ay ang ipagpatuloy ang kanyang laban, laban nila ni Ninoy.

Baka gaya ng ibang monumento, lumutin at iputin lang ng mga ibon sa ulo ang rebulto at monumento ni Cory.

Isa pa, sa Rizal Park o Luneta? Ang dami ng mga monumento doon, labo-labo na nga kung tutuusin. Hindi na nabigyang layon ang Rizal Park sa sang damakmak na mga monumento doon. Baka dumating ang araw, si Manny Pacquiao may monumento na rin sa Luneta.

Kung seryoso si Gloria Arroyo na bigyang prangal si Pang. Cory, tumalima sya sa matagal ng pakiusap ni Cory sa kanya: mag-resign at aminin ang puno’t dulo ng “Hello Garci.” Kung seryoso si GMA, aminin na nya ang mga sakdal ng korupsyon g kanyang administrasyon. Kung sryoso sya, wag nyang lustayin ang pera ng bayan sa kanyang mga byahe sa ibang bansa at sa pag-kain nya sa mga mamahalin restoran.

Hay naku Gloria, itigil mo na ang kahibangan mo!

no drop in tv rating while willie revillame out of wowowee – revillame is insignificant

August 21, 2009 17 comments

the tv show wowowee is a product of the business called abs-cbn, it yields for them revenues and profits and from the advertising loads that it has, the revenues and profits are huge.

wowowee is still airing but willie revillame has been out of the tv show for a week now. but the firestorm, loathing and protest by many has not stopped and in fact has grown in real life and in the internet world. at facebook, the Anti-Revillame Movement has now 11,956 members (  while the online Petition To Oust Willie Revillame as of this writing has 57.771 signatures ( both continue to grow.

there is a nagging question that abs-cbn needs to answer, it is a business question – what is the business impact of removing willie revillame from wowowee? in answering that question, abs-cbn need to look at the tv rating of the program. tv ratings is THE key magnet for ad placements in any tv show. advertisers will place their ads in shows with high ratings. higher ratings mean larger number of the audience watching the show and the higher the ratings lower cost per thousand audience.  

for me, i do not think removing revillame is really a problem. revillame as a tv host does not bring any unique talent or skill to the show. he sounds and looks like any other tv host. he does not have any strong singing or dancing talent as added bonus. all he has is really just emceeing.

we think what makes the show work or get a large audience is the show’s format and concept and not the host. put any host to the same concept and it will continue to get the audience.

but business needs to look at it with numbers, not conjecture. we have the numbers here.

we got the tv ratings from this blog, from AGB Nielsen Philippines, the ad industry’s ratings company. admittedly the data points are few but we think it’s a good enough gauge for abs-cbn to base its decision on.

for 5 data points covering the period when revillame was still appearing in the show, wowowee had an average  rating of 17.1%.

for  6 data points covering the period when revillame was no longer hosting the show, wowowee had an average rating of 16.2%.

a drop of only 0.9 rating points is not significant. drops of that magnitude happen often, due to normal day to day fluctuations.

from these numbers, the conclusion is —- the audience did not miss revillame at all, the audience continued to watch wowowee even though revillame was no longer hosting the show. not only that, revillame’s co-hosts in the show who took over the hosting role have done very well.

this means from a purely business standpoint, abs-cbn is not risking anything if it removes revillame from wowowee. but what abs-cbn will gain is goodwill from its audience where the large number of those calling for the removal of revillame from the show will now feel heard and contained.

removing revillame will win goodwill from its audience and risk no loss of business.

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Memo To: NHI Director Ambeth Ocampo on monument for tita cory – we beg you not to color it green

August 21, 2009 1 comment

Memo To : NHI Director Ambeth Ocampo,

Dear Mr. Ocampo,

We read in the newspapers that President Arroyo has ordered the building of a monument for Tita Cory at Rizal Park and that the details of this plan will be passed on to the NHI. As head of the NHI, it will most likely be placed on your table and decisions made by you.

NHI Chair Ambeth Ocampo

We almost choked on our steaming hot coffee when we read that on the newspaper. We immediately took 2  Advils, reached for 3 tablets of Valium, ordered a bottle of Pepto-Bismal and texted our psychiatrist to  schedule a marathon session on Monday. Pearls of sweat ran down through our forehead even though the electric fan was on full blast. We waited for the medicine for headache and depression to kick in before we finished reading the article.

Afte reading the news article, Mr. Ocampo – I am afraid, I am very afraid.

Right after breakfast, I went to church and said a prayer. This was partly my prayer:

  • That NHI has  gained some good taste since Jose Rizal’s house was painted puke green.
  • That NHI will refrain, stop itself  no matter how strong the urge  from turning Tita Cory’s monument at Rizal Park into some monument of trivial pursuit like on Rizal’s house – Rizal meant the green of newly harvested rice (even though the color of newly harvested rice is golden, not green). We shudder at the thought that the NNHI might find a color associated with the name Cory or the name Aquino.
  • We hope that NHI will not  make Tita Cory’s monument screaming yellow since yellow was Tita Cory’s color. We are afraid the obsession on  giving us the  trivia on the colors that are associated with names might once again show.
  • We pray that the NHI  will not have a design of  Tita Cory’s monument to talk about the beginnings of the color yellow, the yellow ribbon and God forbid a monument of a yellow ribbon tied around a tree with the figure of Cory on top of the tree. (shudder! one more Valium on the go!)
  • We hope the NHI  will not ask its staff to go scrape off some paint to find out what the original color is of something.
  • Finally, we hope that the NHI  will have enough money to buy the paint that has the right color for the  monument so that  the excuse that NHI  did not have  enough money to paint Rizal’s house in the right shade of green will no longer be used.

To be honest with you Mr. Ocampo, it is hard to pin down what we are most afraid of –

  •  is it NHI’s  lack of aesthetic taste (in other words “poor taste”) in seeing puke green as dignified enough for a national hero 
  • or the obsession with trivial pursuit in shoving to us the meaning of Rizal’s name, an item of minus zero historical significance to Rizal’s life  and the country

We hope and pray, and this will be topic of the Novena I will start on Wednesday at Baclaran Church, that NHI will see the light on this matter and that it will not be tempted to give in to its nature.

Tita Cory means a lot to the country and the people, let not poor taste and obsession for trivial pursuit punish us. We hope that this time, you will not be the “idiot” (your words, not mine) who will do harm to the memory of Tita Cory as it was to Jose Rizal.

Yours truly,


ps: Mr. Ocampo – is the NHI involved in the selection of Carlo J Caparas as national artist?


Arroyo orders monument to Cory Aquino built
By Christian V. Esguerra, Jerome Aning
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 04:08:00 08/21/2009

MANILA, Philippines — Enshrined in the hearts of Filipinos, Corazon Aquino will also soon be immortalized in concrete and steel.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has ordered the immediate construction of a monument in honor of the late President’s contributions to Philippine democracy, Malacañang said Thursday.

The statue of Aquino will be erected at Rizal Park in Manila where the monument to national hero Jose Rizal also stands.

Golez said the NHI would determine the details of the project, including where the monument specifically would rise. There was also no word on who would build it.



read about the “idiot” who painted Jose Rizal’s house puke green here:

ninoy aquino – ituloy ang laban

August 21, 2009 1 comment

representative mikey arroyo: eating at mcdonald’s and turo-turo not decent, not dignified enough for gloria macapagal arroyo

August 20, 2009 5 comments

Mikey Arroyo: “Do you want your president to eat in a McDonald’s or some turo-turo? I think there is more dignity in having your president and her cabinet members and members of the lower house to eat in a decent restaurant.”

someone needs to tell mr. arroyo:

  • that more than 85% of the philippine population belong to the DE socio-eco class
  • at least 30% of families live below the poverty line, earning no more than $1/day
  • based on government data, the number of poor families increased under the arroyo administration
  • the number of people who claim to be hungry reached an all time high during arroyo’s administration
  • that most filipinos cannot even afford to eat at mcdonald’s
  • that many also cannot afford to eat at a turo-turo
  • most families do not eat 3 times a day

given those facts, what can you say about mikey arroyo’s attitude?

Memo To: President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo – the obobs parade on the presidential jet that got away

August 19, 2009 Leave a comment

4. saying that it is the second time that you cancelled such an order also says this is the second time that you approved to make such an order.

this is a major purchase of your office given the price of more than a billion pesos. people who work under you will not process something to a point of making an order unless you have approved it. that is just the way things are done in an organization.

again, the fact that an ad was released says you gave it approval. it just does not make sense that they will release an ad if it did not have your approval first.

mrs. president, i don’t know about you, but this remonde dude gave the people knives to stab you with, confirmed you put your interest over others and narrated you make bad decisions.

once again, mrs. president the obobs parade is here.

read in full here:

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