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lufthansa offers gray powell a free vacation to germany – what luck! a brilliant marketing move!

we can’t say enough good things about this excellent PR move of lufthansa – offering gray powell, the guy who lost the iPhone 4G prototype in a german bar in california a trip to germany, on business class to taste german beer in germany itself!

they also did the brilliant move of doing this on twitter, the world’s largest social networking phenom in the internet. that guarantees a worldwide audience of staggering numbers almost immediately.

it’s interesting that this dumb-fantastic  incident has taken a turn for fun and light hearted.  come on, let’s be honest here – it’s pretty dumb for an employee to lose the prototype phone of one of the most popular cell phone handsets in a bar.

first of all, why in the world would you take out top secret prototype product out of  your office? things like these you know you cannot take out of the lab.

granted that apple allows its engineers to take them out of the lab, wouldn’t you the employee be so paranoid about losing it in a bar? you as an engineer know what you have in your possession. this is a top secret product with your company’s top secret technologies in it – you will NOT let it get out of your sight.

it’s fantastic because because all of a sudden the tech world and the real world have exploded on news of the iPhone 4G. that is simply media mileage to the max. apple should be happy about that.

what apple might be sad about is – their latest technology secrets are out in the open.

this move by lifthansa gives the whole event a nice twist to it. it now becomes something that gives you a smile. it gives an air of good vibes. and lufthansa gains a hell lot of goowill with this effort. lufthansa is a big winner here!

brilliant move!

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source: http://twitpic.com/1hjhmv

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