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2 dengue victims and 1 cure – tawa-tawa

September 16, 2012 14 comments

this dengue story happened three years ago and I wrote this to share the experience with members of a yahoogroup composed of parents of my son’s batch when he was in grade 7. I wrote and shared it so that other parents in the batch of my son could be warned and perhaps learn and benefit from my experience with dengue.

there was a palpable dengue scare in the country at the time I wrote this with many dengue cases and dengue related deaths reported. the infection rate at that time was high and rising.

the write up is mostly intact from the original with a few things added for clarity and more details.

please read:

it’s important to note that I am writing this just as a regular parent of children who got dengue. I am not a doctor and my profession and background is not even related to any medical field. the information contained here are the things that I knew then and remember now and may or may not be correct from a medical standpoint.

this narration is purely anecdotal, without any scientific or medical basis or proof.  if dengue infects you or members of your family, you must consult a doctor immediately.  you must discuss, consult and get the agreement of the dengue patient’s attending physician for any action you will take as a result of reading this blog entry.

this is my dengue story:

the nightmare called dengue is done and over with for my family, thank God!  i just want to share a few things.

my son has fully recovered from dengue after being in the hospital for a week. but it was a double whammy for us as my daughter, my eldest and “ate” to my son had dengue too and was hospitalized just 2 days after my son was confined. both are already out of the hospital and fully recovered. thank God twice.

my whole family are now full converts of  tawa-tawa,  the “rumored” herbal cure for dengue. based on our twin experiences, tawa-tawa as

tawa-tawa plant

a cure for dengue is for real.

this is our dengue experience:

one  week-end, my son at night complained of very high fever. i needed to stay on a bed that was beside his to watch over him. even though it was the first night of high fever, he was unable to sleep and kept on complaining of feeling very hot. there was nothing I could do to relieve him of the fever with the medicine given to him does not seem to be working.  he had terrible chills and was shaking almost the whole night and gave a low moan because of the fever.

the next day, a Monday, we decided to take him to the hospital as we thought the high fever was very unusual. after two hours at the emergency room, we were shocked to find out that he had dengue. we immediately had him confined at the hospital.

as soon as I had the time,  i did internet research and read through those sent to the yahoogroup by other parents on the cure for dengue.  i found a lot of anecdotal evidence, mostly testimonies on how tawa-tawa has cured dengue from the internet and the philippine press. I thought that was worth a try.

anticipating that i might eventually use tawa-tawa,  i had the plant bought from the Manila Seedling Bank in quezon city. we bought the actual plant itself as we wanted to make sure we get the real thing.

a group of nuns and priests took it upon themselves to plant and propagate tawa-tawa at the Manila Seedling Bank so that residents of metro manila may be able to have them when needed. the tawa-tawa plant came with preparation instructions on how to make a tawa-tawa tea drink and placed the concoction  in the refrigerator.

i discussed it with my wife but she was not convinced on it. i printed the stuff i got from the internet and left it in the hospital room for her to read.

we also talked to my son’s doctor about it. the doctor, being a woman of science and medicine of course was not for it. her main concern for not agreeing to it was the lack of scientific or formal studies on its efficacy and more importantly the zero knowledge on its side effects. i understood that to her side effects are key issues as being my son’s doctor she will need to face these if they occur.

Read more…

AFP and DOH makes a mockery and violates the quarantine they imposed on PHL soldiers who came from Liberia

November 17, 2014 Leave a comment

this is the meaning of “quarantine” (from the internet):

  • “a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed.”
  • “impose isolation on (a person, animal, or place); put in quarantine”.

and quarantine was the what the government wanted to do to the Philippine soldiers and policemen who served as UN peacekeepers in Liberia.

we were surprised when the government announced this action on the Philippine peacekeepers. we have been reading what the US has been doing to American medical personnel who have served in Ebola countries and they have not imposed forced quarantine on them. certainly not something like this where a government isolated a group of people were directly brought into an island straight from the airport upon arrival.

when they announced the mandatory quarantine on an inhabited island, i thought that didn’t match with any of the guidelines set out by international health agencies and prevailing current practice in other countries. so i thought, the Philippine government is doing this as it wants to take the Ebola scare very seriously and is exercising an over abundance of care and safety.

in the US, only those who exhibit Ebola-like symptoms are quarantined and brought to the hospital for observation and treatment. a nurse who had not exhibited symptoms but served in an Ebola-plagued country was not quarantined although on her own she decided on a self-imposed quarantine, promising she will not go to crowded places. she stayed in her home, not brought to an inhabited island.

we were surprised over the weekend when we read in the papers that officials of the DOH itself and the AFP actually went to Caballo Island to visit the soldiers.


the visitors to Carballo island where the Philippine peacekeepers from Libera are supposed to the quarantined – DOH and AFP officials

Top AFP, DoH officials visit Pinoy peacekeepers on Caballo Island

source : http://www.tribune.net.ph/nation/top-afp-doh-officials-visit-pinoy-peacekeepers-on-caballo-island

that to us to say the least was very confusing – we thought the soldiers were being quarantined, why were they allowed to receive visitors from Metro Manila?

not only were they allowed to receive visitors, the visitors were  from top DOH and AFP officials which we thought was obviously a violation of the quarantine that they themselves forcibly imposed on the soldiers. you cannot get higher than the chief of staff himself, General Catapang and acting DOH chief Garin.

not only that, pictures show the visiting tourists from the DOH and AFP did not wear any protective gear. we saw a picture of the soldiers on a boat on the way to the island. in that picture the three (3) personnel manning the boat wore full protective gear. why didn’t the AFP and DOH officials wear the same protective gear?


the boat handlers wearing full protective gear

in news articles today, some mentioned that in this visit, the “elbow bump” was instituted as they were not allowed to shake hands. also in a Facebook post, AFP spokesman Major Harold Cabunoc posted “Bawal nga lang makipagkamay…” (“Handshakes are not allowed.”)

the “elbow bump” and the “no hand-shake” policy is directly contradictory to the picture of the three (3) boat handlers wearing full protective gear. all of a sudden in this visit to the island by the DPH and AFP officials, things about the Ebola and the extra ordinary effort of care and seriousness  Ebola was given disappeared and reduced to something as trivial as “elbow bumps” are allowed and “let’s not just do handshakes”.

Catapang and Garin mingled with the peacekeepers, who are now allowed to roam around the island, only four days after they arrived there.

Garin said that she and the AFP updated the peacekeepers about the condition of their fellow peacekeeper who was evacuated to the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) after developing fever on the second day of quarantine period.

“General Catapang and I visited our troops there (Caballo Island) and firstly we told them about the status of their fellow peacekeeper, and at the same time, we wanted to ensure they are all healthy,” said Garin.

For his part, Catapang said they mingled with the troops and developed a new way to greet each other –elbow to elbow.

the contradiction, inconsistency and reduction from dead seriousness to something very cavalier and trivial to us is shocking.

we also wondered that since these officials were allowed to visit the soldiers in the island, does that mean they will permit visits of this sort from relatives and friends of the soldiers? if the military and health officials found it safe for them to go to the island, why wouldn’t the relatives and friends of the soldiers be able to do the same as long as they do only what the officials did – elbow bumps to say hello.

we are searching for answers on why they went to the island. for what purpose?

“We are happy that (we visited them) together with Secretary Garin to show that worrying sometimes is difficult to douse from the people’s mind but if they see us mingling, talking and joking around, sharing happy moment there,” Catapang said.

Garin echoed Catapang’s call not to “isolate” the peacekeepers, who served an extended 11-month tour of duty in Liberia.

“We should not stigmatize or ostracize them,” Garin said.

we do not understand that. the “stigmatizing and ostracizing” is coming from where? if that is happening to them, then it is the AFP and DOH’s fault – they were the ones who imposed the forced quarantine on an inhabited island. the soldiers did not ask for that neither did the public. their action of quarantining them in the island is the one that is giving others reason to “stigmatize and ostracize them”.

we are very confused on the kinds of messages both the DOH and AFP are sending with what they have been doing with the soldiers. the messages are not only mixed, they are directly contradictory against each other. they want to show that they are very serious about taking precautions on the spread of Ebola by sending them to an island and yet the officials visit them. they will not allow contact or visits from relatives and friends of the soldiers and yet they themselves went there. staff who are helping them like the boat people wore full protective gear and yet they were in close contact with the soldiers, were “elbow to elbow” and did elbow bumps without protective gear.

are we turning schizophrenic here?


posted November 19, 2014:

this issue has become controversial since the time we first posted this here last november 17.

EDITORIAL – Irresponsible


If the government is 100 percent sure that the soldiers are virus-free, what’s the point of placing them under 21-day quarantine on an island?

That’s the question being asked after the acting secretary of health and the chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines dropped in on Caballo Island, wearing no hazmat suits to protect them from possible infection, ostensibly to cheer up the soldiers who are undergoing a 21-day quarantine against the Ebola virus.

Perhaps the soldiers were cheered up, but the public was not. AFP chief Gregorio Catapang Jr. explained that his visit was meant to show that the soldiers were not supposed to be stigmatized. But who said they are?

Putting people under health quarantine is not meant to humiliate them or violate their rights. It is a precautionary measure to protect public health. That includes the health of those dear to the individuals being quarantined.

The government took the unusual measure in the case of 133 Filipino soldiers returning from United Nations peacekeeping duties in Ebola-hit Liberia because of the virulence of the disease. It’s no overreaction. Of the 5,177 confirmed deaths from the world’s worst Ebola outbreak, 2,812 were recorded in Liberia.

more to read here : http://www.philstar.com/opinion/2014/11/18/1392994/editorial-irresponsible



Biazon blasts Garin for breaking Ebola quarantine

Posted at 11/18/2014 7:47 PM | Updated as of 11/18/2014 7:47 PM

MANILA – Muntinlupa Rep. Rodolfo Biazon on Tuesday criticized the visit of Department of Health (DOH) officer-in-charge Janette Garin and other top government officials to the quarantined peacekeepers from Ebola-hit Liberia.

Biazon, at the weekly “Ugnayan sa Batasan,” said, “I think the visit of these high officials of the government was to say the least a misjudgment. Misjudgment not only in the actions that they did there but what they projected to the public.”

“We have a protocol and there is no reason why protocols should be violated. We are endangering the people. The soldiers there know and understand why they have to be quarantined and I think the families know why the husbands, or sons or brothers will have to be quarantined because what is being safeguarded first are their families, their friends, the communities where they will be and probably the whole country so we cannot compromise the implementation of the protocol. There is no reason why the protocol may be violated,” he said.

more here : http://rp2.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/11/18/14/biazon-blasts-garin-breaking-ebola-quarantine

the two pictures we have posted here is a stark and obvious visualization of the  confusion and contradictory protocol of the DOH and AFP’s quarantine of the soldiers:

picture on the left shows four (4) boat handlers wearing full protective gears as they take the soldiers to the island. picture on the right is a stark contrast where DOH Sec Garin, General Catapang and other military visitors were not only not wearing protective gears, they were quite near the quarantined soldiers.

we know that Ebola starts to be contagious when the patients are already showing symptoms but the point we are saying here is that there is an obvious breach of the protocol. we assume the boat handlers wearing the protective gear was part of the protocol and yet that same protocol was not followed in the picture on the right.




Pia Cayetano won’t shake hand of Garin

Posted at 11/19/2014 4:43 PM | Updated as of 11/19/2014 4:43 PM

MANILA – Senator Pia Cayetano said she will give Acting Health Secretary Janette Garin the “Ebola greeting” instead of a hand shake when she sees her during the budget deliberations of the department.

She said the Ebola greeting – placing one’s fist on the heart – is now a symbolic gesture in West Africa following the spread of the virus there.

She said the gesture is not really unusual since it can only mean “sorry, I can’t shake your hand or kiss you today.”

Garin is being criticized for allegedly breaking the 21-day protocol when she and other military officials visited the troops in Caballo Island where they were brought after coming from their duties in Ebola-affected Liberia.

Cayetano said she is still unfamiliar with the protocols, which is why an “Ebola greeting” would be safe.

source : http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/11/19/14/pia-cayetano-wont-shake-hand-garin

the above – someone not shaking the hand of someone who may have had contact with a potential Ebola victim is both sad and ironical. in the press interview, DOH sec Garin explained that one of the reasons they went to the island was to send a message that the soldiers should not have a  “stigmatized  and ostracized”. well the statement of senator Cayetano does exactly that. and that occurred only because Sec Garin broke protocol and went to the island.

how lucky are we that we are alive now – we get to hear a comet sing!

November 13, 2014 Leave a comment

for the first time in humankind’s history, earthlings are able to land a robot on an orbiting comet and not only that for the first time, we are able to hear this comet sing! how lucky are we that we are alive now to hear this comet sing?

it is historic enough that humans are able to catch up with a comet as it zips over space, land a robot on it while both spacecraft and comet are speeding through space. this singing comet is an amazing icing on the cake. and the whole thing is  just the beginning. the robot that was landed on the comet will be doing experiments. we will be amazed at what this robot will find in space.

congratulations, humans!


and there is more,  Philae Lander the robot that landed on Comet 67P even sent a tweet :



Space probe scores a 310-million-mile bull’s-eye with comet landing

London (CNN) — Imagination became reality Wednesday when a mechanical space traveler called the Philae probe plunked down on its target, a comet with a much less romantic name — 67P — some 310 million miles from Earth.

European Space Agency scientists and executives high-fived and hugged each other when the landing was confirmed. Spacecraft have crashed into comets before, but this is the first soft, or controlled landing, in history.

Later, ESA said there was a glitch.

After leaving the mother ship Rosetta and descending, Philae may have bounced, rather than gently settled, on the surface of the comet, ESA scientists said at a news conference. Comet 67P has a very weak gravity, so anchoring harpoons were designed to shoot into the comet to fix the spacecraft to the surface. They failed to fire and Philae is not firmly secure, ESA said.

Rosetta: The comet chaserRosetta: The comet chaser

“So maybe we didn’t land once — we landed twice,” Philae lander manager Stephan Ulamec said. “Did we land in a soft sandbox or is there something else happening? We don’t fully understand what happened.”

Ulamec said scientists hope to know more on Thursday. In the meantime ESA isn’t letting that problem ruin its big day.

‘A place in the history books

“Our ambitious Rosetta mission has secured a place in the history books: not only is it the first to rendezvous with and orbit a comet, but it is now also the first to deliver a lander to a comet’s surface,” Jean-Jacques Dordain, ESA’s director general, said in an article posted on the ESA website.

Many people, and not just the ones who work for ESA, are excited about what kind of information Philae will deliver.

“Rosetta is trying to answer the very big questions about the history of our solar system,” Matt Taylor, ESA Rosetta project scientist, said in the article on the ESA website. “What were the conditions like at its infancy and how did it evolve? What role did comets play in this evolution? How do comets work?”

And science fiction writer Alastair Reynolds said: “This is science fiction made real in terms of the achievement of the mission itself, but Rosetta is also taking us a step closer to answering science fiction’s grandest question of all: Are we alone?”

Rosetta took off from Earth 10 years ago carrying Philae and traveled 6.4 billion miles before arriving in early August at the comet.

The Philae lander separated from the orbiting Rosetta around 3:30 a.m. ET Wednesday and landed on the comet seven hours later.

ESA lander system engineer Laurence O’Rourke told CNN that the orbiter Rosetta had to be in the right position to allow the lander craft, which had no thrusters, to “free fall” on the correct trajectory so it landed on the comet.

The lander weighs about 220 pounds and is the size of a domestic washing machine. The target comet is only four kilometers, or 2.5 miles, in diameter.

Named after Rosetta Stone

Shortly after landing was confirmed, the probe tweeted: “Touchdown! My new address: 67P!” Later, it tweeted again: “I’m on the surface but my harpoons did not fire.”

What can we learn from comet landing?

The mission has historic allusions.

The spaceship is named after the Rosetta Stone, an inscribed piece of volcanic rock found in Egypt in 1799 that allowed scientists to decipher hieroglyphics and thus understand the ancient Egyptian culture, ESA said. The lander is named after an island in the Nile River where an obelisk was found that helped decipher the Rosetta Stone, ESA said.

Led by ESA with a consortium of partners including NASA, scientists on the Rosetta comet-chasing mission hope to learn more about the composition of comets and how they interact with the solar wind: high energy particles blasted into space by the sun.

The comet is currently 500 million kilometers (310 million miles) from Earth and pictures from the Rosetta mission to track it on its orbit around the sun have amazed scientists.

Read more…

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what not to do in a PR campaign for a presidential candidate – the VP Binay case study

November 12, 2014 Leave a comment

we did not invent this, we just monitored what the VP Binay presidential campaign has been doing over the recent months and we think this is a good description of the PR campaign that the VP has been running for the 2016 election.



for VP Binay, it has been a string of PR event disasters one after the other. he seem to be walking into one PR blunder to another. that does not make it a PR campaign but surely there is someone or some people in Team Binay who is running this whole PR effort for him. PR in a presidential election campaign is very critical specially at the start of the campaign and this early, many months away from the actual election.

blame it perhaps on the fact that VP Binay announced his candidacy for the presidency too early that PR has become the center piece of the campaign. it is not yet the campaign period and when that time comes, what will become center piece will be the advertising campaign first, the PR campaign second and the election events third in that order of importance and impact. since it is many months before the campaign period, it is only PR that Binay has to work with.

because they are a string of blunders, they  obviously cannot be pre-planned or coming from a strategy or PR program. it surprises us that even after the mistakes have been made, no change seemed to have been applied to be more careful and to avoid making more mistakes. one would think that after the first PR blunder, someone in the Binay campaign team or its PR or Ad agency will take over and stop the bleeding,

the PR events and efforts they have been doing seem to be nothing but crisis management efforts or damage control efforts. we do not know what is causing that. you hire a PR Agency or PR operative to make things work for the candidate or the client, to get media coverage and to build an image. so far none of the image building have been done, just damage control efforts. this may be happening because VP Binay has a really lousy PR Agency or PR operator or the product itself, VP Binay is so infirm that it makes mistakes on its own making.


more on this next….


3 survey charts that tell VP Binay his 2016 presidential ambition may be over

November 5, 2014 1 comment

these charts have been published before and their analysis have been made, posted here : http://2010presidentiables.wordpress.com/.

but we like to post them again here to give them some focus and highlight their meaning. the meaning? it is bleak for VP Binay. the meaning from these 3 charts is simple : VP Binay’s 2016 presidential ambition may be over.



VP Jejo Binay’s presidentiables survey results :

  • there is bad news all over the chart – all his ratings in September versus previous survey in June are down –  across the board and dramatic drops, statistically significant, in most cases double digit numbers
  • drops like those are very serious – supporters from all segments and locations are dropping  binay, hordes of them
  • those results are on themselves pretty bad, but that is not worst of it
  • much bigger problems are the ones encircled – the ABC and D socio-ecco classes ratings comparing them to march 2014. the drops here are a nightmare.
  • among the ABC socio-eco class, more than half, yes more than half fell off from march : to 23% in september from 47%, a whopping 24% points dramatic decline or a 51% shrinkage. imagine, the upper class or thinking class, more than half of them dropped binay. those are worrying numbers!
  • next is the D socio-eco class – a drop to 32% from 42% in march or another dramatic decline of -10% points, or 24% of them abandoned Binay.
  • take those 2 declines and your conclusion is that the political base of binay has shrunk considerably.
  • more bad news – this survey was the first survey conducted while the corruption charges were being made and not only that they were made at just the start of the hearings in the senate. many more corruption charges have been uncovered, talked about and in the headlines since the early days. now think what the survey numbers will be when they conduct the next survey. another double digit decline maybe? and that could be saying it nicely

one of the spins binay’s spokespersons said on these numbers were that his ratings are still the highest among the presidentiables. yes, that is true but that is being selective and shows a clear ignorance on election polls.

yes, binay’s ratings are the highest but they are declining. and the declines are dramatic. in polls like these where several are taken on regular time intervals across a period of time until election time, what is more important is the trend and much less the numbers per se, time sensitive polls like this may show you to be up now but over the next survey points, the numbers will change and if your numbers are on a declining trend, then you have a problem because by the time you reach election time, you might no longer have the numbers to win the election.

the scariest question that binay needs to answer is this – is the latest surveys the beginning of a declining trend for binay?

there are 6 quarters to go until election time and therefore 6 more polling data. his ratings may be 31% now and the highest among the presidentiables, if it is on a declining trend, that will not remain as 31% after 6 quarters. all it takes is that his ratings drop by an average of 5% points per quarter and by election time, all that he will have will be 1%. having a 1% rating by election time will NOT make you win the election.

the first chart shown here is just about binay himself. but an election is not just about one person. an election is one where there are opposing candidates. among his opposing candidates, mar roxas, an aquino ally is considered a good if not strong contender and opponent of binay, the above are mar roxas’ charts and it should scare the hell out of binay.

  • preference for roxas as president are all dramatically up – across the board in all areas and all socio-eco classes.
  • not only are the increases statistically significant, many of them are like double to triple the numbers in september versus june and march.
  • the dramatic increases are also shown in the rankings of the presidentiables – mar roxas jumped from 5th place in june to now 2nd place in september
  • that means roxas is gaining at the expense of binay – binay’s supporters are choosing roxas
  • add to that the fact that the campaign period has not begun and roxas is essentially just staying in the sidelines. sure, roxas is often seen all over the country doing his job as DILG but he is not openly campaigning.
  • in other words, roxas is gaining supporters for doing nothing, just on the blunders that binay is committing one after the other. roxas stands to gain much more once the campaign period starts as he can now actively get supporters to his camp. when roxas starts doing that, binay’s supporter base may shrink even more.

caveat : with the election stll 6 quarters away, these numbers will of course change. and importantly anything can happen from now till the 2016 election – the candidates themselves may change, their strategies and national events may occur that will change the minds of voters. but what we are saying here is that if everything else is equal and binay does not change his strategies and tactics – he can kiss his presidential ambitions good bye.

the numbers do not lie, they are all there. binay would have wished he had not lied himself…

Nike’s Together-LeBron James TV ad works with its powerful visuals

November 1, 2014 Leave a comment

TV is a visual medium and so are TV ads. TV ads are at their most powerful when the visuals deliver. this Nike ad of LeBron James and for the city of Cleveland has exactly that – powerful visuals.

it is a welcome back to Cleveland  TV ad for LeBron. LeBron is front and center getting his teammates to join hands as a team to play for the city. soon enough people in the stadium and the rest of the city join hands with LeBron and the team. the ending is the idea that the whole city of Cleveland has joined LeBron and the cavaliers on their quest for the championship of the NBA.

the ad in black and white is an excellent choice. it ads a lot of drama and grittyness to the ad. the only weakness we see in this ad is the copy. it’s a long ad, it’s almost 2 minutes and the copy was too repetitive and lacked depth and interest for the time that the ad was running for. it’s either the copy was too sparse or the commercial too long. either way, we thought the ad somewhat suffered with poor copywriting.

the poster that was shown at the end was just as powerful too. the poster says it all and says the message very well.



neastea’s layers upon layers of leap of logic TV ad that fails – “say yes”

October 28, 2014 Leave a comment

we think the intent of this ad is to be cute and amusing, then after that to be memorable to build a brand image for nestea. but on the road to achieving those goals, we stopped way ahead of it – we didn’t understand the TV ad.

we did not get the ad after seeing the ad once for the first time. it took us a few more times watching it to understand what was going on in the ad.

ads that you don’t get on the first time you watch it are weak ads. good ads work even after seeing it only once. that didn’t happen for us on this ad. and even after seeing the ad several times more and being able to finally get what the ad is all about, we still didn’t get the ad.

there was too much leap of logic in the ad. layers and upon layers of them.

what we didn’t understand was why did  the male lead who was making the presentation break into song on top the table after the boss who was seated at the end of the table saw a picture of his daughter with the male lead on the screen?

we got it that the male lead mistakenly showed a picture of himself and a girl on the screen who turned out to be the daughter of the big boss.

why did the male lead break out into a “say yes” song? and even the people around the conference table also broke out into song?

nestea a tea drink positioned here as having the ability to cool things off in “hot situations” apparently led the male lead to sing.

forcing ourselves to understand the tv ad, we think the story in the ad was that to save himself from the embarrassment of   accidentally showing a picture of himself and the daughter of the big boss, the male lead led him to propose marriage.

yes, propose marriage not to the big boss who was a male but to the daughter of the big boss who was in the picture with him. but the daughter was not in the conference room, just the dad and his office mates. since the girl was not in the room, to whom was he proposing marriage to? the song had the lyrics “say yes” which we are thinking it meant “say yes to my marriage proposal”. marriage proposal to whom? the dad? nope. to the daughter. but she is not in the room.

the above explains why we did not get the TV ad. the ad has layers and layers of leap of logic.  the ad is asking the audience to accept too many things and not only that, to make their own conclusions not only once but many times about the story in the ad.

TV ads are usually just 30 seconds. it is such a short time that effective  ads are those that deliver the story of the ad, the message in a memorable way and finally to impress or capture the audience in just 30 seconds. this ad fails right at the very first stage of the process.

we are wondering if this ad was tested. we think this ad will fail miserably on understandability and recall. it will probably come at par or score close to likeability but its over-all score will be bad.

the likeability score will be its best score because of the song. while the production value of the song is poor, it’s obvious the male lead was not singing the song, the melody is interesting enough to make it okay on likeability,

we also think the ad was made because of the song. we are guessing the creatives and the client liked the song a lot, and when they fell in love with the song, they somehow convinced themselves it is a good ad.

and then propose marriage just to save yourself from embarassment of showing a picture with the girl? come on! they were not even naked in the picture!


it is not a good ad. it is a WAWAM! (what a waste of ad money)


~~mindscape landmark ~~
carlo arvisu

things you might not know about Rex Vincent Tecson, twitter user who gave Jim Paredes a death threat

October 28, 2014 Leave a comment

we saw this the other day at twitter – Jim Paredes, popular singer and composer from the Apo fame tweeted that he got a death threat from a certain Rex Vincent Tecson. the death threat was relayed to him, of all places via a tweet.jim paredes threat

first we found it strange and well, ill-advised to issue a death threat to anyone over twitter. twitter is one of the most public medium one can issue a death threat on. of course the object of the death threat can read it but it can also be read by the rest of the multiple millions of twitter users. aside from being very public, it also allows for screen capture, taking an electronic picture of the tweet which in turn can be used as evidence against the issuer of the death threat. those are two most significant problems we have with what Tecson did but let’s leave it at that for now as we digress too much.

read article on death threat here :  http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/metro-manila/10/24/14/jim-paredes-twits-binay-gets-death-threat

curious about Tecson, we back read his tweets. we wanted to know what kind of a person Tecson is. this guy must be an avid fan of VP Jojo Binay that he brazenly issues a death threat against those who disagree and criticize Binay. we thought wow, this person must be some kind of military hunk  who has the means and the courage to very publicly threaten someone with death over twitter.

this is what we found out based on his tweets :

  1. Tecson is an avid fan of KC Concepcion, the actress and showbiz personality and daughter of Sharon Cuneta. he is in love with KC.
  2. Tecson declares himself to be the “Prime MInister Of The Socialist Republic Of The Philippines”

no, those two (2) things are no jokes. he did tweet them.

Tecson keeps a running tweet to KC, it sounds very much  like he knows her personally. his tweets is like a running and ongoing conversation with KC. it is like a twitter exchange one will have with close friends or in this case, between lovers.

of course the thing here is that it is a one-way conversation. Tecson tweets KC but we do not see KC tweeting back to him and being in the conversation.




Tecson based on his tweets to KC seem to be a very affectionate man and a very sweet one, at least to KC – he calls KC as “hon” (short for “honey”) and “honey”, the full version of the word too.  the words are inserted in sentences where he shows caring and concern towards KC.






that tweet above is Tecson’s most affectionate and we can say “loving” tweet for KC – he says the magic words “I love you” to KC and some more – “pahalik sa lips”. this is just what we have to say on that one – it is just a kiss on the lips, it is not sexual, its affection. we do not know how KC responded to that tweet. we were unable to find a reply to it on KC’s timeline.

now, to the second point – Tecson claims to be the “Prime Minister Of The Socialist Republic Of The Philippines”.  that is contained in his profile description, together with his picture. we assume the dude in the picture is him.




we back read his tweets and nowhere in his tweets did we find where the location of the “Socialist Republic Of The Philippines”. we were hoping we will find a map or something like that. not finding one in his tweets, we were tempted to use google maps for it but we did not do it.  internet connection at the time of writing is very slow, google maps might not be of help.

we read more of his tweets as we were a little bit confused, his profile description on twitter listed “Regensburg, Germany” as his location and not the Philippines or the SRotP (Socialist Republic Of The Philippines). we were going to be impressed if he was residing in Germany. but then we wondered how he can be a “prime minister” of a country called Philippines when he resides in Germany. we were really getting confused and wants some clarification.

not only is this “prime minister” designation on his profile write-up, he also tweets about it. he apparently takes himself seriously.

IMG_2429.PNGhe considers Jim Paredes, the guy he gave a death threat to as under him, like a subject. we do not know if Jim Paredes knows that Tecson is his prime minister. we also do not know if Tecson is our prime minister. from what we know, Noynoy Aquino is the president of the Philippines, and the Philippines is where we live. (makes us wonder if to Tecson, Aquino is under him or if as prime minister he is under Aquino.)

the other confusing part is that Jim Paredes in a succeeding tweet of his said some people had tweeted him that Tecson works for some engineering department at the city government of Makati, so that makes us wonder – what is his day job? is his day job being prime minister or as a city engineer at Makati? his office mates at makati should feel very, very honored that they have a “prime minister” in their office.

we are not a psychologist, so we do not know what to make out of this, we are also not a spy so we really do not have the ability to get to the bottom of the real identity of Tecson. we are just limited to what we read over twitter.

as an ordinary human, we are wondering :  what is more scary – being jim paredes who got a death threat from Tecson or KC Concepcion to whom Tecson said “I love you” to and keeps a running conversation with her, even though unrequited?

so far this is what Tecson is – a prime minister and a lover of KC Conception.

right, honey?

note : these are all screen caps. they are all real. he has deleted the death threat tweet he made to Jim Paredes but a few were able to screen cap the death threat and were given to Jim Paredes. he has made other death threats, to noynoy aquino and sen tg guingona. he has also deleted those tweets. but he has not deleted his tweets to KC Concepcion. he probably will delete them too after he gets to read this.



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