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2 dengue victims and 1 cure – tawa-tawa

September 16, 2012 14 comments

this dengue story happened three years ago and I wrote this to share the experience with members of a yahoogroup composed of parents of my son’s batch when he was in grade 7. I wrote and shared it so that other parents in the batch of my son could be warned and perhaps learn and benefit from my experience with dengue.

there was a palpable dengue scare in the country at the time I wrote this with many dengue cases and dengue related deaths reported. the infection rate at that time was high and rising.

the write up is mostly intact from the original with a few things added for clarity and more details.

please read:

it’s important to note that I am writing this just as a regular parent of children who got dengue. I am not a doctor and my profession and background is not even related to any medical field. the information contained here are the things that I knew then and remember now and may or may not be correct from a medical standpoint.

this narration is purely anecdotal, without any scientific or medical basis or proof.  if dengue infects you or members of your family, you must consult a doctor immediately.  you must discuss, consult and get the agreement of the dengue patient’s attending physician for any action you will take as a result of reading this blog entry.

this is my dengue story:

the nightmare called dengue is done and over with for my family, thank God!  i just want to share a few things.

my son has fully recovered from dengue after being in the hospital for a week. but it was a double whammy for us as my daughter, my eldest and “ate” to my son had dengue too and was hospitalized just 2 days after my son was confined. both are already out of the hospital and fully recovered. thank God twice.

my whole family are now full converts of  tawa-tawa,  the “rumored” herbal cure for dengue. based on our twin experiences, tawa-tawa as

tawa-tawa plant

a cure for dengue is for real.

this is our dengue experience:

one  week-end, my son at night complained of very high fever. i needed to stay on a bed that was beside his to watch over him. even though it was the first night of high fever, he was unable to sleep and kept on complaining of feeling very hot. there was nothing I could do to relieve him of the fever with the medicine given to him does not seem to be working.  he had terrible chills and was shaking almost the whole night and gave a low moan because of the fever.

the next day, a Monday, we decided to take him to the hospital as we thought the high fever was very unusual. after two hours at the emergency room, we were shocked to find out that he had dengue. we immediately had him confined at the hospital.

as soon as I had the time,  i did internet research and read through those sent to the yahoogroup by other parents on the cure for dengue.  i found a lot of anecdotal evidence, mostly testimonies on how tawa-tawa has cured dengue from the internet and the philippine press. I thought that was worth a try.

anticipating that i might eventually use tawa-tawa,  i had the plant bought from the Manila Seedling Bank in quezon city. we bought the actual plant itself as we wanted to make sure we get the real thing.

a group of nuns and priests took it upon themselves to plant and propagate tawa-tawa at the Manila Seedling Bank so that residents of metro manila may be able to have them when needed. the tawa-tawa plant came with preparation instructions on how to make a tawa-tawa tea drink and placed the concoction  in the refrigerator.

i discussed it with my wife but she was not convinced on it. i printed the stuff i got from the internet and left it in the hospital room for her to read.

we also talked to my son’s doctor about it. the doctor, being a woman of science and medicine of course was not for it. her main concern for not agreeing to it was the lack of scientific or formal studies on its efficacy and more importantly the zero knowledge on its side effects. i understood that to her side effects are key issues as being my son’s doctor she will need to face these if they occur.

Read more…

De La Salle University test results (DLSU College Admission Test) are out! (AY 2015 -2016)

December 20, 2014 Leave a comment

la salle

you will need your reference number plus your name to access the results here :


or this one:


if you made it, you will be led to a link that is a letter from La Salle congratulating you for making it and instructions. print them.

be patient, it takes a long time to load because so many are accessing the same thing.

good luck!

confirmation dates are from April 7 to 16, 2015. the La Salle school year starts in August 2015 (and not June, 2015).

why on earth is MMDA chair Tolentino and MMDA personnel wearing camouflage?

December 8, 2014 Leave a comment

what is the point of this? why is MMDA chair Francis Tolentino and the  MMDA men wearing camouflage? we were shocked when we saw this on twitter. also dumbfounded as we can’t figure out what possible reason they may be doing this. for what purpose?

chair tolentino and the MMDA are doing a fantastic job at what they do. this one we think is the best MMDA and MMDA chairman Metro Manila ever had. they are always on the ball, proactive and takes criticism very well and adjusts very well to problems and criticism. they are always very reasonable and sensible.

for us, the camouflage is the first head scratching thing tolentino and the MMDA has done,.



chair Tolentino and the MMDA personnel are not members of the military and the MMDA is not a military organization. camouflage is worn by the military. and for sure there is some law that prohibits non-military personnel from wearing camouflage uniforms or even other military or police uniforms.

it will be very confusing for people seeing these men in camouflage uniforms in the streets – are those men from the Philippine military or are they a para-military group out to take the constitutional government out?

these men apparently are meant to do rescue work or rehabilitation work when Ruby hits the city. rescue workers usually wear loud, bright reflectorized colors as their uniform. they do that so that they can be seen easily in a storm where visibility gets limited due to the rain, dark clouds and very little sunlight, specially when rescuers are on the water. the bright colors they are wearing make it easy for them to be seen when they are floating or bobbing in and out of the water line. more importantly, you want the victims who they are rescuing to be able to see them, for the victims to know they are being saved and how far the rescuers are from them.

the camouflage does the exact opposite of what they should want – those wearing them make them disappear against the background. the camouflage is worn so that the soldiers cannot be seen by the enemy or at least very difficult to see. it is worn to hide them. it is the exact opposite of what rescuers want – they want to be seen, not hidden.

that leads us to another point – who is the “enemy” the MMDA are hiding from?

exuberance, determination and courage are good things. by a stretch, those are the only reasons why they are wearing this uniform. the camouflage uniform gives them a sense of courage and determination to save and help others. but there should be other ways to achieve that other than wearing camouflage we think does more harm and gets more confusing.

what is wrong with loud and screaming bright orange, red or yellow?



Most Viewed Video Advertising Campaign Of 2014

December 3, 2014 Leave a comment

Top Ten Most Viewed Video Advertising Campaigns of 2014

While First Kiss tops the chart, the other 9 places belong to well-known brands, veterans of successful marketing campaigns. 4 of the 10 most viewed ads revolved around the 2014 World Cup, with Nike, Samsung, and adidas attracting 306 million views between them. The average World Cup themed campaign ad generated nearly 3x the amount of average views for a branded video campaign compared to 2013.

  1. Wren’s “First Kiss”: True Reach of 156,670,932 views
  2. Nike’s “Risk Everything”: True Reach of 138,929,384 views
  3. Nike’s “The Last Game”: True Reach of 122,249,570 views
  4. Samsung’s “Galaxy 11 The Training”: True Reach of 78,130,824 views
  5. Always’ “#LikeAGirl”: True Reach of 60,281,400 views
  6. Turkish Airlines’ “#EpicFood”: True Reach of 59,549,152 views
  7. Budweiser’s “Puppy Love”: True Reach of 59,074,980 views
  8. Dove’s “Patches”: True Reach of 58,645,812 views
  9. Samsung’s “Official Introduction”: True Reach of 52,692,263 views
  10. adidas’ “The Dream”: True Reach of 47,828,815 views

source : http://www.reelseo.com/first-kiss-viewed-video-advertising-campaign-2014/

Wren’s “First Kiss” Overtakes World Cup Campaigns as The Most Viewed Campaign of 2014

read here : https://finance.yahoo.com/news/wren-first-kiss-overtakes-world-140000694.html


Coca-Cola’s Fairlife Milk ads – sexist, sexy, senseless or strategic?

December 2, 2014 Leave a comment

yes, you read it right – it is “Coca-Cola”. the drink company that we all know for its Coke drink in that familiar red colored bottles launched a brand called Fairlife, a milk product and the advertising campaign they launched it with is calling a lot of attention. the ads are called even by the company as “pin-up girls” and that is a great summation of what the ads are – they are a throwback to the 50’s pin-up girls of the Marilyn Monroe type of pictures and posters US soldiers used to have in their lockers while at war in Europe. for these ads, pin-up means sexy girls showing a lot of flesh, long legs in particular but this time liquid milk is covering the bodies of the pin-up girls.

first time we read about it, the article described the ads a “naked girls covered with milk”. that of course caught our attention but when we saw the ads, we thought the description was too much hyped with imagination, “naked girls” is something that did not come up to our minds. yes of course with the liquid milk as the clothes of the women, it means the girls are naked under the liquid milk. but then again aren’t we all naked under our own clothes?

the over-imagination aside (pun intended), we looked at the ads and asked ourselves several questions:


are the ads sexy? no, they are not. sure they show long legs and the women in them have bodies that will allow them to join beauty contests but sexy is not what we see in the ads. it did not inspire us to think sex when we saw the ads. what we saw were good looking women in the ads. not seeing sexy or sex in the ads may be a function of the proliferation of images in media and the internet that are far more sexual and body baring than these ones. heck, we recently saw the magazine cover of Kim Kardashian in full nude. compare these images to that and these are not at all sexy. it also helps that the over-all concept of the ads is the 50’s pin-up girls. it did not make me think of my grandmother but there is a certain playfulness and innocence when you think of the 50’s now that it is 2014.

are the ads senseless? no it’s not. it does make a good argument for being sensible as an ad. what it is doing is equating health with looking good. health to many of us humans is invisible and we need a lot of help to visualize health. doctors and science give us a picture of “healthy” through lab tests and numbers that show how much cholesterol we have in our body. but after a few seconds of seeing those numbers, we quickly forget how healthy looks like. seeing abs, muscles and in this case well proportioned bodies and long legs are excellent visualizations of “healthy”. they are memorable images that we usually keep in our minds as our goal in life and as we age.

are the ads strategic? yes, we think it is. the choices of the elements in the ads – liquid milk, nice looking bodies, women and health do have a certain strategic flair to them. this is the first time we are being asked to look at milk and what it does to our health in this way. what we are used to are children, cows and nature. the imagery is very eloquent.

are the ads sexist? first, the word “sexist” is one that can be very confusing to many. perhaps because it is a word that has been used as a weapon too many times and that it carries so much emotions that the real meaning of it has been hidden from many of us. if your target audience is women, it is not sexist at all. milk is a health drink and it is most useful for women for its calcium content and its importance to women. it can’t be sexist if women are the brand’s primary target market and target audience.

in essence this is what we are saying – we all got to chill! and yes, we do like the ads.

the spam text epidemic among Globe Telecom subscribers and Globe’s anti-Globe-subscriber red tape non-solution

November 27, 2014 Leave a comment

there is an epidemic of spam texts that has been infecting Globe Telecom subscribers, both post-paid and pre-paid subscribers. you know the epidemic exists because you are a victim yourself, you read about the complaints to Globe on Twitter and in fact if you read any of the Globe accounts on twitter like the @Talk2Globe account, you can read that most of the complaints are on spam text.

there are now two kinds of spam texts that have been hounding Globe subscribers.

the first one is the “Ad & Services Spam Text“. these are texts that sell you something – a product or service. the products are mostly condo units, some kind of insurance or medical service.  the most rampant ones are sent by Ayala Land and Megaword, two of the country’s biggest property developers. insurance and medical services were mostly sent by Caritas. In fact Caritas was even featured in Philippine news as apparently it sent the most number of spam that some lawsuit  or complaint with the government agencies have been filed against Caritas.  globe spam text

the second spam text is the more dangerous one for Globe subscribers as this one is criminal – this is the “Scam Spam Text” . this is not just dangerous, this kind of spam text can be very costly to subscribers, it is a scam where the sender intends to fool the Globe subscriber to send the scammer through Globe’s “pasa load” facility. “pasa load” is the facility where one can send a cash value to another subscriber. that cash value is charged or added to the sender’s cellphone bill and the recipient in effect receives a cash value that can be used to pay for cellphone consumption. it is like a money transfer from one’s bank account to another bank account.

this kind of spam text goes over beyond the inconvenience of getting unwanted text from someone who wants to sell you something. this one is an attempt to steal money from you.

ans example of this is this one:

the Scam Spam Text has several components :

  • the text sender pretends to be from Globe Telecoms or the text was sent by Globe itself, from “Globe Postpaid”. this is to make the text appear as legitimate.
  • the text claims the receiver or intended Globe subscriber victim of the scam was incorrectly charged of something by Globe like an LTE service, an overcharging on roaming or something else
  • to stop or get reimbursed of the incorrect charge by Globe, the intended victim is asked to quickly send a reply text to a number
  • there is an instruction how to send the reply text.  this instruction in truth is the code text Globe subscribers use to be able to do a pasa-load. in the above example, 300 means a P300.00 cash value will be sent to the number indicated on the number
  • the number that it will be sent to is a different number from the one that sent the scam spam text to the intended Globe sub victim
  • once sent, the Globe subscriber victim is charged that amount while the same amount is added to the recipient’s load

we got tired of getting these spam texts. the spam texts are sent at no particular time and some of them even at times when we are resting or in meetings. because we receive the text, some effort is made to get our phone and at least look at who sent the text. that is inconvenient and irritating on its own and it gets worse when you receive a lot of it. they also occupy some memory on our phones. memory is a precious commodity to cellphones. a lot of memory occupied means the phone can lag or slow down. aside from the need to look at the text, it consumes time and effort to delete the spam texts and tag the number of the spam send sender as spam.

tagging the cellphone number as spam effectively blocks that number from sending you text or calling your number. you will not even notice you receive a text or call from the block numbers as they are their calls are automatically blocked or their text automatically and silently sent to the spam folder.

we wanted to do more than just block the numbers of the spammers from our cellphone with the use of the blocking function, we wanted Globe Telecom to do something about it so that the practice is stopped at their system itself. we also knew that there were many more Globe subscribers who are being victimized by the spammers. to do that, we have taken our cause on Twitter (@wawam).

we have been sending screen caps of the offending spam text to the @Talk2Globe twitter account and asking Globe to “disable” the cell phone numbers of the spammers.

at the start of the spam epidemic at Globe, the twitter account handlers of Globe didn’t know how to handle the complaints. we suppose no guidelines were yet set at the start. sometime after, the Globe twitter accounts were asking for proof and netizens started sending them screen caps of the spam text. based on our own experience, Globe twitter account handlers said they will handle it and even said they will be sending warning messages to the spammers.

we sent our tweets that contain the screen caps of the spam text with the hash tag #StopSpamText . we noticed that at some point in time other twitter account users with Globe accounts also used the same hash tag that we started.

recently, we found out that there was a new policy at globe :

globe spam scam

we thought this new policy was all wrong, violates the privacy of the victims of spam texts, makes it extra difficult to file a complaint and get action from Globe and tends to favor the offenders, the spam senders and disadvantages the victims. Globe was supposed to protect its subscribers, instead it protects the spammers.

Globe wants the victims of spam text to :

  • give Globe through twitter the spam victim’s cell phone number
  • for the spam victim to agree for Globe to give their cellphone number to the text spammers the victim’s cellphone number once the spammers dispute Globe’s action on the spammers

we feel the last requirement was the most damaging of them all.

  • it violates the privacy of the spam victim. people do not like their cellphone numbers to be given to just anyone and everyone. we only give our cellphone numbers to people we know and only if we like to.
  • Globe giving our cellphone numbers to the spammers opens up the possibility of the spam victims being harassed by the spammers. if Globe gives the victim’s cellphone numbers to the spammers, it will be a cycle of harassment and even more spam to be sent by other numbers that the spammers  can use after the old one has been disabled by Globe

we do not see how that requirement will help Globe subscribers who are being victimized by the spammers. Globe fails to see that those who receive spam are actually the victims. the victims are asking help from Globe, for Globe to stop the spammers from further victimizing legitimate subscribers and Globe seem not to be up to helping its subscribers with their problems. instead of helping their subscribers from being victimized by spammers, they are protecting the spammers and in effect allowing the spammers to continue their spamming efforts.

if the spam victimized Globe subscriber does not give his cellphone number to Globe and not agree to allow Globe to give their cellphone number to spammers in case of disputes, Globe will drop the case and not pursue any action on the spammer. that means the spammer in question is left by Globe to continue victimizing Globe subscribers.

FullSizeRender (1)we do not understand why Globe is not taking action against the spammers.

  • first, the spammers are claiming to be from Globe. that alone should give Globe enough reason to disable these accounts. they are illegally using the Globe brand name and Globe corporate name. it is misrepresentation and misuse of the Globe brand and company name. it is patently illegal.
  • not only are the spammers illegally using the Globe brand  and corporate names, they are damaging the brand image of the company and the brand.
  • the screen caps of the spam texts is a visual proof of these efforts.
  • for sure, Globe has a way to find out in their system if a certain number is sending spam texts to others. Globe should have a record of the texts each number sends. a quick access to the text records of the spammers would show the spam texts.
  • even if Globe does not keep a record of the actual texts sent by their subscribers, they can for sure know how many texts each subscriber sends out in a given day. a very high number of outgoing texts at any one time is a clear indication that that number is being used to send spam text
  • these are spammers, they send hundreds or thousands of texts to other subscribers in a given day, for sure other legitimate Globe subscribers who are victimized by the spammers do not want to receive spam texts. once a number is reported by at least two (2) Globe subcriber victims, that should be enough for Globe to scrutinize the cellphone number if it is sending out spam texts
  • there can be some kind of a computer program that they can develop to do this kind of investigation and analysis. all of this can be automated.

why should Globe eliminate spammers and disable their numbers?

  1. they are illegally using the Globe brand name and corporate name, this is illegal.
  2. they are not just spammers, they are scammers, they are doing illegal activities. legitimate globe subscribers are being victimized.
  3. with rampant text spammers, it makes the Globe experience unpleasant and irritating for their legitimate subscribers. a bad brand experience leads users to transfer to other mobile service providers.

Globe has adapted a very strange policy on spam text. rather than help and fix the problems their subscribers are bringing to them, it is making it difficult for their own subscribers, asks information and agreement from their subscribers that put their subscribers at risk of more harassment and in effect protect and help the spammers who in the first place are doing illegal and irritating activities.


AFP and DOH makes a mockery and violates the quarantine they imposed on PHL soldiers who came from Liberia

November 17, 2014 Leave a comment

this is the meaning of “quarantine” (from the internet):

  • “a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed.”
  • “impose isolation on (a person, animal, or place); put in quarantine”.

and quarantine was the what the government wanted to do to the Philippine soldiers and policemen who served as UN peacekeepers in Liberia.

we were surprised when the government announced this action on the Philippine peacekeepers. we have been reading what the US has been doing to American medical personnel who have served in Ebola countries and they have not imposed forced quarantine on them. certainly not something like this where a government isolated a group of people were directly brought into an island straight from the airport upon arrival.

when they announced the mandatory quarantine on an inhabited island, i thought that didn’t match with any of the guidelines set out by international health agencies and prevailing current practice in other countries. so i thought, the Philippine government is doing this as it wants to take the Ebola scare very seriously and is exercising an over abundance of care and safety.

in the US, only those who exhibit Ebola-like symptoms are quarantined and brought to the hospital for observation and treatment. a nurse who had not exhibited symptoms but served in an Ebola-plagued country was not quarantined although on her own she decided on a self-imposed quarantine, promising she will not go to crowded places. she stayed in her home, not brought to an inhabited island.

we were surprised over the weekend when we read in the papers that officials of the DOH itself and the AFP actually went to Caballo Island to visit the soldiers.


the visitors to Carballo island where the Philippine peacekeepers from Libera are supposed to the quarantined – DOH and AFP officials

Top AFP, DoH officials visit Pinoy peacekeepers on Caballo Island

source : http://www.tribune.net.ph/nation/top-afp-doh-officials-visit-pinoy-peacekeepers-on-caballo-island

that to us to say the least was very confusing – we thought the soldiers were being quarantined, why were they allowed to receive visitors from Metro Manila?

not only were they allowed to receive visitors, the visitors were  from top DOH and AFP officials which we thought was obviously a violation of the quarantine that they themselves forcibly imposed on the soldiers. you cannot get higher than the chief of staff himself, General Catapang and acting DOH chief Garin.

not only that, pictures show the visiting tourists from the DOH and AFP did not wear any protective gear. we saw a picture of the soldiers on a boat on the way to the island. in that picture the three (3) personnel manning the boat wore full protective gear. why didn’t the AFP and DOH officials wear the same protective gear?


the boat handlers wearing full protective gear

in news articles today, some mentioned that in this visit, the “elbow bump” was instituted as they were not allowed to shake hands. also in a Facebook post, AFP spokesman Major Harold Cabunoc posted “Bawal nga lang makipagkamay…” (“Handshakes are not allowed.”)

the “elbow bump” and the “no hand-shake” policy is directly contradictory to the picture of the three (3) boat handlers wearing full protective gear. all of a sudden in this visit to the island by the DPH and AFP officials, things about the Ebola and the extra ordinary effort of care and seriousness  Ebola was given disappeared and reduced to something as trivial as “elbow bumps” are allowed and “let’s not just do handshakes”.

Catapang and Garin mingled with the peacekeepers, who are now allowed to roam around the island, only four days after they arrived there.

Garin said that she and the AFP updated the peacekeepers about the condition of their fellow peacekeeper who was evacuated to the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) after developing fever on the second day of quarantine period.

“General Catapang and I visited our troops there (Caballo Island) and firstly we told them about the status of their fellow peacekeeper, and at the same time, we wanted to ensure they are all healthy,” said Garin.

For his part, Catapang said they mingled with the troops and developed a new way to greet each other –elbow to elbow.

the contradiction, inconsistency and reduction from dead seriousness to something very cavalier and trivial to us is shocking.

we also wondered that since these officials were allowed to visit the soldiers in the island, does that mean they will permit visits of this sort from relatives and friends of the soldiers? if the military and health officials found it safe for them to go to the island, why wouldn’t the relatives and friends of the soldiers be able to do the same as long as they do only what the officials did – elbow bumps to say hello.

we are searching for answers on why they went to the island. for what purpose?

“We are happy that (we visited them) together with Secretary Garin to show that worrying sometimes is difficult to douse from the people’s mind but if they see us mingling, talking and joking around, sharing happy moment there,” Catapang said.

Garin echoed Catapang’s call not to “isolate” the peacekeepers, who served an extended 11-month tour of duty in Liberia.

“We should not stigmatize or ostracize them,” Garin said.

we do not understand that. the “stigmatizing and ostracizing” is coming from where? if that is happening to them, then it is the AFP and DOH’s fault – they were the ones who imposed the forced quarantine on an inhabited island. the soldiers did not ask for that neither did the public. their action of quarantining them in the island is the one that is giving others reason to “stigmatize and ostracize them”.

we are very confused on the kinds of messages both the DOH and AFP are sending with what they have been doing with the soldiers. the messages are not only mixed, they are directly contradictory against each other. they want to show that they are very serious about taking precautions on the spread of Ebola by sending them to an island and yet the officials visit them. they will not allow contact or visits from relatives and friends of the soldiers and yet they themselves went there. staff who are helping them like the boat people wore full protective gear and yet they were in close contact with the soldiers, were “elbow to elbow” and did elbow bumps without protective gear.

are we turning schizophrenic here?


posted November 19, 2014:

this issue has become controversial since the time we first posted this here last november 17.

EDITORIAL – Irresponsible


If the government is 100 percent sure that the soldiers are virus-free, what’s the point of placing them under 21-day quarantine on an island?

That’s the question being asked after the acting secretary of health and the chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines dropped in on Caballo Island, wearing no hazmat suits to protect them from possible infection, ostensibly to cheer up the soldiers who are undergoing a 21-day quarantine against the Ebola virus.

Perhaps the soldiers were cheered up, but the public was not. AFP chief Gregorio Catapang Jr. explained that his visit was meant to show that the soldiers were not supposed to be stigmatized. But who said they are?

Putting people under health quarantine is not meant to humiliate them or violate their rights. It is a precautionary measure to protect public health. That includes the health of those dear to the individuals being quarantined.

The government took the unusual measure in the case of 133 Filipino soldiers returning from United Nations peacekeeping duties in Ebola-hit Liberia because of the virulence of the disease. It’s no overreaction. Of the 5,177 confirmed deaths from the world’s worst Ebola outbreak, 2,812 were recorded in Liberia.

more to read here : http://www.philstar.com/opinion/2014/11/18/1392994/editorial-irresponsible



Biazon blasts Garin for breaking Ebola quarantine

Posted at 11/18/2014 7:47 PM | Updated as of 11/18/2014 7:47 PM

MANILA – Muntinlupa Rep. Rodolfo Biazon on Tuesday criticized the visit of Department of Health (DOH) officer-in-charge Janette Garin and other top government officials to the quarantined peacekeepers from Ebola-hit Liberia.

Biazon, at the weekly “Ugnayan sa Batasan,” said, “I think the visit of these high officials of the government was to say the least a misjudgment. Misjudgment not only in the actions that they did there but what they projected to the public.”

“We have a protocol and there is no reason why protocols should be violated. We are endangering the people. The soldiers there know and understand why they have to be quarantined and I think the families know why the husbands, or sons or brothers will have to be quarantined because what is being safeguarded first are their families, their friends, the communities where they will be and probably the whole country so we cannot compromise the implementation of the protocol. There is no reason why the protocol may be violated,” he said.

more here : http://rp2.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/11/18/14/biazon-blasts-garin-breaking-ebola-quarantine

the two pictures we have posted here is a stark and obvious visualization of the  confusion and contradictory protocol of the DOH and AFP’s quarantine of the soldiers:

picture on the left shows four (4) boat handlers wearing full protective gears as they take the soldiers to the island. picture on the right is a stark contrast where DOH Sec Garin, General Catapang and other military visitors were not only not wearing protective gears, they were quite near the quarantined soldiers.

we know that Ebola starts to be contagious when the patients are already showing symptoms but the point we are saying here is that there is an obvious breach of the protocol. we assume the boat handlers wearing the protective gear was part of the protocol and yet that same protocol was not followed in the picture on the right.




Pia Cayetano won’t shake hand of Garin

Posted at 11/19/2014 4:43 PM | Updated as of 11/19/2014 4:43 PM

MANILA – Senator Pia Cayetano said she will give Acting Health Secretary Janette Garin the “Ebola greeting” instead of a hand shake when she sees her during the budget deliberations of the department.

She said the Ebola greeting – placing one’s fist on the heart – is now a symbolic gesture in West Africa following the spread of the virus there.

She said the gesture is not really unusual since it can only mean “sorry, I can’t shake your hand or kiss you today.”

Garin is being criticized for allegedly breaking the 21-day protocol when she and other military officials visited the troops in Caballo Island where they were brought after coming from their duties in Ebola-affected Liberia.

Cayetano said she is still unfamiliar with the protocols, which is why an “Ebola greeting” would be safe.

source : http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/11/19/14/pia-cayetano-wont-shake-hand-garin

the above – someone not shaking the hand of someone who may have had contact with a potential Ebola victim is both sad and ironical. in the press interview, DOH sec Garin explained that one of the reasons they went to the island was to send a message that the soldiers should not have a  “stigmatized  and ostracized”. well the statement of senator Cayetano does exactly that. and that occurred only because Sec Garin broke protocol and went to the island.

how lucky are we that we are alive now – we get to hear a comet sing!

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for the first time in humankind’s history, earthlings are able to land a robot on an orbiting comet and not only that for the first time, we are able to hear this comet sing! how lucky are we that we are alive now to hear this comet sing?

it is historic enough that humans are able to catch up with a comet as it zips over space, land a robot on it while both spacecraft and comet are speeding through space. this singing comet is an amazing icing on the cake. and the whole thing is  just the beginning. the robot that was landed on the comet will be doing experiments. we will be amazed at what this robot will find in space.

congratulations, humans!


and there is more,  Philae Lander the robot that landed on Comet 67P even sent a tweet :



Space probe scores a 310-million-mile bull’s-eye with comet landing

London (CNN) — Imagination became reality Wednesday when a mechanical space traveler called the Philae probe plunked down on its target, a comet with a much less romantic name — 67P — some 310 million miles from Earth.

European Space Agency scientists and executives high-fived and hugged each other when the landing was confirmed. Spacecraft have crashed into comets before, but this is the first soft, or controlled landing, in history.

Later, ESA said there was a glitch.

After leaving the mother ship Rosetta and descending, Philae may have bounced, rather than gently settled, on the surface of the comet, ESA scientists said at a news conference. Comet 67P has a very weak gravity, so anchoring harpoons were designed to shoot into the comet to fix the spacecraft to the surface. They failed to fire and Philae is not firmly secure, ESA said.

Rosetta: The comet chaserRosetta: The comet chaser

“So maybe we didn’t land once — we landed twice,” Philae lander manager Stephan Ulamec said. “Did we land in a soft sandbox or is there something else happening? We don’t fully understand what happened.”

Ulamec said scientists hope to know more on Thursday. In the meantime ESA isn’t letting that problem ruin its big day.

‘A place in the history books

“Our ambitious Rosetta mission has secured a place in the history books: not only is it the first to rendezvous with and orbit a comet, but it is now also the first to deliver a lander to a comet’s surface,” Jean-Jacques Dordain, ESA’s director general, said in an article posted on the ESA website.

Many people, and not just the ones who work for ESA, are excited about what kind of information Philae will deliver.

“Rosetta is trying to answer the very big questions about the history of our solar system,” Matt Taylor, ESA Rosetta project scientist, said in the article on the ESA website. “What were the conditions like at its infancy and how did it evolve? What role did comets play in this evolution? How do comets work?”

And science fiction writer Alastair Reynolds said: “This is science fiction made real in terms of the achievement of the mission itself, but Rosetta is also taking us a step closer to answering science fiction’s grandest question of all: Are we alone?”

Rosetta took off from Earth 10 years ago carrying Philae and traveled 6.4 billion miles before arriving in early August at the comet.

The Philae lander separated from the orbiting Rosetta around 3:30 a.m. ET Wednesday and landed on the comet seven hours later.

ESA lander system engineer Laurence O’Rourke told CNN that the orbiter Rosetta had to be in the right position to allow the lander craft, which had no thrusters, to “free fall” on the correct trajectory so it landed on the comet.

The lander weighs about 220 pounds and is the size of a domestic washing machine. The target comet is only four kilometers, or 2.5 miles, in diameter.

Named after Rosetta Stone

Shortly after landing was confirmed, the probe tweeted: “Touchdown! My new address: 67P!” Later, it tweeted again: “I’m on the surface but my harpoons did not fire.”

What can we learn from comet landing?

The mission has historic allusions.

The spaceship is named after the Rosetta Stone, an inscribed piece of volcanic rock found in Egypt in 1799 that allowed scientists to decipher hieroglyphics and thus understand the ancient Egyptian culture, ESA said. The lander is named after an island in the Nile River where an obelisk was found that helped decipher the Rosetta Stone, ESA said.

Led by ESA with a consortium of partners including NASA, scientists on the Rosetta comet-chasing mission hope to learn more about the composition of comets and how they interact with the solar wind: high energy particles blasted into space by the sun.

The comet is currently 500 million kilometers (310 million miles) from Earth and pictures from the Rosetta mission to track it on its orbit around the sun have amazed scientists.

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